U.S. Internet Connection Speeds Triple but Still Lag Behind, FCC Says

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Time and again, American enterprises have blamed slow Internet speeds for hurting their business. Luckily, the situation seems to be improving now — even though the United States has a lot of catching up to do.

According to the FCC’s 2015 Measuring Fixed Broadband America report, Internet speeds have tripled between March 2011 and September 2014, jumping to 31 Mbps from 10 Mbps. While the growth is impressive, it pales in comparison to what consumers in many other countries get. The United States ranked 25th in broadband speeds out of 39 countries sampled in 2013, and lags behind countries like France, Canada and Luxembourg.

Key Findings

Apart from revealing the rise in Internet speeds in the U.S., the report presents some other important insights such as:

  • Among major Internet Service Providers, Cablevision Systems Corp. led with average download speeds of 60 Mbps, followed by Verizon Communications Inc and Charter Communications Inc each with around 50 Mbps.
  • Consistency of speed is more important to customers who frequently use applications that are both high bandwidth and sensitive to variations in actual speed, such as streaming video.
  • Video accounts for more than 60 percent of the U.S. Internet traffic.
  • Maximum advertised speeds increased from 37.2 Mbps in September 2013 to 72 Mbps in September 2014.
  • Actual speeds experienced by most ISP subscribers are close to exceeding the advertised speeds.

What This Means for Your Business

Emphasis on boosting high-speed Internet in the U.S. has gained momentum in the past few years. The situation has assumed importance especially because of the increasing competition from countries such as South Korea and Japan where Internet works faster. Businesses in these countries have benefited enormously from high-speed broadband, whereas their American counterparts have suffered due to slow net connectivity.

Last year when the FFC adopted the new Net Neutrality rules, many expected broadband connections to get faster. Net Neutrality regulations, however, did not make ISPs deliver faster Internet to consumers. In fact, broadband companies argued that with the additional regulatory requirements, they may have to slow down on their investments in new and existing networks.

Despite this, consumer demand for faster net connection has been on the rise, and the industry is stepping up its efforts to meet these expectations.

Google and AT&T are offering up to 1,000 Mbps in several cities. Following in the footsteps of these two giants, Comcast is testing its own 1,000 Mbps service in Philadelphia.

The U.S. may have a long way to go before it can match the high-speed Internet connectivity available in other parts of the world. But he FCC data still shows positive sign that the country is moving in the right direction.

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PS4 Neo May additionally Still Launch This 12 months Notwithstanding E3 2016 No-Display: File

PS4 Neo May Still Release This Year Despite E3 2016 No-Show: Report

Sony’s upgraded PS4, the PS4 Neo changed into not at E3 2016.
But it Still may Launch this Yr in step with Eurogamer.
The website has a strong tune document in terms of pre-screen facts.
Sony might not have introduced the PS4 Neo at E3 2016, however it could Still be to be had this Yr.

in keeping with Eurogamer’s Richard Leadbetter, you could probably count on the PS4 Neo beforeMicrosoft’s next souped up Xbox One – Venture Scorpio.

Several assets have indicated to me that Ps Neo launches this 12 months, In spite of its E3 no-Show,” writes Leadbetter. “If this is the case, it’ll be thrilling to peer how developers utilise its sources, andwhether or not 4K truly is the point of interest. And we can be equally as sure that Microsoft can belooking just as closely as it gears up for its very own subsequent-gen roll-out.”

This moves us as atypical thinking about that E3 is normally the location where these kind ofannouncements are absolutely made. However with Gamescom in August and the Tokyo Sport Displayquickly after Sony does Still have a window to unveil it’s generation at the PS4.

If the PS4 Neo releasing this Year is proper, it corroborates Giantbomb’s Report that from October each PS4Sport needs to have two separate running modes.

Furthermore there are strict hints for developers to make sure there aren’t any Neo-one of a kind video games, gameplay capabilities or options special to it. There can be parity in terms of peripheralsinclusive of Ps VR as well. No fee has been acquired but it ought to retail for round $399 (around Rs. 26,500), this have to put it inside the range of Rs. forty,000 for India which was the rate of the PS4 atlaunch in the region.

In verbal exchange with Monetary Instances that showed the PS4 Neo’s absence at E3, Andrew House, President and Worldwide Chief Executive of Sony Interactive Enjoyment did not country how much the PS4 Neo will be bought for. He did trace that the “highquit PS4″ could be extra costly than the present day $350 model. Proper now, the PS4 has an MRP of Rs. 32,990 in India.

It’s far intended to sit down along and supplement the same old PS4,” he said. “We will be promotingboth [versions] through the life cycle.”

House claims it will goal hardcore games and people searching with a 4K Television seeking out greaterhighdecision content.

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Microsoft Says Still Accepts Bitcoin, Apologises for ‘Inaccurate Information’

Microsoft Says Still Accepts Bitcoin, Apologises for 'Inaccurate Information'

False alarm, everyone. Microsoft isn’t dropping support for payments via Bitcoin currency from theMicrosoft Store. The Redmond, Washington-based said on Monday that it conveyed inaccurate information over the weekend.

Bitcoin community took a big blow last weekend when a support page on Microsoft website said that the company won’t accept the cryptocurrency on Microsoft Store, and by extension, the Windows Store.

Some relief comes to the community, which is facing enough challenges as it is. In a statement to The Verge, a Microsoft spokesperson said, “We continue to support Bitcoin for adding money to your Microsoft Account which can be used for purchasing content in the Windows and Xbox stores. We apologise for inaccurate information that was inadvertently posted to a Microsoft site, which is currently being corrected.”

Microsoft’s decision, the page has since been deleted, had puzzled the community. Microsoft hadn’t offered any explanation as to why it was pulling support from Bitcoin. A webpage on the company’s website read, “You can no longer redeem Bitcoin into your Microsoft account. Existing balances in your account will still be available for purchases from Microsoft Store, but can’t be refunded.”

Some believed that poor adoption rate and low traction of Bitcoin may have made it unfeasible for Microsoft to continue offering support and maintenance for the virtual currency.

Many users worldwide utilise Bitcoin for selling and purchasing products and services. The virtual currency enables them to keep their purchases confidential with many times even the vendor having no clue about their customer.

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