Samsung Starts Rolling Out Galaxy Note 7’s Grace UX to Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Starts Rolling Out Galaxy Note 7's Grace UX to Galaxy Note 5
Galaxy Note 5 users start receiving Note 7’s Grace UX
The update is being rollout in South Korea
It brings software features of the Note 7 to Note 5
Samsung has started rolling out Galaxy Note 7’s Grace UX to the last year’s Galaxy Note 5. According to user reports, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 users in South Korea have been receiving an over-the-air (OTA) update that brings an all-new software experience. To recall, Samsung introduced the new Grace UX with its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone earlier this year.

A forum post at XDA Developers suggests that the update is about 600MB in size, and brings various UX features of the Galaxy Note 7. Some of the new features that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 users are receiving include Blue light Filter, Ultra power saving mode, Smart manager, and Wide selfie among others. The update is currently rolling out to users in South Korea though it can be expected to be available for more users in the coming days.

galaxy note 5 grace ux update samsung
Despite the update, the Galaxy Note 5 still runs on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Galaxy Note 5 users can manually check for update via Settings > About Device > Software Update. Unfortunately, the company is yet to confirm broader update plans for the Galaxy Note 5.
To recall, Samsung last month suspended all productions of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and also halted sales worldwide. The company in a desperate move also advised customers to stop using the device following reports that units were catching fire. In India, Samsung launched the flagship phablet for 2016 at Rs. 59,900.

Recently, the South Korean giant launched Android 7.0 Galaxy Beta Program for Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. We expect the Android Nougat update for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge to roll out soon.

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How to Make a Business Out of Playing Video Games


What most people think of as a hobby or way to unwind can actually become a viable business venture. From YouTube videos including reviews and “let’s plays,” to massive gaming tournaments with six figure prizes, there are a surprising number of ways to develop video game playing into a viable business.

Johnathan Wendel, known by his tag name Fatal1ty in the gaming world, has taken his favorite past time and transformed it into a lucrative endeavor. Wendel dabbled in active sports like tennis and golf before dedicating himself to video gaming professionally.

As a child, Wendel dreamed of becoming a game tester or programmer. However, he found his true calling in competitive tournaments. After his first win in the 1999 Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL), he walked out $4000 richer, and with a new drive for eSports.

Wendel said in an online interview with Small Biz Trends:

“With my success at my very first professional tournament, I quickly realized I could make a living at playing video games. I was in shock, and also extremely excited for my future.”

Considered the first and most prominent professional gamer, Wendel has earned over $500 thousand dollars in prize money in multiple tournaments.

But, perhaps more importantly, he has been able to turn that success into a successful brand and business. Using the earnings from tournaments, Wendel opened Fatal1ty Inc. in 2002 and today offers fans around the world gaming accessories, computer mice, headsets, snacks and more, often branded with the Fatal1ty logo.

business out of playing video games

Wendel has been featured in a 60 Minutes special as well as Forbes and The New York Times. And in 2007, he was awarded the first ever eSports Lifetime achievement award for “showing exceptional sportsmanship, taking part in shaping eSports into what it is today and for being the prime representative of this young sport. He has become the figurehead for eSports worldwide.”

Wendel adds:

“[My business] has allowed me to continue with my passion for gamers and eSports over the last 12 years. I will do this for the rest of my life. I’ve given everything I can to help grow eSports and it’s going to be my on going mission for the rest of my life to spread the word of competitive gaming. My brand Fatal1ty Gaming Gear has given a lot to eSports over the years, and I plan on continuing that effort going forward with the right opportunities and the right partners.

As for the business side of things, it does cut into my time of just playing the games and enjoying myself, but I find a way to make both of my passions work. I’m just grateful they both go hand in hand. “

Tournament play is not the only option out there for those looking to make money playing games.

Platforms like YouTube and Twitch offer communities for players, with live feeds and “let’s plays”, videos in which the host will play through part or all of a particular game on screen while explaining some of the finer points for other players. Today, the most subscribed to channel on YouTube belongs to a gamer known as PewDiePie, who had over 29 million subscribers as of July of 2014.

