Cops to Pokemon Fans: Do Not Come Looking for Pikachu in Our Police Station

Cops to Pokemon Fans: Do Not Come Looking for Pikachu in Our Police Station


  • Nintendo’s Pokemon Go was launched on Wednesday
  • It is currently available in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and US
  • It is an augmented reality game to catch Pokemons

The new smartphone app Pokemon Go begins with a warning screen. For a video game, it is an unusual sort of disclaimer. It is not a parental heads-up about critter-on-critter violence. Nor is it an echo of the recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics that kids should limit their gaming to about two hours daily.

Pokemon Go simply wants its players to avoid physical trauma.

Pokemon Go is a departure from previous iterations of the fantasy bug-collecting sim. Played on a smartphone screen in lieu of a Game Boy or other handheld console, Pokemon Go uses cameras and GPS to construct an augmented reality in which collectible 3D monsters float over physical locales.

To collect these digital critters you have get off the couch, get outside and track them down.

A land-dwelling Pikachu might hang out at the base of, say, the Washington Monument, while trainers (the term for those who play the game) might have to trot over to the Lincoln Memorial’s reflecting pool to capture the fishy creature Magikarp. Digital Pokemon infest buildings, too. The bullish Tauros rampaged through The Washington Post’s break room early Thursday morning.

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The team behind Pokemon Go – developers Niantic Labs and video game giant Nintendo – is concerned you might walk off a bridge, for instance, while you are engrossed in a real-world hunt for the digital critters. Recognizing that the app, which launched in the United States late Wednesday, may encourage the sort of obliviousness that comes when noses are buried in smartphones, other groups began issuing their own warnings, too.

So far, the admonitions have been cheeky: Pokemon Go depicts danger as a cartoon sea serpent. On Facebook, an Australian police force asked Pokemon Go trainers not to burst into stations despite the urge to collect ’em all.

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“The novelty of seeing a Pokemon superimposed onto your sidewalk is delightful,” wrote The Post’s Hayley Tsukayama, who recently reviewed an early version of the game. (Though certain features, she said, like monster battles, left something to be desired.) Pokemon Go has the potential to be immensely popular, as it is Nintendo’s first smartphone app to showcase the 20-year-old franchise. The early interest, at least, seems promising; it had been downloaded in the United States at least 50 thousand times within the first 12 hours, according to a ticker at the Google Play store.

Pokemon Go’s interface, akin to Google Maps, is littered with Pokestops – specific landmarks where players collect game-boosting items. That the Darwin Police Station is one such landmark prompted a Facebook message from Australia’s Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services: “For those budding Pokemon Trainers out there using Pokemon Go — whilst the Darwin Police Station may feature as a Pokestop, please be advised that you don’t actually have to step inside in order to gain the pokeballs,” the agency wrote.

A representative for the Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency services told The Post by phone that one of its officers downloaded the game, and then recommended the Facebook message. It was a bit of a joke, she said, as no one has yet to enter the Darwin Police Station in pursuit of Poke balls or Pikachu.

But players would be wise to exercise caution in their quest to be a Pokemon master. Niantic Labs pioneered its location-based gaming technology with “Ingress,” an area-control mobile game in which players capture portals (similar to Pokemon Go’s Pokestops and gyms). “Ingress” has attracted players by the millions, according to a Niantic blog post from Wednesday, and some “have literally traveled to the ends of the earth” to capture portals.

As “Ingress” grew in popularity, some players admitted to taking risks like playing in cars, near sinkholes or too close to bicycle lanes. The game has been associated with at least one death. A 48-year-old Irish man lost his life while on a nocturnal mission to capture a portal near a pier last September, according to a Dublin inquest.

“The pier is open at both sides, the surface was uneven, it was night time, there are no lights, it was in the course of this game Ingress,” the coroner said, according to the Irish Times. Niantic Labs has since removed the portal near the pier.

As the Australian police organization pointed out on Facebook, players should navigate augmented worlds just as carefully as vanilla realities. “That Sandshrew isn’t going anywhere fast,” they wrote. “Stay safe and catch ’em all.”

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Parineeti Has a question for Priyanka After looking Quantico

Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti Chopra is all praise for cousin, actress Priyanka Chopra, who has made her global television debut with Quantico. She says, with each step, Priyanka is putting a “new benchmark” for Indian actors. Sheadditionally has a question for her “Mimi didi”. this is what she tweeted on October five:

Parineeti Chopra ✔ @ParineetiChopra
OH MY GODDDDD how do you do it every time !!!! Sooo pleased with you mimi didi !!!!! Love you AMAAZINGGGGGGG #QUANTICO guys!!! @priyankachopra
10:04 AM – 5 Oct 2015
291 291 Retweets 906 906 likes

She additionally wrote:
there may be a new benchmark set for all of us. Why do you are making us paintings so difficult!!!! Huh??? Hahahah. Muuuahhhhhhh @priyankachopra

? Parineeti Chopra (@ParineetiChopra) October five, 2015

After her success in Bollywood, Priyanka became to the West and attempted her good fortune as a singer with hit singles like uncommon. Now she has entered the world of small screen with movementthrillercollection Quantico.

the former splendor queen performs an FBI recruit, whose identification gets shrouded with the aid ofsuspicion, following a terrorist assault within the US.

