How To Set Up A Google Store In Minutes

Last week, Google released yet another gadget that may win them friends with small business owners. It’s called the Google Checkout store gadget and it essentially allows you to use Google Checkout and Google Docs to to easily create your own online store in a matter of minutes. What makes the gadget especially interesting is that because it’s tied to a Google Docs spreadsheet, small business owners can keep product inventory without having to use another third-party program like Quickbooks. Something many of us can probably appreciate.

To install the gadget on your site or blog, Google outlines three simple steps.

1. Sign up for a Google Checkout seller account.
Checkout will process your orders and help you attract new leads, convert more sales, and enjoy advanced fraud protection.

2. List the products you want to sell in a Google Docs spreadsheet.
You’ll just need to create a copy of our template spreadsheet, and then replace the sample inventory with your own.

3. Place the Google Checkout store gadget on your website.
You can embed your online store anywhere you’d like — on Google Sites, Blogger, or your personal website.

And that’s it. Three steps and you literally have your own online store set up and ready to go.

This is really a great new gadget from Google, especially if you’re one of the many aspiring merchants or SMB owners who were intimidated by the thought of creating your own e-commerce store. Now, you don’t have to be. Thanks to Google, you don’t have to worry about hosting, dealing with the technical elements of setting it up, matching inventory, receiving payments, etc. They’re taking care of that for you and helping to make the process as painless as they can.

What I really like is how much this lowers the bar to entry for merchants to start up. There are so many people out there who have a blog and perhaps wouldn’t have thought it “realistic’ to attach a store to it. Now they can. Even if you don’t have a huge lot of inventory, but just want to sell a handful of homemade goods. A process like this makes it easy enough for you to do that.

I don’t think you can call the new Google gadget a PayPal killer any time soon, but if you’re looking to get an online store up and running quickly, this may be a good way for you to go. The gadget goes what Google does best — simplifies Web activities so that even us regular people can take advantage of them.

Do practice some caution, though. The gadget is still in beta so we don’t fully know what Google plans to do with it. You don’t want to launch a huge online store, only to have Google decide to take it down or make adjustments to it without telling you. Still, I think it’s worth experimenting with, especially if you’re simply looking for a quick way to get started in the world of e-commerce.

What do you think? Will you use the gadget to attach an online store to your Web site or blog?

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Pokemon Go Clones, Fake Apps Dominate Charts on iOS App Store

Pokemon Go Clones, Fake Apps Dominate Charts on iOS App Store


  • Pokemon Go is a new game for Android and iOS.
  • It is available in US, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand.
  • iOS users in other regions are downloading clone apps.

If you have an Android phone, there’s a good chance you’ve read our piece on how to download Pokemon Go. If you have an iPhone or an iPad unless you have an App Store account in US, Japan, Australia, or New Zealand, there’s no way to play Pokemon Go.

There is always an opportunity for clones and fake apps where the demand is high and supply low. Pokemon Go is no exception. We checked the top free apps charts on various App Store regions and it appears that several clones are rising up the ranks.

(Also see: Why Nintendo Making Mobile Games Is Great News for Everyone)

Pokemon Go appears to have caught on Android phones in India, judging only on how many people in India have shared their experiences via comments on Gadgets 360 and emails. In the meanwhile, several iPhone users seem to be downloading a fake app called Go Catch Em All. It’s among the top 10 free iOS apps on the Indian App Store. We’re not sure how Apple even approved this game as it uses a screenshot from Pokemon Go. That said, if you’re among those playing Pokemon Go in India, be sure to read our handy guide.


Most reviews of the game say that the game forces them to post a review to progress and that it looks nothing like what the screenshots suggest. This fake game is the most popular free app in Singapore, Germany, United Kingdom, among many other regions.

(Also see: Swing Copters the Latest to Get Lost in a Sea of Clones in App Stores)

China is one of the biggest markets for Apple and the iPhone is very popular there. The top free app in China is called City Elf Go. While it was released in March 2016, a few months before Pokemon Go, the concept – capturing elves in various locations – seems similar, even though this game doesn’t appear to have an augmented reality mode.