PewDiePie, whose full name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, currently earns an estimated $7 million annually in shared advertising revenue from his YouTube channel, Celebrity Net Worth reports. Kjellberg often uploads several videos per day, and these videos have quickly racked up millions of views.

business out of playing video games

Online Beta testing services like Game-Testers offer players the opportunity to play games before they are even released for profit. Members have racked up more than $1.4 million in earnings on the platform so far, according to Game-Testers.

Beta testing has its downsides, however. Most testers would be lucky to make minimum wage, and job security is poor. It may be good for a few extra dollars here and there, but it’s not the best choice when it comes to gaming for profit.

As with most business ventures, getting started is often the hardest part. Tournament play requires hours of practice and training and attracts the best competitors from around the world. YouTube channels require substantial amounts of views and subscriptions in order to be profitable.

With enough hard work, however, both can become lucrative ventures and seem poised for exponential growth.

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Twitter Charts Solo Path as Salesforce Rules Out Takeover

Twitter Charts Solo Path as Salesforce Rules Out TakeoverHIGHLIGHTS

  • Salesforce said on Friday that it would not make a bid
  • Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey may now have to chart an independent course
  • Dorsey is likely to face intense scrutiny over his continued role as CEO

Twitter Inc faces an uncertain future after Inc , the last of the companies believed to be interested in buying the troubled social network, said on Friday that it would not make a bid.

Twitter and Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey may now have to chart an independent course in the face of stagnant user growth, heavy losses and mounting competition from the likes of Facebook’s Instagram and Snap Inc’s Snapchat.

Dorsey is likely to face intense scrutiny over his continued role as CEO of both Twitter and the payment company Square , especially if the company’s next quarterly report in late October is as weak as some analysts expect.

Twitter grew rapidly for years after it was founded in 2006, and has assumed a unique and influential position in the global media ecosystem. But the company has been plagued by management turmoil since its earliest days and has long been criticized for a lack of product innovation and, more recently, lack of user growth.

Twitter last month hired bankers to field acquisition offers and companies including Alphabet and Disney expressed interest, according to sources familiar with the process. Google and Disney decided not to proceed, the sources said, leaving Salesforce, a provider of cloud computing software for businesses, as the last reported bidder.(Also see: Twitter Seeks New Path After Potential Bidders Said to Back Off)

But Salesforce investors reacted poorly to the idea, sending the company’s stock down when its interest in Twitter first emerged. Salesforce Chief Executive Marc Benioff said on Friday he had ruled out a bid.

“In this case we’ve walked away. It wasn’t the right fit for us,” Benioff told the Financial Times in an interview, saying there were many reasons the fit was not right, including price and the culture of the company.

A spokeswoman for Salesforce confirmed the comments. Twitter declined to comment.

Twitter’s shares closed 5 percent lower Friday at $16.88, while those of Salesforce rose 5 percent to $74.27.

Twitter had planned to wrap up any sale discussions by the time it reports earnings at the end of October, sources told Reuters earlier this week.

It is still possible that other bidders could emerge, according to people familiar with the matter. One source said the company may consider possible strategic investments rather than a buyout.

With a market cap of about $12 billion and losses running at about $400 million a year, Twitter was likely judged too expensive by prospective buyers.

(Also see: Twitter to Reportedly Conclude Sale Deliberations This Month)

Growth stalls
As an independent company, Twitter will likely need to address its unusual leadership situation, analysts said. Dorsey has split his time between Twitter and Square since he returned as Twitter’s permanent CEO about a year ago.

Investors are likely to pressure the company to appoint a “full-time” chief executive, said SunTrust Robinson Humphrey analyst Robert Peck.

“The most common question we receive from investors is given the struggling turnaround, doesn’t the company need a full-time CEO?” Peck said.

Dorsey sent a memo to employees earlier this month calling the company “the people’s news network,” and rallying them to “deliver a better Twitter faster.”

