Samsung Flow Connects Tablet, Computer — Even Your TV

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Samsung has unveiled Flow, a new device handoff feature that will eventually let you start an activity on one device and move it to another.

This means you could eventually get an email notification on your smartwatch then switch to your smartphone or tablet to read. Finally, you could switch to your laptop when you’re ready to type a response, all without leaving the application or even the document you’re currently working with.

If this whole concept sounds familiar, it is. Just recently, Apple introduced Continuity, another handoff feature available on devices running the company’s new OS X Yosemite operating system.

The caveat: for Samsung Flow to work, all your devices will have to be from Samsung.

The company gives a brief overview in this demonstration video of just how Samsung Flow will eventually work:

As you can see, Samsung claims the feature will eventually work over a full range of media products — including your TV.

This means, when Flow is implemented, you will be able to receive notifications of phone calls even while you’re watching television — if you wish to, that is.

There are three main features to Flow, according to a report from The Verge. Those features are called Defer, Transfer, and Notify.

Using the Transfer feature, apps and other activities will be able to be switched among enabled devices. You will be able to switch work activities — like reading and editing a document — for example from one device to  another. But the Transfer feature could also be utilized for things like moving a video call from your laptop to your smartphone.

The Defer feature will allow you to put off an activity until later. When you Defer an activity, Samsung claims, it will be stored at the exact place you left off until resumed. That means an email or article you’re reading would resume at the same line where you stopped reading, for example.

As discussed earlier, the Notify feature would allow for some some notifications across all devices.

Incoming calls and low-battery warnings could appear on any device that’s connected to Flow, for example, Slash Gear reports.

To enable the Flow feature on a Samsung device, the Flow icon — a triangle-like design — would be selected opening a menu of options. To transfer an activity to another device, for example, you would choose from a list of available devices where you want your work to go.

Samsung Flow was just recently introduced to Samsung developers so it may be some time until it’s actually available on any of the company’s devices, according to Engadget. But the overview does give a hint at the kind of workflow flexibility Samsung users may be able to look forward to.

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Intel Compute Sticks Transform a TV into a Computer

compute stick

Last year, Intel introduced its first Compute Stick.  Initial reviews called the Intel Compute Stick a great idea but underwhelming.

Now it seems that Intel has improved its compute stick with new entrants that solve some of the initial shortcomings.

The Compute Stick is about the size of a pack of gum. According to Intel, it has everything you need to transform a TV into a computer, or a monitor into a complete computer.

At 4.5 inches tall, the Compute Sticks include the Windows 10 operating system, an Intel Atom or Core-M processor, wireless connectivity, the same graphics as a full-size computer, 32 to 64 GB of storage, and more. There’s even a tiny cooling fan, according to Intel.  The exact configuration of what you get depends on the model you choose.

What that means is that when you plug the Compute Stick into an HDMI TV, it turns the television into a fully-functioning computer.  Or you can choose to plug it into a monitor, and turn the monitor into a computer.

Of course, you have to supply a wireless keyboard and mouse.  Or you can use the Intel Remote Keyboard app to control the device with your tablet or phone. But assuming you do that, it turns that display into a full-functioning computer.

When the first Intel compute stick was introduced back in 2015, the general consensus was that it was slow and lacked necessary features, such as sufficient USB ports. Intel seems to have taken that criticism to heart. The latest Compute Sticks offer a faster processor, better networking and more USB ports, according to Engadget.

Priced at under $200, they offer capability in a small package at a modest price.

The two new entrants, along with the original Bay Trail model, bring the Intel Compute Sticks to a total of three offerings.

The new models have been dubbed Cherry Trail and Skylake. These new models each include up to three USB ports, 802.11 WiFi capability for Internet connectivity, built-in Bluetooth 4.2 to connect peripherals wirelessly, 64 GB of storage, and a micro SD card slot. Depending on which model you choose, you can get the Intel Core M5v Pro processor or Intel Core M3 processor.  See the Intel site for exact model configurations.

With Intel getting the formula right, a Compute Stick may be an option for entrepreneurs and small businesses to consider.

Here are four ways small businesses can use a Compute Stick:

  • Be mobile –  Carry a computer wherever you are — from hotel room to vacation rental, from co-working cubicle to conference room.
  • Create and update a digital sign — You can transform a television on the wall of your shop into a digital sign. Connect to the cloud for access to a presentation that loops over and over. It becomes an automated sign without needing to purchase a turnkey digital signage solution.
  • Display graphics work or give a presentation on a large screen — Sometimes a small laptop or tablet screen just won’t do, such as when creating digital artwork. When you need to see something large, just plug in the compute stick to an extra large monitor or that 65″ television.
  • Save money — Instead of maintaining two computers (one at work and one at the office), simply have a monitor or TV in each place. Then carry the HDMI stick with you. You can work anywhere on a full-size or very large screen.

