Motivation Makes The Sale: Stay Optimistically Focused


One of the most challenging aspects of sales is staying motivated – especially in the face of objections or rejection. A lot of salespeople engage in distraction or busy work instead of productive activities. Remaining motivated is essential to sales success.

You have to keep moving forward no matter what you encounter.

What Drives You?

In sales, the most successful people are those who can set goals and then establish systems for achieving those goals. They treat every step of the process as an appointment. They even put these steps on the calendar. These salespeople use CRM systems that provide reminder tools so they aren’t leaving anything to chance.

There is more to goal setting than just deciding what you want to achieve. You then have to put the plan in place to make it happen. Staying motivated is easier when you commit to that plan.

Being a team player is also key to staying motivated and successful. Imagine selling something that your operations team can’t follow through on. The frustration alone would be enough to demotivate you. You need other people to carry out what you sell in most situations. Working well with them, listening, collaborating, and considering other viewpoints makes your sales job easier.

At the same time, you should be able to initiate programs and plans. Successful salespeople don’t wait for others to get things done. They initiate. An example of this is making sure you have next steps with your prospect. Some sales people tend to let the prospect lead next steps. They’ve effectively given the power to the prospect and are no longer in control of the process.

So what happens when the prospect doesn’t follow through? You’re stuck.

Stay in control. Initiate the meetings and contacts during the sales process.

All of This Starts With Focus

There are a lot of parts to a sales job. Focus helps you manage those moving parts effectively. Ensuring that you make your sales calls, attend events, create and deliver proposals are critical. Creating proposals requires true focus as each prospect is different. The proposals require individuality so the prospect believes you are really thinking about them in particular.

Now let’s talk about optimism. Nowhere is optimism more important that in sales. You have to believe that you are going to succeed. You have to believe in your product or service and how it really helps your clients solve their problems. Can you imagine making cold calls if you aren’t optimistic? Right! That’s one of the reasons people struggle with cold calling.

To stay optimistic focus on your successes – no matter how small. Accomplishing even the simplest thing in sales and acknowledging that achievement will increase your optimism and your results.

If I were to pull all of this together, I would say that the way to stay motivated in sales is to be optimistically focused on your collaborations, initiatives, goals and plans.

This motivation will be instrumental in making sales over and over again.

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RCom’s Unlimited Call Offer, Paytm Cashback Sale, OnePlus 3T India Launch, and More: Your 360 Daily

RCom's Unlimited Call Offer, Paytm Cashback Sale, OnePlus 3T India Launch, and More: Your 360 Daily
Paytm is hosting another sale, with discounts & cashbacks on smartphones
OnePlus India has teased the launch of OnePlus 3T in the country
Reliance Communications is now offering unlimited voice calls at Rs. 149
In today’s big news, Reliance Communications offers unlimited voice calls at Rs. 149, Paytm starts another 3-day cashback sale, and OnePlus teases the India launch of the new OnePlus 3T smartphone. Check out these and more such great headline-grabbers in your 360 Daily tech round-up.
Reliance Communications offering unlimited voice calls at Rs. 149
Following in the footsteps of Jio, Anil Ambani-owned Reliance Communications has launched a new plan offering unlimited voice calling at Rs. 149. Under this plan, users will be able to make unlimited voice calls to any mobile network in the country free of charge. They also get 300MB of mobile data, which can be used on 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. Reliance Communications has mentioned in its release that there are no hidden charges or any additional conditions that are associated with the new ‘149 Unlimited’ plan.

Paytm hosts sale, offers cashback on iPhones & others smartphones
Paytm is hosting from November 22 to November 24 another sale on its website, offering discounts and cashbacks on smartphones such as iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, among others. The cashback amount on iPhones ranges from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 10,000, depending on models and storage capacities, while the Galaxy S7 Edge is available at a 15 percent discount. Flagship smartphones by Sony and HTC carry discounts as well as cashbacks. Not only top-end handsets but mid-rangers by Asus, Lenovo, LG, BlackBerry, Motorola, Oppo etc are also part of the sale.
OnePlus teases OnePlus 3T India launch
Chinese smartphone brand OnePlus has teased the India launch of the new OnePlus 3T smartphone via a tweet. The OnePlus India handle in a tweet said “Guess who’s coming to town?” with a photo with the text “The best is about to get better.” The background colour of the image is similar to Gunmetal, one of the two colour options of OnePlus 3T smartphone. There is no word yet on the pricing or launch date of the smartphone though.

