Blizzard Shakes Up The eSports Scene By Unveiling The First Seven Teams For Overwatch League

Blizzard has announced the names of the owners of its first seven Overwatch League teams and some of them are big players in traditional sports. Overwatch has been a massive success for Blizzard, but it is clear that the company is hoping to do something special with Overwatch League. Blizzard’s approach to the Overwatch League is very […]

Blizzard Unveils New E-Sports Overwatch League at BlizzCon 2016

Blizzard Unveils New E-Sports Overwatch League at BlizzCon 2016 HIGHLIGHTS The Overwatch League is Blizzard’s attempt to make e-sports acceptable The Overwatch League will take place from next year It is unlikely that India will be a part of it A new hero for Overwatch in Sombra wasn’t the only announcement for Blizzard’s first-person shooter. […]

seasoned Kabaddi League signs and symptoms on eleven sponsors for season four

The fourth season of the seasoned Kabaddi League is off to an amazing start, having signed up elevenadvertisers as sponsors for the five-week, eight–city match that started out on 25 June. reliable broadcaster megastar India is expected to generate sales of round Rs.70 crore from this season by myself, 50% greater than what it earned […]