Xiaomi Says It Sold Over 2 Million Smartphones in India in Q3 2016

Xiaomi Says It Sold Over 2 Million Smartphones in India in Q3 2016
Xiaomi claims over 2 million smartphones sold in India in Q3
Redmi 3, Redmi 3 Note are some of the popular phones from Xiaomi
Xiaomi claims it achieved over 150 percent year-on-year growth
Xiaomi has claimed that it has sold over 2 million smartphones in India in the third-quarter of 2016. The Chinese company revealed the news via a tweet. Xiaomi also claimed that it achieved over 150 percent year-on-year growth from Q3 2015 to Q3 2016.

The figures claimed by the Chinese company are impressive considering that the third-quarter is yet to be over. In October, the company sold 1 million smartphone units in just 18 days. This was announced by CEO Lei Jun in an open letter to employees.

A recent IDC report had claimed that the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and the Redmi 3S series “fuelled the online shipments” to a large extent for the company. The IDC report had also claimed that Xiaomi for the first time made it to the top five smartphone vendors list based on shipments. The research firm had said that Xiaomi grew over 2.5 times over the same period last year.
Xiaomi soon after its Diwali sale had announced that it managed to sell half a million smartphones in just three days. The Redmi 3S (along with Redmi 3S Prime), on the other hand, was also the top-selling product on Flipkart during its Big Billion Days Sale while Redmi Note 3 was the best-selling smartphone of Amazon’s Great Indian Festival sale.
Recently, Flipkart, one of the online retail partners of Xiaomi, had claimed that it managed to sell one million Redmi 3S and Redmi 3S Prime smartphones in India. The smartphone was launched in the country in August this year, and was made available on Mi.com and Flipkart online.

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Nokia Introduces Asha Smartphones Beginning at Just $69Nokia Introduces Asha Smartphones Beginning at Just $69

nokia asha 500

It may be the era of the affordable smartphone. Earlier this year, for example, Google announced it was knocking $100 off the cost of its already affordable Nexus 4 phone making the 8GB model $199 and the 16GB $249.

Then Chinese manufacturer ZTE announced it would make its own phones available for just $79.99 with no contract to U.S. buyers via the Internet. The phones run on the recently introduced Firefox operating system by Mozilla.

And most recently, Apple introduced its iPhone 5c starting at just $99, an unheard of move by the tech giant known for its premium prices.

So it probably shouldn’t surprise anyone that Nokia, along with a high end phone and new Windows tablet, has released its own crop of budget smartphones starting at just $69.

Nokia introduced the three new phones at its recent Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi. The phones are all part of the company’s Asha line of devices and are upgrades of its earlier Asha 501.

Neil Broadly, a member of Nokia’s marketing team, says the phones will include:

  • The Nokia Asha 500, the most affordable at just $69.
  • The Nokia Asha 502 with 5 megapixel camera and LED flash for $88.
  • The Nokia Asha 503, a smartphone with 3G connectivity for $99.

Here’s an overview of the Asha 503 from SlashGear:

More Smartphones in Emerging Markets

The phones seem loaded with apps and designed especially for social sharing. But before small business owners in the U.S. get too excited, these devices are targeted for emerging markets. So there’s no hint if or when they will be available in the U.S.

That said, the introduction of the new Asha phones fits a Nokia objective – putting a smartphone into the hand of everyone on the planet.

For businesses of any size that are online and selling globally, this means a growing market…especially for those with a strong mobile presence.

Image: Nokia, Asha 500


Exploding smartphones pose risk of exposure to toxic gases, says study

Photo: iStockPhoto: iStock

The recent controversy involving Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a harbinger of the various hazards Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries, used in billions of smartphones, can expose users to. Most of these Samsung phones started leaking out smoke and eventually caught fire, causing first degree burns to several users across the world. Samsung isn’t the first phone maker facing the battery issue. Nokia phones powered by Li-Ion battery started exploding in 2007, forcing the Finnish company to replace batteries in over 46 million devices. US based Dell had to recall some 4.1 million laptops in 2006 for similar reasons.

