Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Received $18 Million in 2016 Pay

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Received $18 Million in 2016 Pay


  • Nadella received about $5.66 million in salary and bonus
  • He also got $12 million as stock award
  • Satya Nadella took over as Microsoft CEO in 2014

Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella’s reported compensation fell 3.3 percent to $17.7 million (roughly Rs. 117 crores) in the software maker’s latest fiscal year ended June 30.

Nadella received about $5.66 million (roughly Rs. 38 crores) in salary and bonus and a $12 million (roughly Rs. 80 crores) stock award, according to a preliminary proxy statement filed Monday. About half of the shares will vest in 2018 if Microsoft achieves targets including revenue, operating income and a number of commercial cloud subscribers – and its stock outperforms 60 percent of companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index. The remainder will vest in full by 2019 if he remains on the job.

Microsoft’s board moved to tie part of Nadella’s annual stock grant to targets and cut back its discretion over cash bonuses after more than a quarter of voting shareholders rejected its executive compensation program at the company’s last two annual meetings. In talks with directors, investors voiced concerns about excessive payout limits for bonuses and stock awards, and insufficient disclosure of factors used to evaluate performance, the filing said. Companies in the S&P 500 received on average 91 percent support for their pay programs in 2015, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Pete Wootton, a spokesman for the Redmond, Washington-based company, declined to comment beyond the filing. Microsoft shares increased 15 percent in the 12 months ended June 30, compared with a 1 percent increase in the S&P 500.

When he was named CEO, Nadella received a stock award valued at $59 million that will vest in three increments in 2019, 2020 and 2021 if Microsoft’s total returns to shareholders exceed 60 percent of companies in the S&P 500 in the five prior years. The face value of the award was disclosed as part of his 2014 compensation. The company’s total return has increased 70 percent since Nadella took the job in February 2014, compared with a 30 percent increase in the index.

Kevin Turner, who left his job as chief operating officer in July, was the second-highest paid executive officer in fiscal 2016 with $13 million.

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instructor’s Day: Tiger Shroff will pay Tribute to Michael Jackson

Tiger Shroff

Actor Tiger Shroff paid tribute to his concept and dad icon Michael Jackson on the event of teacher‘s Day.

Tiger, who started out mastering dancing two years ago, unveiled a dance video, that’s become a tribute to the overdue King of father.

The newcomer, who placed his quality foot forward as a dancer in his debut film Heropanti, and his mentor Paresh had been seen doing Mr Jackson’s signature steps in the video.

that is a tribute to Michael Jackson and to my guru Paresh. It was no longer smooth to fit steps with Paresh, however i have attempted. Michael Jackson has been my notion and that i started out gaining knowledge of dance years back,” Tiger instructed IANS.

“This video could be online soon. i am hoping everybody likes it,” he added.

