Microsoft Seeks EU Approval for $26 Billion LinkedIn Acquisition

Microsoft Seeks EU Approval for $26 Billion LinkedIn AcquisitionMicrosoft sought EU antitrust approval on Friday for its $26 billion bid for social network LinkedIn, a spokesman said on Friday, kicking off a month-long review by regulators of its largest deal.

“We filed today,” company spokesman Robin Koch said.

He said the European Commission has set a November 22 deadline to examine the case. The EUcompetition authority can either clear the deal with or without concessions or it can open a lengthy investigation if it has serious concerns.

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US software company Salesforce has criticised the takeover, saying it threatens innovation and competition.

Microsoft is expected to say that there is more than enough competition from Facebook and social networks on smartphones.Antitrust regulators in the United States, Canada and Brazil have already cleared the deal.

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LinkedIn ProFinder Offers New Freelance Marketplace for the Gig Economy

LinkedIn ProFinder Offers New Tool for the Gig Economy

ProFinder is a new professional services marketplace that LinkedIn (NYSE:LNKD) is piloting across the U.S. It is a “freelancer for hire” site similar to Fiverr, Flexjobs or Upwork, designed to help businesses find local freelance talent.

How LinkedIn ProFinder Works

To request a service, the business owner or manager goes to the ProFinder website and answers the “What service do you need?” question located on the home page. Service types cover categories from accounting to design, legal to real estate and business consulting to photography, plus much more.

From there, ProFinder takes the person through a series of queries that help to define the specifics of the request. The person clicks the “Get free proposals” button to complete the submission.

Once a person makes a request, ProFinder then attempts to get up to five responses from local freelance professionals within 24 hours of the submission. Currently, LinkedIn members from any valid U.S. zip code can file a request for service.

LinkedIn sources a freelancer’s ProFinder profile information from their LinkedIn profile. It recommends that freelancers include their skills and experience in the profile summary and get a few recommendations from clients and colleagues if they don’t already have them.

“Whether or not you get hired can often depend on the quality of recommendations you have on your profile,” LinkedIn says. “Make sure you have relevant recommendations featured on your profile to attract more leads.”

LinkedIn also suggests that freelancer’s use Pulse, the publishing platform, as a venue to demonstrate their industry knowledge, expertise, experience and career accomplishments. LinkedIn displays posts on the person’s ProFinder profile.

Price for LinkedIn ProFinder

The cost to use ProFinder is free for anyone looking to post a project and hire freelancers.

Freelancers can submit up to ten proposals at no cost but after that must upgrade to the LinkedIn Premium Business Plus subscription ($48 per month) to continue submitting proposals.

ProFinder Takes Advantage of Shift in Human Capital Economy

The launch of ProFinder represents a fundamental shift in the human capital arena.

While LinkedIn’s platform has traditionally been the domain of “white collar” business professionals to grow their careers, this new tool reveals its understanding that a shift to a gig economy is taking place — one where each job seeker is a free agent and the employer-employee relationship becomes more of a collaborative business transaction than a hierarchy, as in the past.

Fred Goff, workforce advocate and CEO of Jobcase, a work-life social network frequented by 50 million members each month, has seen this transformation first-hand. In a telephone interview with Small Business Trends, he said that three challenges and opportunities characterize the shift in the human capital market:

  • Employers no longer manage employees’ careers — workers now take control of their own trajectories;
  • This new economy is even more prevalent for those without 4-year degrees;
  • Traditional job boards are dead — meaningful employer-employee relationships are made via networking.

“Right now, in the human capital space, we are all free agents,” he said. “The employee-employer relationship has broken down, and each person is in charge of his own career.”

Goff noted that the average 25-year-old has already held up to seven jobs, quite a shift from the Baby Boomer who had no more than a dozen across the span of his entire career. As such, the stigma associated with job hopping no longers exists.

“ln addition to employee-employer loyalty bonds breaking, there is also serious economic inequality happening among the working class,” Goff said. “Forty-seven percent of all households can’t cover a $400 expense. You couple that with free agency and what you see are people taking on work in addition to their day job. People are either switching to 1099 altogether or are augmenting their income.”

To reinforce Goff’s point, a post on the ProFinder blog states that the number of professionals who freelance while working full-time has “more than doubled in the past five years,” mainly for economic reasons.

Goff regards ProFinder not as disruptive but representative of a natural evolution for LinkedIn, where it acknowledges that a shift is taking place.

“With ProFinder, LinkedIn isn’t creating a trend but responding to one that currently exists,” he said. “It’s merely an extension of LinkedIn’s functionality.”

He mentioned that platforms like ProFinder are breaking down jobs into skills proficiencies, to accommodate the quickly changing work landscape.

“The types of work change so fast that it’s necessary for workers to distil down what they do into core elements so prospective employers can get insight into what else they could do,” he said. “ProFinder lends itself to that type of approach. It makes a person’s skillset discoverable.”

