New Business Trend: An Authentic Commitment To Purpose

“Ding dong, AVON calling!” was a catchphrase in the ’60s that represented more than door-to-door direct selling of cosmetics; it represented financial independence for women and a culture shift. More than 50 years later, the iconic brand is signaling a new business trend about putting purpose first by agreeing to an all-stock sale to Brazil-based beauty brand Natura valued at $2 billion, […]

The freshest trend in net layout Is intentionally unpleasant, Unusable web sites

there is an exciting fashion in web layout these days: Making websites that look, properly … terrible. look at Hacker news. Pinboard. The Drudge record. grownup Swim. Bloomberg Businessweek functions. All of those websites – a few many years old, a few constructed recently – and masses more like them, eschew the templated, user–pleasant interfaces […]