Twitter enjoyed a period of explosive growth in both users and revenues after its founding a decade ago, but growth has stalled over the past several years.

The company missed Wall Street’s sales expectations in both the first and second quarters of 2016, according to Thomson Reuters StarMine, and has yet to produce a net profit in 11 quarters as a public company. It will report third quarter results October 27, which SunTrust analyst Peck said he expects to be weak with data showing monthly active users flat or down.

To be sure, Twitter has become a focal point in the US presidential election. Many stories have unfolded on its service and comments made by the candidates have made big news themselves. No media company has a mobile product with as much reach as Twitter, BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield said.

Twitter has recently signed deals with a number of media companies and sports organizations to stream major events such as the presidential debates and Thursday Night National Football League games.

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Why Facebook Suddenly Blacked Out All Ads in Thailand

Why Facebook Suddenly Blacked Out All Ads in Thailand

Facebook is taking a very unusual step for a company that makes it money off advertisements: It will stop showing ads on its network in the entire country of Thailand in a gesture of respect for the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The social network announced the decision on its blog for advertisers, saying that it is removing ads in observance of a “cultural custom”:

“On October 13, we turned off all delivery of ads to the country of Thailand. Thailand is in a period of mourning due to the death of the King and removal of ads is a cultural custom. We don’t yet know the duration of the mourning period. We’ll keep you posted of any additional details as they become available.

“Note that ads will continue to deliver as normal in other countries, and that advertisers in Thailand can continue to run ads outside of Thailand.”

Why make such a drastic move to pay respects to this particular beloved world leader?

Facebook hasn’t said why outright, but Thailand is a significant market for the social network and is home to some of Facebook’s most engaged users. When the company first opened an office in Thailand last fall, Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg noted that Thai users tend to post three times more often than the global average. At the time, an estimated 37 million people in Thailand were using Facebook – most on mobile.

Facebook ads are also particularly well-received in Thailand, according to a report from the Thai newspaper The Nation. (That paper has adopted a monochrome design to show its respect for the late king.)It’s not clear how much money Facebook is forgoing as a part of this decision; the company did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The ad research firm eMarketer estimated that Thai advertisers would spend $81.7 million (roughly Rs. 545 crores) on Facebook advertising by the end of 2016, making Facebook the largest ad platform in the country.

That suggests that Facebook could be letting go of $6.8 million per month, though that is a very rough estimate. It does not factor in how much Facebook could be making from ads bought by Thai companies and shown outside of the country.

As Facebook said, it’s not clear how long the moratorium on ads will last. The Washington Post’s Annie Gowen has reported that the mourning period for the late king will last a year.

The move is a first for Facebook, but not unprecedented in the ad space. Yahoo last year turned off ads for Singapore after the death of noted leader Lee Kuan Yew, CNN Money reported.

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Chrome OS 54 Starts Rolling Out With Quick View Feature and UI Tweaks

Chrome OS 54 Starts Rolling Out With Quick View Feature and UI Tweaks


  • Chrome 54 stable channel for Chrome OS rolling out
  • It brings many improvements in user interface
  • The update also introduces a new Quick View feature

Soon after Chrome 54 was made available for Windows, Mac and Linux users, Chrome OS 54 has now moved to the stable channel. Chrome OS 54 introduces some bug fixes, security updates, UI tweaks and new features like Quick View.

The Chrome OS stable channel has been updated to 54.0.2840.79, and Chrome OS and Chromebook users will be receiving it in the next few days. While most of the Chromebooks will receive the update, HP Chromebook 13 G1, Acer Chromebook 14 for Work, and Thinkpad 13 Chromebook have been mysteriously left out.

The most notable addition is the new Quick View feature available in the File app to preview files. All you need to do is highlight a file, and then press the space bar to get a generic preview. For example, if you ‘Quick View’ an image file, a small preview along with size and file type information pops up on the screen.

