The Internet Is Probably Going To Lose Its Net Neutrality Rules In December

On Tuesday, the FCC moved to repeal Net Neutrality rules that prohibit internet service providers from blocking or slowing websites, or charging a premium for “fast lanes” for specific services or higher quality streaming. FCC chairman Ajit Pai, who Trump appointed this year, officially proposed the revocation of these rules, which treat internet service providers like Comcast […]

Prepare to lose enormous wealth: Triguboff

The slowdown in the apartment market is worsening and will have a severe impact on the economy if it is not arrested, according to the country’s biggest apartment builder, billionaire Harry Triguboff. The number of new apartments sold had dropped and prices had fallen about 10 per cent over the past six months, the founder […]

Don’t Lose The First Test, Sunil Gavaskar’s Prescription for Away Tours

It’s important not to lose the first Test: Gavaskar © AFP How does a team deal with the rigours of a tough away series? “Don’t lose the first Test,” prescribed Sunil Gavaskar in his column in a leading national daily. (Shah Rukh Khan’s Wankhede Ban Lifted) An away series is always a tough assignment for […]

software program protection Suffers as Upstarts Lose get right of entry to to Virus statistics

a number of younger generation security companies are losing get right of entry to to the largestseries of enterprise evaluation of laptop viruses, a setback industry experts say will increase publicity to hackers. The policy trade on the records-sharing pioneer VirusTotal takes purpose particularly at a new era ofprotection corporations, a few with valuations of […]