Weird State Laws that Affect Your Small Business (Infographic)

Weird State Laws that Affect Your Small Business

You’ve broken the law.

Don’t let it bother you too much however, because it’s likely that almost everyone in the U.S. has broken a weird state law at one point or another and guess what! No one’s coming to get you.

You’ve heard about these laws, right? Statutes that declare things like, “One may not promote a ‘horse tripping event’” or “No animal may be hunted for on Sunday with the exception of raccoons, which may be hunted until 2:00 AM“.

While many of these laws are a throwback to different times, they’re still on the books and enforceable as they were when created.

Some, such as “Using a firearm to fish is strictly forbidden” and “It is illegal to give beer to hospital patients” may even seem titteringly relevant today. Most? Not so much.

A Sample of Weird State Laws

As a small business owner, it’s interesting to take a look at those weird state laws that affect your company. There are plenty of them including:

  • In Carmel, California, women may not wear high heels while in the city limits. So, if you sell high-heeled shoes, make sure your customers don’t wear them out.
  • In Guilford, Connecticut, only white Christmas lights are allowed for display. So don’t go crazy with the red, green and … er … every other color!
  • In Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, no person shall change clothes in his or her vehicle. Better provide employees and, potentially, customers with a changing room — to prevent the collapse of civilization.
  • In Georgia, raffles can be a crime if not registered ahead of time! If an organization not recognized as “non-profit” fails to register their raffle with the local sheriff, that group risks paying up to $10,000 in fines and spending five years in jail. Does that apply to social media raffles, too? Uh oh!
  • In Indiana, check forgery can be punished with public flogging up to 100 stripes. OK, as much as some local merchants might wish this was the case, let’s get realistic.

The list goes on and on so here’s an infographic that contains 51 of the weirdest, one from each state and from the District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.).

Enjoy and remember, stay on the straight and narrow but always keep it a little weird.


This state Will soon Have A ‘Ministry Of Happiness’

This State Will Soon Have A 'Ministry Of Happiness'

Madhya Pradesh can be the first country inside the usa to create branch of Happiness, stated leaderMinister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.
BHOPAL: Taking idea from Bhutan which centered on Happiness Index to hold its humans glad, Madhya Pradesh chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has introduced to create a ‘Ministry of Happiness’ on similarlines inside the nation to infuse positivity within the lives of people.

“Happiness will now not come into the lives of people simply with materialistic possessions or improvementhowever by using infusing positivity in their lives so they do not take excessive steps like suicide inmisery,” Mr Chouhan stated the previous day at the nation BJP’s executive assembly.

“To inculcate happier lifestyle for our residents, we’re making plans to begin a ‘Ministry of Happiness’ in Madhya Pradesh, the leader Minister stated.

The reason behind putting in this Ministry is to make sure happiness within the lives of human beingsand stop human beings from taking intense steps like suicide whilst they are in distress, he stated.

it’ll organise yoga, meditation and cultural programmes among others to maintain humans glad, hebrought.

He knowledgeable the proposal to constitute the department of Happiness will be handed inside thesubsequent cabinet assembly.

Mr Chouhan stated that the proposed branch will take all viable measures to make sure that human beingsstay glad in their lives as worldly possessions and improvement based on “statistical figures isn’t thehandiest measure of happiness”.

US Says Cyber-Attacks Can Expose Islamic State Communications

US Says Cyber-Attacks Can Expose Islamic State Communications

US cyber-attacks to disrupt the Islamic State’s communications and overload their networks could force the militant group to use older technologies that are easier for the US to intercept, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Monday.

Carter and Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, provided details about how the Pentagon is using its new, aggressive cyber campaign as part of military operations against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

“As we disrupt the ISIL communications via cyber or other methods, sometimes we do drive them to other means,” Carter told Pentagon reporters. “Sometimes, those other means are easier for us to listen to.”

US officials told The Associated Press last week that the military had increased cyber operations against the group. The operations include efforts by US Cyber Command to prevent the group from using the Internet and social media to communicate and distribute propaganda aimed at attracting and inspiring recruits. The efforts could also force IS back to technologies like cell phones to communicate.

Dunford said that using the computer-based attacks alongside bombings and other military actions allows the US to “both physically and virtually isolate” the group and limits its ability to command and control its fighters.

That type of coordinated offensive, he said, will be used to support Iraqi security forces as they try to retake the northern city of Mosul.

The surge of computer-based military operations by US Cyber Command began shortly after Carter prodded commanders last month to accelerate the fight against the Islamic State group on the cyber front.

Dunford and Carter didn’t provide a lot of details Monday. Dunford said the US doesn’t want to reveal too much.

“We don’t want the enemy to know when, where and how we’re conducting cyber operations,” said Dunford. “We don’t want them to have information that will allow them to adapt over time. We want them to be surprised when we conduct cyber operations.”

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US Says National Guard May Join Cyber Offense Against Islamic State

US Says National Guard May Join Cyber Offense Against Islamic State

US Defense Secretary Ash Carter said the National Guard’s cyber squadrons will play an increasingly important role in assessing the vulnerabilities of US industrial infrastructure and could be asked to join the fight against Islamic State.

The National Guard – a reserve military force that resides in the states but can be mobilized for national needs – is a key part of the military’s larger effort to set up over 120 cyber squadrons to respond tocyber-attacks and prevent them.

One such unit, the 262nd squadron, is a 101-person team that includes employees of Microsoft Corp and Alphabet Inc’s Google. The unit is “famous throughout the country” for several high profile vulnerability assessments, Carter said at the Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Tacoma, Washington late on Friday.

He told reporters the squadron was not currently engaging in offensive cyber missions but could be in the future.

“Units like this can also participate in offensive cyber operations of the kind that I have stressed we are conducting, and actually accelerating, in Iraq and Syria, to secure the prompt defeat of ISIL, which we need to do and will do,” Carter said. “We’re looking for ways to accelerate that, and cyber’s one of them.”

The 262nd squadron’s work includes a study last year on the control system used by Snohomish County Public Utility District in Washington state, which helped the utility strengthen its security, and a 2010 case in which the US Air Force briefly lost contact with 50 Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The 2010 assessment cost about $20,000 (roughly Rs. 13,41,000), much less than the $150,000 (roughly Rs. 1.01 crores) that a private sector company would likely charge, said Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth Borchers, deputy commander of the 252nd Cyber Operations Group, which oversees the 262nd squadron.

Borchers said the squadron is the only National Guard group that currently assesses industrial control systems, but it is now looking to train others. It is also studying the security of big weapons programs, such as the B-52 bomber.

Using National Guard units for such work made sense because it allowed the military to benefit from private sector cyber experts, Carter said.

“It brings in the high-tech sector in a very direct way to the mission of protecting the country,” he told reporters. “And we’re absolutely going to do more of it.”

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