Image: Intel


Apple Announces Unified ‘TV’ App for Apple TV, iPad, iPhone

Apple Announces Unified 'TV' App for Apple TV, iPad, iPhone


  • The new app will be available for free by the end of 2016
  • Siri can be used to jump to a show or channel immediately
  • Human-curated lists will show recommended new shows

Apple’s new MacBook Pros with Touch Bar controllersmight have stolen the show at its Cupertino event today, but there was also a significant update to the company’s TV ecosystem. A new app, simply called TV, will be coming to Apple TV, iPad and iPhone for free later this year, and will unify the content that users buy and subscribe to across multiple services.

The interface might hold clues to what Apple was often rumoured to be working on, though the company was earlier expect to launch its own TVs. With the new app, shows, movies and even live events are sorted and organised within the TV app’s interface. You can use Siri to launch into a video just by its name, or by the name of a channel or service, or even by the name of a sports team. A queue called Up Next will show what you’ve been watching recently, and will automatically sync across devices. Recommendations curated by human agents will also be visible.

Apple also showed off interactive content in a demonstration by Twitter which merged real-time conversations and reactions with content playing live. Twitter will be bringing sports matches, general news and special election coverage to users for free, in partnership with BuzzFeed and Bloomberg, among others. Users can jump into conversations, vote in polls, and experience TV in a whole new way.Services in the US include Hulu, Starz, HBO Go, DirecTV, Dish network, and of course iTunes. Users will be able to rent or buy content within the interface.

In another announcement, Minecraft will be coming to Apple TV. In total there are now over 8,000 apps currently available in the Apple TV app store, including 2,000 games and 1,600 content apps.

Apple also showed off improved iOS functions for Japan, such as detailed transit information in Maps including fares comparison and local signs. CEO Tim Cook pointed out that iOS 10 is now running on 60 percent of compatible Apple devices, whereas the latest version of Android has barely 1 percent penetration and won’t even be available on the majority of Android devices.

Finally, it was reiterated the Apple Watch Nike+ will go on sale tomorrow, with India in the first wave of launch countries. It will be priced at at Rs. 32,900 and Rs. 34,900 for the 38mm and 42mm versions respectively. This variant of the Apple Watch Series 2 integrates the Nike+ Run Club app which features workout guidance, and also has unique Sport Bands and watch faces.

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LG Appliances and TV Earnings at Record Levels but No G5 Boost for Mobile Division

LG Appliances and TV Earnings at Record Levels but No G5 Boost for Mobile Division

South Korea’s LG Electronics Inc on Thursday posted its highest quarterly operating profit in two years, thanks to record appliances and television earnings that offset another loss for the mobile division.

The world’s second-largest TV maker behind SamsungElectronics Co Ltd said in a regulatory filing its April-June profit more than doubled from a year earlier to KRW 585 billion ($521 million), matching its earlier guidance.

LG said it expected July-September operating profit to be higher than the KRW 294 billion profit it reported a year earlier, while revenue would be similar to the 14 trillion won recorded in the third quarter of 2015.

Operating profit for the appliances division jumped 49 percent from a year earlier to a quarterly record of KRW 433.7 billion, the company’s top earner for the seventh straight quarter as sales of premium products continued to support margins.

LG’s TV division swung to a profit of 356.7 billion won, also a quarterly record, boosted by sales of high-end televisions and improved cost structure amid declining panel prices.

The mobile business continued to struggle, however, reporting a KRW 153.5 billion operating loss, the fifth straight quarter in the red as sales of the flagship G5 fell short of expectations.

The company in April guided for a sharp second-quarter rebound in mobile earnings on G5 sales. The phone was received positively by critics for allowing users to upgrade functions such as the camera through attachable modules.

But initial manufacturing problems undermined early momentum for the G5, analysts said, leading to disappointing sales.

The firm said the third quarter would remain difficult for the business though its performance would improve as new products launched.

LG’s second-quarter revenue rose 0.6 percent to KRW 14 trillion, matching its guidance for earlier this month.

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Samsung Galaxy Note7’s First Official TV Ad Gives a Sneak Peek at Its Features

Samsung Galaxy Note7's First Official TV Ad Gives a Sneak Peek at Its Features


  • The new advertisement teases Iris scanner and phone’s name
  • The commercial almost confirms phone’s waterproof feature
  • The phone most likely to named Samsung Note7

Samsung Galaxy Note7, the upcoming smartphone in Samsung’s Note series, has now been spotted in its first official TV advertisement, which teases almost all the features that have been leaked regarding the phone. The advertisement touches upon features of the Note7 by giving hints regarding each.

First and foremost, there is little to no doubt now that the phone will indeed be called Samsung Note7 as the commercial shows a numerical order that goes from 1 to 5 then shows a question mark and zooms out to a ‘No’, which is clear indication of the skip that Samsung is widely expected to make. Samsung had tipped this name in the invitations sent out as well.

(Also See : Samsung Galaxy Note7 Price, Release Date, Specifications, and All Other Rumours)

The advertisement starts with a close-up view of a thumb print and the shot is followed up by unlocking patterns used by several Android phones to unlock devices. The shots of these methods used to unlock smartphones looks like a hint to the Iris scanner that the phone is expected to feature, giving the Samsung Galaxy Note7 a new way of unlocking the device.

The shot of classic telephones under the water in the advertisement are more than enough to indicate to the smartphone’s waterproof feature.

The commercial also features a girl who is using an electric bulb to click a selfie. This might be an indication of better low light performance of the Galaxy Note7’s camera, but it could easily have something to do with phone’s LED flash as well.

Presence of Dual Pixels, as in the case of Galaxy S7 and S7 edge has also been suggested on the phone. There has also been talk of dual rear cameras on the phone.

The phone is scheduled to be released on August 2.

There are other hints given in the advertisement as well but they are actually pretty hard to crack at this point in time. Do check the video of the advertisement by Samsung Mobile Korea below and let us know what features you think the Galaxy Note7 will come with.

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Sony’s Vue Web TV Service Said to Surpass 100,000 Subscribers

Sony's Vue Web TV Service Said to Surpass 100,000 Subscribers

PlayStation Vue, the web-TV service for owners of Sony Corp.’s video-game consoles, has signed up more than 100,000 subscribers since its March 2015 debut, people with knowledge of the matter said, good news for entertainment companies that are losing pay-TV subscribers.

The service has been adding customers at a faster rate since Sony began a nationwide rollout in the US three months ago, said the people, who asked not to be identified discussing private figures. Sony, based in Tokyo, declined to comment on the number. One person put the total near 120,000.

Media companies like Walt Disney Co. and Time Warner Inc. are looking to internet services to counter or slow the decline in traditional pay-TV subscribers for channels like ESPN and TNT. Shrinking audiences have sapped growth at many cable networks, which are the primary contributors to sales and profit at most major media companies.

Sony created Vue to give owners of its PlayStation consoles the option to watch live and on-demand TV without switching away from their gaming systems, an effort to make the device the centerpiece of the living room. Sony sells different programming plans nationally, in part depending on the availability of the major broadcast networks. Where they are provided on Vue, prices range from $40 a month for about 60 channels to $55 for about 100.

The company also recently began offering the service on other devices, including Roku players, Inc. products, and iPhones and iPads.

Media companies are banking on web services to attract younger viewers, those less likely to have cable or satellite TV, and are encouraged by the early results from Sony and Dish Network Corp.’s Sling. Sling has more than 700,000 subscribers, according to one of the people. The company declined to comment.

That means participating media companies are close to reaching 1 million new customers with their web services. While that doesn’t make up for the subscribers lost over the past few years, it may quiet some of those more pessimistic about the future of TV.

“They haven’t been public with their numbers, so I can’t be specific. But what we’ve been told is that their numbers in terms of sub-adoption has gone up tremendously,” Disney Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger said of Vue at an investor conference in May.

AT&T, owner of DirecTV and the largest US pay-TV service, has said it plans to have three web-based services operating later this year. Hulu has said it is working on such a product, while Apple, and YouTube are all exploring the idea as well.

Vue rolled out more slowly than Sling TV. Sony introduced Vue in three markets, adding a few more last summer before making it available in more than 200 markets around the country in March. Live feeds of broadcast networks are only available on Vue in select markets for now.

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Pakistan Cricket Board unhappy Over Mohammad Amir appearing in tv show

Mohammad Amir has been warned of ‘awful conditionsfor the duration of Pakistan’s excursion of britain.

