Black Friday’s Record Sales Driven by Mobile Devices, Finds Report

Black Friday's Record Sales Driven by Mobile Devices, Finds Report
Adobe’s survey estimated sales of $3.05 billion on Black Friday 2016
Mobiles drove the majority of retail sites visits at 56 percent
iOS continued to drive larger sales than Android
In a first, online shopping on Black Friday is estimated to have hit the $3 billion mark in the US with a major chunk of the total sales coming from mobile devices, a report said on Saturday.

Adobe Digital Insights, which has been tracking e-commerce transactions, estimated sales of $3.05 billion (roughly Rs. 20,918 crores) on Black Friday 2016 – up 11.4 percent from the same day last year.

A TechCrunch report, citing the Adobe survey, noted mobiles had a significant impact on the record e-commerce sales on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.

“Major retailers, like Amazon, Walmart, Target and eBay, noted that mobile traffic and sales were on the rise,” the report said.

Walmart and Target said the website traffic on Thanksgiving for mobile stood at over 70 percent and 60 percent respectively.

“This trend continued into Black Friday, as the sales event is currently tracking to bring in $1.13 billion (roughly Rs. 7,751 crores) in revenue, which is up 25 percent year-over-year,” the report noted.
In retail stores also, mobiles drove the majority of retail sites visits at 56 percent – most of that (47 percent) was from smartphones, as opposed to tablets (9 percent).
“The negative impact on online shopping we saw following the election has not been fully made up, but consumers are back online and shopping,” Tamara Gaffney, Principal Analyst and Director, Adobe Digital Insights, was quoted as saying.

“As spending ramps up on Black Friday, we are back on track. We still expect Cyber Monday to surpass Black Friday and become the largest online sales day in history with $3.36 billion,” she added.

In addition, iOS continued to drive larger sales than Android. The average order value on iOS devices was $144 compared with $136 on Android.

Adobe also noted this year’s top-selling electronics were Apple iPad tablets, Samsung 4K TVs, the Apple MacBook Air laptops, LG TVs, and Microsoft Xbox consoles.

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Steam Black Friday 2016 Sales Begin on November 23

Steam Black Friday 2016 Sales Begin on November 23
Steam’s Black Friday Sale will begin from November 23
It will end on November 29
No details on the games that will be discounted yet
Sony and Microsoft aren’t the only ones with digital deals for PS4 and Xbox One games respectively. The largest digital storefront for PC games, Steam will be having a Black Friday sale too.

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According to Paypal Poland’s Facebook page (discovered via Reddit), this year’s discounts will begin on November 23 and end on November 29. There’s no hint as to what will be discounted or the exact time it begins. But if we go by last year’s sale, safe to say you can expect discounts to begin from 10am PST on November 23 (11:30pm IST) and last all the way up to 10am PST on November 29 (11:30pm IST).
(Also see: The Steam Black Friday Sale Is Here and This Time It’s Different)

Last year’s Steam Black Friday Sale was a landmark occasion. Reason being, Valve ensured there was one price for a game through the entire sale rather than having a discounted price followed by a flash sale or a daily deal which drove it down even further.
Steam Black Friday 2016 Steam_Black_Friday_2016

“In past sale events, we’ve asked for two discounts–a duration discount that runs for the length of the sale, and a feature discount that runs in the event that a game is featured on the front page. This year, to optimise the sale for customers and to allow us to feature and recommend your products in more ways to more customers, we’re asking for just one discount, to run the length of the sale,” a post on the Steamworks Developers group read at the time.

(Also see: Sony Teases Black Friday PS4 Digital Deals)

“We’ll still be highlighting top games on the front page for 24-48 hour spans, but those products will stay at their most competitive discount, before and after being featured. It’s not a major change, but it does make the sale a lot more valuable for customers, and it allows us to build sale tools that highlight and recommend products all sale long, instead of just during front page features.”

