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When you install certain fonts, fine-tune a color scheme, and create call-to-action buttons, you’re doing more than just beautifying a website — you’re increasing its overall trustworthiness. In a study conducted by researchers in the UK, 94% of respondents said they didn’t trust a website if it involved complex layouts, small print, boring color choices, and other […]

People are already replacing their desktop computers with smartglasses

In the tech industry, “dogfooding” is a common term that describes when companies make their employees use the software and hardware they make, so that bugs can be caught and everyday improvements can be dreamed up before the product ever hits the market. Recently, the most powerful companies in Silicon Valley have shown significant interest in augmented […]

More people want to quit social media than smoking in 2017, study claims

More people want to quit social media than smoking in 2017 (Photo: Getty) 6SHARES 1 Get Daily updates directly to your inbox + Subscribe More people want to quit social media than smoking in 2017, according to new research. Over 1,500 people were asked about their plans for the New Year, with one in ten […]

Top 5 SEO Strategies For People Who Hate SEO

Many people think SEO is all about technical, behind-the-scenes tasks that help your site rank in Google. While there is definitely a technical aspect to SEO, there are also some extremely simple strategies anyone can use to improve their rankings. When it really comes down to it, Google wants your website to provide the best […]

50 Sure Fire Ways to Get People Fired Up and Motivated as Self-Starters at Work

A recent Gallup poll indicates that the percentage of U.S. employees who consider themselves “engaged” in their jobs averaged 31.5 percent, an historical low. That means nearly 70 percent of American employees don’t consider themselves engaged at work. Fired-up employees will perform their jobs more proactively. And you’ll realize benefits as well. You will find that you […]

Google-subsidized Magic soar Alleges people Stole Its secrets and techniques

synthetic truth startup Magic leap is accusing two Silicon Valley personnel of stealing the closely guardedsecrets in the back of its technological tricks. The allegations of betrayal and skullduggery surfaced in a lawsuit that Magic bounce filed overdue Thursday in federal court after the 2 people, Gary Bradski and Adrian Kaehler, sued the company for […]