Legendary Pokémon Coming Very Soon To ‘Pokémon GO’: Here Are The Clues

Legendary Pokémon are coming very soon to Pokémon GO, as hinted by a series of clues involving the still massively popular mobile game. There has been clamor for the addition of legendary Pokémon ever since the game was launched last year. The hype then reached fever pitch when Niantic Labs product marketing lead Archit Bhargava promised a “legendary” […]

Pokémon Go’s huge new update might bring you back to the game (update)

  Pokémon Go is getting a gigantic update this week, developer Niantic has announced. A total of 80 new Pokémon from the second generation of games will begin to appear in the mobile game, along with several other new features. Johto Pokémon, from the starter trio of Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile and beyond, will now […]

Don’t Trade in Your Gym Membership for a Pokemon Go Download Just Yet (Watch)

Turns Out ‘Pokémon Go’ Wasn’t A Great Replacement For Going To The Gym Nintendo’s First Mobile Game ‘Super Mario Run’ Looks Like A Hit Facebook’s Plan To Fight Fake News Relies On Real Journalists Remembering Those We Lost In 2016 When Pokemon Go launched earlier this year, many people thought that the popular mobile game […]

Pokemon Go Bug Reportedly Affecting GPS Performance on Android Phones

Pokemon Go Bug Reportedly Affecting GPS Performance on Android Phones HIGHLIGHTS Game supposedly disrupts GPS even when running in background Issue was spotted on the dated Nexus 5 smartphone Reddit user says couldn’t find similar issue on newer devices Pokemon Go created tremendous amount of interest and excitement at its launch and the game is […]

Pokemon Go Out in 15 Countries Across Asia and Oceania; India Release Date Soon?

HIGHLIGHTS Pokemon Go is now available in 15 countries across Asia and Oceania The news comes via the official Pokemon Go Facebook page With third-party services disabled, expect an India launch soon Following the release of Pokemon Go in Brazil and Japan, now 15 more countries can now catch Pokemon officially. “Trainers in 15 new […]

Pokemon No-Go: New Jersey Resident Sues Over Trespassing Players

A New Jersey man has a message for the millions of players obsessed with the mobile game Pokemon Go: “Get off my lawn!” Jeffrey Marder of West Orange has filed a federal class action against the companies behind the game,Nintendo Co Ltd, Niantic Inc and Pokemon Company International, claiming it has brought unwanted trespassers to […]