Several other clones such as Pocket Go Poke Evolution and Poke Poke Go are among top-ranked free apps across the world.

This shows that Nintendo, and the studio that developed this Pokemon – Niantic – didn’t anticipate just how popular this game would be. Come on Nintendo, just release it across the world already.

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Xbox Store Ultimate Game Sale Discounts Call of Duty, GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption, and More

Xbox Store Ultimate Game Sale Discounts Call of Duty, GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption, and More


  • The Xbox Store will have deep discounts on games from July 5 to July 11
  • This will include PC and Xbox 360 titles as well as Xbox One games
  • You can save between 40 to 60 percent and over 60 percent for some games

With the Steam Summer Sale over, Microsoft has decided to discount a ton of games for Windows 10 PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Dubbed the Xbox Ultimate Game Sale, it takes place from July 5 to July 11.

“The Ultimate Game Sale features over 250 deals on Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles, and for the first time ever the sale will include discounts on Windows 10 games and special pricing for Xbox One consoles. Save up to 40 to 60 percent on Xbox games, with some titles at more than 60 percent off. If you’re an Xbox Live Gold member, you can save up to an additional 10 percent. Discounts are valid from 05 July through 11 July 2016,” writes Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, Microsoft’s Director of Programming.

“There are also over 30 offers for all of the PC gamers out there, including deals on Quantum Break,Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition,” his post continues.

Standout offers include last generation classic Red Dead Redemption at Rs. 524.65 (Rs. 374.75 if you have an Xbox Live Gold subscription). Well worth the price of admission considering a physical copy is hard to come by and the game will eventually be playable on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility.


On Microsoft’s current generation console, Grand Theft Auto V is Rs. 2,450 (Rs. 2,100 if you have an Xbox Live Gold subscription) instead of Rs. 3,500. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is Rs. 2,793 (Rs. 2,394 if you have an Xbox Live Gold subscription) rather than Rs. 3,990.

But one of the better deals seems to be for Wolfenstein: The New Order. It usually retails for an absurd Rs. 5,500 digitally. However the Ultimate Game Sale pegs it at Rs. 1,815. An Xbox Gold subscription drops it further to Rs. 1,375.

Although getting games cheap is always better for consumers, keep in mind that most Xbox One games are around a 30GB to 40GB download while games like Quantum Break and Halo 5 are in excess of 120GB and 80GB respectively. For some, with slow Internet speeds or small data caps, it could work out to be a whole lot more expensive than ordering a physical copy from websites like Amazon or walking down to a store and buying an Xbox One game on a disc.

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Xbox Store Ultimate Game Sale for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 Teased

Xbox Store Ultimate Game Sale for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 Teased


  • The Xbox Store will have deep discounts on games from July 5 to July 11
  • This will include PC and Xbox 360 titles as well as Xbox One games
  • You can save between 40 and 60 percent

If Valve’s Summer Sale wasn’t enough to contend with, Microsoft has teased a slew of deals for digital downloads on the PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Dubbed the Xbox Ultimate Game Sale, it will take place from July 5 to July 11.

The teaser video for it claims that you will be able to save between 40 and 60 percent with Xbox Live Gold subscribers saving an additional 10 percent.

Titles that will be on sale include recent releases such as Doom, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, The Division, and Battleborn.

Other popular titles that will also sport a reduced price include Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Quantum Break, Halo 5, FIFA 16, The Witcher 3, Fallout 4, and GTA V.

For Xbox 360 owners, expect discounts on the likes of Saint’s Row 4, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, South Park: The Stick of Truth, and The Witcher 2 to name a few and expect these to be playable on the Xbox One as well.

Xbox One and Xbox 360 game deals aside, PC gamers will have something to look forward to as well.

“There are also over 30 great offers for all of the PC gamers out there. The deals include Quantum Break, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition,” a post from Microsoft claims.