Parineeti, who entered Bollywood with a assisting position in the 2011 romantic comedy women vs Ricky Bahl, mentioned that Priyanka’s tough paintings is a supply of notion for all.

comply with
Parineeti Chopra ✔ @ParineetiChopra
What you’ve got done is impossible however I additionally recognise that simplest you can do it!!!! Sooooo happy with you!!! #Quantico @priyankachopra
10:08 AM – 5 Oct 2015
311 311 Retweets 848 848 likes

Parineeti’s ongoing venture is an internetseries man‘s global in which she co-stars with Kalki Koechlin and Richa Chadha. The series is made in support of the UN international desires for Sustainable developmentinitiative. It premiered on the Y-films‘ YouTube deal with on September 29. (additionally read: Parineeti, Kalki, Richa display it is so not a person‘s global in Trailer)

Chelsea, Manchester United are looking for New thought as switch s

Oscar Chelsea 2612

Chelsea are presently in 14th location in the English ideal League.
Manchester: The January transfer s for business on Friday, and rarely has so much been at stake for teams within the profitable English finest League.(Arsenal on the lookout for finest Leagueidentify)
Lagging behind within the race for Champions League qualification, Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool can be the most lively of the us of a‘s major powers as they search for a strong end to arguably the most unpredictable season in the ideal League’s 24-yr history.(Manchester United seek Turnaround)
Then there’s the scramble to keep away from the costliest-ever relegation from England’s pinnacledivision. next season ushers in the start of the best League’s new 312 months television deal well wortha file $eight billion, and no club will need to miss out on a proportion of that bounty.(Manchestermetropolis keen to evolve to lifestyles on the street)
So, assume England being the location wherein most offers are performed over the subsequent month, as standard. ultimate January, English golf equipment have been effortlessly the most importantspenders, splashing out about 130 million pounds (then $213 million) to shatter the record for the season as a whole at 760 million kilos (then $1.25 billion).
pinnacle teams working strategic switch plans rarely do main deals in this era. in all likelihood goalscan be ruled out of the Champions League and bosses can be scared off with the aid of inflated prices.
This season might be exclusive.
Chelsea are in 14th place, three points above the relegation sector, in the most woeful title defense that the ideal League has seen. A pinnacle new signing by means of caretaker teach Guus Hiddink may want to encourage a revival, and the striker department desires clean.
“The window is huge open,” Hiddink stated on Wednesday.
simply as it will be at man United, wherein Anthony Martial and Wayne Rooney are the only strikers at aclub suffering to score goals. A internationalelegance striker may want to make all of the distinctionfor understrain United manager Louis van Gaal, who’s possibly to add to the $375 million he’s already spent in his 18 months in charge. “Our trouble is not dominating the games, it is to score,” Van Gaal saidon Thursday, including that 2015 were a “accurate yr” for United aside from the final month.
it is Juergen Klopp’s first switch window due to the fact that becoming Liverpool supervisor. Will he go back to his vintage hunting floor of Germany to bolster Liverpool’s squad?
it will also be exciting to see whether Leicester, remarkably in 2nd area after 1/2 of the gold standardLeague marketing campaign, splashes out to stay within the identify competition. And if the crewmanages to maintain maintain of striker Jamie Vardy.
On Wednesday, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said it might be a “busy” month for his club, with a midfielder needed to clear up an injury crisis.

Sonam Kapoor: we are not looking to sell Neerja


“NEERJA BHANOT IS AN suggestion and she or he HAD grow to be quite well-known 30 YEARS ago. SO it is OUR ENDEAVOUR THAT SHE becomes AN inspiration once more. THIS film IS FOR NEERJA BHANOT. we’re not looking to promote THIS movie, we are simply trying to encourage people WITH THIS film,” SONAM stated right here
Actress Sonam Kapoor says the makers of her upcoming film Neerja are not looking tosell‘ the film to thetarget market, but most effective intend to encourage human beings with the tale of Neerja Bhanot, wholost her existence at the same time as saving others on a hijacked flight. (additionally examine: Sonam Kapoor is ‘Emotionally connected‘ to Neerja)

Sonam, who visited Neerja’s alma mater St Xavier’s university on Friday, unveiled a stone plaque offeringNeerja’s call and info of her achievements.

The actress said, “i am so satisfied that Xavier’s has given us this possibility and given her this amazinghonour of continually being on the walls in this institution.”