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Samsung to kill off Galaxy Note 7 after second round of battery fires

Samsung, it’s high time to close the Galaxy Note 7 chapter

The risk of exposure to hazardous gases

A recent study carried out by researchers at NBC Defence and Tsinghua University, China claims that fire caused by overheating, damage or using a disreputable charger with Li-Ion battery can produce more than 100 toxic gases including carbon monoxide. The study was published in international journal Nano Energy Volume 27.

Researchers exposed two types of commercially used Li-Ion batteries to high temperature in a combustion chamber made of steel glass panel. A hole was created at the top to provide an outlet to the gases. A chemical identification system was used to separate and identify the gases that were released due to the combustion. Besides carbon monoxide, the researchers found traces of sulphur dioxide, naphthalene and propylene oxide in the fumes.

Researchers point out that in real life usage overheating or damage to Li-Ion batteries can expose it to such high temperatures.

It was also found that a fully charged battery is more likely to release more toxic gases compared to a battery with 50% charge. The capacity of a battery to release charge can also affect the concentrations and release more toxic gases. This means batteries with bigger capacity pose greater risk than smaller batteries.

Lead researcher Dr. Jie Sun said, “Dangerous gases such as Carbon Monoxide have the potential to cause serious harm within a short period of time if they leak inside a small, sealed environment, such as the interior of a car or an airplane.” Read more here.

The issue with Li-Ion batteries

Part of the problem lies with Li-Ion battery itself. The liquid inside a lithium ion battery is highly inflammable. Any damage to the outer layers of the battery can cause a short circuit which in turn can cause fire and explosion. While the Li-Ion technology is not the safest it is the most convenient and compact option available to phone manufacturers right now. A single charge lasts a day, while the usable life is 2 years or 1000 charge and discharge cycles.

Alternative sources

Solar cells, Aluminium ion and Fuel Cells are some of the alternatives that have been considered by manufacturers. However, they have not been able to make them small enough so they can fit into a smartphone.

US company Apple is working on bringing fuel cells into mainstream. It applied for a patent for a portable Fuel Cell system from US Patent and Trademark office in March 2015 and was awarded the patent in September 2015. What has caught Apple’s attention is the ability of Fuel Cells to hold charges longer than Li-Ion batteries. A single charge is likely to last 4 to 5 days. It is also clean and more eco-friendly. It is widely used as APUs (Auxiliary Power Units) in electric cars, such as Toyota Prius. A Fuel Cell generates power through a chemical reaction involving hydrogen and oxygen

A British company Intelligent Energy is working on a Fuel Cell powered smartphone. In February 2016, it announced that its working with an OEM to develop an embedded hydrogen fuel call system that can keep a smartphone backed up for a week. However, initially it will co-exist with the smartphone’s Li-Ion battery.


Huawei Flagship Smartphones to Come With Truecaller Preloaded From September

Huawei Flagship Smartphones to Come With Truecaller Preloaded From September


  • Huawei flagship devices to come preloaded with Truecaller
  • Truecaller says app being used to make calls half a billion times a month
  • Truecaller to roll out to Huawei devices in India by September end

Truecaller on Friday announced it has partnered with Huawei. As a part of this collaboration, Huawei’s flagship phones will now come preloaded with the Truecaller app, starting with the Honor 8.

“Truecaller will be rolled out on Huawei mobile phones in America, Middle East & North Africa, South East Asia & India by end of September 2016,” the company said in itsblog on Friday.

Truecaller said the app has optimised to work seamlessly with all the devices it will come preloaded on. Apart from making calls, the app will also let users search for numbers, block spam calls, check availability, and call duration.

The company also highlighted in its blog that four months after the integration of its Truedialer app and its dialler features into the main Truecaller app, around half billion calls are being made per month through the inbuilt dialler in the Truecaller app.

