Waves that drive global weather patterns finally explained, thanks to inspiration from bagel-shaped quantum matter

They are about as far apart as two things in science can be: a type of ocean wave that helps drive the El Niño climate cycle, and quantum materials that, thanks to a particularly strange bit of physics, have insulating interiors and conduct current along their surface. Yet, in a remarkable case of lateral thinking, […]

IBM Q’s radical 50-qubit quantum computer will push computing to new frontiers

Characters named Q in film and TV have been portrayed as being exceptional. Q in the James Bond movies served up futuristic gadgets, and Q in Star Trek was omnipotent. A new quantum computing program called Q at IBM will be remarkable in its own right. In a few years, IBM plans to create a quantum […]

all of us Can try IBM’s effective Quantum laptop

IBM on Wednesday opened its quantum laptop processor to anyone who wants to strive what’santicipated to be a brand new type of computing with relatively stepped forward energy and pace. The cloud-based computing gadget will allow customers to discover the generation, which scientists saymay additionally clear up positive problems which might be impossible to solve […]