Keep in mind that Steam isn’t usually the cheapest either. This holds true for games from publishers like Electronic Arts and Ubisoft who have their own digital distribution services. Also, if you can’t pick up anything during the current sale, don’t worry. There will be a Winter sale as well which should take place from December 22 to January 1.

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FantasySalesTeam Has Games that Make Sales Teams Better

fantasy sales team improvement gamification0

For those looking to give your sales team a bit more incentive to try their best, one company has created an app that makes their sales statistics as simple and competitive as fantasy sports.

The app, created by FantasySalesTeam, provides a creative alternative to boring sales contests by using your team’s own competitive spirit to drive sales and inspire them to do better both as individuals and as a group.

Recently, the developer behind the game, Incent Games Inc., was recently acquired by Microsoft. This means that within the next few months, you should see more features begin to pop up, and perhaps even more games for different fields.

While most sales competitions are designed in a way that gives a boost to the employee with the highest sales, FantasySalesTeam has creates a tiered rewards system based on popular online fantasy sport games that allows team members to compete in different categories: not just highest sales.

For example, one prize may be awarded to someone for making the most sales, while another employee can get an award for having the biggest improvement.

Developers claim the app is simple to use and provides an easy and fun way to keep track of productivity, taking a page out of fantasy football leagues to visualize competitors’ stats.

Players have their own profiles that display their performance and standings. They can access their teammates’ pages and stats as well. And they can also ‘draft’ those players onto their team, encouraging teamwork as well as friendly competition.

Even the interface for creating your sales game is designed to look like a game, with a bright rainbow path laid out with steps designed to help you create custom games in which your employees can compete.

Rather than having your team working against each other constantly in order to get one prize, the fantasy football inspired application allows them to work as a team while still being awarded for their individual performances. The interface designed to let you define your metrics in order to increase performance, drive and sales.

Using this application brings the ‘white board’ sales competition into the new era, putting information directly into the competitors’ hands. But does it work?

Reviews say yes. Some customers using the app showed staggering results. One team even saw an increase in sales of 176 percent.

Of course, you’ll have to try the app yourself to see if it’s the right fit for your team.

Image: Fantasy Sales Team


11 Highly Useful Presentation Tools for Sales and Marketing

presentation tools

UPDATE: For an updated list of presentation tools, please visit “62 Highly Useful Presentation Tools for Sales and Marketing.”

Computer slide presentations are one of the ways we sell in person. We create the slides, show them to a prospect and then leave them on our machines for the next time we need them.

Why let them go to waste? By hosting them online, we can repurpose them as marketing and soft sales pieces.

Aside from repurposing existing presentations by loading them online, what if you want to create new presentations from scratch that do more — that contain a mix of slides, browser screen shots, product images, and even short video clips?  Today you can easily do that and often for free.  Jing and some of the tools below make it possible to create a more dynamic presentation, complete with audio, animation, and video that you can position on the Web for customers to review at their convenience.

So here are 11 presentation tools for creating outstanding presentations or just repurposing already-existing presentations, for your sales and marketing.  NOTE:  There is a follow-on post with 33 Highly Useful Presentation Tools linked at the end of this post.

1. Slideshare is a well known presentation hosting site. It has great web applications to let you distribute  your presentations to LinkedIn, Facebook, and many other social networks. It is becoming its own social network, in essence. They do not let you build a presentation as many of these others do; you only can host it there. It is simply a presentation portal where your ideas and thoughts can garner traffic and links.


2. Google Presentations – It sometimes feels to me that Google does everything that I need online. It isn’t true, of course, but Google Docs does offer Google Presentations. You can create a presentation from scratch or upload a Powerpoint file to Google and then share it with others. A basic tour is found here.

3. Zoho Show does a lot more than presentation hosting.  Zoho’s tool in this category is excellent and collaborative. If you need to have a chat going while you’re presenting, this is one to look at.