FTC expenses agents for selling personal information gathered from Pay


The U.S. Federal alternate fee (FTC) has cracked down on information agents for allegedly hawking touchynon-public info of unsuspecting consumers to scammers.
In a lawsuit (PDF) in opposition to LeapLab filed in U.S. District court docket for the District of Arizona in 2014, the FTC charged the data broking with shopping for payday loan packages of financially strappedpurchasers and then reselling that facts to entrepreneurs whom it knew had no legitimate need for it.
at least one of the entrepreneurs who bought the touchy personal details, best monetary answers of Las Vegas, used the information to siphon hundreds of thousands of dollars from clientsaccounts with out authorization, the FTC fees.
consistent with the FTC, best financial sold the records for 50 cents every between 2009 and 2013,after which used the information to thieve $7.1 million from the credit score playing cards and bank billsof greater than half of a million customers.
In December of final year, the agents settled the FTC’s fees that they knowingly offered loads of lots ofcustomerstouchy private info to scammers, consisting of clients’ names, telephone numbers, addresses, Social security numbers and financial institution account numbers.
As part of the LeapLab lawsuit agreement, the FTC proposed a fixed of orders within the U.S. Districtcourtroom, along with a $five.7 million monetary judgment, which the court suspended based totally at the defendants’ sworn incapability to pay, and an unsuspended $4.1 million default judgment withcomparable prohibitions towards SiteSearch, another defendant.
in addition to the settlement orders, the courtroom prohibited the defendants from deceptive consumersabout the terms of a loan offer or the likelihood of getting a mortgage, and informed them to wreck anyconsumer statistics of their ownership inside 30 days.
The orders have the pressure of regulation while permitted and signed via the District court docketdecide.
this example shows that the illegitimate use of sensitive financial facts causes real harm to customers,”stated Jessica wealthy, Director of the Federal trade fee’s Bureau of client protection. “Defendants likethose in this case damage consumers two times: first through facilitating the theft of their cash and 2dby means of undermining consumersconfidence about presenting their non-public facts to validlenders.”
Payday loans are extensions of unsecured credit that a borrower has the same opinion to repay in a shorttime, including when they receive their next paycheck. lenders who provide these loans declare theyhelp those who are strapped for cash, however customer advocates say the loans harm borrowers due to the fact borrowers regularly turn out to be with excessive debt because of excessive interest prices,prices and rolling over the loans.
even as Payday mortgage businesses are probably some of the closing places cash strapped smallbusiness proprietors are in all likelihood to move searching out financing, this case is an essentialreminder approximately the need to be more cautious while deciding on a lender. It’s also an awesomereminder for small businesses that deal with purchaser facts about the importance of taking care no longer to share that data unlawfully.

EU Commission Wants Google to Pay a Licensing Fee

EU Commission Wants Google to Pay a Licensing Fee

The European Commission is currently holding a public consultation on granting “neighbouring rights” to publishers. Under this, the lawmaker is proposing that Google should pay publishers a licensing fee.

The European Commission is proposing that Google and other news aggregators that run a snippet from the article of others’ articles should have to pay for the excerpt. EU commissioner Gunther Oettinger said that he is “open” to the idea of imposing a tax on snippets. The lawmaker wants to implement this regulation across Europe.

The consultation paper also seeks views on whether people a “panorama” exception should be introduced to copyright, which would allow people to take and distribute pictures without the permission of the architect.

Charging Google for running snippets might not work so well for European publishers. Google is likely to close down its Google News service from Europe rather than paying any tax, as we have already seen in Spain. Furthermore, with Google out of the picture, the online publishers could lose a significant amount of their traffic. . Germany also introduced such a tax system but ended up giving Google a free licence to their material, citing Google’s dominant market position. Many publishers in Europe realise this, and they are against the idea. “As publishers, we know such proposals make it harder for us to be heard, to reach new readers and new audiences. They create new barriers between us and our readers, new barriers to entry for news publishers such as ourselves,” a consortium of European publishers said in an open letter last year.

Anyone – including people from outside of EU, who wants to express their view on this matter – can respond to the questionnaire. The closing date for the response is June 15, 2016.

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Verizon to Pay $1.35 Million in ‘Supercookie’ Settlement With US FCC

Verizon to Pay $1.35 Million in 'Supercookie' Settlement With US FCC

Verizon will pay a $1.35 million (roughly Rs. 9.09 crores)  fine over its “supercookie” that the government said followed phone customers on the Internet without their permission. Verizon will also have to get an explicit “yes” from customers for some kinds of tracking.

The supercookies landed their name because they were hard, or near-impossible, to block. Verizon uses them to deliver targeted ads to cellphone customers. The company wants to expand its advertising and media business and bought AOL for its digital ad technology in 2015.

The Federal Communications Commission said Monday that it found that Verizon began using the supercookies with consumers in December 2012, but didn’t disclose the program until October 2014. Verizon updated its privacy policy to disclose the trackers in March 2015 and gave people an option then to opt out.

The FCC settlement says consumers now must opt in to letting Verizon share data with a third party. But for data-collection and sharing within Verizon itself, the company can choose to have customers either opt in or automatically do it and give consumers the option to stop it, a less stringent requirement.

