Want to Be Kind of a Big Deal? These Social Media Tactics Could Move the Needle

Want to Be Some Kind of Big Deal? Consider These Social Media Advertising Examples

Perception is everything. In the business world, people are naturally attracted to the biggest names, whether you call them influencers, experts, or [insert industry here] rock stars.

But what if you aren’t a big name yet? What if you’re just starting out and looking to make a name for yourself? How can you get on the radar of people you want to do business with in the future?

Social media advertising makes it super easy to appear superbad. You can bias the way people think about you and make yourself (or your company) appear bigger than you are.

Here are six crazy ideas that will help you look like a really big deal using social media ads.

Social Media Advertising Examples

1. Target Ads at Specific Company Employees

Is there a company you want to partner with? Before you even get to that first meeting, you want to make sure some important people who work there have heard of you.

How do you accomplish this? Start bombarding employees who work at that company with Facebook Ads.

Social Media Advertising Examples - Target Ads at Specific Company Employees

Because Facebook Ads have super specific targeting, all you have to do is target people who work at the company with certain job titles. You don’t want to target every employee at a company, especially really large ones. You just need to make sure the right people see your ads (e.g., people with “marketing” job titles).

The goal of these Facebook ads is simply to build brand awareness for you and/or your company. You’ll want to start this process about 90 days ahead of time.

You’ll know if you’ve achieved your goal when you finally talk to them and you hear the magical words: “I’ve heard of you guys.”

2. Promote Your Guest Posts

One way to gain some exposure with a new audience is to do a guest post for a large, established industry publication. When you finally get this opportunity, you need to make the most of it.

Spend no more than $50 for a promoted post on Facebook and a promoted tweet on Twitter. Send some targeted traffic to your inaugural guest post.

Social Media Advertising Examples - Promote Your Guest Posts

Why spend money promoting your guest post and driving traffic to someone else’s website? Because the editors will notice how your article performed. If your first post goes nowhere, you might not get a second chance.

So amplify your post to help it become a unicorn! Help juice the numbers so the odds are in your favor. You want the editors to be thinking, “Holy crap, this guy’s post got thousands of views, we need to do more with him!”

Social Media Advertising Examples - Promote Your Guest Posts

Most publishers live and die by page views. Unless they’re crazy, the editors will try to lock you up and make you a regular contributor in the hopes you’ll keep sending them thousands of page views every month.

3. Do an Engagement Campaign

Want to really make someone take notice of you on social media and appear more influential than you are? Tag someone in a Facebook post or tweet and then pay to promote it.

For example, let’s say you’re trying to get the attention of an editor at a publication where you want to become a contributor. You could tweet: “Great post by [insert Twitter handle here]” also making sure to include the headline and link to the story.

That might catch their attention when they get the notification from Twitter – for a couple seconds. But once you start promoting it, you’ll REALLY grab that person’s attention as it starts getting retweeted and liked hundreds or maybe even thousands of times.

“Wow, this guy is kind of a big deal,” they’ll think. They’ll want to work with you. And you’ll be like:

Social Media Advertising Examples - Do an Engagement Campaign

4. Spike Your Medium Posts

Are you publishing on Medium yet? You should be. It’s a great way to grow your audience and expose your best content to more people.

To get really big on Medium, you need recommendations. If you can get 200 people to click on the Medium heart on your post within 24 hours, it’s extremely likely that your story will be one of the top posts for the day and featured prominently, both on Medium and in the Medium Daily Digest they send out to users via email.

Social Media Advertising Examples - Spike Your Medium Posts

How do you get that many hearts in 24 hours? By spending no more than $50 on social media ads.

Facebook and Twitter ads that are targeted to people who have a Medium account will help send some great traffic to your posts. Hopefully this will be enough of a catalyst to turn your post into a unicorn that gets lots of hearts and reads.

5. Get on the Front Page of Reddit

Of all the ideas in this post, getting on the front page of Reddit is the most difficult. But when you do manage to get there, you’ll get tons of traffic.

Basically, if you do nothing proactive, the odds that a redditor will discover and submit your post are about 1 in a-very-large-number-with-a-lot-of-zeroes-on-the-end. Also it’s not easy to identify redditors on other social media sites because they have random aliases.

What you can do is try to get on the radar of Reddit power users. Results aren’t guaranteed, but here’s how you do it.

Let’s say you work for a company that sells home and gardening products. You’ll want to create social media ads that target people who are interested in the home and gardening category and Reddit.

Chances are good that someone who is authoritative on Reddit will follow Reddit on other social platforms. They’re always looking around for interesting things to submit.

Although it may seem like you’re still sort of blindly hoping a high-profile redditor will submit your post, this technique has actually been surprisingly successful. Basically this will narrow your odds from 1 in a gazillion to something more like 1 in 10.

Before trying this out, my posts had never made it to the front page of Reddit. Since using this tactic, I’ve managed to successfully get to the front page about 10 percent of the time.

Social Media Advertising Examples - Get On the Front Page of Reddit

6. Become a Trending Story on LinkedIn Pulse

The biggest factors in the LinkedIn Pulse algorithm are traffic and engagement. Pulse will highlight posts have gotten the most views, likes, shares, and comments in the past few minutes.

There are two things you can do to help your LinkedIn posts start trending.

Become Associated With A Channel

LinkedIn Pulse has more than 100 channels for topics including entrepreneurship, leadership and management, productivity, and marketing and advertising. No matter what you write about, you’ll find a channel that’s right for you.