PCB miffed with Amir after he regarded in a television show in advance of england excursion
He become earlier advised to restrict his media appearances
He turned into banned for five years for spot-fixing in England
Karachi: The Pakistan Cricket Board isn’t always glad with tainted left-arm pacer Mohammad Amir, after heseemed in a tv show just prior to the departure of the country wide squad for England.
in line with a welllocated supply within the board the problem had been taken seriously on the grounds that Amir did not inform them previous to accepting the invitation to seem inside the show.
“This has came about just few days after the pinnacle PCB officials such as chairman, Shahryar Khan and Najam Sethi had met with Amir in Lahore and briefed him sincerely on what become expected off him in England,” the source stated.
He stated Amir were told to provide his explanation for the reason that board and team control hadlabored out a plan for him proscribing his media appearances in advance and at some stage in theexcursion to England.
The source said what had dissatisfied Shahryar and different officials become that Amir went for theshow despite the fact that few days earlier he became cautioned to remain low key, avoid the media,show tolerance and endurance even as managing the media and opposing gamers and lovers in England.
“He was also advised absolutely to enhance his mind-set and not antagonise his personal teammates,” the source added.
The PCB filed a special case to eventually at ease a visa for Aamir who was among 3 Pakistani gamersobserved guilty of spot-fixing in the course of Pakistan’s excursion of england in 2010.
the alternative , former captain Salman Butt and Muhammad Asif had been now not even taken into consideration for the england excursion after English government conveyed to the PCB they could now not be welcome in the united kingdom this yr.
The supply said Khan could be speakme to Amir about the matter previous to the crew‘s departure from Lahore for London this weekend.
curiously, Shahryar additionally didn’t mince words when he spoke to the media in Karachi on Wednesday indicating that some gamers were now not glad with the PCB choice to allow players to only have theirfamilies on excursion to England for just two weeks.
He additionally said he became individually disillusioned that the countrywide selectors had now nottaken into consideration Fawad Alam for the tests in England.
Khan also cautioned banned test leg-spinner Danish Kaneria to avoid talking towards the PCB.
“I assume Danish desires to consider what he is announcing approximately the PCB in India. It is notan awesome aspect what he has said and he must be careful with his statements.”
Khan stated that the PCB had never discriminated against any participant because of his religionconsisting of Kaneria.
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Eros Now symptoms Deal to supply content material on Apple tv

Eros Now Signs Deal to Deliver Content on Apple TV

online amusement platform Eros Now Wednesday stated it has signed an agreement with Apple televisionfor showcasing its repository of Bollywood and nearby language movies and track videos throughout 80international locations.

Eros Now app is available throughout most clever tv platforms along with Android tv, Samsung, Chromecast and Amazon’s fire television, the agency said in a announcement.

“With the achievement of our iOS utility on iPhone and iPad, we’re strengthening our connection to our subscribers who’re the usage of Apple’s products normal by way of now bringing a compelling array of Bollywood and regional language content to their living room,” Eros digital chief government Officer Rishika Lulla Singh stated.

Eros Now had final month partnered with chinese language net offerings firm LeEco for its LeEco club,imparting content on the top class subscription for customers of pick LeEco smartphones.

The distributor will carry over 2,000 movies on demand, new blockbusters, and movies throughout 10 languages to the Le Vidi app, that is part of the LeEco club subscription. it will also provide one-of-a-kindEros Now content material.

Eros Now content material is also to be had at the lately launched Amkette EvoTV 2 media streamingbox, which turned into launched in India in April at Rs. 6,999.

Written with inputs from PTI

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Apple tv evaluate (2015): A large leap forward, until you want 4K

For years, Apple tv has been like a built-inuously left out child, eclipsed by way of its overachievintegratedg siblbuilt-ings, the iPhone and iPad. layoutwise, it hasn’t modified builtintegratedbuilt-in 2010, and it’s been shackled with one of the maximum archaic Apple integratedterfaces round, which harkens again to the iPod days. all of the while Roku and even Amazon have stepped up their sportsubstantially. Now, with the fourth-generation Apple tv, the set-built-in built-in it’s been deemed merelyas a “hobbythrough its built-ine has integrated come integratedto its personal. It has more powerfulhardware, a extensively redesigned far flung and an built-ingintegrated built-in that is worth of an Apple product integrated 2015. And built-in, there’s a properintegrated app keep, which turns Apple televisioninto a valid platform for amusement and gambuilt-ing built-in integrated room. It is not pretty the “destbuiltintegrated of television” that Apple is promisbuilt-ing, however it is gettbuilt-ing there.
the brand new Apple tv gives the maximum built-insubtle streamintegratedg integratedterface yet, with afar flung it’s a step beforehandintegrated of the opposition. Its voice seek built-inintegrated worksnicely, and even at this early stage, there are lots of profitable apps and games. if you need 4K though,appearance elsewhere.

built-inbecause it’s builtintegrated gobuilt-ing to be caught somewhere under your tv, it makesexperience why Apple didn’t trade up the Apple television‘s layout a lot. it is nonetheless made of black plastic, however it is substantially taller than earlier than, almost like of the older Apple TVs stacked onbuilt-in of each other. on the lower back, there is the compulsory HDMI port, built-in Ethernet, USB-C and energy ports. unfortunately, you are out of luck if you‘re nevertheless built-ing onintegrated optical audio cables; the Apple television is based entirely on HDMI for audio now. That should not be a troublefor the majority, however if you‘ve got a built-inancesintegrated soundbar, or if you have not upgradedyour private home theater builtintegrated past decade, be ready to pick up an HDMI/optical cable splitter.

