Killer Web Design Hacks That Will Actually Work for Your Agency

Is your website getting a large number of visitors but not giving you the quality results you want? Efficiently directing your visitors and persuading them to convert is not an easy feat and there is no shortcut to achieve overnight success. Ecommerce is the fastest growing industry, and it is expected that ecommerce sales will […]

5 Killer Tips for Small Businesses to Generate Better Blog Traffic

Companies that blog receive 97 percent more inbound links than those that don’t. – Hubspot Almost everyone knows how valuable blogging can be and it is quite possible that you maintain one as well. Blogging can help you achieve several goals, which include improving brand awareness, selling products/services, or becoming a thought leader. Regardless of what your goals are, you need to divert as much […]

A Serial Killer ‘inspired’ by Islamic nation videos

SAO PAULO: Brazilian police stated on Wednesday that they had arrested a suspected serial killer who attacked victims with an axe earlier than decapitating them, allegedly taking his suggestion from watchingugly Islamic nation films. “We have already got a tally of seven victims, six of them fatalities. the primary homicide befell on Saturday. we’re going […]