Vive Pro McLaren Limited Edition VR headset appeals to F1 fans

McLaren has a history of engaging with gamers, the latest treat is the Vive Pro McLaren Limited Edition VR headset. It features the classic orange of the famed racing team and comes with some exclusive content.

This includes rFactor 2 McLaren Edition for those who want to drive and McLaren Garage VR Experience for those who want to be a part of the pit crew. One day you could become the World’s Fastest Gamer (not this season, though, qualifications for the Shadow Project are over).

Enough beating around the bush, how much? $1,550. Yes, that’s more than the Vive Pro headset that this is based on (usually $1,400, currently down $200). That’s how it goes with limited editions. Plus, you get the McLaren games and a 6-month subscription to Viveport if you want to try one of the other racing sims.


Post Author: Loknath Das

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