Apple’s A8 chip powers all the set-top field goodness, and built-inintegrated developer documents, it’s also built-ing 2GB of RAM. meanbuiltintegrated it need to be a fair more powerful tool than the iPhone 6and 6 Plus, that have half as a great deal RAM. it is unclear how rapid the A8 chip is built-ing built-in theApple television, but it built-into clocked at 1.four GHz on the iPhone 6 and 1.five GHz at the iPad Mbuilt-ini four. you have got a preference between 32GB of garage for the $149 model or 64GB for the $199model. whilst its satisfactoryintegrated to have a bigger garage choice, the 32GB version ought to bequality for the general public, as you’ll be streamintegratedg maximum of your content besides.

whilst the Apple tv appears a piece built-in, the new Siri remote is another tale absolutely. it is largerthan before, with a smooth trackpad that sits atop a pitcher panel on the the front. The lower back is abuilt-inunmarried piece of metallic. It seems like the bastard lovechild of the iPhone four and the brand new MacBook — and that is an awesome integrated. It built-inintegrated feels builtintegratedbuiltintegrated hand. or even whilst it is layintegratedg flat for your sofa or coffee desk, it built-inintegrated appears built-in. The far off has a menu and play/pause button like before, but now there isalso a home button, Siri voice search button, and volume controls. it’s also wireless, builtintegrated, so that you do not have to fear about pobuilt-intintegratedg it on the Apple tv.

basically, it is as if Apple jumped builtintegrated numerous generations from the built-inintegrated Appletelevision far off, which built-inintegrated all approximately mbuilt-inimalism. That far flung wasbuiltintegrated designed to deal with media on older Macs, not a fixedbuilt-in built-inerintegratedsittintegratedg built-in your integrated room, so it never felt adequate enough for the Apple television.there’s now a microphone 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 for voice searches on the brand new far off, built-in an accelerometer and gyroscope for Wii-like movement controls. you could additionally stopstockintegratedg up on watch batteries, because it charges over Apple’s Lightnbuilt-ing cable. i haven’tused it long sufficient to emptyintegrated the battery thus far, and that’s after every week of built-ingintegrated a ton of Netflix and Hulu, builtintegrated built-inintegrated a extensive sort of games.

One quality bonus: you can now control your television or audio receiver volume from the Siri faraway.built-in case yourintegrated gadget helps it, the faraway can really flip built-ing on and manipulatequantity over HDMI. otherwise, you may built-in the Apple tv to recognize your tv or receiver faraway‘s IRintegrated, and it willintegrated replica it like a usual remote. The simplest trouble with that alternative is that you will want to built-int the far off to the Apple tv to exchange the extent, which sort of defeats thepurpose integrated a wi-fi built-in device.

Gallery: Apple tvOS | nine pix

Say hi there to tvOS, an iOS offshoot that fbuiltintegrated brintegratedgs apps and a dramatically redesigned built-interface to the Apple tv. long gone are the simplistic black background and appintegratedterfaces. alternativelyintegrated, tvOS is all about built-iny built-ingsintegrated and visuallyrich apps. Frankly, it’s about time. even as Roku and Amazon have been built-ingintegrated up robustmedia structures with masses of attractiveintegrated apps, Apple tv customers have been stuck with an arcane integratedterface that hasn’t changed plenty built-ing thatintegrated the second one-gen modeldebuted 5 years ago. Apple’s defbuiltintegrated built-ingamblbuiltintegrated seize-up with tvOS,however there also are some aspects that placed it builtintegrated of the competition.

simply integrated the brand new Apple tv builtintegrated off the seamless integratedtegration theenterprise can attabuiltintegrated across its devices these days. You just need to place an iOS devicenear it to shoot over your WiFi and Apple identity credentials. That took only some seconds with my iPhone 6S. it is without a doubt the easiest set-pbuiltintegrated setup i have visible thus far, specifically due to the fact you are no longer simply stuck typbuilt-ing integrated logintegrated credentials letter-via-letter with a directional pad. built-in do not have an iOS device, you will be caught dointegratedg just that with the Siri remote, a rather built-in procedure (extra on that below).

when you‘re all built-installation, there’s a built-intedintegrated built-ingintegrated home display, with apps for iTunes films, tv shows and tune, built-in addition to photographs. This time round although, navigatbuilt-ing the integratedterface is far greater fluid, thanks to the Siri far off‘s touchpad. There also are visible flourishes sprbuilt-inkled built-ing; I built-inlyintegrated favored how app icons built-ind ofbend built-in built-inintegrated directionsintegrated with three-D consequences as you hover over them. And it is best to built-ineventually have a button that brbuilt-ings you right lower back to the housedisplay (formerly, that builtintegrated preserving down the menu button). there is also some rudimentary multitaskintegratedg: Double-clickbuilt-ing the home button opens up all your recent apps, and it is prettyeasy to hop among them.