“Our vision of how the dialler should naturally evolve – with features like caller Availability, Caller ID, and smart call history, provide a gateway for user’s to fully communicate with each other at the right time and to the right person,” Truecaller said in the post.


Truecaller rolled out an update last month for iOS that added important features to the app like Smart Call History and a built-in dialler that allowed users to make calls from within the app. However, the iOS app – currently at version 7.0 – still lacks an important functionality, there is still no really Live Caller ID feature identical to the one available on Android.

In an emailed statement, Nami Zarringhalam, co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Truecaller, said,”Our partnership with Huawei is a big milestone and is the first of its kind that has only scratched the surface of the immense potential that is yet to be discovered with Truecaller.”

George Zhao, President of Honor, said, “As we were planning the launch of our flagship device Honor 8, we were looking for partners who can truly redefine the user experience, Truecaller was an obvious choice to help improve the native calling functions. They provide an indispensable service for millions of users each day. We are joining hands to ensure that respective brands get the best of both worlds.

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LeEco Membership Extended to 3 Years for Buyers of Both Smartphones, TVs

LeEco Membership Extended to 3 Years for Buyers of Both Smartphones, TVs

Global Internet and technology conglomerate LeEco on Friday announced the extension of its membership programme from one year to three years for buyers of both its ‘Superphones’ and Super TVs.

LeEco currently bundles one year of LeEco Membership with every handset, starting with the Le 1s in Eco in May. With the launch of its Super TVs, LeEco offered two years of membership.

Superphone users can now extend their membership to three years with the purchase of a Super TV.

LeEco at the beginning of August launched its Super3 series of televisions in India. Three models of the series are being made available in the country, the 55-inch Super3 X55, the 65-inch Super3 X65, and the 65-inch flagship model – the Super3 Max65. All three offer 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160) resolutions, while only the flagship model supports FPR 3D and comes with bundled glasses.

The LeEco Super3 X55 has been priced at Rs. 59,790, while the LeEco Super3 X65 has been priced at Rs. 99,790, and the LeEco Super3 Max65 has been priced at Rs. 1,49,790.


The LeEco televisions launched in India come preloaded with the company’s own content-viewing apps, such as Le Vidi, Le Live, LeView along with other tailor-made apps like Panosearch. LeEco says this will users access to roughly 2,000 films from Hollywood and Bollywood, more than 100 satellite TV channels, 3.5 million songs (which will come soon via software upgrade), and more than 50 live concerts.

Written with inputs from IANS

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LeEco Explains How It might Supply Away Unfastened Smartphones in India

LeEco Explains How It Might Give Away Free Smartphones in India

One among the largest motives for LeEco’s success in China is its Free hardware day.
LeEco should remove the cost of purchasing smartphones altogether thru content material subscriptions.
The idea could be carried over in India, LeEco COO Atul Jain showed.
At an event in Mumbai on Tuesday, LeEco, previously called Letv, launched its top class video service in India. Dubbed “Supertainment”, it guarantees a number track and films across genres powered by usingthe likes of Eros and Hungama for distinctive content material. Priced at Rs. 490 a month, or Rs. 4,900 ayear, the LeEco Club is said to be worth Rs. 32,000 as in keeping with the employer. It includes Le Vidi, Le song, Le Stay, and LeEco Force.

Le Vidi and Le song are its bespoke video and tune on call for services at the same time as Le Liveallows customers to view concerts as they’re taking place and LeEco Power offers 5TB of cloud garagefor backing up your records several instances over. The Le Vidi and Le Stay services will release on May additionally 24, Le song and LeEco Force may be made to be had in Q3 2016. In addition to this, theemployer unveiled the Le 1s Eco – a telephone made for India with guide for 10 local languages andgreater to come back.

All of this might sound not anything out of the ordinary in a rustic in which new phones and offeringsseem to be rolling out each day, however the enterprise has an ace up its sleeve. Certainly one of the most important reasons for LeEco’s success in China is its Loose hardware day. As the the callsuggests, humans get smartphones, TVs, and other LeEco hardware Unfastened, by purchasingcontent material subscriptions. It’s a model that founder Jia Yueting takes extraordinary pleasure in.

