Microsoft guidelines at ‘floor telephone’ innovations; Will stop floor three This 12 months

Microsoft Hints at 'Surface Phone' Innovations; Will Discontinue Surface 3 This Year

The surface to target the excessiveend market
it’ll cater to the business enterprise phase
government claims floor telephone will be class innovating
Microsoft has been rumoured to be running on the surface cellphone for quite some time now, and it’s miles anticipated to unveil it in early 2017. Now, the enterprise‘s corporate vice chairman of windowsKevin Gallo has shed a few greater light on what Microsoft has in thoughts on the subject of its destinysmartphone impartingidea to be the a whole lot-awaited surface smartphone.

Gallo told The sign up that the next Microsoft cellphone might be a highstop model catering to theagency market. He hinted that the subsequent home windows 10 mobile could beclass innovating’.whilst Gallo didn’t specifically mention the floor cellphone, he did speak about Microsoft’s new foundcognizance at the corporation market. The organisation is looking to abandon its efforts in the crowdedaccess degree market, and bring the highgive up floor products notion manner to its OEMmerchandise as nicely.

we’re without a doubt aligned to what we’ve got finished on the home windows desktop […] that iswe’re going to lead with a few excessive quit and category innovation like we’ve achieved with floor, and OEMs will move and construct the breadth of the catalog,” Gallo said in the document.

overdue ultimate yr, the Microsoft CMO Chris Capossela tipped that the organization was developing a ‘leap forwardsurface cellphone. It was also rumoured that Microsoft is planning to unveil three modelscentered at normal purchasers, businessunique, and fanatics. The surface cellphone is expected to be powered via the Snapdragon 830 SoC paired with up to 8GB of RAM. it is also anticipated to come with128GB of integrated storage, in addition to Continuum guide.

Microsoft one at a time also showed that the corporation will stop producing surface three drugs from December 2016. The enterprise is also thinking of on whether it have to launch the floor three successor or no longer. The pill was no longer as successful because the floor pro four, and the surface ebook, and Microsoft may additionally just decide to desert the product line altogether. To generate income for the floor 3, the enterprise has been slashing the charge of the tablet throughout final 12 months.

due to the fact launching surface 3 over a 12 months ago, we have seen strong demand and prideamongst our clients. inventory is now confined, and by means of the quit of December 2016, we are able to not manufacture floor three devices,” Microsoft advised ZDNet. The record also claims that the Microsoft is having a hard time maintaining the Microsoft Band 2 in inventory.
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Weather Service Forecasts Will Stop SHOUTING at You Next Month

After having published all of its forecasts IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS for more than a century, the National Weather Service will finally switch to normal sentence style next month, the agency announced Monday.

The NWS’ distinctive style — IN WHICH FORECASTS RUN ON FOR PAGES AT A TIME IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS — is a remnant of the days of teleprinters, which didn’t have lowercase letters.

For decades, local meteorologists and news outlets that bring you the weather started by deciphering something that looks like this — Monday’s forecast for New York City:

IMAGE: NWS forecast
The National Weather Service’s forecast for Monday for New York City. National Weather Service

The agency has been trying since the 1990s to modernize its typography, but “it took the next 20 years or so for users of Weather Service products to phase out the last of the old equipment that would only recognize teletype,” the agency said Monday.

Any government change like this requires a 30-day notice period for customers to prepare, so it won’t be until May 11 that the NWS — as it wrote itself in its announcement — “WILL STOP YELLING AT YOU.”

“People are accustomed to reading forecasts in uppercase letters, and seeing mixed-case use might seem strange at first,” said Art Thomas of the agency’s Digital and Graphical Support Branch.

“It seemed strange to me until I got used to it over the course of testing the new system, but now it seems so normal.”


US Cyber-Security Experts Test Skills in Exercise Meant to Stop Attacks

US Cyber-Security Experts Test Skills in Exercise Meant to Stop Attacks

The moment a US official pressed a computer key Tuesday, dozens of security experts who gathered in an underground control room girded themselves for a cyber-attack – a drill meant to thwart the kinds of intrusions that have recently crippled health networks and retail giants.

The weeklong event run by the Homeland Security Department and hosted by the US Secret Service is now a decade old. But officials say this week’s exercises are becoming more important as both the government and private sector have reeled from breaches of personal data.

More than 1,000 US cyber-security professionals are participating in – and testing how well they respond to – a mock attack, said Gregory Touhill, a Homeland Security Department deputy assistant secretary for cyber-security protection. They’ll be working together for three days in Washington and across the nation.

“Retail and health care have been in the headlines – and, frankly, in the crosshairs for a lot of criminals,” Touhill said. Household names like Target Corp., The Home Depot, UCLA Health Systems and AnthemInc. have all faced recent cyber-attacks that compromised millions of their customers’ data.

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US officials wouldn’t detail the attack scenarios unfolding this week because they said it would tip off the drill’s participants. But they said their event has one, overarching scenario, with roughly 1,000 smaller events – spurred by a phone call, an email or a news article – that could be indicators of an looming cyber-attack.

Suzanne Spaulding, a top Homeland Security cyber official, said the “challenge is here and now.” She pointed to a “nightmare” scenario last December, in which hackers attacked the Ukrainian electrical grid and cut power to about a quarter-million people.

During previous US-led tests, officials found what they called areas for improvement. Touhill said at least two areas from a previous test are still being addressed, including ensuring people have and follow protocols, and security personnel share information effectively.

Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy described the event Tuesday as a way to stay one step ahead of criminals who’ve taken advantage of new and changing technology, and who have changed their own tactics.

In addition to eight participating state governments – Wyoming, Missouri, Mississippi, Georgia, Maine, Nevada, Oklahoma and Oregon – officials from five countries are also observing the exercises. The Homeland Security Department wouldn’t reveal the countries involved.

Other participants include health companies, Internet service providers, telephone companies and retail organizations. The aim is to test human response and coordination, not necessarily the participants’ technical skills.

“We’re looking to find the failure points, to raise the bar in every scenario,” Touhill said.

Recent attacks have also hammered the financial sector, in which a 2014 data breach at JPMorgan Chase affected more than 76 million households and 7 million small businesses. The bank said hackers may have stolen names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

Meanwhile, US officials told Congress last year the Office of Personnel Management didn’t take basic steps to secure their computer networks. That allowed to Chinese-linked hackers to steal private information about nearly every federal employee, as well as detailed personal histories of millions who had security clearances.

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