Essential PH-1 makes it through the FCC, might be water resistant

We haven’t heard anything from Essential since the company announced the PH-1 and then took pre-sale reservations. Andy Rubin has previously said that it was not going to ask for reservations if the phone wasn’t going to be available soon thereafter. Well it looks like Essential is right on track because today, the company’s PH-1 […]

Pokémon Go’s huge new update might bring you back to the game (update)

  Pokémon Go is getting a gigantic update this week, developer Niantic has announced. A total of 80 new Pokémon from the second generation of games will begin to appear in the mobile game, along with several other new features. Johto Pokémon, from the starter trio of Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile and beyond, will now […]

Why Trump Might Keep the International Entrepreneur Rule

Back in August, the Obama Administration proposed new regulations that would allow some foreign entrepreneurs to stay in the United States to build their companies. While President-Elect Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric has some worried that he will reverse this directive, I believe that Mr. Trump will keep this rule. To explain why, let me start by […]

It Might Be Time for Your Business to Consider Using Solar Energy

The use of solar energy is increasing. So if you haven’t already, it could be the perfect time for your business to consider taking advantage of solar panels. You probably already know that using solar energy is helpful for the environment. But did you know that those environmental benefits can actually help you grow your […]

LeEco Explains How It might Supply Away Unfastened Smartphones in India

HIGHLIGHTS One among the largest motives for LeEco’s success in China is its Free hardware day. LeEco should remove the cost of purchasing smartphones altogether thru content material subscriptions. The idea could be carried over in India, LeEco COO Atul Jain showed. At an event in Mumbai on Tuesday, LeEco, previously called Letv, launched its […]

PSN might be Down next Week: Sony

HIGHLIGHTS PSN may be down on may 25. The downtime will remaining from 10am to 12pm IST. this is PSN’s 2d scheduled downtime in almost a month. Sony might be taking its online gaming provider, playstation network (PSN) down subsequent week for 2hours on might also 25. The news comes thru the company‘s PSN service […]

The Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion PSP pictures suggests Off What might have been

HIGHLIGHTS Unseen footage of a cancelled Elder Scrolls PSP recreation has surfaced. It shows off sprawling places and a running fight machine. the game changed into cancelled due to budgetary constraints. even as The Elder Scrolls series has been a industrial achievement, it truely came into its personalclosing generation with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion […]

Microsoft Might Be Willing to Bankroll Yahoo Board Takeover: Report

Microsoft Corp executives are in talks with equity firms considering bids for Yahoo Inc! saying that Microsoft might be willing to offer “significant financing” for their efforts, tech news site Recode reported on Thursday. However, Microsoft has not made commitments so far to investors, and any discussions are exploratory, Recode reported, citing unnamed sources. Microsoft’s […]