“On April 14, we held the first Unfastened hardware day in China, while we had sales for our smartphones, TVs on our internet site. We agree with that the arena is heading for an environment era, whereinhardware may be beside the point and alternatively customers may be greater inquisitive about thecontent, price they are able to get from a tool,” Yueting announced for the duration of an event in Beijing closing month. “income of content passed CNY 2 billion [roughly Rs. 2,000 crores]. while we makehardware Unfastened and stand by using users, we positioned ourselves in opposition to oppositionand feature shaken the premise of ways the enterprise has functioned.”

We requested Atul Jain, LeEco India’s COO if a Free hardware day would be feasible in united states of america. His answer ought to go away customers optimistic about what to anticipate from the Chinese language corporation.

It is technically possible. In case you have a look at our Club, the Le Eco Club is Rs. 4,900,” he stated, explaining how this will allow the organization to lessen the fee of devices to the factor of zero. “As I holdon including memberships, maybe In case you buy or 3 12 months memberships, I could make similarlyand in addition discounts at the device. Today we introduced a Rs. 4,000 discount [on buying the Le 1s Eco and a LeEco Membership] and i could Give more. It is stackable.”

In case you‘re the sort who is mentally calculating the price of subscriptions to get a “Unfastenedsmartphone, it kind of works out to a 3 12 months LeEco Club. That is right on par with the CNY 1,500 (round Rs. 15,000) Chinese clients needed to pay in subscriptions to get the Le 1s in the course of theemployer‘s Free hardware day. Take into account that right now, the offering in terms of films and songfor India is missing in range vis-a-vis China and the Stay sports broadcast provider is lacking as nicely,but It’s a truthful degree of what you can anticipate.

What might be a hassle even though is the reluctance that human beings inside the Indian market haveproven in relation to procuring content material or different digital downloads. It is no secret thatclients here have no qualms ponying up for the latest and finest in cellphone tech, but are then adverseto spending even Rs. 60 on an app. however Jain says it’s miles a question of offering something thatusers want.

“If it’s far compelling sufficient and if it is without a doubt real cost for them, take a look at Nowadays, Rs. four,900. You get 5TB area [cloud storage]. I think that 5TB area itself, its a completely big part of the Rs. 4,900 as a cost to the customer,” he says. “You saw the entire value that we positioned down of all that we’re presenting is really [worth] Rs. 32,000. Consider you getting Rs. 32,000 well worth of some thing for Rs. four,900. If it’s far something that you revel in, you’ll be likely to shell out.”

On the equal time Jain is likewise considering hedging the enterprise‘s bets against users who might not pay for content material. at the same time as LeEco offers an advertLoose subscription service, he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a Loose tier that has ads as properly.

“I think both will coexist [ad-free and with ad memberships]. There could be a revenue on the way to beconstructed in via advertising and marketing and there will be a non-advertising favored content material. So each will manifest,” Jain said.

We attempted out the agency‘s Le Vidi and Le tune apps At the event. There was a obvious loss ofgranular manage over the satisfactory of the stream. even as its some thing that might be fixed prior torelease, we had to ask if LeEco is considering to tie up with telcos to allow users clean access to bandwidth.

We might study doing a little tie americawith them in the destiny. Due to the fact we have lot of recordsand bandwidth intake that is there. If we will get some kind of offers or preparations for our contributors,it may be price for them,” he professes.

With a lot going on, we questioned how the employer plans to break even.

That’s in which the environment comes in place. Every part of the ecosystem helps Every different,” claims Jain. “It’s a very, very long time [plan for India]. The extent of gadgets will lead us to an increasing number of customers coming and using our platform.” What this probably manner is that while LeEco is taking a success on hardware it is able to lean on other verticals like its cloud offerings to break even orprobably earnings.