Although getting games cheap is always better for consumers, keep in mind that most Xbox One games are around a 30GB to 40GB download while games like Quantum Break and Halo 5 are in excess of 120GB and 80GB respectively. For some, with slow Internet speeds or small data caps, it could work out to be a whole lot more expensive than ordering a physical copy from websites like Amazon or walking down to a store and buying an Xbox One game on a disc.

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The man Who Replied the decision to Store BlackBerry

The Man Who Answered the Call to Save BlackBerry

John Chen is a turnaround guy. The Hong Kong native become hired in November 2013 to do just that with the aid of BlackBerry, a Canada-based technology agencyas soon as referred to as Studies in Motion– that helped pioneer mass cellular communications before Apple’s iPhone took over.

Chen, 60, is a big deal in American commercial enterprise, sitting on two of the state‘s maximumprestigious forums of administrators: the Walt Disney Co. And Wells Fargo. He’s high-quality known in Silicon Valley for reinventing an in poor health employer referred to as Sybase and turning it into afinancial juggernaut – fifty five consecutive quarters of profitability and an increase in marketplace cap from $362 millon to $five.8 billion – that turned into acquired by using SAP in 2010.

The Washington Put up interviewed Chen in a quiet Bay Place convention room on a wet afternoon forabout an hour. He mentioned the entirety from the have an effect on of his Catholic high school to whyalmost no job is underneath a person to how he plans to rescue BlackBerry. This was edited for durationand clarity:

Q: What turned into your first job?

A: My first job was in excessive faculty in Hong Kong after I worked for a journey employer doing odds and ends. Within the beginning, they failed to deliver me whatever to do. Then at some point, my fathersaid, ‘How’s your job?’ I told him.

He stated, ‘Move returned to the office very early Inside the morning earlier than every person suggestsup. I might such as you to sharpen each person‘s pencil.’

It seems to be the great advice I ever had. Humans came in early, looked at me polishing the pencil andsaid, ‘What Within the global are you doing?’

Then I commenced getting real activities. That taught me plenty.

A number of times in our professional lives, you reflect onconsideration on jobs being roboticallybeneath you. And you’re sitting there looking for anyone to present you a certainly interesting, change-the-world task.

You simply should earn it. You can not assume which you confirmed up in the future like a hotshot.

Q: How did you become going to high school In the U.S.?

A: one day I ran into my college counselor at the excessive school I attended in Hong Kong. He turned into asking me what I desired to look at. I said, ‘I like math and I really like technology.’

He stated Hong Kong University is a in reality awesome school, butyou may need to reflect onconsideration on going foreign places.’ I had this crush on Ivy League faculties. simply in simple terms from pix.

Brother Michael said I used to be an affordable scholar, but now not appropriate enough to moveimmediately from Hong Kong to the Ivy League.

but he stated, ‘There’s any other way. You undergo prep colleges.’

I carried out to Andover, Exeter, Northfield Mount Herman, Deerfield Academy and Choate or some thing. Ididn’t get Inside the first two. So I went to Northfield Mount Herman.

Then I went to Brown College.

That became exceptional. The ones first years have been extra than simply look at. It is about being a part of the society. I failed to talk Numerous English at the time. I understood it and that i ought to studymaximum of it. I ought to write a number of it. however I couldn’t converse like we’re doing now.

Q: What are you desirable at?

A: I am excellent at bridge. I don’t do it anymore. I used to play at the excessive faculty stage and alsointercollegiate – till it started to intrude with my ordinary pupil existence.

Q: How did you get on the control song?

A: almost totally due to the race problem. I was an engineer, helped to layout chip units, circuit forums. Iloved it. The enterprise became Burroughs. We made mainframes.

I found out that some of promotions Inside the company went to Caucasians, regardless of the fact that we knew from operating day in and day out that some of the minorities were better equipped to try thisprocess.

I concept it was abnormal.

I went to my segment head, who took place to be a centeraged Caucasian gentleman (they had been allmiddleelderly Caucasian gents) and requested, ‘Why is that?’

He instructed me something that changed into very impactful. He said, and that is stereotyping, ‘Youguys are excellent at engineering, math and technology and stuff.’ extremely good employees and stuff like that. ‘but I’m not so sure which you men are very presentable.’

that is the late ’70s, early ’80s. I was now not pretty positive what he supposed. I notion he supposedpresentation talents.