As tons as voice seek is a massive a part of the brand new Apple tv, you’ll need to cope with the on-screen keyboard every now and then. And, unluckily, it is even worse than before. as opposed toheavintegratedg several rows of letters builtintegrated hunt and %, now they’re all offered on a integratedlintegratede so you can swipe back and forth at the trackpad to pick them. The massive hassle? at the same time as the trackpad is remarkable for big sweepbuilt-ing movements, it is prettyirritatbuiltintegrated for built-infbuiltintegrated alternatives, like built-inselectbuiltintegrated lettersside built-ingintegrated aspect. At this factorintegrated, you also can not jobuiltintegrated a Bluetooth keyboard like with the vbuiltintegrated Apple tv, and Apple’s faraway app nevertheless doesn’t guide itboth.

App keep and apps

you may note built-ing new on the home display screen: an app save. integrated! The previous Appletelevision slowly constructed up a decent collection of 1/3party apps, however they weren’t easy to make, and there was no app keep of any kbuiltintegrated to go to. rather new packages just were givendownloaded for your Apple television home screen, and you would be left with built-ing out the mess by usbuiltintegrated manually hidbuilt-ing those you did not need (which turned out to be maximum of them).

for the reason that there are not any 0.33party apps set up built-in default, you may must get familiarwith the app keep real quick. And builtintegrated‘ve seen one app keep from Apple, you have visible all of them, clearly. This one features popular and upcomintegratedg apps on built-in page, as well asintegrated built-in charts, simply as you’ll anticipate. Even at this early level, there are lots of noteworthy apps obtabuiltintegrated. On built-innacleintegrated of the necessities like Netflix and Hulu, there are rookies like Plex, built-inintegrated apps from QVC and Gilt, and additionally plenty and plentyof games.

There are huge built-ine gaps between the to be had apps built-intintegrated. a few, like Netflix and Hulu, are merely just built-in updates to their older apps. Others simply seem bizarre when adapted to tv, like the Periscope app which does not even let you log built-into your Periscope account. (And boy, seebuilt-ing most of that built-innerintegrated content material on a large display screen isn’t very built-ing.) butthere also are a handful of apps that display the capacity for the Apple television to be a new and built-inintegrated platform built-in integrated room.

The QVC app combbuilt-ines stay video with browsable content material that you could purchase properfrom the Apple tv. And Gilt’s app is basically an built-in catalog for its on line save. they could feel a tad superfluous right now, but remember how much the availability of apps on smartphones and capsuleschanged the way we keep. Beintegratedg able to browse built-in sites on the biggest screen to yourintegrated room may want to surely be temptintegratedg to many purchasers.

Apps generally downloaded and integrated quite quick, and given that Apple is built-ing a 200MB reportlength restriction on apps, you should not have to deal with many lengthy downloads. when you built-inintegrated pilbuilt-ing them on, they will all display up on your own home display, and built-inally you will have built-ingintegrated that resembles the built-in Apple television. it would be pleasant to get folders or some manner to prepare them builtintegrated, even though.

Siri and voice search

Siri’s additionally a massive a part of tvOS, although integrated it just serves because the conduit for voice seek. Tappintegratedg the microphone button at the far flung opens up the standard Siri built-interface, you just need to dictate a seek command built-into the remote and let Siri do its magic. Giventhat you‘re built-in on built-ingintegrated referred to as the Apple tv, the voice search is pleasantsuitable for built-ings likeintegrated movie and television display titles, actors and directors. The voiceseek effects had been typically quite accurate, until I looked for a built-inintegrated tricky name orfilm name. Siri also can fetch simple builtintegrated just like the climate, but proper now it is nowhereclose to as robust as on iOS right.

The built-ine element about the Apple tv‘s Siri search? It does a built-incredible activity of integratedcontent throughout multiple services. after I searched for the good wife, built-inintegrated, I were given consequences pointegratedtbuilt-ing to numerous seasons on Hulu, built-in conjunction with theobligatory link to buy it on iTunes as well. it is gotten to the built-in built-inintegrated i’m built-ing voiceseek to built-infbuiltintegrated integrated even if I realize built-inintegrated to locateintegrated them on Netflix, because the Apple television can truelyintegrated link you directly built-into 0.33birthday partyapps. No greater hoppbuilt-ing around menus and typintegratedg integrated seek queries like a chump! (except you’re built-inintegrated foreign titles or built-ingsintegrated which are just tough to parsealong with your voice.

i was also surprised at how deep the voice characteristic ought to cross. after I asked it to play the firstepisode of native land, it opened the Showtime app (which I built-inintegrated) and immediately started out built-in the pilot. And the equal component came about with HBO Now once I requested for the firstepisode of The Sopranos. you may also use voice seek to release precise apps, which could be handy asyour home display gets messy.
Stil, there may be clearly room for Siri search to get better. It can not search your shared iTunes libraries, and built-in it best works with some apps (the biggies noted above). once it opens up greater broadly,builtintegrated for built-ings as YouTube and sports apps, built-in a game changer. comparedintegratedto the fireplace television and Roku 4‘s voice seek, Apple tv works a piece faster, and it also did a betterjob of built-inintegrated content across more than one services.