Alt+Tab is a nifty shortcut often used to switch between windows. With Chrome OS 54, Google has added a new animation in the centre that shows a preview (of sorts) of all the open tabs, and lets you select exactly which tab you intend to switch to. Other changes include a new opt-in setting to show Input Method on shelf, a read only policy for external USB/SD storage devices, and general UI improvements across platform. As mentioned, Chrome 54 is already available to desktop and even Android users.

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Check Out These Business Travel Horror Stories


Each month SurePayroll produces its SurePayroll Small Business Score Card. And this month the company was kind enough to allow Small Business Trends to add some questions posed to small business owners and managers about their practices and policies for business travel.

One of the questions was:

“Do you have any business travel horror stories you can share?”

The answers were interesting, to say the least. No, they weren’t “Snakes on a plane” horrible … but how bad do bugs in the bed or floods in the rental car sound?

If you subscribe to the theory that what can go wrong will go wrong, the small business owners who responded can certainly testify. On a small business travel trip, it seems horror lurks around every corner (or under the mattress).

Here are their true business travel horror stories. Names, brands and identities have been changed to protect the guilty.

Hotel Cleanliness

Think your hotel room smelling of cigarette smoke or last Wednesday is bad? One small business owner reminds us that the discount hotel you’ve picked may very well be able to offer that price because they simply don’t fumigate:

“Sometimes off the beaten path hotels can have cleanliness issues. I laid down in a hotel bed once and my wife saw bed bugs crawling on my back and sucking my blood.”

That’s enough to put you off your morning scone (donut), right?

Stuck on the Side of the Road

No one needs an explanation of the frustrations vehicular mechanical problems can cause. It’s happened to everyone, whether on business or personal travel. One small business owner had one moment, in particular, stand out:

“A fuse kept going out on our large box truck that caused it to completely not move, which was dangerous on the highway. The dealership couldn’t figure out what was wrong, and the mechanic was confused. So our owner, being a mechanic, also messed around with some wires and fixed the problem.”

You Will Pay For Lack of Planning

When you plan ahead, you can avoid much of the unexpected. But when you wait until the last minute to make any plans or you’re forced into only one desperate option, know that your travel expenses are going to go up. A small business owner shared this horror story that unfolded when last-minute plans busted:

“We had a truck driver who drives a day cab get stuck on the road overnight. We called for a taxi cab driver pick up one of our truck drivers who needed transportation from the truck stop to a hotel. (approx. 5 miles).

“The cab company charged $85 each way to and from the hotel. Then, the hotel was way over priced as well. This is all due to last-minute reservations.

“When people know you don’t have any other choice but to choose what’s available; which for us it was that cab company and that hotel, they feel entitled to increase their prices because they know they will get it. This was highway robbery!”

Small Business Trends reached out to Melissa McLain, the office manager and HR representative atSouthQuest Transportation. The company has five employees and is responsible for removing containers from ships at the nearby port in Charleston, South Carolina. They haul those containers to a local warehouse and sometimes as far as neighboring states but don’t do any long hauling, McLain explains.

She is the source of that comment and the wound, she says, still stings:

“I feel hurt just looking at the receipt. Even now. And this was only back in May, so it’s still fresh. It really does pay to plan ahead when you travel and this is just another example of why.”

… And It’s Ruined

One small business traveler learned the hard way that you can’t judge the proverbial book by its cover. In this case, it was likely a four-door sedan. It seems his rental car got an extra cleaning, courtesy of one careless employee whose job it was to clean it before it left the lot:

“Rented a car that had just been washed and had a flooded front passenger area that I unknowingly set my computer into and caused an equipment soaking.”

Club Med or Club Dread?

Every hotel or motel these days has a website specific to its location. It’s convenient to be able to check out the accommodations before you arrive. Of course, if the lodging has the wherewithal to build its own website with photos,chances are the owners know about the Crop tool, too. One small business owner found that out and unknowingly sent team members into a harrowing situation:

“Some of our staff stayed in a motel in Los Angeles. The pictures on the website were gorgeous. When our people arrived, there was bullet proof glass protecting staff in the lobby registration, a coffee pot and box of donuts for continental breakfast and gang fights in the parking lot at night. Oh yes … they were bitten by something in their room — not bed bugs, but some kind of rash from the soap or small biting bugs. NO REFUND sign greeted you at check in. There was no savings in this trip!!!”