PM Modi seeks public’s views on demonetisation move with app-based survey
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sought the views of the public on the demonetisation of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes by voting on the official Narendra Modi app. The app – available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone – features questions such as “Do you have any suggestions/ideas or insights you would like to share with PM Narendra Modi?”, “Do you think black money exists in India?”, “Do you think the evil of corruption and black money need to be fought and eliminated?”, “What do you think of government’s move of banning old Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes?”
Ola Play in-car entertainment platform launched for Prime customers
Ola Prime customers will now be able to play the music of their choice while riding in the cab courtesy the cab aggregator’s new Ola Play platform. The new service is aimed at mostly business travellers who use its line of mid-size sedans, and is seen as another play to lure buyers away from rival Uber.

Panasonic Eluga Mark 2 smartphone with VoLTE support launched in India
Panasonic Eluga Mark 2 smartphone with 5.5-inch HD (720×1280 pixel) display, 3GB RAM and VoLTE support has been launched in India at Rs. 10,499. Available exclusively on Flipkart, the smartphone’s 2.5D curved glass display is protected by Asahi Dragontrail glass. The new Eluga Mark 2 runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow and is powered by a 1.3GHz octa-core Mediatek MT6753 processor. It also has a 13-megapixel rear camera with LED flash, 5-megapixel front camera, 32GB storage, fingerprint sensor, and a 3000mAh battery.

Netflix expands 4K video streaming to Windows 10 PCs
Netflix has brought its 4K streaming service to Windows 10 desktops and laptops, but only for the high-end models. The company said in a blog post that users must have a Windows 10 PC with 4K-capable screen, and seventh-generation Intel Core i7 processor. Moreover, Microsoft Edge delivers better battery life than Google Chrome while watching 4K content, says Netflix.

Apple reportedly stops development of AirPort wireless router
Apple has reportedly abandoned work on the AirPort wireless routers and reassigned the team to work on iPhones, iPads and Apple TV. The decision to stop work on the wireless routers was taken because of the small amount of revenue the division was generating for the company. The AirPort router is part of the ‘Others’ product category, which accounts for only 5 percent of the company’s total sales. Apple has not refreshed the routers since 2013.

Disclosure: Paytm’s parent company One97 is an investor in Gadgets 360

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PS4 Black Friday Sale: Deals on Overwatch, GTA V, and More

PS4 Black Friday Sale: Deals on Overwatch, GTA V, and More

PS4 Black Friday Sale: Deals on Overwatch, GTA V, and More
Sony’s PS4 digital deals are now live
The sale will take place till November 29
Games like Overwatch, Street Fighter V, and GTA V are heavily discounted
After teasing us with Black Friday discounts, Sony has finally revealed what you can pick up during its sale. Taking place from November 22 to November 29, there are deep discounts on a host of games. Here’s what you should check out.

Best PS4 Black Friday digital deals

Overwatch: perhaps the best game this year is now cheaper. It costs $39.59 (around Rs. 2,733) on the US PS Store. That’s 34 percent lower than its $60 price. PS Plus users gets an additional eight percent off. If you have an Indian PSN account, you can pick it up for Rs. 2,750. 31 percent off from its Rs. 3,999 price tag.
Star Wars: Battlefront: we may not be the biggest fans of this multiplayer-only shooter, but we can see the appeal of taking down AT-ATs and attempting marauding trench runs on the Death Star. More so at $10.49 (approximately Rs. 717) with an addition 10 percent off for PS Plus users. It’s Rs. 1,999 on Indian PSN.
(Also see:How to Buy US Digital PSN Games in India )

GTA V: this open-world crime classic is now $29.99 (almost Rs. 2,050) on US PSN, making it around Rs. 700 cheaper than the Rs. 2,799 price on Indian PSN.
Batman: Arkham Knight: the Dark Knight’s last open-world adventure was a fun romp. More so at $11.99 (roughly Rs. 820) with an additional 10 percent off for PS Plus users compared to the Rs. 2,750 on Indian PSN.