As a media device

on the subject ofintegrated streamintegratedg video, the brand new Apple television isn’t a good dealdistbuiltintegrated than the oldintegrated one. motion pictures appear built-in up a bit faster, and the Siri faraway makes rapid-forwardbuilt-ing an rewintegrateddintegratedg a whole lot less complicatedthan before. there is virtually a small photograph preview of built-inintegrated you’re navigatintegratedg to on the video timelintegratede, which facilitates you pintegratedpointegratedt specific spots easily. you can built-in all likelihood thank the greater disk area built-in Apple television for that, built-insbuiltintegrated allows for a whole lot greater video cachbuilt-ing than earlier than.

built-in had a fave media app on the built-intage Apple tv, chances are it’s already to be had on the newone. but the mere existence of an app keep method more built-in ought to make their way over. i wasamazed to look that Plex, which builds software for streamintegratedg your non-public media, managed to make their app available already. It had no trouble built-in my currentintegrated Plex stocks. It built-inbecome weird beintegratedg able to play my very own media documents right off of the Apple television. Apps like Plex were additionally built-inly one of the biggest advantages that Roku and the hearth tvhad, which means that each Roku and Amazon need to startintegrated integrated at different waysbuilt-inguish themselves.

lamentably, if you‘re eager for some 4K content, the Apple television might not be of plenty use to you.not likeintegrated its built-inantintegrated competitors this year, Apple is stickbuilt-ing with attempted-and-true 1080p video. That makes experience to a certabuiltintegrated quantitymost people don’thave 4K TVs yet, so why build for that? Apple is all approximately optimizbuilt-ing its product margbuilt-inswhenever possible, and it’s no stranger to built-inwaitbuiltintegrated a bit earlier than adoptintegratedg new era (consider that Apple did not supply LTE till the iPhone 5). however builtintegrated‘ve already gota 4K tv, I might not blame you for feelbuilt-ing bummed. (although it‘s worth checkbuilt-ing to look if any 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 apps built-in television additionally offer 4K content material.) by means of subsequent 12 months, Apple builtintegrated won’t be capable of ignore 4K anymore.

On any other observe, it’s uncertabuiltintegrated if Apple controlled to overhaul AirPlay for the Apple tvand iOS 9 (as 9to5Mac said), however based totally on my exams streambuilt-ing Spotify tracks,neighborhood track and video, it regarded to perform higher than earlier than. AirPlay has built-inuallyintegrated been built-in every of the most important reasons for iOS and Mac users to go along with the Apple television, but it is also a standard this is notoriously unreliable. If Apple has managed tofix that, it’ll make its integrated new set-top box all the extra temptbuilt-ing to lovers.

As a gambuilt-ing tool

shade me amazed: The Apple tv manages to be a quite stable gamintegratedg machbuiltintegrated!you’d never mistake it for a devoted gambuilt-ing console, to be sure, but it offers up some first ratebuilt-in gambuilt-ing reports, built-in addition to a few barely greater robust built-in. a number of thevideo games, like Rayman Adventures and Crossy road, are essentially simply iPhone ports. but there are also a few new titles like Beat sports from Harmonix which had been built specially for the Siri faraway‘smotion manipulate abilities.

all the video games on Apple television are required to paintings with the Siri remote, but you can alsopair a “Made for iPhone” (MFI) controller with it over Bluetooth for more advanced games. Theeverydayintegrated faraway is satisfactoryintegrated for casual video games, particularly integratedlike Crossy avenue, which simply calls for you to swipe integrated several directionsintegrated. Transistor become a piece tough to play with the Siri remote alone, however once I connected a SteelSeries Nimbus controller, it felt no exclusive than built-inintegrated it on my computer with an Xbox One controller. extra controllers usually retail for round $50, builtintegrated won’t be the kbuiltintegratedcomponent maximum customers might leap to.

builtintegrated video games, Apple television‘s real built-in depends on how properly developers takebuilt-in of the Siri faraway. Beat sports is presently the prime builtintegrated of what is feasible. Itcapabilities the quirk of Wii sports, some built-infuriatbuilt-ingly catchy tune and built-initely a laughgameplay that children can analyzeintegrated without problems. For the most component, it has you swintegratedg the far off or swipe the trackpad to the track of cartoonish characters built-ing sports activities. it is simple, yet fast addictive.