The New York company has already changed some practices that critics considered most invasive. In an emailed statement, the company said that the FCC settlement recognizes that it had already made adjustments to its ad programs that give consumers more choices.

Nate Cardozo, a staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a privacy watchdog that had been critical of the supercookies, said the settlement was an “unqualified win” for consumers. “Today’s order will mean that other companies contemplating similar involuntary tracking will think twice before proceeding without explicit consumer consent,” he wrote in an email.

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FreeCharge to Roll Out ‘Chat and Pay’ Feature On Thursday

FreeCharge to Roll Out 'Chat and Pay' Feature On Thursday

Mobile wallet and digital payments player FreeCharge announced Wednesday the launch of its ‘Çhat and Pay’ feature, which the company said enables social payments between users and merchants.

The chat-based payments interface will let merchants accept payments using the FreeCharge app in under a minute of registration,merchants will also be able to upgrade their payment limit of Rs. 1,00,000 with necessary KYC verification, the company said.

FreeCharge is looking to bring on board neighbourhood small shopkeepers, Taxi services and merchants from the unorganised sector using the service, which brings a buyer – seller chat interface for merchants. To accept payments, merchants must register their bank account number, geolocation and choose a custom identifier, called a paytag to allow customers to identify their service area through their FreeCharge app.

Merchants can start accepting digital payments in less than a minute after registering on the FreeCharge app, and the chat-based payment feature has a five second transaction time, the company said.

“Payments are often social; they are in fact a very human interaction. Chat N Pay brings this human emotion to payments, making them deeply engaging,” said Govind Rajan, Chief Operating Officer, FreeCharge in an emailed statement. “Now merchants can start accepting digital payments by just downloading our app. Importantly at zero investment,” he added.

Earlier this year in January, FreeCharge had partnered with McDonalds to enable customers to pay using its wallet using the on-the-Go Pin authentication method, and had also tied up with fashion retailer Shoppers Stop in November 2015.

The ‘Chat and Pay’ service will be rolled out by Thursday on Android, and then on iOS and Windows over the next few weeks.

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Alexa, Pay My Credit Card Bill Please!

Alexa, Pay My Credit Card Bill Please!

Amazon Echo users can already ask their virtual assistant Alexa to update their calendars, dim the lights and play some music. But soon they will also be able to ask Alexa to help them pay their credit cards.

Capital One announced Friday that it is the first bank to partner with Amazon to let customers review their finances through Alexa-enabled devices, including the Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, Echo Dot and Fire TV.

(Amazon chief executive Jeffrey P. Bezos owns The Washington Post.)

People who own one of those devices and have a Capital One credit card or bank account will be able to request information on their account balance and most recent transactions. Instead of having to log in through their laptop or phones, customers will be able to speak the commands while they’re doing the dishes or doing other tasks around the house, said Ken Dodelin, vice president of digital products at McLean, Virginia-based Capital One.

“Maybe you’re wondering whether or not a check cleared,” he said. Credit card users can also request an update on when their payment is due and how much credit they have available. They’ll be able to ask Alexa to pay their monthly credit card bill if they’ve set up a checking account for that purpose.

For security reasons, customers will have to create a four-digit code when they set up the program, and they’ll have to provide that code by default whenever they ask for anything related to their credit cards or checking accounts, Dodelin said. But users can decide to turn off the password requirement later. “As a bank we obviously take security very seriously,” Dodelin said.

With the exception of credit card payments, the first rollout is focused mostly on helping consumers gather information about their accounts – rather than complete transactions. But the service could have broader uses in later editions. (More security measures would probably be needed before other transaction-based services could be included, Dodelin said.)

For example, Capital One is also testing out whether credit card holders would eventually want to use Alexa to put a freeze on their credit card after it has been lost or to request updates on their credit card rewards, Dodelin said, but those uses aren’t being introduced yet.

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