4. Prezi is one of the hottest startups in the presentation world. Takes a new look at presentations, gives you a large canvas to place images, videos, text and then lets you zoom in and out on various parts of your “presentation.” You have to host your presentation at Prezi, but you can embed it into your site or blog once you’ve done that. Their technology appears to be too robust to package up in any current file format. I liked this phrase from their site: “Prezi is zooming sketches on a digital napkin.”

5. authorStream allows you to convert your Powerpoint into video, which then lets you tap into all of the other video type hosting services like Vimeo, YouTube, Viddler, and others. This YouTube Marketing post by Travis Campbell inspired me to investigate the different options you are reading now.  I wondered if I could put my presentations on high traffic video sites without having to do a video.

6. Jing is a screen capture program that lets you capture whatever you have on your desktop (slides, webpage, image) and add audio as you click through. You can then save it to their slide presentation hosting site, Screencast or download it for email, chat or the web.

In the past I have frequently used  The only problem?  I was unable to save some of the audio from my presentations.  So I used Jing to re-create my presentation, added browser screens in a tour-like fashion, and audio. I was then able to email it to the people who could not join the presentation. The feedback was always terrific.

Jing 0

7. KinetiCast is a presentation hosting service that’s great for the analytical types who just have to know what happens when a prospect views the presentation. You upload your presentation, then send your prospect a download link which KinetiCast then tracks if the prospect actually visits and what they look at as well as how long they spend. They also let you download your presentation as a video.

8. Empressr has been widely written about and it is one of the market leaders. You can create your presentation, add video, audio, photos, then host it there for free and share it with others. They call it the world’s first free online storytelling tool.

9. 280Slides is a browser-based tool that requires no download. If you do not have presentation software, this is one of the most intuitive tools I’ve seen for free. You simply work right from your browser to create slides, insert video, photos, and audio and save in different formats. It also lets you publish it direct to Slideshare, which I found pretty neat.


10. Myplick lets you upload your presentation and then add audio to it. It is a slide hosting service, smaller and less well known than Slideshare, but because it helps you place audio into the presentation, I include it here. They give you various options for including your audio into a presentation allowing you to upload a video with the sound you want.

11. vcasmo allows you to put video and presentations together, which is pretty interesting. Your video goes on the left side and slides on the right. As you talk through your presentation, you are demonstrating your service or product by video. It looks and feels like an in-person presentation with their format.

* * * * *

These tools can help you create presentations from scratch or enliven existing presentations with audio and screenshots. If you’ve ever given a presentation via PowerPoint or some other software tool, you can give that work a new life and post your presentations online.  Or just create a new whiz-bang presentation with all the bells and whistles.

Give some of these a try and let us know which ones work for you. Tell us about others you may like.

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9 Offers That Can Help You Boost Sales This Tax Season

040615 tax time

Tax season isn’t just about getting your return in time and all the commotion that goes with it; it’s also a great opportunity to boost sales. Tax-time promotions, offers and tie-ins can add some fun to this busy time of year and hopefully make you some money too!

Here are some ideas that you might want to use for your small business.

Use the Number “1040”

No one enjoys filling in Form 1040, but as a small business, the number has infinite promotional possibilities.

For example, if you own a restaurant or bar you could offer two dishes, meals, or drinks for $10.40. Retailers could mark down items to $10.40. Or online stores could offer a special promotion that starts at 10:40 or can only be redeemed with coupon code “1040.”

There are probably 1,040 other things small businesses could do along the same line.

Offer a Unique Product in Honor of Tax Day!

Whether it’s the “Tax Man Martini” or the “Uncle Sam Sandwich,” think of ways to offer unique, one-off items that have a tax day tie-in and charge $10.40 or $15 for it (as a nod to April 15).

Come Up With a “Taxing” Catchphrase

Last year, California Tortilla came up with the tagline “Queso Makes Life Less Taxing” and offered free chips and queso with any purchase on April 15.

Get the word out a few days ahead of time on social media and to your email subscribers. Line up some memes, images, and product photos to accompany the catchphrase and let customers know what’s being offered.

