10 Top Internet Marketers Who Will Help You Keep Your Competitive Edge

These 10 Top Internet Marketers Will Help You Keep Your Competitive Edge

One of the best ways to stay highly competitive in the online marketing field is to learn from thought-leaders who get results. Those who’ve earned praise from renown clients and respect from their industry are always worth listening to.

Whether you’re just venturing out into the marketing field or you’ve been doing it for over a decade, the following leaders are sure to spark some inspiration! In this list, I’ve included a brief background on each marketer, where to find them online, recommended reading and a notable quote.

One excellent way to use this list is to create a “marketers to learn from” Twitter List and add these marketing leaders to it. Or, maybe you want to focus on following just one or two influencers.

There’s no right or wrong way, as long as you’re learning something new every day.

The following 10 top internet marketers have helped their clients achieve impressive results. They’re trusted by brands and fellow marketers alike, so be sure to start learning from them today!

Introducing the 10 Top Internet Marketers

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is the energetic, over-delivering marketing guru who’s earned accolades from Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and even Barack Obama. He founded Crazy Egg, Kissmetrics, Hello Bar, Quick Sprout

A self-described “digital marketer and analytics junkie,” Neil specializes in SEO, internet marketing, conversion optimization and growth hacking.

Where to Find Neil:

  • Twitter
  • Neil’s Blog

Recommended Reading:

  • LinkedIn Post: The 10 Things People Still Get Wrong About Local SEO
  • Blog post: The Beginner’s Guide to Crafting Interactive Content

Words of Wisdom:

“I want to introduce you to a type of content that’s inherently engaging… Interactive content. You might have seen BuzzFeed quizzes floating in your social media feeds. They are the simplest form of interactive content and they are loved by users.

As per BuzzSumo, an average quiz gets shared 1,900 times. If the results of a quiz shine a positive light on the user, then he will most probably share the result with his friends.” (Source)

Kevan Lee

Kevan is a professional writer, editor and highly-effective storyteller. The director of marketing at content-sharing app Buffer, his areas of expertise include blogging, email marketing and content creation. He’s written for many well-known blogs, including Lifehacker, Entrepreneur, Time, Huffington Post, Fast Company, The Next Web and the Buffer’s blog.

Where to Find Kevan:

  • Twitter
  • Buffer blog
  • Also check out Buffer’s transparent blog board on Trello!

Recommended Reading:

  • Buffer post: How to Get Verified on Twitter (If I can do it, you can too!)
  • Buffer post: How to Curate Content: The Secret Sauce to Getting Noticed, Becoming an Influencer, and Having Fun Online

Words of Wisdom:

“How great is the internet! One of the most impactful, viral, influential services you can perform online is to read stuff and tell people what you like. It’s true! If you’re looking for a competitive edge, a way to establish your authority, a way to get more followers, one of the best, proven paths to online success is content curation. It’s both as simple and as difficult as finding great content and sharing it with your audience.” (Source)

Pam Moore

Pam is the founder, CEO and partner of Marketing Nutz — a social media, digital marketing, experiential branding agency. Recognized as one of the top social media influencers today, she specializes in social branding and conversion optimization. She’s also a dynamic keynote speaker, consultant, trainer, best-selling author and strategist.

Where to Find Pam:

  • Twitter
  • Pam’s blog

Recommended Reading:

  • Blog post: 10 Truths Nobody Told You About Being A Social Media Marketer
  • Blog post: Blogging for Business: 10 Foundational Requirements for Success

Words of Wisdom:

“Social media is not a band-aid for a broken business. If business leaders really want to ignite business results using digital and social marketing, they must do more than hire a social media intern who knows how to get new followers on Instagram, post to Snapchat and do a live video stream on Facebook.” (Source)

John Jantsch

John is the creator of the renowned Duct Tape Marketing System. His methodology is used by hundreds of independent marketing consultants around the world. His blog has been a Forbes favorite for marketing and small business and his podcast is a top ten marketing show on iTunes. Huffington Post has named him one of the top 100 “Must Follow” on Twitter.

Where to Find John:

  • Twitter
  • Duct Tape Marketing blog

Recommended Reading:

  • Blog post: How to Give Your Content CPR – Podcast, with guest Laura Belgray
  • Blog post: The Science of Pre-Suasion – Podcast, with guest Dr. Robert Cialdini

Words of Wisdom:

“Instead of jumping right into the look of your website, which is very easy to do based on the visual nature of the medium, make sure your well planned strategy takes center stage … Don’t bury your USP (unique selling proposition) in a glut of other content. Shout it loud, make it known why you do what you do and how you do it best.” (Source)

Peter Shankman

According to the New York Times, Peter is “a public relations all-star who knows everything about new media and then some.” Known as the founder of Help A Reporter Out (HARO), he’s an entrepreneur and speaker with real-world clout. He’s also the author of four books, including the popular “Zombie Loyalists: Using Great Service to Create Rabid Fans.” Peter founded The Geek Factory, Inc., and ShankMinds: Business Masterminds, a series of small business entrepreneurial-style masterminds in over 25 cities worldwide.

Where to Find Peter:

  • Twitter
  • Peter’s blog

Recommended Reading:

  • Blog post: The Best Way to Improve Yourself Comes from Never Forgetting You at Your Worst
  • Blog post: How I Wrote 28,482 Words on One Flight

Words of Wisdom:
“Whether it’s business or personal, do the scary thing. If it works, you’ll have an amazing story to tell, and you’ll be richer for the experience. If it doesn’t work, you’ll have a story with a lesson to tell, and you’ll be richer for the experience. Either way, you’ll have a story to tell, and you’ll be richer for the experience, and in the end, that’s all life really is. Stories and experiences.” (Source)

Amy Porterfield

Amy is a social media strategist who specializes in Facebook marketing. She co-authored “Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies.” She creates educational marketing programs for small businesses and entrepreneurs to help them get more traffic, leads and sales. She also speaks at marketing events, businesses and networking events about the power of social media.