Neerja become provided the Ashok Chakra for saving several hundred lives as an air hostess on thehijacked Pan Am Flight seventy three in 1986, in the end dropping her life within the struggle with hijackers.

“Neerja Bhanot is an suggestion and he or she had grow to be pretty famous 30 years ago. So it’s milesour endeavour that she becomes an idea again. This film is for Neerja Bhanot. we’re not trying to sell thisfilm, we are just looking to encourage people with this movie,” Sonam said here.

The actress said the makers based totally their promotional method also on the concept of inspiring theyouth.

it truly is why we are going to faculties and speakme about courageous humans. it’s farunconventional, and we don’t know how it’s going to get translated. however we’re seeking to dosomething exceptional and new, so that it is about her in place of us simply promoting the film,” statedSonam.

The actress delivered, “The film is for young human beings, to encourage the future of India, to mentionthat we are able to all be heroes. I speak lots about myself, however now it’s important to talk aboutNeerja and the values she stood for. a variety of human beings are understanding that and considering the fact that. i’m hoping absolutely everyone recognises what we are looking to painting.”

What proposal did Sonam take from Neerja?

“That anyone have a hero in us. She changed into an regular woman, she did her obligation and sheunderstood what is the quality part of her, and she explored that and stored 359 lives. in case you do what you believe you studied is proper in order to do for other human beings, all of us can be a hero.”

Neerja additionally co-stars Shabana Azmi and Shekhar Ravjiani.

After Nokia, BlackBerry, HTC looking at Bleak destiny

After Nokia, BlackBerry, HTC Staring at Bleak Future

Taiwanese cellphone maker HTC seems to be following the footsteps of Nokia and BlackBerry, globaltelecom giants that have now slipped into obscurity.

HTC’s market capitalization fell to $1.5 billion on Monday, under the amount of cash the cellphone maker had at the cease of June. In simple phrases, it means HTC’s logo, factories and homes have 0 price in the mean time.

HTC’s marketplace cap slumped underneath cash on books monitoring the 60 in keeping with cent crashwithin the agency‘s shares this year.

HTC’s marketplace percentage in key geographies has fallen into low unmarried-digits because ofincreasing opposition from iPhone maker Apple and Samsung Electronics, which manufacture excessivegive up telephones. meanwhile, HTC’s low-value services have been eclipsed by way of financeschinese competitors.

according to Reuters, enterprise watchers have brushed off HTC as “pressured, unoriginal and uncompetitive”.

remaining week, HTC mentioned a secondquarter loss and forecast some other loss for the thirdquarter; its leader economic officer said the corporation might reduce jobs and discontinue fashions aspart of its strategy to consciousness on excessiveend gadgets to higher compete with the likes of Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics.

most of HTC’s phones run on the Android software program, wherein the average income is only 1.2 cents in step with cellphone, according to a file in business Insider.

“HTC runs at a loss, which means that ultimately it expenses extra for HTC to make a single smartphonethan it could get by using selling them. HTC is largely paying people to take its telephones proper now,” the record stated.

HTC is now pinning its hopes on India, in which it claims to sell one in five smartphones which can bepriced between $250 and $400.

Bosch Looking to Smart Devices to Get Ahead in the Cloud

Bosch Looking to Smart Devices to Get Ahead in the Cloud

Robert Bosch GmbH is taking on US technology rivals by launching its own “cloud” computing network to connect up anything from cars to dishwashers via the Internet.

Traditional German industrial companies like Bosch are looking to transform themselves from manufacturers of equipment to service providers using data generated by their machines.

Bosch is hoping its engineering expertise will give it an advantage in making the “Internet of Things” (IoT), where objects communicate with each other, a reality for its customers in smart homes, connected mobility or intelligent industry.

Its announcement on Wednesday that it plans build its own cloud puts it in competition with services from US technology giants Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM and

Bosch’s cloud will be run out of a computing centre based in Germany, which it hopes will attract customers who may have doubts about data security of US-owned servers.

Bosch Chief Executive Volkmar Denner told a conference in Berlin that the company was building its own IoT and would combine this with its experience in making everyday objects.

“There are product companies like Bosch trying to add software and services and there are IT companies trying to get into the physical space. The race is completely open,” he said.

Stuttgart-based Bosch plans to run around 50 of its own in-house applications on the cloud this year, before opening up to other companies from 2017. It plans to roll out other data centres across the globe but declined to give a timeline.

More than five million devices are currently connected via Bosch’s IoT software suite. Applications include a system that enables users to remotely control the temperature of their home as well sensors that help drivers find parking spaces or firms track the quality of a product once it leaves a factory.

Bosch declined to disclose how much money it was spending on the cloud specifically but said it was investing around EUR 500 million (roughly Rs. 3,677 crores) annually in new technologies.

The company plans to charge customers based on the services that they use, but did not give revenue forecasts. Market research firm Gartner estimates that global sales in the public cloud market will exceed $200 billion this year.