Offer a Tax-Free Service

Offer a tax-free dining or shopping experience for one-day only on April 15.

Position Your Offer as a Refund

We’re all hoping for a tax refund, so why not offer your customers one. Instead of the traditional “BOGO” offer, give them a refund when they buy two items in a certain range.

Help Your Customers Relax After Tax Season

Preparing taxes is complicated and stressful. Could your business offer something that can help customers wind down and relax after tax season? B and Bs and hotels could offer a “Tax-Free, Stress-Free Weekend Special.” Spa owners could offer a “Tax Day De-Stress Package.”

Offer an in-room credit (aka refund) or a special service for soothing “taxed” nerves.

Set Up a Pop-up Shop

Get out there among your taxpaying customers and hand out free samples of your products or services. Throw in a free shoulder massage, just for fun.

Run an Early Bird Campaign for Early Filers

Run a promo or special the morning of tax day and position it as a special promotion for those who already have their refunds.

Offer Tax Tips for Next Year

If you’re in the financial services industry, now is the time to start marketing your services. Offer customers a free consultation or product trial and tout how you can help them do a better job of filing next year.

The opportunities are endless. For more inspiration, check out this roundup of Tax Day Freebies, Promotions, Deals and Specials from Forbes, which features a selection of the best promos offered by businesses last year.

Tax Calendar Photo via Shutterstock


Smartwatch Sales Tumble in Q3 2016, Dragged Down by Apple: IDC

Smartwatch Sales Tumble in Q3 2016, Dragged Down by Apple: IDC

Global smartwatch sales slid 51.6 percent in the third quarter, amid a steep decline for the Apple Watch ahead of its updated device, a market tracker said Monday.

The IDC survey said total smartwatch volumes were 2.7 million units, less than half the level of a year earlier. Apple, the largest smartwatch vendor, saw its sales down 71.6 percent.

But IDC analyst Ramon Llamas said the decline is not as ominous as it appears – because many consumers were waiting for the new version of the Apple Watch and upcoming Android devices.

(Also see: Apple Watch Nike+ Edition Price in India, Release Date Revealed)

“The sharp decline in smartwatch shipment volumes reflects the way platforms and vendors are realigning,” Llamas said.

“Apple revealed a new look and feel to watchOS that did not arrive until the launch of the second generation watch at the end of September.”Llamas added that Google’s decision to hold back the Android Wear 2.0 operating system has also limited sales.

“Samsung’s Gear S3, announced at (the trade show) IFA in September, has yet to be released. Collectively, this left vendors relying on older, aging devices to satisfy customers.”

Nonetheless, the market is showing limited growth, according to IDC.

“It has also become evident that at present smartwatches are not for everyone,” said IDC analyst Jitesh Ubrani.

“Having a clear purpose and use case is paramount, hence many vendors are focusing on fitness due to its simplicity.”

Despite its sharp sales drop, Apple maintained the top position with an estimated 1.1 million units sold and a 41 percent market share, according to IDC. Apple does not release sales figures for its smartwatch.

Garmin was the number two brand with sales of 600,000 and a 20.5 percent market share, followed by Samsung with 400,000 and a 14.4 percent share, according to IDC.

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Apple Sees Drop in Profit, Revenue as iPhone Sales Slump

Apple Sees Drop in Profit, Revenue as iPhone Sales Slump

Apple’s quarterly profit slumped on a widely expected drop in iPhone sales, but gains in services offered some optimism on the company’s efforts to curb dependence on its smartphone.

The company said Tuesday that profit fell 19 percent to $9 billion (roughly Rs. 60,134 crores) in the fiscal quarter ending September 24. Revenue fell nine percent to $46.9 billion (roughly Rs. 3,13,655 crores) from $51.5 billion (roughly Rs. 3,44,403 crores) a year earlier.

The results were largely in line with market forecasts and showed sales of the iPhone – Apple’s biggest revenue and profit driver – down five percent from a year ago to 45.5 million units.

