Vande Bharat set for design tweak to end cattle run over

NEW DELHI: Both the research wing of Indian Railways and the manufacturer of Vande Bharat Express, will work on addressing the train’s design aspects to deal with the problem of ‘cattle run over’ even as the government launches an appeal to people to stop throwing stones at the train. “This is not a heavy duty locomotive. It’s […]

Is Mark Zuckerberg Getting Ready to Run for President?

Is Mark Zuckerberg Getting Ready to Run for President? HIGHLIGHTS Zuckerberg took a new year resolution to visit all 50 US states Zuckerberg also said that he no longer considers himself an atheist Some people have started believing that he may run for President As America changes presidents, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is doing something. […]

Super Mario Run Launch, Yahoo’s 1 Billion User Hack, and More: Your 360 Daily

HIGHLIGHTS Super Mario Run is Nintendo’s first mobile game Aircel has launched unlimited voice calling packs Yahoo revealed that over 1 billion users had been hacked A lot happened in the world of technology today, from Aircel offering unlimited voice calling packs in response to Reliance Jio, to Yahoo revealing that over 1 billion user […]

Super Mario Run Launched for iOS: Nintendo Investors Dump Stock

HIGHLIGHTS Nintendo launched Super Mario Run mobile video game for iOS devices Nintendo’s shares plummeted after the launch Super Mario Run will require a $10 buy for the full version Nintendo shares dived almost five percent Friday, hours after the release of its latest mobile phone game and despite it topping download charts in several […]

Microsoft Wants HTC to Run Windows

0 Small businesses running Windows on their office computers can sometimes have limited options when it comes to mobile devices also running Windows. Android and Apple operating systems dominate the smartphone and tablet field with some exceptions. Microsoft’s Surface RT and Surface Pro offer Windows in tablet form as do the newer Surface 2 and […]