So I went and, on my own nickel, hired a local Tv producer and his spouse who ran a conversation and presentation elegance.

They wanted $2,000 for six hours or something. I made $2,100 in step with month earlier than tax as an engineer.

I did it. They put me at the VHS tape recorder. They put me on this set and gave me a lectern and said, ‘read this.’

It turned into horrible. the whole lot that would Move wrong went wrong. I used to be swaying at thelectern. I were given dizzy watching myself. I was not clean. I was not searching at them. I used to besearching down.

I wasn’t communicating. And that is what I found out. It’s no longer approximately the English. notapproximately the pronunciation or the diction. It’s absolutely about should you communicate.

So I labored lots on it.

The business enterprise found out I was doing all of this and promoted me and then paid me lower backthe $2,000.

After that, the business enterprise placed me on the quick song. They provide you with an task for 6months in every department. By the time I finished it, I discovered accounting. I learned cloth requisition. I discovered about how a plant runs. I learned about software. I learned approximately income. Idiscovered about advertising and marketing, program control.

After or 3 years, I finished up the plant manager. The very person who instructed me approximately the presentation component virtually worked for me in a while.

Q: How did you end up at Sybase?

A: I were given recruited to run Sybase in 1997 thru more than one board individuals.

Sybase was a business enterprise that used to be awesome and didn’t do that well. So I went in. It took me a long term, but we did thoroughly.

I am quite right at finding skills. I prepare a team that has a certain function, is inclined to strive newmatters which might be data pushed, won’t mind the united states of americaand downs, shouldchortle on the failure but could have fun achievement.

It’s a touch different kind of personality that is able to try this. Most of the people, whilst things Godown, generally tend to want to run away, attach themselves to winners.

I want to attach myself to something that we’ve accomplished, no longer something anyone else did.

We lost A number of Humans at BlackBerry. Very proficient Human beings. I would as a substitute now not have them long past, but if their minds aren’t in it, or if their attitudes aren’t there, then It’s not theproper blend.

Q: Why did you receive the BlackBerry task?

A: this is a very crucial agency. An iconic corporation. that is wherein and how smartphonescommenced.

It form of lost its manner.

One among the larger investors Within the agency, Prem Watsa, approached me. He is a totally chronicfellow. I stated no the primary couple of instances. He form of fooled me by way of announcing, ‘Why do not you simply type of come in and build a control crew and set the approach and be the govtchairman?’

You can not honestly set the strategy and construct the control crew without being palms-on.

This organization become founded 30 years in the past. It started with a pager, actual-time twomannercommunications on the time. Then it developed right into a cellphone.

At one time, the organization owned approximately 49 percentage of the marketplace proportion in smartphones. It became a standing image.

The marketplace changed, and the company failed to exchange with the market. The client shifted from a closed environment, in which the entirety functions collectively, and worked properly and all that stuff to, ‘Whats up, they need applications.’ Then the iPhone got here on the scene.

What the iPhone represented we missed. to provide Human beings the selection. It become to combine it into an increasing number of a part of their life. Track. ITunes. photographs.

At one factor in time, we even had an inner debate that setting a digicam on a telephone is a source of asecurity leak. So we’ve long past thru a lot.

properly, you understand the rest of the records.

Q: How will you restore this company?

A: I need to move returned to the those who really want security. So what we are going to be comingreturned on are protection, encryption, privateness, company and lots more on give up-to-stopsolutions.

The actual cusp of what we’re focusing on is the software program. Our software runs on the entiretynow. now not best on BlackBerry, it runs on iPhone, IOS, Google devices, Microsoft gadgets. We want tomanipulate some of these gadgets in a very at ease manner.

All of the acquisitions we make, comfy voice, comfy report transfers, these are all to make certain wecould provide Those answers to our clients.

Q: What approximately other lines of commercial enterprise?