The quarterly update only provided limited information on the reception of the newest iPhone models, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which were released in early September, and was likely to benefit from the woes of rival Samsung, suffering from a massive recall of its flagship Galaxy Note 7 phone.

Analysts were expecting declines in iPhone sales with many smartphone markets saturated, a situation that has led Apple to focus on new products like the Apple Watch and services like mobile payments, Apple TV and streaming music.Chief executive Tim Cook welcomed what he called “our strong September quarter results,” saying they “cap a very successful fiscal 2016 for Apple.”

“We’re thrilled with the customer response to iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch Series 2, as well as the incredible momentum of our Services business, where revenue grew 24 percent to set another all-time record,” he said in a statement.

The world’s largest company by market value closed out its fiscal year ending September 24 with a net profit of $45.7 billion on revenues of $215.6 billion, both figures lower than the prior year.

Apple shares fell 2.7 percent in after-hours trade following the release.

“Previously, Apple was able to rely on strong sales of phones, tablets and computers to drive up revenue and profit across all geographies. This is no longer the case,” said Neil Saunders of the research firm Conlumino.

Still, Saunders noted that “Apple is being judged by its own incredibly high standards,” and that “even with the dips in growth it remains a phenomenally successful business that is far from running out of steam.”

More than device maker
Frank Gillett, a Forrester Research analyst, said the results show Apple is making progress in diversifying its mix of products and services as smartphone sales stagnate.

“The rise of services shows they’re more than a device maker,” Gillett said.

“It’s indicative of the depth of engagement of their customers.”

The more consumers use Apple applications and services, “the less likely they will switch to a rival,” Gillett said.

Apple’s results showed a six percent drop in iPad unit sales and a 14 percent decline in the number of Mac computers sold.

While iPhone sales accounted for more than half of revenues, services revenue grew to $6.3 billion as the company expanded services such as Apple Pay and its enterprise offerings.

In the key “Greater China” market, Apple said revenues were down 30 percent from a year to $8.8 billion. But the company noted a 10 percent rise in revenue from Japan and cited gains in other global markets.

Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy said Apple “met most expectations but didn’t have a great quarter” with sales of its main products lower.

“I’m suspecting there may have been availability issues on the iPhone 7 and Watch,” Moorhead said.

Still, Apple “had a banner quarter in services” which is a positive sign, according to the analyst.

“It’s important the investment community take a long view versus looking at short-term growth estimates as a knee-jerk Apple response would only work against the company and the stock price,” Moorhead said.

On a call with analysts, Cook declined to comment on what Apple has in the pipeline but did indicate the company was investing in “products in the development phase which have not yet reached the market.”

Asked to explain the sharp rise in research and development spending, Cook said, “We’re confidently investing in the future.”

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Sales Inspiration from Valentine’s Day

valentine gift

Valentine’s Day is often mocked and criticized for being a “Hallmark holiday” with no real significance, but the truth is, lots of Americans take Valentine’s Day seriously — and they spend big money doing it!

According to U.S. News & World Report, as of 2015, 54.9 percent of Americans over the age of 18 celebrate Valentine’s Day, and in 2015 they spent a total of $18.9 billion on Valentine’s Day retail gifts such as flowers, candy and jewelry.

Valentine’s Day is actually a great holiday for people in the sales profession — because many sales people have a strong romantic streak. Whether you’re married or single or dating someone, many sales people have a strong intuition for relationship-building — they know how to establish trust, command attention, exude charisma and make people feel special and valued. Sales is a business of passion, enthusiasm and the art of understanding other people’s motivations and unstated wishes. It sounds a lot like love!

With that in mind, the same skills that you might use to plan a great Valentine’s Day date or choose the ideal Valentine’s Day gift are also the ideal skills to be a great sales person. Here are a few Valentine’s Day sales tips for business owners and sales people.