Street Fighter V: Capcom’s flawed but entertaining fighting game is half price at $29.99 (around Rs. 2,050). It’s an extra 17 percent cheaper if you have a PS Plus subscription. On India’s PS Store, you can get it for Rs. 2,062 with 25 percent more savings if you have a PS Plus account.

PS4 Black Friday discount code

Sony has also revealed a discount code to get a further 10 percent off on all purchases via the US PSN store. Enter D9NGJ7NF3L to claim this.ps4 black friday code ps4_black_friday

(Also see:Steam Black Friday 2016 Sales Begin on November 23)

Don’t have a US account to take advantage of these deals? We got you covered with this handy guide. What are you buying? Let us know in the comments.

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Steam Black Friday 2016 Sale: GTA V, Skyrim, and More PC Game Deals

Steam Black Friday 2016 Sale: GTA V, Skyrim, and More PC Game Deals


  • The Steam Black Friday sale ends on November 29
  • Games on discount include indie classics like Undertale
  • There is one discounted price per game for the duration of the sale

Earlier in the week we reported that Steam’s Black Friday sale will take place place from November 23 onwards. This has now been confirmed with the site itself replete with offers for the season. Dubbed as the Steam Autumn sale, here’s what you should check out.

(Also see:  The Steam Black Friday Sale Is Here and This Time It’s Different)

Best Steam Black Friday deals

  • GTA V: this open-world crime classic is now Rs.1,468, a whole 50 percent cheaper than what it normally costs, making it well worth buying.
  • Undertale: last year’s indie darling is a steal at Rs. 184, half price from what it is usually. A great game that runs on almost any PC configuration.
  • Quantum Break: this one time Xbox One and Windows 10 PC exclusive is now on Steam with some interesting optimisations for PCs to boot. Well worth the Rs. 636 price of entry.
  • Batman: Arkham Knight: although your mileage in terms of performance will vary, Rocksteady’s last open-world adventure starring the caped crusader demands consideration at Rs.949.
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: perhaps not as souped up as the recently released Skyrim Special Edition, it has the flexibility of extended mod support. After all, at Rs. 186 you’d be foolish not to check it out.

While these deals are great, Steam may not be the cheapest option. This holds true for games from publishers like Electronic Arts and Ubisoft who have their own digital distribution services. Also, if you can’t pick up anything during the current sale, don’t worry. There will be a Winter sale as well which should take place from December 22 to January 1.

Tags: Cheap Games, Cheap PC Games, PC Games, Steam Black Friday Sale, Valve, Steam Discounts, Steam Winter Sale, Black Friday 2016, Black Friday 2016 Steam Sale, Steam Autumn Sale, Steam Sale, GTA V, Undertale, Batman Arkham Knight, Skyrim,Quantum Break

Law Being Cooked Up to Reverse Ban On The Sale of Home Baked Cookies

homemade cookies

If you’re a resident of New Jersey or Wisconsin, you can’t legally sell cookies and similar baked goods made in a home kitchen. But there are efforts underway in both states to reverse the ban on home baked cookie sales.

Erica Smith, an attorney for the Institute for Justice, explained the current situation in an exclusive interview with Small Business Trends, “In order to sell baked goods you have to get an expensive commercial licence and either buy or rent your own commercial kitchen space, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. And that applies even to foods that are not potentially hazardous, like simple cookies and breads that don’t require refrigeration and are perfectly safe.”

Reverse The Ban On Home Baked Cookie Sales

Although home bakers have been trying to change the laws in those states for years, the Institute for Justice has recently gotten involved. Lawmakers have introduced a bill in New Jersey to make it legal for independent bakers to sell their home baked goods. And the Institute for Justice has taken legal action in Wisconsin to change their policies.