In theory It might appear like a legitimate proposition however with Net connectivity being a glaring pointof difficulty and mentality closer to buying content being fairly non-existent, it will be thrilling to see if LeEco manages to make this a fact in India.

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Yu Founder On Next Flagship and Open Supply Version for Upcoming Smartphones

Yu Founder On Next Flagship and Open Source Model for Upcoming Smartphones

The following Yu flagship will run Android in preference to Cyanogen.
It’s miles predicted to launch in 1/3 week of May also.
Yu on the grounds that remaining yr has bought 2 million smartphones in India.
Micromax subsidiary Yu Televentures is gearing up to launch its Next flagship smartphone this month. In advance of the release, company founder Rahul Sharma spoke to Devices 360 about the organization‘sapproach for upcoming smartphones and the connection with Cyanogen. He showed that the imminent Yu flagship will run Android with some customisations from the organization, and now not Cyanogen, as visibleon its predecessor. Sharma found out that the organization has to date sold 2 million gadgets becauseYu hooked up itself as an independent brand, with a brand new flagship cellphone predicted to launchlater this month.

Speakme approximately the imminent smartphone, Sharma stated that the corporation will be that specialize in supplyingnatural Android enjoy” with a deep integration of Round Yu, a service aggregator platform that was brought closing 12 months alongside the Yutopia flagship. He further hinted that theRound Yu will include a few new capabilities.

While we were given Cyanogen matters were transferring quality however simultaneously weadditionally released an Android inventory phone. The feedback we obtained for the inventory Android from the network become they preferred more of inventory Android in place of Cyanogen OS. Even though Cyanogen brings a lot of new customisation options but it additionally added some insects with it.”

“Now we have determined to go along with the inventory Android experience however with a difference.We are working on something we callProject Motorway” internally. It is without a doubt the Sourcecode supply chain control device which We are building,” he endured.

In keeping with Sharma, Yu’s Source code deliver chain management gadget could be a platform wherethe organization will drop Supply code from Google, chipset makers, and different code that is commonlyavailable most effective to the OEMs. He says this can enable the community builders and others tocontribute to the employer‘s Source code. He added that it will likely be an open community so that it will enable the company to push Android updates quicker than competition. Sharma stressed that notelephone corporation in India has tried this in India to date.

(also see: Cyanogen OS Not Extraordinary to Micromax’s Yu in India: Lenovo)

On being asked approximately Cyanogen-Yu partnership and now Lenovo launching Z1 with Cyanogen OS in India, Sharma showed that the exclusivity No longer exists. He but brought that this doesn’t suggestthat Yu will not release a smartphone strolling Cyanogen OS. He similarly discovered the company plans to launch successors to the popular Yu Yunique, Yu Yureka, and Yu Yutopia smartphones in 2016.

The enterprise is likewise anticipated to introduce its own wallet with The next Yu flagship. Micromax hadin advance this yr announced that it’s going to combine a new pockets supplying, powered by way ofVisa and TranServ, for its telephone customers in an try to push its services commercial enterprise.

Sharma stated that the new flagship phone may have the “fastest” fingerprint scanner. He howeverdeclined to element on how it’s going to paintings. The business enterprise is expected to affirm therelease date for the Yu flagship this week.

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Nokia Call to return to Smartphones in Guess on Logo’s Energy

Nokia Name to Return to Smartphones in Bet on Brand's Power

Nokia will return as a Emblem as it struck its Logo-Licensing Deal.
It is a step to revive the Logo that were given lost to Microsoft in 2014.
This project will make Nokia smartphones and pills jogging Android.
The Nokia Brand is about to return to smartphones, years after the Finnish company sold its flagship handset enterprise and walked away defeated through Apple and Samsung Electronics.

Nokia stated Wednesday it’ll license its Logo to a Helsinki-based organization run via former Nokia managers who goal to deliver new cell phones and tablets to the marketplace. HMD Worldwide plans investments topping $500 million (roughly Rs. 3,360 crores). Nokia may not have a economic stake in theundertaking, even though It’s set to accumulate fees from Brand licensing and highbrow belongings.