Where to Find Amy:

  • Twitter
  • Amy’s website and blog

Recommended Listening:

  • Podcast: Get Your Content House In Order
  • Podcast: How to Organize & Analyze Your Facebook Ads

Words of Wisdom:

“Entrepreneurs and small business owners tend to make the mistake of considering Facebook a direct selling platform. This mindset is misguided and can lead to frustration and ‘throwing in the towel’ on Facebook. What people need to understand is that Facebook can be a powerfully successful road to making the sale, but it is not the ‘store.’” (Source)

Kim Garst

Kim is a social media expert who’s owned an online business for over 20 years. She’s a leading influencer on digital marketing, especially social selling. Kim discusses the latest social-media marketing strategies on her blog, and curates posts that provide the most value to her readers. She’s also a respected author. Her latest book, “Show Up, Be Authentic, and Prosper in Social Media,” is an international best seller.

Where to Find Kim:

  • Twitter
  • Kim’s blog

Recommended Reading:

  • Blog post: How To Get More Snapchat Followers
  • Blog post: What is Social Proof And Why Do You Need It?

Words of Wisdom:
“Facebook is GIVING reach to those that Facebook Live. Yep, you heard it here. Facebook actually pushes FREE reach to your live-streams and the longer you are live, the more free reach you receive. For example, I can go live and have a reach of over 400,000-500,000 people in less than an hour! That’s insane, right? Oh and here’s the true value … with ZERO ad spend!” (Source)

Lisa Raehsler

Named as a Top 25 Most Influential PPC Expert for three years, Lisa is one of the marketing industry’s most Influential PPC experts. She’s founder and SEM/PPC strategy consultant of Big Click Co Search Engine Marketing Consulting. She specializes in paid search ads, paid social media, display and retargeting. With 17 years of online advertising industry experience, she’s a columnist for SEWatch, SEM Post and ClickZ. She is also a speaker for SES, HeroConf, Pubcon and ClickZ Live.

Where to Find Lisa:

  • Twitter
  • Big Click Co. blog

Recommended Reading:

  • Bing Ads Blog post: Three tips to Bing Ads campaign imports you can’t miss
  • Big Click Co. Blog post: The Art of Remarketing Video

Words of Wisdom:

“Ad extensions are one of the greatest features of Bing Ads. These provide “bonus” information in the form of text and sitelinks, phone numbers and even images. A savvy PPC manager can max out these extensions and gain better CTRs for campaigns.

Ad extensions that Bing Ads supports, will import, saving time in the set-up process. This includes: location, call, sitelinks and app extensions.” (Source)

Ramon Ray

A marketer and small business evangelist at Infusionsoft, Ramon is passionate about helping small business entrepreneurs grow their businesses. He’s the editor and publisher of Smart Hustle Magazine, as well as the editor of smallbiztechnology.com. A bestselling author, Ramon wrote “The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing.” He’s also a speaker who’s shared the stage with Seth Godin, Daymond John, Guy Kawasaki, Simon Sinek, JJ Ramberg, Peter Shankman and other celebrity entrepreneurs.

Where to Find Ramon:

  • Twitter
  • Ramon’s website

Recommended Reading:

  • Smallbiztechnology article: What Is Advertisement Re-Targeting And Why Does It Matter?
  • Smart Hustle Magazine article: 5 Tips for Using Facebook Live to Get Closer to Your Customers

Words of Wisdom:

“Many businesses focus their holiday marketing efforts online, relying on tools like social media and paid advertising to reach potential customers. However, local businesses should never underestimate the importance of traditional and tangible marketing materials such a signs, banners and postcards. Customers will be able to see and interact with these elements in real life. They have a more ‘personal’ feel and can also drive word-of-mouth marketing in your local area.” (Source)

Jay Baer

Jay Baer has 23 years’ experience in digital marketing. He founded Convince & Convert, “a strategy consulting firm that helps prominent companies through the smart intersection of technology and customer service.” Besides being a trusted marketer, he’s also a respected business strategist, inspirational speaker and a New York Times bestselling author. He has advised 33 of the FORTUNE 500 companies — including Nike, Caterpillar and Allstate. 

Where to Find Jay:

  • Twitter
  • Social Pros Podcast (hosted by Jay Baer and Adam Brown of Salesforce)
  • Jay’s website

Recommended Reading:
Social Media Examiner interview with Jay: Dealing With Unhappy Customers: What Social Marketers Need to Know

Words of Wisdom:

“Some brands try to bribe customers by offering product discounts to those who interact with them on social media. And while incentives can be an effective way to build a customer base, constantly trying to buy your customers’ love doesn’t build brand loyalty. This ultimately leads to brand failure because a customer without brand loyalty will happily ditch your brand for one offering a better deal.” (Source)

Meeting Photo via Shutterstock


50 Small Business Ideas for People Who GET Social Media

50 Social Media Business Ideas for People Who GET Social Media

Social media is an essential tool for many different businesses. But for some, knowledge of social media is an absolutely integral part of running a business. If you really GET social media, here are some potential small business ideas you can use to build a business around your social media expertise.

Social Media Business Ideas

Social Media Consultant

50 Social Media Business Ideas - Social Media Consultant

Use your knowledge of social media to help other businesses. As a consultant, you would help other businesses evaluate their social media plans and determine a strategy to use going forward.

Social Media Manager

Or you could go even farther than that and actually manage the social media accounts for different business clients so they don’t have to manage those functions in house.

Social Media Marketer

You might also have other accounts on social media that you can use to market products and services for other brands, either on an ongoing or per-post basis.

Social Media Merchant

You can also use social media to actually sell products. You can have an ecommerce store and connect it to sites like Facebook and Pinterest, or you can actually start a dedicated account and list products for sale directly on platforms like Instagram.