Although Smith says she’s confident that home bakers in those states will eventually be able to legally sell their baked goods, there’s one roadblock in New Jersey that is making the effort more difficult. The proposed bill has passed in New Jersey’s lower house twice. But the state Senate’s health and human services Chairman Sen. Joe Vitale hasn’t brought up the measure for a vote.

Vitale opposes the legislation not just because of health concerns, which Smith says shouldn’t really be an issue as evidenced by the other 48 states that allow the sale of home baked goods. His other concerns revolve around fairness to other commercial bakers.

Allowing home bakers to sell their cookies and similar items could potentially lead to some issues for those who have spent time and money building their own commercial baking businesses. Those who bake in their home kitchens could likely sell their baked goods for lower prices due to their lower overhead.

However, for those who want to run part-time baking businesses or simply don’t have the resources to rent or own their commercial spaces, the proposed laws could open up more opportunities for business ownership.

For those who would like to see the effort to legalize the sale of home baked goods succeed in New Jersey, Smith says you can contact Sen. Vitale and share your opinions. And she said that she’s confident that the laws will eventually be changed in both states to reverse the ban on home baked cookie sales and give more opportunities to independent bakers.

Homemade Cookies Photo via Shutterstock


Steam Halloween Sale 2016 Discounts Grand Theft Auto 5, The Walking Dead, and More

Steam Halloween Sale 2016 Discounts Grand Theft Auto 5, The Walking Dead, and More


  • Steam’s Halloween Sale ends at 10:30pm IST on November 1
  • Both horror and non-horror games are discounted
  • Standout deals include price drops on Resident Evil 4 and The Witcher 3

Steam isn’t just the world’s biggest PC game digital distribution platform, it’s the one with the most deals and discounts, particularly towards the end of the year. And while the Steam Winter Sale is known for its colossal price drops, the current Halloween Sale running on it is no slouch either.

A host of games have received massive discounts. These include horror themed titles such as The Walking Dead, Resident Evil 4, Dead Rising 3, and The Evil Within all of which have had their prices slashed by 50 percent or more.

(Also see: The Steam Black Friday Sale Is Here and This Time It’s Different)

In addition to this, non-horror themed fare is at a lower price too. These include Grand Theft Auto Vthat’s now 40 percent off, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition that’s 20 percent lessexpensive, and surprise survival game hit, Ark: Survival Evolved that’s half off.It’s interesting to note though that the date for this year’s Halloween Sale was leaked almost a week ago by Redditor MrFreemanBBQ who did the same for this year’s and last year’s Summer Sale as well. This year’s Halloween Sale ends on 10:30pm IST on November 1.

(Also see: Steam Isn’t the Cheapest Place to Buy Steam Games Anymore)

Hopefully this sale will be less dramatic than last year’s Winter Sale that saw the the service being offline for awhile. Reason being, there was a security flaw that exposed the personal information of its users. There was a much delayed statement citing this as a ‘caching issue’ and this was followed up by a post on Valve’s site detailing the outage and breach of personal information along with an apology. Valve finally sent an apology to its customers in March.

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Sony Surprises With Profit Warning on Sale of Battery Business

Sony Surprises With Profit Warning on Sale of Battery Business


  • Sony to concentrate on videogames, entertainment and camera sensors
  • Expects JPY 270 billion in operating profit for year ending in March
  • Sony to sell its battery business for about JPY 17.5 billion

Sony Corp cut its annual profit outlook due to losses related to the sale of its battery business – disappointing a market that had been hoping for an upward revision on buoyant sales momentum for PlayStation 4 and the launch of its virtual reality headset.

Emerging from years of restructuring, the consumer electronics giant is refocusing its business to concentrate on videogames, entertainment and camera sensors and the sale of its battery business was part of that effort.

But while the sale to Murata Manufacturing Co had been flagged in July, its impact on earnings appeared to be greater than expected.

Sony now expects to post JPY 270 billion ($2.6 billion or roughly Rs. 17,175 crores) in operating profit for the year ending in March, down JPY 30 billion from its previous forecast made in July and an 8 percent decline from the previous year.