Valentine’s Day Sales Tips

Know Your Target Audience

Valentine’s Day is all about knowing what your significant other really wants. Do they want a big, splashy night out with a fancy dinner and an elaborate gift? Or do they want a simpler, home-cooked meal and just relaxing and spending quality time together? Does your Valentine want big gestures or humble actions? Knowing the answer will make your Valentine’s Day fun — or forgettable.

In the same way, sales people need to know their customers on a deep level. What is your customers’ key “pain point” that makes them want to buy from you? What are the biggest problems that you’re helping to solve? How do different customers prefer to be contacted or approached? Do you know the subtle rhythms and nuances of each customer relationship? In time, a good sales person becomes attuned to the complexities of each customer relationship — almost like being in a marriage.

Plan Ahead

Valentine’s Day is one of the most in-demand nights of the year for restaurant reservations, live music venues and movie theaters. Are you ready to book your plans for a fun evening out? People who wait too long often miss out on the best opportunities.

Again, it’s the same with sales. No matter how great a sales person might be at talking with customers and building relationships and closing deals, it’s all for naught if they don’t do their homework upfront. Research your customers. Plan a detailed strategy for how to approach each sale. Understand what your customers need and how you can fit into their overall business goals. And do it now — don’t delay!

Enjoy the Journey

Valentine’s Day is an exciting occasion for many people in love, but it can also be disappointing when people have high hopes for the evening, only to find out that the experience was less than they had expected. Whether you and your partner are too busy and distracted by work, or the restaurant was too crowded and the food was lackluster, or you’re too tired from dealing with the kids, or otherwise just not able to totally focus on each other and enjoy the night, disappointing Valentine’s Days are definitely a possibility.

And that’s OK! Not every Valentine’s Day is going to be the best one of your life, and it’s the same with sales. Not every customer wants to buy from you, not every deal will go smoothly — and sometimes you’ll feel like you’re really close to making a sale, only to see the deal fall apart at the last minute for reasons beyond your control. It’s true that sales is a results-oriented business — but the best sales people learn how to enjoy the process of making sales almost as much as they love winning the big deals. Keep your eye on the journey, not just the destination.

Valentine’s Day is likely to be another big event for retailers and for everyone who’s in love. Try to keep these Valentine’s Day sales tips in mind so you can have a more successful month of sales — and be able to afford more expensive Valentine’s gifts!

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Samsung’s Profit Surges to 2-Year High on Galaxy Phone Sales

Samsung's Profit Surges to 2-Year High on Galaxy Phone Sales

Samsung Electronics Co. reported Thursday forecast-beating earnings results that were the best in two years as consumers snapped up its Galaxy smartphones, in a sign the company is getting its mojo back while rivals fail to deliver new smartphones.

The South Korean company forecast that its performance will continue to be “solid” during the rest of the year because demand for its lucrative components, such as high-end displays called Oled that are used as screens for premium smartphones, is expected to increase “substantially.” It expects to spend more, however, on mobile marketing of its upcoming large-screen smartphones, to be announced next week, which Samsung typically uses to distract consumers from new iPhone launches by Apple.

Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone maker, said its April-June net income rose 2 percent over a year earlier to KRW 5.85 trillion ($5.17 billion or roughly Rs. 34,650 crores), compared with KRW 5.75 trillion a year earlier.

That was slightly higher than forecasts, which have been revised upward in recent months to reflect stronger-than-expected sales of the new phones. Analysts had forecast net income of KRW 5.79 trillion, according to FactSet, a financial data provider.

Sales rose 5 percent to KRW 50.94 trillion ($45 billion), while operating profit surged 18 percent to KRW 8.14 trillion ($7.19 billion), in line with the company’s guidance earlier this month.

Samsung beat forecasts even as growth in the overall smartphone industry slowed. Its rival Apple, the world’s second-largest smartphone maker, is struggling to boost iPhone sales and reported a 27 percent quarterly drop in profits.

Samsung’s mobile business reported KRW 4.32 trillion ($3.82 billion) in operating income during the three-month period, its best quarterly performance since the second quarter of 2014.