Social Media Influencer

If you’ve spent time building up a personal following on social media, you can potentially use your own personal accounts to work with brands to promote their products or initiatives for a fee.


50 Social Media Business Ideas - Blogger

There are many different potential topics you can blog about. And regardless of your topic area, social media is likely going to be a major part of the strategy you use to grow your audience.

YouTube Personality

If video is more of your format of choice, you can also build a business by posting videos to YouTube and making money off of the ad revenue.


You can also potentially build a business by helping others film and create videos to post on YouTube and other social platforms.

Vine Personality

Vine is more of a niche platform. But if you’re skilled with video creation and want to specialize in shorter form videos, you can become a popular personality on Vine, Instagram or other short video platforms and then build a business around that notoriety.

Community Manager

You can offer your services on a freelance basis to companies that have strong online communities and need someone to help manage the community features on their websites and social media.

Content Marketer

Content marketing is a larger marketing concept that can include social media along with some other activities. You can provide content marketing services to businesses, including social media strategy or management, along with other functions.

Content Strategist

You can also serve a more limited role in the content marketing efforts of your clients by simply providing input on strategy decisions regarding social media and other content.

Marketing Consultant

Or you can opt to share your expertise in an even more general role. As a marketing consultant, you’d likely help businesses with a number of different functions, but social media would almost certainly be an important consideration.

Social Media Graphics Designer

Graphics are important on many social media platforms, including Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. So you can build a business by providing specialized graphics for businesses to use as part of their social media campaigns.

Flat Lay Photographer

On Instagram especially, but also on other platforms, flat lay photographs are very popular for showing off products and styled images. You can style and photograph some flat lay images and sell them to brands to use in their posts, or even work with brands directly to create custom flat lay images.

Stop Motion Videographer

50 Social Media Business Ideas - Stop Motion Videographer

Stop motion videos are also popular on platforms like Instagram since they can tell a story in a fairly condensed time frame. So you can specialize in this area of videography to help businesses with their video content on social media.

eBook Author

If you’re especially knowledgeable about social media, you can write an ebook about it. And then you can use social media to promote the book as well.

Online Course Creator

You can also potentially build online courses to teach other business owners or professionals about various aspects of using social media.

Infoproducts Seller

There are a number of other information products that you can sell related to social media, from workbooks to helpful documents.

Niche Website Operator

If you run a website for a niche interest group, you’ll almost certainly need to include social media as part of your strategy for promoting the site. You might even integrate some social features directly into the site.


50 Social Media Business Ideas - Podcaster

Podcasting is another area where you are likely to need social media to connect with your potential audience.

Online Newsletter Writer

If you prefer communicating with your audience via email, you can start an email newsletter and use social media as a way to promote it and further connect with members of your audience.

Online Magazine Operator

Likewise, online magazines often use social media as a way to really drive engagement with readers and members of the community.

Live Streamer

Platforms like Periscope and Facebook Live offer you a way to stream live video content to your audience. So if you’re building a business as a speaker or expert in your field, you can use those platforms as a way to share your expertise online.

Social Media Advertising Specialist

Many social media platforms also offer advertising options. So you can build a business by helping other businesses create ads and advertising strategies for their social media ad campaigns.

Analytics Specialist

Analytics can also play a major part in the success of social media campaigns. So you can help business clients make sense of their analytics data on social media.

Event Promoter

If you promote events, you’ll almost certainly need to use social media on a regular basis to reach out to potential attendees.

Meme Marketer

It might sound a little strange, but memes can actually hold a lot of potential for marketers. So it could make for a unique specialty for a social media marketing professional.

Animal Celebrity Manager

Likewise, it might sound strange to build a business around posting photos of a pet on social media. But animal celebrities like Grumpy Cat have proven that you can build a business in this area, if you’re social media savvy.


As a recruiter, you have many potential functions. But social media can be a major tool for job hunters. So you can even build a business by specializing in recruiting candidates on social media.

Social Media Tutor

You can also teach others about social media using all of your knowledge and experience. As a social media tutor, you can work one-on-one with others who want to learn how to use various platforms.ss

Workshop Teacher

Or you could opt for a setting where you can teach more people about social media at one time. Offer workshops to teach different aspects of social media to members of your local community.

Social Media Platform Founder

Of course, you can also build your own business by starting your very own social media platform.

Social Media Sales

Social media holds a lot of potential for sales professionals. So you can offer your services to companies that want to leverage those platforms to reach out to potential prospects and even close deals.

Youth Outreach Specialist

Social media is especially popular among young consumers. So if you want to build a business that specializes in reaching out to young consumers on behalf of brands, you could use social media as a big part of your strategy.

Social Media Customer Support Rep

Brands can also use social media as part of their customer service or support strategy. So you can offer your services as a customer support rep who provides assistance to those who reach out on social media.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants can handle a variety of different tasks for businesses. But social media is often at least part of the job description.

Public Relations Rep

Public relations is another area that can encompass a lot of different functions. But social media has become a growing part of this industry.

Digital Marketing Specialist

You can also serve as a marketing specialist that works with brands specifically to develop and carry out online marketing strategies, including social media.

Social Media Copywriter

There are also plenty of different opportunities for writers to contribute to the success of social media campaigns. You can offer your services to people who want help crafting their social media posts or ads.

Video Ad Creator

You can also specialize in creating video advertisements for brands that want to advertise their products or services before YouTube videos or on other social platforms.

Affiliate Marketer

If you have a sizeable following on social media and other online platforms, you can earn money from becoming an affiliate for various brands and then getting a portion of the sales you drive to those businesses.

App Developer

It takes a lot more than a knowledge of social media to be a great app developer. But many apps do have social features or integrations, so social media expertise can certainly help.

Social Game Developer

In addition, social media can be a great way to promote games. And some platforms, including Facebook, even offer a platform for actually hosting those games.