It also falls short of a Thomson Reuters Starmine SmartEstimate of JPY 308.65 billion (roughly Rs. 19,623 crores) derived from 27 brokerage estimates.

Analysts have been hopeful that brisk sales of PlayStation 4 gaming consoles and software titles would boost profits and that this would only improve with upgraded versions of the console during the year-end holiday shopping season.This month Sony also unveiled its PlayStation VR headset and it said that production of image sensors would return to full capacity in the second half due to a pickup in smartphone demand.

(Also see: PlayStation VR: Almost There but Not Just Yet)

Sony said on Monday it has agreed to sell its battery business for about JPY 17.5 billion and expects to book an impairment charge of JPY 33 billion related to the sale.

It will announce its first-half results and further details of its full-year outlook on Tuesday.

© Thomson Reuters 2016

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10 Business Valuation Calculators To Gauge Value of A Business for Sale


Believe it or not, there’s no right or wrong way to work out how much a business is worth. Experts use loads of different valuation methods — and the number those calculations come up with will vary greatly depending upon the criteria set forth.

That being said, if you know exactly what it is you value in a business, it’s not hard to work out a ballpark figure. After all, nobody in their right mind would pay for an existing business without knowing what it’s worth.

To help you get started, here are some of the Web’s top free business valuation calculators.

10 Business Valuation Calculators

1. CalcXML

CalcXML has been providing a wide range of financial tools to small businesses for a while now. And the company’s valuation calculator is a tried-and-tested model.

It’s a simple tool designed to give potential buyers a quick snapshot. It takes all of the basics into consideration, including: annual earnings, excess compensation and level of business risk. Best of all, it only takes a few minutes.

2. EquityNet

EquityNet is one of the globe’s leading pioneers in crowdfunding. Established in 2005, the platform works to connect thousands of entrepreneurs with investors of all shapes and size — and has already helped start-ups across the globe raise hundreds of millions in equity, debt and royalty-based capital.

As part of that mission, EquityNet provides a valuation calculator backed by real market data gathered from over 3,000 business across North America. That enables you to weigh the value of a business against potential competitors — which is a factor some analysts often overlook.

EquitNet also provides free calculators to work out a company’s profit margin, cash flow and startup risk.

3. ExitAdviser

ExitAdviser is an online support service that enables business owners to connect with potential buyers. In line with that service, ExitAdviser plays home to an extremely quick business valuation calculator designed to give potential buyers quick quotes.

To get an estimate, buyers simply need to enter net profit from a company’s most recent financial year and forecast its sales growth. That said, there are plenty of more advanced input options to help generate more accurate valuations.

4. BizEx

Like most free valuation calculators, BizEx hosts a platform based upon the ‘Multiple of Earnings’ method. But their calculator is far more advanced than most of the free models you’ll find kicking about on other sites.

By including an in-depth breakdown of a company’s discretionary and multiple earnings, you’re able to create instant valuation ranges depending upon a range of variables. Afterwards, you’re given the option to talk these numbers over with a broker if you’re so inclined.

5. Bridge Ventures

The Bridge Ventures calculator is designed to create an estimated market value for a company based upon a diverse set of attributes. Technically speaking, this calculator is only meant to be used for small businesses with revenues of under $2 million.

It’s worth noting this calculator is most compatible with Google Chrome, as there are a few unwanted kinks when opened on Internet Explorer. That said, it’s a simple calculator that renders quality results.

6. Hadley Capital

Hadley Capital’s business valuation calculator is slightly different, in that it applies a multiple of EBITDA to determine the Enterprise Value of your business. In general, a small business will usually trade for around three or four times its normalized EBITDA. That said, the multiple will slide dramatically based upon a variety of characteristics specific to your business.

This calculator understandably places particular emphasis on your annual EBITDA, annual capital expenditures and how much of your revenue comes from top customers.

7. John Hancock Life Insurance

John Hancock has been around for a long time. As such, you’d expect the company to have worked out a pretty reliable way in which to tally up the value of a business.

First-time buyers may be inclined to check out this calculator, as it includes an incredibly useful glossary of terms designed to cut through all of the meaningless financial jargon associated with business valuations. It also clearly explains all methodologies involved in calculating your valuation.