Your Flight Has Been Delayed …

You’ve rushed to the airport to make your flight. You get to the gate only to realize the flight’s been delayed or worse, canceled. Flight troubles like these can ruin your day, your itinerary, and taint your overall trip.

But not all such changes are for the worst. As one small business owner explained:

“Other than being cancelled — bumped to first class-cancelled … no horror stories!”

But there is one story where a business traveler got to see a good portion of the U.S. from 30,000 feet above — more than he wanted to! SurePayroll General Manager Andy Roe had a story to share with Small Business Trends that fit this bill.

He recalled:

“I remember during Snowmageddon back in 2011, I was trying to get from Chicago to Dallas. Just about everything was shut down, but they said I could fly to Indianapolis and go to Dallas from there. That didn’t work, I had to fly back to Chicago, then to Newark. This took about three days, and at this point I’m buying sweatshirts from the gift shop because I’ve been sleeping on the floor and my clothes are filthy. Finally I fly into Dallas at 1 a.m., and everything is covered in ice. It took me about five hours driving in the middle of the night to get where I needed to go. I can’t tell you how many meetings and calls I had to miss.”

Assuming There Was Nothing on Cable That Night

One small business traveler was hoping the accounting team was in a rubber stamping kind of mood when they reviewed the expense report.

“No horror stories … unless you count employees expensing adult channels on their hotel bill.”

Apparently, the company’s reimbursement policy wasn’t that liberal.

Of course, there are more business travel horror stories out there — you can search social media for some, too. Check out #stuckonplane or #travelhorror on Twitter to name just a couple.

SurePayroll, a Paychex company based in Illinois, provides a system allowing small businesses to do payroll and make other payments including tax filings and reimbursement of travel expenses.

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Google+ Revamped UI Starts Rolling Out to All Users

Google+ Revamped UI Starts Rolling Out to All Users

Google+ Revamped UI Starts Rolling Out to All Users
The new Google+ is expected to be light, fast and responsive
The new features to reach Android, iOS and web users in the coming weeks
It also brings to ability to add photos and links to comments.
Google hasn’t given up on Google+ yet. The tech giant on Tuesday began rolling out the new revamped Google+ UI to all users, along with a few updates and improvements. The most notable changes among these include the new notifications centre, and the ability to add links and photos to comments.

The new UI was launched last November as a preview, but is now going to be the default Google+ interface. In the coming weeks, users will be shifted to the new UI when they sign-in to Google+ automatically. However, for now they can opt out of the new UI and go back to the Classic version if they so prefer. To go back to the Classic Google+, click on the “Back to classic Google+” link in the bottom left-hand corner of the webpage. The new UI brings bold colours, and improved access to Collections and Communities. The new Google+ website is expected to be more responsive, fast and very light as well. Google Apps users already using Google+ will also see the new UI when they next sign-in. They also, for now, have the option to toggle back to the Classic version if they want to.

The new Google+ brings a new notifications centre for seeing all the recent activity and alerts. It also introduces the ability to add links and photos to comments. There’s a new option called approved posting as well, which allows Community owners to moderate comments before they go live. All of these features are rolling out the Android, iOS and the web in the coming weeks.
Lastly, Google+ with all its new features is also becoming a core part of the Google for Work service in the next few weeks. Once this transition happens, Google Apps users won’t be allowed to switch back to the Classic UI.

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Pokemon Go Out in 15 Countries Across Asia and Oceania; India Release Date Soon?

Pokemon Go Out in 15 Countries Across Asia and Oceania; India Release Date Soon?


  • Pokemon Go is now available in 15 countries across Asia and Oceania
  • The news comes via the official Pokemon Go Facebook page
  • With third-party services disabled, expect an India launch soon

Following the release of Pokemon Go in Brazil and Japan, now 15 more countries can now catch Pokemon officially.