A: There are 60 million cars walking accessible the usage of BlackBerry software – telematic software, infotainment software program, radio and all that. We brought a lot more capabilities, like superiordriver‘s help, communications among vehicles.

State-of-the-art car, if you go to the auto producer, they’re sincerely building a software platform. they are not building a vehicle.

Whilst you communicate to them, they may be no longer speakme approximately horsepower. they’renow not talking about zero to 60 in three.five seconds. They communicate extra about the linkedautomobiles, the motors have intelligence. the auto detects your using situations, preventing you from getting harm. Internet service getting news, the personalization you need. Infotainment device. we areincreasing unexpectedly in that.

Q: Another recreation-changers?

A: cellular is a part of all and sundry‘s life. And it’s going to be a larger and larger element. We’re going to transact banking data on devices. We are going to consume clinical information on devices. There may be going to be your private Identity on those gadgets. The mobile security goes to be even a whole lot extra wished than today.

all and sundry‘s going to be hacked.

You could not sense as threatened nowadays due to the fact they simplest study it. but if I exchangeyour scientific records, you will be very threatened. And you’re going to come going for walks to me and you will purchase my stuff.

Q: So how’s commercial enterprise?

A: In the final 8 quarters, we’re producing coins from operations. EBITDA [earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization] is getting effective. we are getting there. We still have A lot of paintings to do. I might not idiot anyone.

I would like to be worthwhile, truely with the aid of the stop of the 12 months. however I’m hoping it willbe a bit sooner.

Q: What’s First Tee?

A: they are taking internaltown children of poor families and teaching them values via golfing.Persistence. Honesty. Difficult paintings. Sportsmanship. The way you address life.

You integrate training with something this is really a laugh and has the benefit of taking them off the street and giving them something significant to do. Quite a few them are the primary era going to aCollege.

I got here from Hong Kong.whilst I was developing up, People have been notably terrible. In Hong Kong,There may be now not enough libraries. You may by no means borrow a ebook because there are notbooks to borrow.

once I first came to this u . S . and going into a library I could not believe how excellent and delightfuland the zillions of books and nobody there. My friends from Hong Kong would be in heaven.

A variety of People, inclusive of my mother and father, are refugees from China. So I saw Quite a fewheartbreaking conditions in lifestyles.

So one of the philanthropy choices my wife and i made, whilst we came into a bit bit of cash some timereturned, turned into to set up a fund that supports some thing that allows youngsters.

Q: Any commercial enterprise instructions you have got discovered to your profession or mentorswho’ve helped you?

A: I’m very lucky that I had A variety of bosses. I had my proportion of terrible bosses. however I had A number of properly Human beings. proper those who taught me lots about how I think about things, like if we’re doing something genuinely, virtually Difficult, then we’re doing it incorrect.

It sounds very trivial once in a while, however it clearly hit me and that i sat back and that i idea, ‘Why is this so Tough for us?’

The motive it is so Tough is because you’re going via a narrower and narrower corridor. So you would possibly need to figure out if it sincerely leads you everywhere.

don’t be one hundred percentage sure approximately the whole thing. Live centered. I got that.however There may be a restriction. I have found out from exceptional bosses which you‘ve were givento study problems a bit differently.

Stories that Humans proportion with me Shop A whole lot of Tough, meaningless work.

Q: Why do you serve on the boards of Walt Disney agency and Wells Fargo?

A: outstanding People. high-quality management. The complexity of the commercial enterprise of bothof them is implausible.

Every body around the sector knows Disney. It’s an leisure giant. It is in all forms of enterprise andextraordinarily nicely run.

Wells Fargo has $1 trillion in deposits. It truly is bigger than Lots of countries‘ GDP.

Being capable of sit across the table and examine what they do and how they do matters and how theythink about matters facilitates me fairly right here in my day job.

if you think my problem is big, a number of their problems are big.

Being an overseer, you understand what the institution truely needs and make certain Those are being addressed by using someone equipped.

This is all you do.

