New Samsung “Phablet” Set for Debut

[Samsung Galaxy Note 2] If you can’t decide between the large screen features of a tablet and communications functionality of a smartphone for your business, there is an answer for you. Devices larger than the average smartphone but with the ability to make regular calls like any other phone are called “phablets” by the media […]

HP Elite x3 Phablet May Be Pricey for Budget Conscious Small Businesses

The HP Elite x3 phablet is one device that functions  as two. While it has features that back up that claim, the $799 price tag may be a bit much for some small businesses. The new x3 phablet is part of HP’s continuing effort to blur the lines between mobile and desktop computing with modular designs. […]

This Laptop Deck Turns the HP Elite x3 into a PC and Phablet in One

The new HP (NYSE:HPQ) Elite x3 is a full featured phablet with a hefty price tag, and for small businesses that can afford it, the Lap Dock is the perfect accessory to make it a complete system. Businesses now want a mobile device that can handle Microsoft’s Office applications just like a desktop, HP seems […]