How Small Businesses Can Transition to New Human Capital Economy

Goff had this advice for small businesses transitioning into the new human capital model.

“Don’t waste money posting jobs or paying for access to resumes in a database,” he said. “Instead, small businesses should free up their talent acquisition spend to promote their local talent brand — what it’s like to work at your shop. Focus on retention hiring and avoid attrition. Get your local talent brand out there, and you will have a stickier hire.”


Here’s Why You Should Be Publishing on LinkedIn


Finding success as a producer of content is often a hit-or-miss endeavor. With such a flood of content being produced by so many people on a constant basis, getting your name out there as an effective author can be incredibly challenging. Whether you’re writing for a personal or professional blog, strategically producing content for specific campaigns, or practicing engagement with pre-existing content, it’s important to contribute to the Web in ways that will ultimately drive other users back to your own content.  Publishing on LinkedIn is one way to do it.

Publishing On LinkedIn

While there’s no shortage of ways to get content on the Internet, one of the most effective places to do so is on LinkedIn, specifically the Pulse. Millions of users read through the Pulse at a constant rate all day and are comfortable commenting, sharing and engaging with content because the nature of the LinkedIn platform encourages it. This serves as an outstanding resource for authorship that holds considerable potential for broadening your audience, expanding the reach of your personal brand or the brand you represent, and giving your name the clickable appeal it needs to drive your overall Internet visibility.

One of the most attractive aspects of using LinkedIn’s Pulse as a platform for exposure is the way the broad categories facilitate high visibility. In publishing something in a category on the Pulse, you expose your content to millions of users who are deliberately seeking a multitude of opinions and perspectives on the topic you’re writing about.  In utilizing this platform, you can essentially take a megaphone and shout your brand across the Web in ways that have real value for real people.

To put this method into practice, a good starting point would be to publish two articles on LinkedIn per week about things that aren’t necessarily related to the goods or services you’re promoting. In doing so, you can connect with people on a level that encourages interest in your content more naturally. If you’re constantly producing the same kind of content, you run the risk of having a spam-like image. But by participating in news-worthy discussions and weighing in on the topics that are getting the most attention, you can assert yourself as an authority of quality content.


Flipkart, Amazon pinnacle LinkedIn India’s listing of maximum favored Employers

Flipkart, Amazon Top LinkedIn India's List of Most Preferred Employers

LinkedIn India compiled a listing of top Attractors for the year
The agencies at the list have been chosen based totally on person actions
Google, Adobe, HCL,, and Ola made it to the top 10
LinkedIn, the expert networking website that currently introduced it changed into being snapped up byMicrosoft for $26.2 billion, closing week posted its top Attractors record across international locations.those agencies are those regarded as the most attractive in the enterprise, in terms in their charm for hiring and retaining the top skills.

aside from India, other countries that saw countryunique reviews were Australia, Brazil, France, the UK, and the usa. In India, numerous tech companies made it to the listing of the top Attractors for 2016, withthe highest ranked firm arguably India’s achievement story inside the e-commerce area – Flipkart – as well as a company that turned into recently in the information for the manner it treated placement hires from control institutes.

Describing Flipkart, the LinkedIn record said, “it’s far an area wherein danger taking is recommended – witness the current flow through Myntra to head app-most effective and roll it lower back whilst theeffects weren’t as anticipated. private advantages and perks go side by aspect with a aggressiveenvironment. Flipkart become one of the first agencies to provide six months of maternity leave and sabbatical alternatives.”

next up at the list is US-based totally on line store Amazon, which within the recent beyond acquired a lot of flak for its ruthless work environment. Leaving apart a non-tech employer at the third spot, Googleis available in fourth – the hunt massive has generally dominated the fine places to paintings lists the world over.

Skipping the next few non-tech companies, we come to Adobe at number seven, HCL at number eight, at range 9, Ola at wide variety 10, Snapdeal at variety 11, Microsoft at wide variety 12, Tata Communications at variety 13, Wipro at 14, Oyo Rooms at sixteen, Honeywell at 19, Cognizant at 20, at 22, Cisco at 24, and, Zomato at 25.

In a blog put up describing LinkedIn’s method for picking the top Attractors of 2016, govt Editor stated thecorporations at the list were selected based totally on consumer movements. “Our insights group,operating with our global editorial crew, analysed literally billions of movements taken through our 433+ million individuals to provide you with a combined rating that we used to rank the winners in eachgeography.”

among the consumer movements factored inside the top Attractors listing, LinkedIn looked at activitypackages, engagement, and new rent staying electricity. Roth delivered that LinkedIn’ evaluationchanged into run most effective run on corporations with over 500 personnel, and measured useractions in a 12-month length finishing February 2016. LinkedIn itself turned into excluded from the listing,but given that Microsoft has now not but finished obtaining the agency, the Redmond large becomeallowed to stay at the list.