The comeback attempt is a Wager that customers will do not forget and include a Emblem that almostdisappeared with the sale of Nokia’s handset unit to Microsoft Corp. In 2014. Nokia, which as soon as ruledInternational smartphone income, receives a dangerfree second danger at a commercial enterprisethat was crushed with the aid of Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android devices brought in 2007.

It’ll take greater than a 9aaf3f374c58e8c9dcdd1ebf10256fa5 Emblem Name on this aggressivemarketplace,” stated Annette Zimmermann, an cellphone analyst at research company Gartner in Germany. “To shake up the marketplace and offer something that excites the fickle marketplace can behard.”

Shares of Nokia superior 2.4 percent to EUR 4.sixty five as of two:19 pm in Helsinki.

HMD is funded with the aid of a set of worldwide privateequity backers via a fund called Clever Join LP,in addition to by way of HMD’s management team. The challenge will be run with the aid of Arto Nummela, a former Nokia supervisor and present day head of Microsoft’s cell gadgets commercial enterprise for Asia, Center East and Africa and its functionsmartphone business. Florian Seiche,additionally a former Nokia executive and present day Microsoft manager, might be president at HMD.

The task will make smartphones walking Android, and additionally plans tablets and cheaper, so-calledcharacteristic phones. FIH cellular Ltd., a part of Foxconn Generation Group, will assist to construct thegadgets.

Nokia and HMD may be trying to crack a hard market with Samsung, Apple and Huawei Technology Co. Dominating cellphone sales with about half of of the full 334 million highcease telephones shippedwithin the first sector, in step with statistics from researcher IDC.

The brand new undertaking also marks an go out from inexpensive telephones by using Microsoft. Aspart of the preparations announced Wednesday, Microsoft is selling its characteristiccellphone assetsto FIH and HMD.

While Nokia exited phones in 2014, Microsoft obtained rights to apply the Nokia Logo in smartphones for 2years, though it has already stopped the usage of it.

For the reason that deal completed in 2014, Nokia has been getting most of its revenue from wirelesscommunity equipment and associated software and offerings.

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five Smartphones underneath Rs. 15,000 With pleasant Battery life

Five Smartphones Under Rs. 15,000 With Best Battery Life

You do not want to buy a flagship to get super battery lifestyles.
a few specialized models change thickness for battery.
The mAh score of a phone is most effective a hard guide to its battery existence.
everyone wishes different things from their telephonessome of us want the quickest processors, others need the best cameras, and anyone has a specific budget. the coolest news is that you don’tneed a smartphone with the present day components just to have a good enjoy, or even in case you‘re on a smaller budget, there are any variety of tremendous handsets you could purchase.

This time, we’re searching at battery existence – and greater than simply searching at that mAh score to your phone, we desired to listing out telephones that in reality supply brilliant battery lifestyles in realinternational utilization. in spite of everything, software optimisation is just as essential to deliverdesirable battery life, and that is why you shouldn’t just examine the specs. because of this although,we’re sticking to handiest the telephones which we’ve reviewed, as our standardised battery tests assistdisplay a clean photograph of the way lengthy the phone will final while you‘re using it. apart from this,we are additionally sticking to only handsets that have been launched recently, in order that the generalexperience of the use of the smartphone won’t be compromised at the same time as chasing the first-rate battery backup.

With these caveats in thoughts, here are our 5 picks for the telephones with the best battery backup atunder Rs. 15,000.

1) Lenovo Zuk Z1
The Lenovo Zuk Z1 has top ratings overall, however its battery rating of nine clearly stands proud. Thephone is powered by a 2.5GHz quad-center Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, and springs with 3GB of RAM and a five.five-inch full-HD show, but in spite of demanding specifications, grants aoutstanding battery enjoy thanks to a huge 4100mAh battery – it lasted for thirteen hours, forty mins in our video loop take a look at, and could remaining nicely over a day on a complete price, no matterheavy use.