“Trainers in 15 new countries and regions across Asia and Oceania can now officially download Pokemon Go from the Play Store or App Store. Discover Pokemon in the world around you,” a post on the official Pokemon Go Facebook page reads.

(Also see: Pokemon Go Player? Here’s How Much Mobile Data You Can Expect to Burn)

These countries include: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, and Palau.


Last week, Pokemon Go developer Niantic revealed the reason for the game’s delayed launch in countries such as India. “We have limited access by third-party services which were interfering with our ability to maintain quality of service for our users and to bring Pokemon Go to users around the world. The large number of users has made the roll-out of Pokemon Go around the world an… interesting… challenge,” admits the company, reiterating its desire to bring the game to other nations.

(Also see: How to Download Pokemon Go APK, Install, and Play on Android)

Most of these third-party services such as Pokevision are now unusable after the latest Pokemon Go update. Plus, there’s the added side-effect of being unable to catch Pokemon while commuting or on a bike. It’s just a matter of time before the likes of China and India receive Pokemon Go as developer Niantic has cleared what it deemed were impediments to a release of the game in every country officially. Not like the absence of an official release has stopped eager fans from playing it as we’ve seen in the past few weeks.

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Apple Music Out of Beta on Android; Gets Equaliser Settings and More

Apple Music Out of Beta on Android; Gets Equaliser Settings and More


  • Apple Music on Android comes out of beta stage
  • Apple Music updated to version 1.0.0 on Android
  • Update includes equaliser settings and stability improvements

Apple Music for Android was launched back in November last year as a beta, but nine months later, it has finally come out of its beta stage and been upgraded to version 1.0.0.

Although the Apple Music for Android update doesn’t add many new features, it does include equaliser settings and a variety of performance, playback, and stability improvements as per the change log provided by the company on Google Play.

Apple has been constantly pushing updates and has even provided some exclusive features to Android in order to compete on a level playground with other music streaming services like Spotify, which had already occupied a major chunk of market when Apple came up with its offering.

In February this year, Apple updated its Apple Music for Android app to allow users to save songs offline to their microSD cards, a feature that cannot ever be expected to come to iOS due to the restrictive behaviour of the ecosystem.

Just weeks after surprising everyone with addition of SD card support on Android, in March, the company embraced the difference that exists between its own OS and that of Google once again byintroducing a home screen widget for Apple Music app on Android.


Apple has gone to such lengths to attract users to its Android app that iOS users might start feeling envy very soon. However, as of now, it seems like Apple is moving to a more adaptive strategy in order to sustain and progress in the ever-changing tech industry.

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Facebook Starts Rolling Out Shop and Service Sections to Pages

Facebook Starts Rolling Out Shop and Service Sections to Pages

In a move to make its Pages feature valuable for businesses online, Facebook on Thursday announced two new Page sections – Services and Shop – for emerging markets including in India where 57 percent of people on Facebook are connected to a business.

The Shop section provides businesses with a new way to prominently display the products they are selling on their Page.

It allows people to easily discover, browse and make offers to purchase products through messaging from the businesses they care about, Facebook said in a statement.

The Services section allows service businesses to showcase a list of their offerings on their Page.

If we look at the Indian small and medium businesses (SMB), over 1.99 billion interactions are being generated between businesses and people in the country.

There were two million SMB Pages on Facebook in India as of October last year.

“With the Shops and Services sections on Pages, businesses around the world can help people discover the products and services they care about in a more visually appealing way,” said Adrian Nam, a product marketing manager at Facebook.

Facebook launched Pages to help people market their businesses and make customers learn about products and services for free.


Services section makes it easier for people to find the information they are looking for and decide whether to work with the business.

Globally, more than one billion people on Facebook are connected to at least one business.

“The Shops and Services sections are a continuation of our efforts to make Facebook Pages the most valuable online presence for the more than 60 million businesses around the world that use Pages each month,” added Ryan Ebanks, another product marketing manager at Facebook.

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