Typography designer claims new font can help dyslexics to read and improve road signs

The EasyReading font was tested on 600 nine-year-olds

A graphic designer has developed a font that could help dyslexics and make road signs more readable.

Federico Alfonsetti’s EasyReading font will be distributed by the Monotype Corporation of America and has been used by Italian publishers, schools, universities and exhibition organisers. It is due to make its debut at the Uffizi Gallery, Florence, next year and has gained Microsoft’s attention.

“We have proposed the font to Microsoft, who expressed interest and have asked for a number of clarifications,” Mr Alfonsetti, from Turin, said. He was prompted to work on legibility in typed letters eight years ago by the plight of a dyslexic friend of his son.

Dyslexics have difficulty reading because they perceive the printed page to be overcrowded with signs and because similar-looking…

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