Traveling Photographer

If you want to build a business as a photographer, you can use social media as your main way of promoting your services and interacting with potential clients as you travel around the country for different jobs.

Business Coach

If you want to build a business as a coach for other entrepreneurs, you’ll need to have a solid handle on social media so you can help your clients succeed in that area.

YouTube Coach

You can even get really specific with your coaching business and offer services designed to help people who want to build businesses on YouTube.

Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer, you’ll also likely need to use social media as a way to promote your services to business clients and to share your work with relevant audiences.

Online News Reporter

Likewise, social media can be a great way to share local news updates if you start a website or even newspaper in your local community.

Crowdfunding Consultant

Social media can be an essential tool for businesses that want to use crowdfunding to raise money. So you can build a business as a crowdfunding consultant to help those businesses promote their offerings on social media and beyond.

Friends Watching Phone, Blogger, Photographer, Podcast, Man Working on Tablet Photos via Shutterstock


The man Who Replied the decision to Store BlackBerry

The Man Who Answered the Call to Save BlackBerry

John Chen is a turnaround guy. The Hong Kong native become hired in November 2013 to do just that with the aid of BlackBerry, a Canada-based technology agencyas soon as referred to as Studies in Motion– that helped pioneer mass cellular communications before Apple’s iPhone took over.

Chen, 60, is a big deal in American commercial enterprise, sitting on two of the state‘s maximumprestigious forums of administrators: the Walt Disney Co. And Wells Fargo. He’s high-quality known in Silicon Valley for reinventing an in poor health employer referred to as Sybase and turning it into afinancial juggernaut – fifty five consecutive quarters of profitability and an increase in marketplace cap from $362 millon to $five.8 billion – that turned into acquired by using SAP in 2010.

The Washington Put up interviewed Chen in a quiet Bay Place convention room on a wet afternoon forabout an hour. He mentioned the entirety from the have an effect on of his Catholic high school to whyalmost no job is underneath a person to how he plans to rescue BlackBerry. This was edited for durationand clarity:

Q: What turned into your first job?

A: My first job was in excessive faculty in Hong Kong after I worked for a journey employer doing odds and ends. Within the beginning, they failed to deliver me whatever to do. Then at some point, my fathersaid, ‘How’s your job?’ I told him.

He stated, ‘Move returned to the office very early Inside the morning earlier than every person suggestsup. I might such as you to sharpen each person‘s pencil.’

It seems to be the great advice I ever had. Humans came in early, looked at me polishing the pencil andsaid, ‘What Within the global are you doing?’

Then I commenced getting real activities. That taught me plenty.

A number of times in our professional lives, you reflect onconsideration on jobs being roboticallybeneath you. And you’re sitting there looking for anyone to present you a certainly interesting, change-the-world task.

You simply should earn it. You can not assume which you confirmed up in the future like a hotshot.

Q: How did you become going to high school In the U.S.?

A: one day I ran into my college counselor at the excessive school I attended in Hong Kong. He turned into asking me what I desired to look at. I said, ‘I like math and I really like technology.’

He stated Hong Kong University is a in reality awesome school, butyou may need to reflect onconsideration on going foreign places.’ I had this crush on Ivy League faculties. simply in simple terms from pix.

Brother Michael said I used to be an affordable scholar, but now not appropriate enough to moveimmediately from Hong Kong to the Ivy League.

but he stated, ‘There’s any other way. You undergo prep colleges.’

I carried out to Andover, Exeter, Northfield Mount Herman, Deerfield Academy and Choate or some thing. Ididn’t get Inside the first two. So I went to Northfield Mount Herman.

Then I went to Brown College.

That became exceptional. The ones first years have been extra than simply look at. It is about being a part of the society. I failed to talk Numerous English at the time. I understood it and that i ought to studymaximum of it. I ought to write a number of it. however I couldn’t converse like we’re doing now.

Q: What are you desirable at?

A: I am excellent at bridge. I don’t do it anymore. I used to play at the excessive faculty stage and alsointercollegiate – till it started to intrude with my ordinary pupil existence.

Q: How did you get on the control song?

A: almost totally due to the race problem. I was an engineer, helped to layout chip units, circuit forums. Iloved it. The enterprise became Burroughs. We made mainframes.

I found out that some of promotions Inside the company went to Caucasians, regardless of the fact that we knew from operating day in and day out that some of the minorities were better equipped to try thisprocess.

I concept it was abnormal.

I went to my segment head, who took place to be a centeraged Caucasian gentleman (they had been allmiddleelderly Caucasian gents) and requested, ‘Why is that?’

He instructed me something that changed into very impactful. He said, and that is stereotyping, ‘Youguys are excellent at engineering, math and technology and stuff.’ extremely good employees and stuff like that. ‘but I’m not so sure which you men are very presentable.’

that is the late ’70s, early ’80s. I was now not pretty positive what he supposed. I notion he supposedpresentation talents.

So I went and, on my own nickel, hired a local Tv producer and his spouse who ran a conversation and presentation elegance.

They wanted $2,000 for six hours or something. I made $2,100 in step with month earlier than tax as an engineer.

I did it. They put me at the VHS tape recorder. They put me on this set and gave me a lectern and said, ‘read this.’

It turned into horrible. the whole lot that would Move wrong went wrong. I used to be swaying at thelectern. I were given dizzy watching myself. I was not clean. I was not searching at them. I used to besearching down.

I wasn’t communicating. And that is what I found out. It’s no longer approximately the English. notapproximately the pronunciation or the diction. It’s absolutely about should you communicate.

So I labored lots on it.

The business enterprise found out I was doing all of this and promoted me and then paid me lower backthe $2,000.

After that, the business enterprise placed me on the quick song. They provide you with an task for 6months in every department. By the time I finished it, I discovered accounting. I learned cloth requisition. I discovered about how a plant runs. I learned about software. I learned approximately income. Idiscovered about advertising and marketing, program control.