© 2016 The Washington Publish

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Samsung Glamour Days Over as it Fights to store mobile marketplace share

Samsung Glamour Days Over as it Fights to Save Mobile Market Share

Seoul: For 4 years Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has basked in the success of its Galaxy smartphones, making billions of dollars competing with Apple Inc in the top rate cell market.

the approaching years are set to be greater sombre for the South Korean tech large, as it’s far forced toscale down charges and take delivery of decrease margins at its cellular department to be able to see off competition from competitors which includes China’s Huawei technology Co Ltd and Xiaomi Inc in the mid-to-low end of the marketplace.

behind Samsung’s realitytake a look at is the reality it’s far stuck with the same Android operatingmachine utilized by its low-fee competition, who are producing more and moresuccesful phones in their personal.

“The writing has long been on the wall for any top class Android maker: as soon as low end hardwarehave becometop enough,’ there might be no reason to buy a top rate brand,” stated Ben Thompson, an analyst at in Taipei.

Margins at Samsung’s mobile department fell to 10.6 in line with cent from 15.5 in step with cent a yrearlier at some point of the second one zone of 2015, regardless of the April launch of its seriouslyacclaimed Galaxy S6 range.

It stays the sector‘s largest phone maker however it’s far Apple this is reaping most of the rewards.

even as the united states large‘s telephone sales in its closing monetary region fell quick ofmarketplace expectancies, it’s far nonetheless predicted via a few analysts to earn 90 in keeping withcent or greater of the industry‘s income.

Samsung said remaining week that it’ll maintain seeking to maximise profitability and market percentage, disclosing plans to launch new largerdisplay top rate phones in addition to more bargain-priced handsets.

investors and analysts say the organization is proper to dig its heels in for a enterprise that maintains to generate piles of coins and drives sales for its components divisions.

but they are saying Samsung will not be capable of compete with Apple inside the top class marketbased totally on hardware and will hold to trail the usa company in the absence of a major technologicalleap forward.

a few nevertheless seem to assume that a properly-made product will sell well, but the Galaxy S6showed that assumption is wrong,” said IBK Securities analyst Lee Seung-woo, who predicts Samsung’scellular department margins will fall to nine.3 percentage this yearthe lowest due to the fact before the primary Galaxy S telephone launched in 2010.

charge cuts

Acknowledging the headwinds, the South Korean company said last week it’ll “flexibly alterfees of its flagship Galaxy S6 and S6 side fashions to enhance third sector income. Samsung reduce the retail rateof S6 part smartphones in South Korea by around one hundred,000 received ($eighty five.46) in the course of July.

The agency also plans to launch more rateaggressive products within the mid-to-low stop of themarket.

Nomura analyst C.W. Chung says Samsung nevertheless has the economies of scale to outlast rivals,including the smartphone enterprise will face a consolidation much like the only inside the memory chipenterprise that the South Korean firm now dominates.

those that in the end continue to exist will then have plenty to be happy about,” said Chung.

Nomura forecasts the telephone market will grow from $276 billion closing 12 months to $315 billion by using 2017, a long way large than the DRAM and NAND reminiscence chip markets in which Samsung competes.

similarly, the mobile department will remain an important customer for Samsung’s additives businesses. Use of its personal Exynos cell processors and natural mild-emitting diode (OLED) displays in top classgadgets like the Galaxy S6 boosts its chip and show sales and serves as an marketing billboard forcapability customers.

while anyone comes out to dig for gold, jeans and pickaxes are what make cash; that’s what Samsung’s semiconductor business is doing thru the smartphone marketplace,” said Nomura’s Chung.

Xbox store Leak Confirms Battlefield five setting

Xbox Store Leak Confirms Battlefield 5 Setting

the following Battlefield recreation may be set in international war I.
photographs leaked through the Xbox shop confirm this.
EA’s world choicest of the game will show up at 1:30am IST on can also 7.
Hours earlier than EA’s international greatest of its next Battlefield sport comes every other leak confirming its putting.

This time the Xbox shop put up an photo of what seems to be the game‘s protagonist preserving a variantof the Mauser pistol and a trench membership – a melee weapon utilized in international struggle I.

