Shopping’s sonic inspiration for their minimalist post-punk vision

Self-described as ‘deeply queer; political by default,’ the band’s latest album, ‘All or Nothing,’ is out today. Post-punk trio Shopping is confident, energetic, and unapologetically queer. Based in LA and Glasgow, the band is comprised of Rachel Aggs (guitar, vocals), Billy Easter (bass, vocals), and Andrew Milk (drums, vocals). Their new album, All or Nothing, out today, presents […]

This Chrome Extension Is Like X-Ray Vision For Web Design

What powers the sites you use every day? What language was it programmed in? What fonts does it use? How does it track people who visit? Those details usually take some digging to uncover–but a new browser extension for Chrome called WhatRuns instantly surfaces the tools and programs that power any website on the internet. [Screenshots: Whatruns] For instance, […]

LG Electronics India’s marketing head, Amit Gujral, sets a clear vision for 2017

LG Electronics India is going to celebrate this Republic Day with the launch of its #KarSalaam initiative, which is dedicated to the brave soldiers of the country. Through this initiative, LG aims to salute the soldiers’ spirit of selfless contribution and service towards the country. The brand plans to reach out to the citizens through […]

Lumigon T3 released as First phone With night time vision digicam

HIGHLIGHTS Lumigon T3 bears a 4-megapixel night time vision digital camera. It features a ‘marine-grade’ chrome steel body. A 0a4a9084a0f2747537ef609f0075bfd0 variation is likewise due to launch quickly. Danish manufacturer Lumigon on Monday launched its T3 cellphone, priced at $740 (more or less Rs. 50,000) inside the US, and EUR 645 in Europe, extraordinary of taxes. […]