Samsung estimates it shipped between 75.6 million and 78.3 million smartphones during the quarter, about twice as many as Apple’s 40.4 million iPhone sales.

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones drove the profit gain. The company launched the latest versions of its flagship smartphones in March, several weeks sooner than it did last year. Early launches helped Samsung report strong sales during the first quarter, and the latest results dispelled doubts it could sustain the momentum during the second quarter, since consumers continued to snap up new phones in the spring.

The company also reduced its mid- and low-end Galaxy models, helping to cut costs. During the earnings conference call, Samsung’s mobile business official said the company will launch the Galaxy C series exclusively for Chinese consumers.

The stellar performance of Samsung’s mobile division is a sign that its experiment with smartphone designs is paying off.

Samsung introduced the first of its flagship Edge smartphone series, which features curved displays that wrap around two corners of the device. But in 2015, it failed to capture demand because it ran into trouble mass producing those curved displays. The S7 Edge, with similar designs as its predecessor, saw robust demand from consumers and this time Samsung was able to deliver the products on time. The company said the Galaxy S7 Edge sales proportion increased.

The strength of the Galaxy S7 has boosted Samsung’s own component businesses. Sales of Oled, or organic light-emitting diode, display panels rose, helped by healthy sales of flagship smartphones and higher demand for flexible displays for the S7 Edge. Samsung dominates the global supply of Oled display panels for mobile phones.

Samsung is scheduled to announce the latest iteration of its Note series, the Galaxy Note 7, featuring a giant screen and a stylus, on August 2.

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SanDisk Sales Rises as Demand Grows for Solid-Kingdom Drives

SanDisk Revenue Rises as Demand Grows for Solid-State Drives

SanDisk Corp said a wonder increase in quarterly Sales, its first upward thrust in more than a 12 months, helped by using sturdy Call for for its chips utilized in StrongState drives and records centres.

Stocks of the organization, which is being bought by means of Western Digital Corp, rose nearly 1percentage to $seventy six.50 in after-market trading on Wednesday.

SanDisk has been ramping up production of SolidCountry drives (SSDs), which can be pricier than toughdisk drives and are used more and more by facts centres and in client laptops as they are faster, extrarugged and much less prone to fail.

Regardless of the loss of a big, unnamed patron ultimate 12 months, Sales from what the agency calls its consumer SSD business rose 6 percent inside the first zone ended April three.

Apart from the impact of the lost customer, Sales from the enterprise, which makes SSDs used inDesktops and laptops, jumped fifty five percentage.

What is encouraging is that customer SSD is doing properly at the same time as the Computermarketplace isn’t doing very well,” stated Sterne Agee CRT analyst Douglas Freedman. “You’re seeingclean share profits from SSDs towards tough drives within the Computer market.”

Sales from SanDisk’s company commercial enterprise, which makes chips for facts centres, additionallyrose in the first sector, via 15 percent.

SanDisk has boosted its Revenue and margins through producing more SSDs at a time of decliningexpenses for its NAND flash chips, that are broadly used in smartphones, cameras and tablets to keepmusic, photos and different records.

Sales from the corporation‘s embedded enterprise, which sells garage merchandise to unique equipmentproducers, fell 33 percentage because of weak Call for from smartphone makers.

However SanDisk’s largest commercial enterprisedetachable products, along with USB flash drives and micro SD playing cards – recorded a 6 percent upward thrust in Sales for the sector.

The enterprise‘s internet income doubled to $seventy eight.4 million, or 37 cents according to share.

With the exception of items, the business enterprise earned eighty two cents consistent withpercentage, beating the common analyst estimate of fifty five cents, consistent with Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

SanDisk’s total Sales rose 2.5 percentage to $1.37 billion, above the common analyst estimate of $1.21 billion.

Western Digital‘s $15.seventy eight billion acquisition of SanDisk is expected to shut inside the secondquarter.

© Thomson Reuters 2016

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