The ‘I’m Dying Up Here’ Cast Has Real Comic Inspiration

During the ’70s, the Los Angeles stand-up scene became a mecca for now-legends like David Letterman, Jay Leno, and Robin Williams, drawing aspiring comics from the chaos of New York and Vegas for a chance to snag a spot on Johnny Carson’s The Tonight Show. Showtime’s new dramedy, I’m Dying Up Here, reimagines that so-called […]

Startup Failure Rates — The REAL Numbers

I’m writing today’s blog in the hopes of getting accurate information on new business failure rates out into cyberspace in a way that the search engines will find it quickly. There is a huge amount of misinformation on the Web about new business failure rates that gets cited and reproduced all over the place and […]

Intel’s Strategy for the Post-PC World Begins to Take Real Shape

HIGHLIGHTS Intel made a number of strategy and product announcements at IDF 2016 The amount of data each person creates each day is expected to explode PCs aren’t dead, but many other devices will become intertwined with our lives After a less-than-stellar year in which it announced 12,000 layoffs, a major deviation from its CPU […]

What You Can Learn from One Fictional Movie Character – and Two Real Life Entrepreneurs

Despite all odds, Rocky Balboa believed in himself. The fictional fighter in the Rocky movie series from the Philadelphia slums could have felt sorry for himself, given up and blamed others. Did he? NO! As he says in Rocky III: “Nobody owes nobody nothin’. You owe yourself.” In other words, don’t think of all the […]