(also see: Battlefield international ideal Confirms Battlefield 1, Xbox One Partnership)

similarly to this, a number of EA’s very own employees have taken to Twitter to voice their anger at theearly screen from Microsoft if display grabs from popular gaming discussion board NeoGAF are to be believed, which similarly lends credence to this leak.

This follows Swiss retailer world of video games list Battlefield 5 (or some thing EA is calling it) as being set throughout global war I and focussed on multiplayer.

“Battlefield 5 for PS4/XB1/pc. Lists October 26 as a launch date. It consists of the description ‘Mehrspieler Taktik Shooter i am 1. Weltkrieg’ which translates to ‘Multiplayer tactical shooter in WW1′”, reads a put upwith the aid of NeoGAF member Ondore .

(also see: Battlefield five‘s reliable call, release Date, and Pre-Order Bonus Leaked)

however, a brief test of the outline at the time had any indication of it being a global battle I shootermissing. this can in all likelihood an blunders at the a part of the store. Now although, there is good enough evidence of it.

Battlefield publisher electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen stated throughout the 2014 u.s.Globalgeneration conference that he’d seen the subsequent access inside the first-man or woman shooterseries in development and believed it’ll be a “a laugh, new Battlefield.”

a good way to be a return to a Battlefield armystyle game; more to come back on that,” he said at thetime.

Barring Battlefield: Hardline which came about in a civilian backdrop, each other game in the collectioncentered on army settings. With the gaming network developing uninterested in futuristic first-charactershooters, and EA masking their quota of such with Titanfall 2, a world battle I placing for the next Battlefieldmay not be any such awful idea in spite of everything.

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Google Revamps Play Store Guidelines Portal; Addresses Ad-Blockers

Google Revamps Play Store Guidelines Portal; Addresses Ad-Blockers

Google has revamped its developer website to help Android users better understand the guidelines of its app store. The interactive website helps a developer quickly walk through various aspects of an app including security, ads, monetisation, and copyright.

While Google has maintained a developer program policy centre for years, a sense of confusion has persisted among its developers from the very beginning. Part of the reason was an inconsistency in company’s own guidelines, and just how hard it was for someone to go through different clauses in a rather-unimpressive portal. The company is fixing the latter.

The revamped website categorises all the important aspects of an app in a much more efficient way. A section called Restrictive Content, for instance, allows developers to know if their app is crossing some sort of line. Privacy and Security, on the other hand, helps you fight battles against fraudsters. Monetization and Ads, furthermore, helps you find ways to make money off your app.

Google is also taking steps to make different rules of the Google Play clearer. The company has updated the section 4.4 of the Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement to state its stance on the usage of ad-blockers. This is the first time, as Android Police notes, that Google has mentioned “ads” in the clause.

“We don’t allow apps that interfere with… other… services, including but not limited to other apps on the device, any Google service, or an authorized carrier’s network. Here are some examples of common violations: Apps that block or interfere with another app displaying ads.”

Interestingly, however, the company is again unwittingly creating confusion here. Last month it pulled a Samsung-backed app called Adblock Fast from the Google Play when it found that Adblock Fast wasstripping ads from Samsung Internet Web browser. The company later reinstated it to the store, adding that upon a closer inspection it found Adblock Fast wasn’t performing any unauthorised actions.

It appears that Google is not banning ad-blocking add-ons for browsers, or ad-blocking browsers themselves. Its wording, “apps that block or interfere with another app displaying ads,” certainly takes this into account. The company has also made other changes to its policies regarding advertisements, as pointed out by Android Police.

Ads associated with your app must not interfere with other apps, ads, or the operation of the device, including system or device buttons and ports. This includes overlays, companion functionality, or widgetised ad units. Ads must only be displayed within the app serving them.

Specifically disallowed: Ads that display outside of the app serving them, Ads that are triggered by the home button or other features explicitly designed for exiting the app.

The ads shown within your app must be appropriate for the intended audience of your app, even if the content by itself is otherwise compliant with our policies. [Explainer: no mature ads in an app rated OK for kids.]

Apps that collect your phone book or contact data must provide a privacy policy.

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