After or 3 years, I finished up the plant manager. The very person who instructed me approximately the presentation component virtually worked for me in a while.

Q: How did you end up at Sybase?

A: I were given recruited to run Sybase in 1997 thru more than one board individuals.

Sybase was a business enterprise that used to be awesome and didn’t do that well. So I went in. It took me a long term, but we did thoroughly.

I am quite right at finding skills. I prepare a team that has a certain function, is inclined to strive newmatters which might be data pushed, won’t mind the united states of americaand downs, shouldchortle on the failure but could have fun achievement.

It’s a touch different kind of personality that is able to try this. Most of the people, whilst things Godown, generally tend to want to run away, attach themselves to winners.

I want to attach myself to something that we’ve accomplished, no longer something anyone else did.

We lost A number of Humans at BlackBerry. Very proficient Human beings. I would as a substitute now not have them long past, but if their minds aren’t in it, or if their attitudes aren’t there, then It’s not theproper blend.

Q: Why did you receive the BlackBerry task?

A: this is a very crucial agency. An iconic corporation. that is wherein and how smartphonescommenced.

It form of lost its manner.

One among the larger investors Within the agency, Prem Watsa, approached me. He is a totally chronicfellow. I stated no the primary couple of instances. He form of fooled me by way of announcing, ‘Why do not you simply type of come in and build a control crew and set the approach and be the govtchairman?’

You can not honestly set the strategy and construct the control crew without being palms-on.

This organization become founded 30 years in the past. It started with a pager, actual-time twomannercommunications on the time. Then it developed right into a cellphone.

At one time, the organization owned approximately 49 percentage of the marketplace proportion in smartphones. It became a standing image.

The marketplace changed, and the company failed to exchange with the market. The client shifted from a closed environment, in which the entirety functions collectively, and worked properly and all that stuff to, ‘Whats up, they need applications.’ Then the iPhone got here on the scene.

What the iPhone represented we missed. to provide Human beings the selection. It become to combine it into an increasing number of a part of their life. Track. ITunes. photographs.

At one factor in time, we even had an inner debate that setting a digicam on a telephone is a source of asecurity leak. So we’ve long past thru a lot.

properly, you understand the rest of the records.

Q: How will you restore this company?

A: I need to move returned to the those who really want security. So what we are going to be comingreturned on are protection, encryption, privateness, company and lots more on give up-to-stopsolutions.

The actual cusp of what we’re focusing on is the software program. Our software runs on the entiretynow. now not best on BlackBerry, it runs on iPhone, IOS, Google devices, Microsoft gadgets. We want tomanipulate some of these gadgets in a very at ease manner.

All of the acquisitions we make, comfy voice, comfy report transfers, these are all to make certain wecould provide Those answers to our clients.

Q: What approximately other lines of commercial enterprise?

A: There are 60 million cars walking accessible the usage of BlackBerry software – telematic software, infotainment software program, radio and all that. We brought a lot more capabilities, like superiordriver‘s help, communications among vehicles.

State-of-the-art car, if you go to the auto producer, they’re sincerely building a software platform. they are not building a vehicle.

Whilst you communicate to them, they may be no longer speakme approximately horsepower. they’renow not talking about zero to 60 in three.five seconds. They communicate extra about the linkedautomobiles, the motors have intelligence. the auto detects your using situations, preventing you from getting harm. Internet service getting news, the personalization you need. Infotainment device. we areincreasing unexpectedly in that.

Q: Another recreation-changers?

A: cellular is a part of all and sundry‘s life. And it’s going to be a larger and larger element. We’re going to transact banking data on devices. We are going to consume clinical information on devices. There may be going to be your private Identity on those gadgets. The mobile security goes to be even a whole lot extra wished than today.

all and sundry‘s going to be hacked.

You could not sense as threatened nowadays due to the fact they simplest study it. but if I exchangeyour scientific records, you will be very threatened. And you’re going to come going for walks to me and you will purchase my stuff.

Q: So how’s commercial enterprise?

A: In the final 8 quarters, we’re producing coins from operations. EBITDA [earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization] is getting effective. we are getting there. We still have A lot of paintings to do. I might not idiot anyone.

I would like to be worthwhile, truely with the aid of the stop of the 12 months. however I’m hoping it willbe a bit sooner.

Q: What’s First Tee?

A: they are taking internaltown children of poor families and teaching them values via golfing.Persistence. Honesty. Difficult paintings. Sportsmanship. The way you address life.

You integrate training with something this is really a laugh and has the benefit of taking them off the street and giving them something significant to do. Quite a few them are the primary era going to aCollege.

I got here from Hong Kong.whilst I was developing up, People have been notably terrible. In Hong Kong,There may be now not enough libraries. You may by no means borrow a ebook because there are notbooks to borrow.

once I first came to this u . S . and going into a library I could not believe how excellent and delightfuland the zillions of books and nobody there. My friends from Hong Kong would be in heaven.

A variety of People, inclusive of my mother and father, are refugees from China. So I saw Quite a fewheartbreaking conditions in lifestyles.

So one of the philanthropy choices my wife and i made, whilst we came into a bit bit of cash some timereturned, turned into to set up a fund that supports some thing that allows youngsters.

Q: Any commercial enterprise instructions you have got discovered to your profession or mentorswho’ve helped you?

A: I’m very lucky that I had A variety of bosses. I had my proportion of terrible bosses. however I had A number of properly Human beings. proper those who taught me lots about how I think about things, like if we’re doing something genuinely, virtually Difficult, then we’re doing it incorrect.

It sounds very trivial once in a while, however it clearly hit me and that i sat back and that i idea, ‘Why is this so Tough for us?’

The motive it is so Tough is because you’re going via a narrower and narrower corridor. So you would possibly need to figure out if it sincerely leads you everywhere.

don’t be one hundred percentage sure approximately the whole thing. Live centered. I got that.however There may be a restriction. I have found out from exceptional bosses which you‘ve were givento study problems a bit differently.

