YouTubers Are Accusing the Site of Rampant ‘Censorship’

YouTubers Are Accusing the Site of Rampant ‘Censorship’ HIGHLIGHTS YouTubers posted videos and tweets accusing YouTube of “censoring” them Part of YouTube’s efforts to be transparent in its dealing with creators It demonetizes videos that concern controversial or sensitive subjects YouTube is the third-largest website on Earth, a behemoth viewed by millions each day. It’s […]

FTC Brings Machinima to Justice for Its Part in Paying YouTubers to Promote Xbox One

In January 2014, there were reports that Microsoft was paying YouTube video creators via Machinima – one of the site’s biggest channels – to promote its current-gen console, the Xbox One. And on Thursday, the US Federal Trade Commission issued an order that forces Machinima, Inc. to “disclose when it has compensated ‘influencers’ to post […]