Roth additionally factors readers to an analysis of the LinkedIn pinnacle Attractors data through Suzy Welch, former editor in chief of the Harvard commercial enterprise review. amongst the training she derived, one was “To lease the nice, you better look properly on their profiles and deliver peopleworthwhile duties rapid.”

Welch highlighted numerous other not unusual denominators among the top Attractors, which includesadopting the fashion of reducing down forms and making less complicated organisational systems;growing schedules and places of work that offer flexibility, and, offering unexpected perks that movemanner beyond ordinary benefits plans.

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examine Satya Nadella’s electronic mail to Microsoft personnel on LinkedIn Buyout

Read Satya Nadella's Email to Microsoft Employees on LinkedIn Buyout

Nadella in a memo to employees distinctive the reasons for the deal.
it is the largest acquisition with the aid of Microsoft considering he have become CEO.
LinkedIn will keep its independence, the businesses introduced.
at the same time as Monday was set to be a large day for tech news, what with the keynote cope with of Apple’s international developers convention (WWDC) because of see some important bulletins, Microsoft has stolen the display even before it started. The Redmond giant on Monday announcedeffortlessly certainly one of the biggest tech acquisitions of the beyond decade, each in phrases ofeconomic and industry importance.

Microsoft on Monday announced it had entered into an agreement to shop for professional networkLinkedIn for $26.2 billion in an all-cash deal. The deal is predicted to be finalised via yearstop.

The joint announcement pronouncing the plans for the purchase discovered that LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner will keep his job, however record to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, even as the professional socialnetwork will keep its “emblem, subculture, and independence.”

Explaining the circulate in greater detail, Nadella’s inner memo to Microsoft employees was posted with the aid of the agency, and you can examine it in its entirety underneath.


i’m excited to share that these days Microsoft introduced a deal to collect LinkedIn. you may see how Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn, and i envision the opportunity ahead in this public presentation.

This deal brings together the arena‘s leading expert cloud with the arena‘s main professional network.i’ve been mastering about LinkedIn for some time at the same time as additionally reflecting on how networks can really differentiate cloud services. it’s clear to me that the LinkedIn team has grown aextremely good commercial enterprise and an outstanding network of greater than 433 millionspecialists.

Given this is the largest acquisition for Microsoft considering the fact that I have become CEO, I wantedto share with you the way I reflect onconsideration on acquisitions normal. to begin, I take into accountif an asset will enlarge our opportunityespecially, does it increase our general addressablemarketplace? is that this asset riding secular utilization and generation trends? And does this asset align with our core business and ordinary experience of motive?

the answer to all of those questions with LinkedIn is squarely sure. we’re in pursuit of a commonplace tasktargeted on empowering human beings and organizations. along side the brand new boom in our office365 industrial and Dynamics corporations this deal is fundamental to our bold ambition to reinventproductivity and enterprise methods. reflect onconsideration on it: How human beings find jobs, buildcompetencies, promote, market and get work done and in the long run find fulfillment requires a linkedexpert international. It requires a colourful community that brings together a professional‘s informationin LinkedIn’s public community with the information in office 365 and Dynamics. This mixture will make itpossible for brand new reviews inclusive of a LinkedIn newsfeed that serves up articles based totally at the challenge you’re operating on and office suggesting an professional to connect with throughLinkedIn to help with a assignment you’re attempting to finish. As those reviews get extra intelligentand delightful, the LinkedIn and workplace 365 engagement will grow. And in flip, new possibilities can be created for monetization via individual and corporation subscriptions and focused advertising.

Jeff and that i each consider we have a substantial opportunity to boost up LinkedIn’s boom and thefee it brings to its contributors with Microsoft’s assets and scale. In reality, when Reid Hoffman, thefounding father of LinkedIn, and that i spoke about the possibility for us to come collectively, he known as it a “re-founding” moment for LinkedIn and an possibility to attain the mission the organization set out on 13 years in the past.

The opportunity for workplace 365 and Dynamics is just as profound. during the last decade we’ve gotmoved workplace from a hard and fast of productivity tools to a cloud carrier throughout any platform and device. This deal is the next step forward for office 365 and Dynamics as they hook up with the arena‘s biggest and maximum treasured professional community. In essence, we will reinvent methodsto make specialists extra productive whilst at the same time reinventing selling, advertising and marketing and talent management business procedures. I cannot wait to look what our teams dream upwhile we can begin working collectively once the deal closes, which we anticipate will appear this calendar yr.