Stories that Humans proportion with me Shop A whole lot of Tough, meaningless work.

Q: Why do you serve on the boards of Walt Disney agency and Wells Fargo?

A: outstanding People. high-quality management. The complexity of the commercial enterprise of bothof them is implausible.

Every body around the sector knows Disney. It’s an leisure giant. It is in all forms of enterprise andextraordinarily nicely run.

Wells Fargo has $1 trillion in deposits. It truly is bigger than Lots of countries‘ GDP.

Being capable of sit across the table and examine what they do and how they do matters and how theythink about matters facilitates me fairly right here in my day job.

if you think my problem is big, a number of their problems are big.

Being an overseer, you understand what the institution truely needs and make certain Those are being addressed by using someone equipped.

This is all you do.

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Mary Kom: An Unbreakable Supermom Who continually Punches Above Her Weight

NEW DELHI: For Mary Kom, there are not any obstacles. August 8, 2012, ExCel arena, London turned intoa ancient day in her first rate career. She have become the first Indian lady to win an Olympic medal afterdropping her (fifty one kg) semifinal bout towards Britain’s international champion Nicola Adams. After 5global championship gold medals and an Olympic bronze medal, what greater can a mom of twins achieve? Sky remains the restriction for the 31-yrvintage.

quickly after London, Mary’s mind have been on the Rio games in 2016. Is she loopy? in spite of everything, age is not on her facet and boxing is all approximately energy and reflexes. “don’t count number her out”, said Mary’s husband Onler, a person who wears the gloves outside the boxing ring. (alsoexamine: Mary Kom joins fight against cancer and cardiac disease)

“She’s were given excellent mental strength. Mary wants to win an Olympic gold. Rio is not impossible,”introduced Onler. In London, Mary, greater conversant in the 46 kg category, had to switch two weightcategories to play the Olympics. “desire they’ll have the forty eight kg class in Brazil,” stated Onler.

Onler has been a pillar of strength for Mary. He has been a friend, mentor and manual ever seeing thatMary commenced attending country wide games and camps in Delhi and Patiala in early 2000. “Many in Delhi mistook Mary as a maid working in a few household. Mary will be easily recognized by her diminutive and north-eastern looks. no one found out that she changed into a international champion in the making,” remembers Onler, who married Mary in 2005 after four years of courtship.

nowadays, Mary has entered the drawing room in almost each single Indian household. Her struggles inlifestyles and the street to the pinnacle have been captured in a film named after her. The movie, produced by means of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, has Priyanka Chopra within the lead. Mary indeed has beenidea, no less than a Pele or Muhammad Ali, who have had films made after them.

Mary can without problems be known as the queen of comebacks. Motherhood usually gave her the morepunch to prove critics wrong. She committed her Olympic bronze to her twins, who have been celebrating their 5th birthday. Mary came from a year spoil after the birth of her twins to clinch her fourth immediatelyglobal championship gold in Ningbo town, China in 2008. The amateur global Boxing affiliation straight away christened her “stunning Mary.”

In July 2009, Mary Kom changed into honoured with India’s maximum carrying honour, the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna. She obtained the Arjuna Award in 2003 and the Padmashree in 2006. Mary’s five worldbeginner titles had been motives for the international Olympic Committee to encompass women‘s boxingin the London 2012 programme.

within weeks of her Olympic medal, Mary turned into once more inside the circle of relatives manner. In July 2013, she become blessed together with her 1/3 son, Prince Chungthanglen Kom. With a respectablebank stability, a boxing academy in Imphal, a giant amount of endorsement offers and a job with the Manipur Police, life for the Koms changed into nicely secured. however you simply can not maintain Maryfaraway from the ring. someone who likes to defy odds, the Rio dream ignited once more but she shouldtake child steps yet again.

Mary gained weight all through pregnancy. She weighed seventy five kgs and publish pregnancy, shewas 65. Her first target become to qualify for the 2014 Commonwealth video games in Glasgow. This time weight turned into not an issue, her speed and strength were. In might also this 12 months, Marycommenced her quest for glory. She underwent rigorous education for nearly 4 weeks or even had hercoach Charles Atkinson fly down from Liverpool to supervise her programme. however Mary turned intobeaten through a more youthful and more healthy Pinki Jangra within the Patiala trials for Glasgow.

there was a tinge of bitterness in dropping to Pinki, who went on win the fifty one kg bronze in Glasgow. Mary felt the result was a piece unfair. but the report was set directly on August 27 when Mary defeated Pinki to qualify for the Asian video games in Incheon, South Korea from September 19. Mary’s experience of blending aggression and caution over three tight rounds helped her be successful. extra than revenge, theprice tag to Asian games positioned her back at the lengthy street to Rio.

i am very satisfied. a number of tough work and sacrifice has long past into this. i am glad that Ireceived this vital match (as opposed to Pinki). This turned into best viable due to all the love and aidof all my enthusiasts and nicely-wishers in India,” a jubilant Mary stated.

Mary is no stranger to going through odds in lifestyles. whilst she began existence as an athlete, the percentages were stacked against her. “i like my God. Jesus loves me too. if you have a dream , live it,” Mary stated before the London video games. today, Mary is up in opposition to odds once more. but this time, they’re of a unique nature. To maintain her health may be her biggest task. never brief on conviction and passion, Mary Kom will preserve to occupy one nook of the hoop for at least any other twoyears.

The actual Heroes: Meet the British Indian legal professional Who Had commenced the ‘free Sarabjit Singh’ marketing campaign

Jas Uppal

Meet Jas Uppal, a British legal professional fighting to keep Indian citizens implicated in wrongful legalcases overseas and with out the assets to convey themselves competently domestic. She commencedthe ‘loose Sarabjit Singh’ campaign and has on the grounds that then rescued numerous migrant peoplewho have been dealt with mercilessly in Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia – without charging them a singlepenny.

Jas Uppal was horrified when she first came to know about the case of Sarabjit Singh – the Indian citizen who changed into detained in Pakistan. He was convicted by the perfect courtroom of Pakistan for alleged terrorism and spying. After a quick trial, he was sentenced to demise in 1991 below prices of involvement ina chain of bomb attacks in Lahore and Faisalabad that killed 14 human beings in 1990. Sarabjit’s circle of relatives, then again, claimed that he turned into a farmer residing in a village near the border who had strayed into Pakistan by way of mistake. His sentence turned into time and again postponed by using theauthorities of Pakistan due to the pleas of his circle of relatives and civil societies. After being in prison forgreater than 23 years, he turned into attacked by fellow inmates in the jail and died in 2013.

first of all, there wasn’t a whole lot information about what became happening. I contacted his sister. It took me a while but i discovered out what the difficulty turned into, and it didn’t make feel. The proofappeared to be of very horrible exceptional,” says Jas, who is a attorney residing in England.

She then started the ‘loose Sarabjit Singh’ campaign to highlight the case and request human rightsagencies to intervene.


“I requested his daughter why she had not executed some thing about this before. And i used to be notlooking ahead to the answer she gave me. She stated ‘we notion he turned into lifeless.’ She hadobserved out best 5 years in the past that her father become nevertheless alive. but even then she hadnow not been capable of do anything because of lack of sources,” says Jas.

while working at the marketing campaign, many other people contacted her for assist with similar casesof human rights violations. “I realised then that there were many such folks who did no longer get the required help or support from Indian authorities to combat their cases. This become due to the fact they had no cash or approach,” she says.

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With this idea, Jas began Justice Upheld – an organisation supposed to assist human beings with actualinstances however no cash or other assets to fight for themselves.

Jas Uppal

Born and taken up in England, Jas had never been to India besides as soon as as a child, even thoughher mother and father are from Punjab. It become best in 2008 that she went back once more for her brother’s wedding, and fell completely in love with the country.

She started out Justice Upheld unofficially in 2009 and were given it registered as a British charity in June this year. these days, while someone techniques her with a case, Jas first exams if there’s felony merit to it and whether it offers with human rights. She then exams the monetary repute of the sufferer and basedon that takes up the case totally free. right now, Justice Upheld is running simplest with Indian nationals inexceptional places inside the international.

Jas comes throughout a number of coronary heart wrenching cases.

Jas Uppal

Like that of Jaswant Singh, an Indian citizen from a village in Punjab, who left for Kuwait to paintings as adriving force in June 2014. Little did he recognise that he would in reality become operating as a camel herder — without pay and any clinical assistance. inside some days of attaining Kuwait, he changed into sent to Saudi Arabia. but after reaching there he became left to work on a farm as a camel herder. Hispaintings there has been extra like that of a bonded labourer. He was now not given something to devourand the farm proprietors made him drink the water supposed for camels. This led to a intense stomachinfection that made him very ill. No assist was drawing close from his organization, who become holdingon to his passport and might now not allow him move. but thanks to Jas, after running for greater than a12 months on the farm, Jaswant changed into rescued with the assist and aid of Justice Upheld. Heacquired clinical assistance and is presently anticipating his formal documents for you to go back to India. Jas is persevering with to fight for him.

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In a comparable case of gross human rights abuse, many Indian nationals were unlawfully detained in Iraq. “i’ve instances of Indian migrants who got jobs through nearby recruitment sellers that charge masses ofcash. but on attaining there they have to paintings as bonded labour,” explains Jas.

She has helped release many such people, who’ve then gone on to unfold the word approximately her.

Jas Uppal
photograph of Indian nationals in Shumaisi Deportation Centre, positioned between the cities of Makkah and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
She takes up cases that human beings technique her with and additionally people who she hears about.examine approximately more instances where Jas has been worried, right here.

can you imagine what it need to be like when no one can help you or desires to help you? and also you spend an excellent 5-6 years of your life in jail…your access to justice denied?” she asks.

whilst she has been using her personal cash to run Justice Upheld up to now, she is now searching outdonations and is organizing a fundraiser for the charity. “i am seeking out some sort of affiliation with human rights establishments in India. I would really like to connect with them so we can do a lot extrawork,” she provides.

Her journey so far has been very difficult and frustrating. “Getting thru to the Indian officials has been a completely large mission for me. humans suppose I ought to be getting something in return for all this. That’s tough to provide an explanation for. They assume i am associated with the victim in a fewmanner. additionally, my experience has been that human beings are continually pleading (with Indianofficers) to get matters completed. and i discover that quite uncomfortable whilst humans must beg and plead to get things finished.”

“My paintings is not about money. It’s about demonstrating faith. I think if some thing is about doing some suitable, it will work itself out. i’ve met so many people i’d no longer have met in any other case. i am thankful for that. i’ve additionally been to India approximately 8 instances in a quick at the same time as,” she concludes.

Trolls Who Impersonate Others Online Could Face UK Charges

Trolls Who Impersonate Others Online Could Face UK Charges

Britain’s prosecution service says people could be charged if they create fake online profiles in order to harass or humiliate others.

The Crown Prosecution Service says it is updating its guidelines to reflect “new and emerging crimes” in the social media age.

Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders said Thursday that “we are seeing more and more cases where social media is being used as a method to facilitate both existing and new offenses,” including domestic abuse and violence against women.

The new guidelines say that it may be an offense to create a fake online profile in someone else’s name in order to “damage their reputation and humiliate them.”

Prosecutors are starting a six-week public consultation on revising the rules for online crime, which were last updated in 2012.

In the meanwhile social media giant Facebook, which has been under fire in Britain for its tax arrangements, said it will stop routing its British sales through Ireland – a practice that had kept its UK tax bill extremely low.

Facebook, Amazon and other multinationals have been criticized for using complex tax arrangements to drastically reduce their bills.