If you want to help your LinkedIn article become a unicorn, more people need to see it and engage with it. Your personal network is limited, but some of these channels have millions or hundreds of thousands of followers.

So in addition to doing some basic optimization as you write (using the right keywords to help Pulse as it analyzes and categorizes your article), you’ll want to tweet to @LinkedinPulse and ask them to feature your post in a specific channel.

Use Social Media Ads

Being featured on a Pulse channel isn’t enough to start trending. You also need a catalyst to drive lots of traffic and engagement to your post.

This is where Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn promoted posts come in. You can use these ads to quickly drive lots of traffic to your LinkedIn article.

Social Media Advertising Examples

Again, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on these ads. You can even target your ads so they only show in countries you normally don’t care about to make it even cheaper – all LinkedIn cares about is traffic, not where that traffic is coming from.

You just need to spend a few bucks until the ads provide enough of a surge to push your post to the top. Once your post starts trending, it will be self-sustaining as people visit the channel and read the day’s top stories. Yours!


If you’re lacking in influence or name recognition and want to appear bigger than you currently are, try out these ad ideas. For a small investment, social media ads will help you get noticed and viewed as a serious force in your industry so you can grow your audience, influence, and business.

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Move Over Facebook! YouTube Messaging App Is Here

youtube screen shot 2

Here’s a bit of unexpected but timely news – YouTube is adding a chat service to its app. The YouTube messaging app is essentially a messaging service that allows you to share embedded YouTube videos right from your chat window.

Share Video With New YouTube Messaging App

YouTube knows that many people are already talking about YouTube videos on other platforms so the YouTube messaging app is ideally designed to allow users to keep conversations in one place. YouTube is calling it “native sharing” because users can share videos within the app and even invite friends into conversation threads.

YouTube’s messaging app is, at the moment, only open to a few selected individuals who are then able to spread it to their friends by inviting them into conversation threads. Friends can talk about the shared video clips right inside the app and they can also keep the conversation going by posting more videos on the thread. The message threads reside within a new tab on the app and users can always catch up on missed conversation and at the same time dip in and out of conversations. If all goes well, the native feature will then be added to a future app update.

YouTube Messaging App Stops Switching

According to Wired, the director of product management at YouTube Shimrit Ben-Yair says that the native sharing feature was developed after her team hypothesized that a streamlined native way to share YouTube videos would result in more sharing, which is exactly what the company wants.

Currently, people copy YouTube links and paste them on other messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger.

The sharing feature on the new YouTube Messaging App should ideally stop YouTube audiences from switching to another app and now businesses on YouTube have the opportunity to show their ads to more than 1 billion people who watch videos on the platform.

Last year, Facebook Messenger toppled YouTube to become the second most popular app in the U.S. Businesses such as Staples are also already using the chat feature on Facebook Messenger to offer real-time customer service and personalized updates.

If successful, YouTube might once again prove to advertisers that they are a force to reckon with and they can as well come up with new innovative ways to increase customer attention.


move Over Bajirao, Ranveer Singh is Khuda Gawah’s Badshah Now

Ranveer Singh

RANVEER PAID A TRIBUTE TO AMITABH BACHCHAN IN a completely unique (an awful lot predicted, it is RANVEER) way. move OVER PESHWA BAJIRAO, FOR THE 30-yearantique ACTOR, who’s knownFOR HIS vibrant AND QUIRKY persona, TOOK principal thought FROM massive B’S famous 1992 filmKHUDA GAWAH AND ARRIVED AT AN event DRESSED AS huge B’S man or woman BADSHAH KHAN FROM THE film
it is no longer each day that Amitabh Bachchan comes to a decision to visit film units next door. And sowhilst he dropped down these days on the sets of Bajirao Mastani in Mumbai, he left Ranveer Singh as a substitute crushed with hisspectacular air of secrecy“. Following which, Ranveer paid tribute to the Bollywood veteran in a completely unique manner (an awful lot anticipated, c’mon it is Ranveer).

circulate over Peshwa Bajirao (Ranveer’s man or woman in Bajirao Mastani), for the 30-yrvintage actor,who’s regarded for his vibrant and quirky character, took predominant thought from huge B’s famous1992 movie Khuda Gawah and arrived at an event dressed as large B’s individual Badshah Khan from themovie.

Ranveer shed his Peshwa appearance and sported conventional Afghani attire as an alternative, at alatest occasion and matched it with a shade coordinated turban and a grey jacket. He even sang somestrains of Tu Mujhe Kabool, a song from the film, and were given the target market cheering for him. (alsoread: Ranveer Singh Says Bajirao Mastani ‘changed‘ Him As a person)

Mr Bachchan become taking pictures for his television show Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi on November three,whilst he took a while out to satisfy the Bajirao Mastani group – Ranveer, director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and celebrated choreographer Ganesh Acharya, who too have been filming inside the vicinity. large B shared a few images on his blog, the equal day:

speakme at the release event of internet collection and sport Blazing Bajirao, spin offs of his upcomingmovie, Ranveer additionally stated that he desires to move “leagues above Tattad Tattad” along with his“bone-crushing warrior dance” series in Malhar, a tune with vocals through Vishal Dadlani.

Ranveer also explained why he thinks Deepika Padukone appearshotter” with him than her Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani co-megastar and ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor.

Bajirao Mastani, which also stars Priyanka Chopra will conflict on the box workplace with Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale on December 18, starring Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon.