This Innovative Wind Turbine Holds a Powerful Lesson for Entrepreneurs (Watch

If you visit the slums along the Red River in Vietnam, you might see an interesting sight. One community uses a makeshift wind turbine, which is built from plastic buckets, old printer motors and motorcycle batteries to provide electricity to the residents. It works much like other wind turbines. But since it uses recycled materials, […]

Barack Obama Hails Earth, Wind & fireplace Founder As idea

Barack Obama has lengthy described himself as a fan of Earth, Wind & fire, who hailed from his adoptedhome of Chicago. WASHINGTON, usa: President Barack Obama on Friday mourned Earth, Wind & hearth founder Maurice White for his “quintessentially American sound,” hailing the funk legend for bringing collectively loversthroughout racial traces. Obama has lengthy described […]

Court begins hearings on pleas to wind up Kingfisher Airlines, UB

The Karnataka High Court¬†on Friday¬†began final hearing on the petitions filed by secured and unsecured creditors of Kingfisher Airlines Ltd (KFL) seeking winding up of KFL as well as businessman Vijay Mallya-led UB (Holdings) Ltd, which is the promoter of the KFL. Justice Aravind Kumar, who heard the arguments of counsel representing BNP Paribas, a […]