Facebook said in a statement Friday that from April, “UK sales made directly by our UK team will be booked in the UK, not Ireland. Facebook UK will then record the revenue from these sales.”

The company said the change would “provide transparency to Facebook’s operations in the UK.”

Facebook paid just GBP 4,327 ($6,116) in corporation tax in 2014 in Britain, one of its biggest markets outside the United States.

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Don’t Have Money? 17 Entrepreneurs Who Bootstrapped Their Startup from Nothing

steve jobs

Think you can’t start a successful business without huge rounds of funding? Think again.

There have been plenty of hugely successful entrepreneurs through the years who bootstrapped their startups from nothing. Here are some of the most successful entrepreneurs who bootstrapped their businesses.

Entrepreneurs Who Bootstrapped Include …

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

The story of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak starting Apple Computer in a garage is well-known. The pair had recently withdrawn from their respective colleges and began developing consumer computer devices in Jobs’ parents garage in California. After developing a couple different models, the pair knew they would need more financing. So Jobs had to find a co-signer to get a bank loan for $250,000.

Bob Evans

Bob Evans started out with a 12-stool diner and a small farm where he produced his own sausage, since he couldn’t seem to find satisfactory sausage elsewhere. Only as demand, and thus profits, grew did he branch out the business to include multiple sausage plants and restaurants.

Michael Dell

The founder of Dell Computers started the company in 1984 while still attending the University of Texas at Austin. He worked to build the company out of his off-campus dorm, and eventually dropped out to focus on building the company full time. His first investment was $1,000 – from his family.

William Redington Hewlett and David Packard

These two entrepreneurs founded Hewlett-Packard in a one-car garage in Palo Alto, California. They started the company during a fellowship they had with a professor they had worked with at Stanford University. Their original capital investment was $538.

entrepreneurs who bootstrapped

Sophia Amoruso

The founder of Nasty Gal started out by scouring the racks at second-hand stores and selling her vintage finds on eBay. She used the money from her sales to eventually move her inventory into a warehouse and hire a few staff members. She used MySpace and other social media platforms to attract customers. And she eventually raised millions in investment in 2012, more than six years after founding the company.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates and his business partner Paul Allen started their company Microsoft in 1975 not with a huge software roll out. The two started with a simple idea, to create a basic interpreter program for the Altair 8800 Microcomputer. Even though the program they designed worked  only on a simulator of the Altair, executives at MITS, the company that made the computer, were impressed. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Craig Newmark

Craigslist wasn’t originally meant to be a huge online business. Founder Craig Newmark was new to the San Francisco Bay Area and wanted a way to connect with people for local events. He started the site that is now essentially the classified page for the Internet as an email distribution list to friends. And then Craigslist grew as word of mouth took off.

Paul Mitchell and John Paul DeJoria

The founders of John Paul Mitchell Systems started the hair care company from humble beginnings. DeJoria was actually living in his car around the time the company was founded. And though they originally thought they had the support of a backer, they ended up doing it on their own.

Pierre Omidyar

We may think of eBay as a huge multinational corporation, but it didn’t start that way. The founder of eBay originally started the popular auction site, then called AuctionWeb, as a side hobby. Only when his Internet service provider told him he would have to upgrade his account due to a high volume of traffic to his website did he start charging for people to use the site.

entrepreneurs who bootstrapped

Daymond John

Before founding FUBU and starting his numerous other entrepreneurial ventures, Daymond John sold hats that he sewed himself in front of the New York Coliseum for $10 each. When he realized the potential of his idea, John and his mother mortgaged their house for $100,000 in startup capital. In addition, he kept his full-time job at Red Lobster to maintain a steady income while working on creating FUBU between his regular shifts.

Yvon Chouinard

The founder of Patagonia, the outdoor clothing and gear designer, got his start as a rock climber. As he got more into the hobby, he taught himself how to blacksmith so that he could make his own pitons. As word spread, Chouniard began selling the pitons for $1.50. Then he set up a small shop in his parents’ backyard in Burbank, California.

John Pemberton

John Pemberton was wounded in the American Civil War, which eventually led him to develop the idea for Coca-Cola. Pemberton owned a drug store in Georgia. There he developed his French Wine Coca nerve tonic, which was meant to be a substitute for morphine, the drug he had originally take to treat pain from his war injuries. He later changed the recipe to a non-alcoholic version after his county passed prohibition legislation. This non-alcoholic version is what eventually became Coca-Cola.

Niraj Shah and Steve Conine

This duo founded Wayfair, originally called CSN Stores, out of Conine’s home in Boston. They had previously run two other companies, but started Wayfair with just one website that sold media stands and storage furniture.

Markus Frind

This entrepreneur founded the popular dating site PlentyofFish as a one-man operation out of his apartment. The company, which makes money through online ads, grew to bring in millions before Frind even hired a team, much less brought in any large investment rounds.

Roxanne Quimby and Burt Shavitz

Burt’s Bees started with some extra beeswax from co-founder Shavitz’s honey business. The duo created products from that beeswax and started their company with just $200 they made at a junior high school craft fair. Within a year, they had made more than $20,000.

Nick Denton

The founder of Gawker actually used money from the sale of another startup to fund the early days of the media company. He also ran the business out of his home for years before eventually renting out a storefront in 2008.

Moses and Endel Phillips

Before the Van Heusen line of clothing ever officially launched, Moses and Endel Phillips were sewing shirts by hand and selling them to coal miners in Pennsylvania from push carts. Through the years, the couple grew the company from its humble beginnings to a larger NYC-based shirt company. And through a few mergers and changes, the company eventually became Phillips-Van Heusen.

Tom Preston-Werner

The founder of GitHub, the popular hosting service for software development projects, actually turned down a six-figure salary from Microsoft in order to work on GitHub. He bootstrapped the company for about five years before accepting a large investment round.