8. MassMutual Financial Group

MassMutual is an all-encompassing insurance provider that represents over 13 million clients across the globe. Consequently, the company values user experience far more than some of the industry’s smaller websites. Its business value calculator is no exception.

This user-friendly calculator very clearly and concisely walks you through every step of the valuation process in order to work out a decent estimate in as little as two minutes.

9. HelpSME

HelpSME is a great resource for small businesses in need of tutorials and advice. That’s why the site offers an easy-to-use valuation calculator using the Net Present Value (NPV) method. This approach uses a company’s future cash flows to try and work out how much it’s worth in the here and now.

HelpSME’s calculator also includes useful guides designed to help you wrap your head around the value provided.

10. National Life

National Life is an all-encompassing collective of financial services companies, and its online valuation calculator draws upon that power in order to generate fairly well-informed market estimates.

Similar to HelpSME, National Life’s calculator finds the worth of a company by looking at the present value of its expected future earnings. It places particular consideration on a company’s lack of marketability and excess compensation.

In the same way that no two valuations are alike, it’s crucial to bear in mind that this list is by no means exhaustive. There are loads of brilliant valuation calculators online that you can use in order to generate a snapshot of how much a business may be worth.

Just remember: these free business valuation calculators aren’t always accurate. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to do your homework in order to ensure you’ve put in (or accepted) the best possible offer for an existing company.

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Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale Day Two: What’s on Offer

Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale Day Two: What's on Offer

Flipkart Big Billion Days sale is well and truly underway, and in case you missed out on the first day, which was majorly about fashion deals, don’t worry, there’s plenty more still to come. And not just from Flipkart, as rivals Amazon and Snapdeal are holding sales of their own, making this week India’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday rolled into one.

(Also see: Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale Thursday Offers – Mobiles, Mobiles, and Mobiles)

Wednesday is the first day of best deals on home appliances, with more offers expected on the rest of the days of the Flipkart Big Billion Days sale, which is on till Saturday. Remember that all deals as part of the Big Billion sale are app-only, which means you will need to be using the Flipkart app to be eligible for discounts.

(Also see: Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale Off to a Rocky Start)

Flipkart Big Billion Days deals on Wednesday include Vu 40-inch full-HD TV at Rs. 19,990; Noble 32-inch LED TV at Rs. 10,990; Sansui 40-inch full-HD TV at Rs. 24,990; LG 32-inch LED TV at Rs. 18,490; and Micromax 42-inch Ultra HD Smart TV at Rs 33,490.

As part of Big Billion Days sale, Flipkart is also offering Kelvinator 6kg fully automatic washing machine at Rs. 7,990; IFB 5.5kg fully automatic front load at Rs. 20,990; Kelvinator 245L double door refrigerator at Rs. 13,990; and Whirlpool 190L single door refrigerator at Rs. 10490.

If you are looking at other product categories, the Flipkart Big Billion Days sale offers Sansui 1.5 Ton 5-Star air conditioner at Rs. 23,490 (with free installation); Bajaj Solo 17l microwave oven at just Rs. 2,899; Pelonis 28L convection microwave oven at Rs. 8,499.

(Also see: Flipkart’s Big Billion Days Sale: What You Can Expect and How to Make the Most of It)

Remember you can save more by using your SBI card on all days of the Flipkart Big Billion Days sale except for 15th. On Thursday (15th), Citibank, Yes Bank, and Standard Chartered customers will get a chance to save 10 percent. Here are some other tips to make the best of Flipkart Big Billion Days sale.

If you are interested in knowing what’s coming up next in the Flipkart Big Billion Days sale, here’s a little reminder. Days 2 to 5 – Wednesday through Saturday – we will see deals on home products and appliances. Thursday might turn out to be the biggest day of Flipkart Big Billion Days sale, as it’s the first day mobiles and accessories will be offered on sale.

