WhatsApp Scam Tricks Users Into Paying Charges Citing ‘Subscription Expired’

Another day, another WhatsApp scam, this time one that tries to trick users into paying charges by saying their WhatsApp subscription has expired. WhatsApp, of course, is free to use, and has been for some time, though the service used to charge a nominal amount as annual subscription fee when it had initially launched. It […]

Microsoft Paying girl $10,000 for force putting in home windows 10: report

HIGHLIGHTS Teri Goldstein’s claimed her pc crashed after the replace failed Microsoft is reportedly paying $10,000 in repayment home windows 10 free improve available until Wednesday Microsoft reputedly is paying a lady $10,000 as reimbursement for force installing the windows 10update on her laptop with out her permission. California resident Teri Goldstein sued the organization […]

FTC Brings Machinima to Justice for Its Part in Paying YouTubers to Promote Xbox One

In January 2014, there were reports that Microsoft was paying YouTube video creators via Machinima – one of the site’s biggest channels – to promote its current-gen console, the Xbox One. And on Thursday, the US Federal Trade Commission issued an order that forces Machinima, Inc. to “disclose when it has compensated ‘influencers’ to post […]