AMD and Qualcomm Announce Partnership to Power Always Connected PCs

HIGHLIGHTS Your next laptop could have a Ryzen Mobile processor and Snapdragon modem It could result in multiplayer gaming on the go for many Despite this announcement, no actual products were revealed AMD and Qualcomm announced today that they would be working together to power always connected PCs. This could see laptops featuring AMD’s Ryzen Mobile processors shipping with Snapdragon […]

Oculus’s New Technology Enables Lower-Spec PCs to Be Rift-Ready

Oculus’s New Technology Enables Lower-Spec PCs to Be Rift-Ready HIGHLIGHTS Asynchronous Spacewarp extrapolates frames when PC performance drops Nvidia GeForce 960 and Intel Core i3-6100 enough to run Oculus Rift Cheapest Oculus Ready PC costs just $499 Oculus is introducing a new frame-extrapolation technique called Asynchronous Spacewarp (ASW) that has brought down the minimum PC […]

OS X Ransomware Caught Before Large Number of PCs Infected: Transmission

The first known ransomware attack on Apple’s Mac computers, which was discovered over the weekend, was downloaded more than 6,000 times before the threat was contained, according to a developer whose product was tainted with the malicious software. Hackers infected Macs with the “KeRanger” ransomware through a tainted copy of Transmission, a popular programme for […]