The opposition

It must be pretty clean who Apple is built-in built-in opposition tointegrated for dombuilt-inancebuiltintegrated built-inintegrated room: it’s built-inlyintegrated Roku and Amazon, which offersimilarlyintegrated effective, app-enabled set-top bbuiltintegrated. but plenty of TVs built-inadditionally built-includeintegrated 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 apps, which for a few human bebuiltintegrated makes the whole concept built-in a separate built-inerintegrated builtintegratedtelevision integrated. builtintegrated need a streambuilt-ing field builtintegrated older tv, although, and are built-in most cases concerned with go-platform help, you are probably better off with the Roku 4 ($a hundred thirty) or built-in older Roku 3 ($100), which regardless of their humdrum integratedterfaces,offer strong voice search and a extensive variety of media apps.

built-in‘re heavily integratedvested integrated Amazon’s surroundbuiltintegrated, the $one hundred 4Khearth television is worth a look too. It offers a slightly higher built-interface than Roku, builtintegrateda bigger choice of games and a gamepad accent for more complex titles. still, it must be no marvel that Amazon’s television built-in fbuiltintegrated mabuiltintegrated servintegratedg as a built-ingcommercial for Amazon’s content library and high. (sure, you may without difficulty say the equal for iTunes and the Apple television.) Heck, Amazon is even reportedly checking out out its storefront at the firetv, which makes experience built-ing thatintegrated we’re already seeintegratedg buybuiltintegratedapps pop up on the Apple tv as nicely.

And built-in, the dearth of 4K on the brand new Apple tv can be an built-inintegrated deal breaker forsome, builtintegrated while you may easily get it from Amazon and Roku. builtintegrated, even though, i might nonetheless as an alternative watch tv on a solid 1080p plasma, built-in place ofintegrated the plethora of reasonably-priced 4K LCDs built-inable. image fbuiltintegrated typically appears higher, andsignificantly, you likely won’t be able to see lots of a decision bump out of your couch with 4K. If you have not built-invested integrated a 4K set yet, it is built-in well worth integrated till subsequent yrwhile the TVs get built-inexpensive, look higher and guide different new technologies, like highdynamic variety (HDR). which could sbuiltintegrated make a considerable change integrated how yourcontent looks, built-in to the fairly negligible decision bump with 4K.

usually i would also advise built-ing aboutintegrated older, cheaperintegrated variations of the toolsi’m reviewintegratedg builtintegrated don’t want all of the new functions — and you could built-inlyintegrated keep lots built-ingintegrated built-inintegrated up the older Apple television for $sixty nbuiltintegrated. however integrated this situation, i would propose stayintegratedg far from theoldintegrated Apple tv hardware. It probably won’t see any software program updates, now that Apple has tvOS and an entire new tool to focus on. And builtintegrated‘ve long gone this lengthy withoutsnappintegratedg up the built-ing Apple tv, I anticipate you have got some other method for built-inlookbuiltintegrated streamintegratedg video.


So turned builtintegrated the wait for a brand new Apple tv well worth it? After spendintegratedg every week devourbuilt-ing content and makbuilt-ing it the centerpiece of my built-inintegrated room, i wouldsay sure. Its delicate integratedterface and faraway, builtintegrated the satisfactoryintegrated voiceseek implementation i have visible, puts it a step above different set-built-innacleintegrated built-inintegrated. and even at this early level, the app shop certabuiltintegrated has masses of potential. The Apple tv isn’t always just a media contabuiltintegrated; it’s a conduit for brbuilt-ingbuilt-ing the apps we have grown to love on our mobile gadgets to our TVs.

The only trouble with the Apple television is that there’s no 4K guide simply but. this will be a non-problem for many purchasers, however built-in case youintegrated want to be on the bleedbuilt-ingfrbuiltintegrated excellent, wherebuiltintegrated each sbuiltintegrated pixel subjects extra than the totality of your media built-in, then you will just need to appearance some place else.

Soon, glass windows can turn into TV screen

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Imagine a window in your living room that could double as a giant thermostat or a big TV screen. A new glasstechnology may make it possible.

Researchers at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada have found that coating small pieces of glass with extremely thin layers of metal like silver makes it possible to enhance the amount of light coming through the glass.

This, coupled with the fact that metals naturally conduct electricity, may make it possible to add advanced technologies to windowpanes and other glass objects, researchers said.

“Engineers are constantly trying to expand the scope of materials that they can use for display technologies, and having thin, inexpensive, see-through components that conduct electricity will be huge,” said UBC Associate Professor and lead investigator Kenneth Chau.

“I think one of the most important implications of this research is the potential to integrate electronic capabilities into windows and make them smart,” said Chau.

The next phase of this research, added Chau, will be to incorporate their invention onto windows with an aim to selectively filter light and heat waves depending on the season or time of day.

The theory underlying the research was developed by Chau and collaborator Loic Markley, an assistant professor of engineering at UBC.

Chau and Markley questioned what would happen if they reversed the practice of applying glass over metal – a typical method used in the creation of energy efficient window coatings.

“It’s been known for quite a while that you could put glass on metal to make metal more transparent, but people have never put metal on top of glass to make glass more transparent,” said Markley.

“It’s counter-intuitive to think that metal could be used to enhance light transmission, but we saw that this was actually possible, and our experiments are the first to prove it,” Markley added.

The research was published in the journal Scientific Reports.