The discounts are expected to continue on Friday and Saturday as well. Those two days will also see on deals on other electronics and automative products as part of the Flipkart Big Billion Days sale. Finally, the last day of the Flipkart Big Billion Days sale will see deals on books, the category that kickstarted the rise of the multi-billion dollar behemoth we now know as Flipkart.

What are you planning to purchase during the Flipkart Big Billion Days sale? Let us know via the comments.

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Sony PlayStation VR Goes on Sale, Brings Virtual Reality to the Masses

Sony PlayStation VR Goes on Sale, Brings Virtual Reality to the Masses

Sony PlayStation VR Goes on Sale, Brings Virtual Reality to the Masses
Sony is betting that it has a better package for mainstream consumers
Sony has to sell a lot of devices to attract talented game developers
Early reviews have praised its design, affordability and comfort
When the PlayStation VR goes on sale Thursday, it won’t just be a test for Sony. As the first high-end virtual-reality headset aimed at the mass market, the gadget will also offer the first hint as to whether the technology can become a mainstream product.

For about $500 (roughly Rs. 33,500), consumers won’t be getting newer features or better performance than pricier headsets being sold by Facebook and HTC. Sony is betting that it has a better package for mainstream consumers, given the ease of use and ability to tap into a gaming and entertainment ecosystem built by the PlayStation franchise over the past two decades. The device is Sony’s best prospect to remain on the cutting edge of technology after scaling back in phones, televisions and other businesses.

(Also see: Sony PlayStation VR Hits Stores Shelves Thursday to Take on Oculus and HTC)

“The Sony release is the first real test of consumer VR,” said Dave Ranyard, a virtual-reality developer and former head of Sony’s London studio, which produced its main launch title PlayStation VR Worlds. “Nobody knows the rate of uptake, so this is the first significant indication.”

The debut also represents a classic gaming-industry dilemma. Sony has to sell a lot of devices to attract talented game developers, gamers won’t buy new hardware unless there’s quality content. Sony hasn’t lined up enough must-have titles to kick off that virtuous cycle, according to Hideki Yasuda, an analyst at Ace Research Institute in Tokyo.

“If an amazing game comes out and makes everyone want to buy PSVR, the situation will be different, but for now we’re not seeing that,” Yasuda said.

With more than 40 million people already owning a PlayStation 4 console, the novelty of VR alone may be enough to attract a large number of early adopters. IHS Markit and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. predict more than 1.4 million unit sales by the end of this year, while Ranyard is more conservative, expecting about 1 million in the first 12 months.

(Also see: PlayStation VR Is the First Real Mass-Market Virtual Reality Headset)

“This is the biggest innovation since the arrival of TV,” Atsushi Morita, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia, said at a launch event in Tokyo.
Sony shares were up 1.4 percent at JPY 3,431 in early trading. The stock is up more than 14 percent this year, compared with a 13 percent decline in the Topix Index.

Another key metric to watch will be how many games each player buys for the PSVR, Raynard said. The device will generate $134 million in revenue for VR content makers this year, about twice the $69 million it expects from Facebook’s Oculus and HTC’s Vive headsets, IHS estimated. Still, that would represent just a fraction of the total market for games software sales.

Early reviews of the system have generally praised its design, affordability and comfort, but a common criticism has been the lack of compelling content. There are about 30 titles available at launch, which are little more than environments to explore, or short games. Sony acknowledges as much, saying what’s available for now are mostly brief experiences that showcase VR technology instead of those with hours of gameplay.

(Also see: PlayStation VR First Impressions)

“The experiences we’re putting on offer are different from your 50-hour Metal Gear Solid experience,” said Shawn Layden, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, the unit overseeing the U.S. PlayStation game business. “You have a very intense 7 to 10 to 15 minutes of gameplay.”

Case in point: Job Simulator, a tongue-in-cheek launch title, lets people pretend that they’re working in a kitchen, office or convenience store. Jun Tamaoki raised eyebrows at last month’s Tokyo Game Show with Bandai Namco Holdings Inc.’s virtual-reality game Summer Lesson, which lets users become home tutors.

“It will take a longer time to find those eureka moments – oh wow, this is so fun,” Tamaoki said in an interview. “I would expect a gradual start for now.”

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