A big a part of this deal is accelerating LinkedIn’s growth. To that end, LinkedIn will keep its wonderful logoand independence, in addition to their culture which could be very tons aligned with ours. Jeff will stayCEO of LinkedIn, he will report to me and be part of our senior management group. In essence, what i’verequested Jeff to do is control LinkedIn with key performance metrics that accrue to our usual success. he will decide from there what makes feel to integrate and what does now not. We realize that near termthere might be no adjustments in who reviews to whom so no reporting relationships at Microsoft willchange in that regard. This method is designed to hold the LinkedIn crew targeted on driving results at the same time as concurrently partnering on product integration plans with the office 365 and Dynamicsgroups. at some point of the integration, we’ll choose key initiatives in which we can go deep togetherto be able to in the end result in new stories for customers. Kurt DelBene will lead the general integration efforts at Microsoft in close partnership with Qi Lu and Scott Guthrie.

i’m at the LinkedIn campus today in California and could host a name for investors at 8:45 a.m. PT with Jeff, Brad and Amy – please be a part of if you may. Following that, i’ll then spend the day assembly with the LinkedIn group. the following day, i will host a unique Microsoft worker Q&A – i’m hoping you couldmake it.

so far, what i have learned approximately the LinkedIn team is how a lot our cultures share a few of theequal attributes. We both care deeply about person and collective growth, and discover deep that meansinside the work we do to make a distinction in our international. collectively we’ll do just that.

whilst i’m in northern California sharing our vision to empower professionals, the Xbox team is in southern California at E3 sharing our imaginative and prescient to empower gamers. I encourage you to test out the E3 press briefing, which starts at 9:30 a.m. Pacific Time.

subsequently, if you‘re not on LinkedIn, be part of up now and start using and studying greater.

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Microsoft to shop for LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion

Microsoft to Buy LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion

The deal is expected to be finished by yrquit.
Jeff Weiner will continue to be as LinkedIn CEO, reporting to Nadella.
LinkedIn will maintain its “emblem, way of life, and independence.”
Microsoft and LinkedIn on Monday announced that the Redmond giant will buy the social community forspecialists in an all-coins transaction worth $26.2 billion, a figure that consists of LinkedIn’s net cash. The transaction is anticipated to close by way of the stop of 2016, and other than regulatory approvals, will need approval by means of LinkedIn’s shareholders.

Making the announcement in a joint assertion on Monday, the agencies said LinkedIn will retain with itspersonallogo, way of life, and independence”, and that LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner will keep in his position,but now report to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Commenting on the purchase, Nadella said, “The LinkedIn group has grown a superb enterprise centredon connecting the arena‘s specialists. collectively we are able to accelerate the boom of LinkedIn, in addition to Microsoft office 365 and Dynamics as we seek to empower every person and corporation on earth.”

Weiner also commented on the deal, and said, “just as we’ve changed the way the arena connects toopportunity, this relationship with Microsoft, and the combination of their cloud and LinkedIn’s network, now gives us a threat to additionally trade the way the world works. For the remaining thirteen years, we have been uniquely placed to connect professionals to cause them to extra efficient and successful, and i am looking ahead to main our team thru the following bankruptcy of our tale.”

inside the press announcement, LinkedIn boasted it changed into the sector‘s “largest and mostvaluable expert community“, with over 433 million members globally, and a hundred and five millionspecific travelling contributors a month. apart from offering a platform for professionals to attach andtalk, the organisation additionally offers activity search and recruitment capability. The agencycurrently also obtained, the net getting to know platform.
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Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and Comcast Partner to Secure Email

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and Comcast Partner to Secure Email

Amidst the ongoing Apple-FBI controversy, some of the biggest tech companies have joined forces to deliver a new email mechanism called SMTP STS that is aimed at making user information more secure.

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Comcast and LinkedIn have together submitted a proposal to the Internet Engineering Task Force for SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) STS (Strict Transport Security). The system checks if the domain a user is sending an email to supports SMTP STS or not, and also checks if the encryption certificate is authentic and up to date. If for some reason the mechanism detect any problem, it would not let the email pass through and will let the sender know the reason.

“SMTP STS is a mechanism enabling mail service providers to declare their ability to receive TLS-secured connections, to declare particular methods for certificate validation, and to request sending SMTP servers to report upon and/or refuse to deliver messages that cannot be delivered securely,” saidthe proposal.

Email has long been one of the primary sources of digital communication, but with the rise of instant messaging apps, workplace collaboration apps, and social networks, it is slowly losing its dominance. It is always good to see companies like Google and other working on encrypting emails to make the personal more secure. Google itself uses the encryption method for its Gmail email service. Last month it tightened the security for its Gmail service by flagging those email providers that don’t support Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption, which is aimed at ensuring a connection is secure before exchanging data between server ad client. Emails sent using such mail services will be flagged with a red broken lock icon on the top-right corner of the mail.

In addition, Gmail will flag emails received from contacts whose identity cannot be verified. The service will alert the receiver about the emails coming from unauthenticated sources by showing a question mark in place of the contact’s profile photo.

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