Intel Compute Sticks Transform a TV into a Computer

compute stick

Last year, Intel introduced its first Compute Stick.  Initial reviews called the Intel Compute Stick a great idea but underwhelming.

Now it seems that Intel has improved its compute stick with new entrants that solve some of the initial shortcomings.

The Compute Stick is about the size of a pack of gum. According to Intel, it has everything you need to transform a TV into a computer, or a monitor into a complete computer.

At 4.5 inches tall, the Compute Sticks include the Windows 10 operating system, an Intel Atom or Core-M processor, wireless connectivity, the same graphics as a full-size computer, 32 to 64 GB of storage, and more. There’s even a tiny cooling fan, according to Intel.  The exact configuration of what you get depends on the model you choose.

What that means is that when you plug the Compute Stick into an HDMI TV, it turns the television into a fully-functioning computer.  Or you can choose to plug it into a monitor, and turn the monitor into a computer.

Of course, you have to supply a wireless keyboard and mouse.  Or you can use the Intel Remote Keyboard app to control the device with your tablet or phone. But assuming you do that, it turns that display into a full-functioning computer.

When the first Intel compute stick was introduced back in 2015, the general consensus was that it was slow and lacked necessary features, such as sufficient USB ports. Intel seems to have taken that criticism to heart. The latest Compute Sticks offer a faster processor, better networking and more USB ports, according to Engadget.

Priced at under $200, they offer capability in a small package at a modest price.

The two new entrants, along with the original Bay Trail model, bring the Intel Compute Sticks to a total of three offerings.

The new models have been dubbed Cherry Trail and Skylake. These new models each include up to three USB ports, 802.11 WiFi capability for Internet connectivity, built-in Bluetooth 4.2 to connect peripherals wirelessly, 64 GB of storage, and a micro SD card slot. Depending on which model you choose, you can get the Intel Core M5v Pro processor or Intel Core M3 processor.  See the Intel site for exact model configurations.

With Intel getting the formula right, a Compute Stick may be an option for entrepreneurs and small businesses to consider.

Here are four ways small businesses can use a Compute Stick:

  • Be mobile –  Carry a computer wherever you are — from hotel room to vacation rental, from co-working cubicle to conference room.
  • Create and update a digital sign — You can transform a television on the wall of your shop into a digital sign. Connect to the cloud for access to a presentation that loops over and over. It becomes an automated sign without needing to purchase a turnkey digital signage solution.
  • Display graphics work or give a presentation on a large screen — Sometimes a small laptop or tablet screen just won’t do, such as when creating digital artwork. When you need to see something large, just plug in the compute stick to an extra large monitor or that 65″ television.
  • Save money — Instead of maintaining two computers (one at work and one at the office), simply have a monitor or TV in each place. Then carry the HDMI stick with you. You can work anywhere on a full-size or very large screen.

Image: Intel


With Xbox Scorpio, Microsoft Does Not Want to Turn Consoles into the Graphics Card Market

With Xbox Scorpio, Microsoft Does Not Want to Turn Consoles into the Graphics Card Market


  • Phil Spencer claims that Xbox Scorpio will not see an immediate successor
  • He does not want the console market to emulate the PC space
  • Xbox Scorpio is out in the holiday season of 2017

With the PS4 Pro hitting the shelves in less than 10 days, the age of iterative consoles, whether we like it or not, begins. And while Sony has kept its cards close to its chest on what to expect next, Xbox boss Phil Spencer says that you won’t see a successor to Xbox Scorpio – it’s souped up Xbox One due next year, any time soon.

“I don’t have this desire to every two years have a new console on the shelf”, he explained to Game Informer. “That’s not part of the console business model, and it doesn’t actually help us. The best customer I have is somebody who buys the original Xbox and just buys all the games. That’s the best customer for us in terms of the pure financials of it […]I’m not trying to turn consoles into the graphics card market.

(Also see:Xbox Scorpio Games to Run in Native 4K Resolution: Microsoft)

While it’s heartening to know that at least one console maker isn’t interested in turning the console space into something akin to the graphics card or smartphone markets with new models released frequently, Spencer claims he has no idea on what after Scorpio:

(Also see:Xbox Scorpio has an Obvious Power Advantage over PS4 Pro: Microsoft)

“To be completely honest, I don’t know what the next console is past Scorpio. We’re thinking about it. We’re looking at consumer trends and what the right performance spec and price would be, and [asking ourselves], ‘Can we hit something that has a meaningful performance characteristic that a gamer would care about?'”

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This Laptop Deck Turns the HP Elite x3 into a PC and Phablet in One

The HP Elite x3 Lap Dock is a new offering from HP that turns your mobile phone into a laptop with many of the same capabilities.

The new HP (NYSE:HPQ) Elite x3 is a full featured phablet with a hefty price tag, and for small businesses that can afford it, the Lap Dock is the perfect accessory to make it a complete system.

Businesses now want a mobile device that can handle Microsoft’s Office applications just like a desktop, HP seems to be betting. They want their employees to have all the tools they need when they are outside of the office, which is what the HP Elite x3 delivers. But when they get back, it is important to seamlessly connect to peripherals that let these devices to continue functioning like a desktop. The Lap Dock makes that possible for the x3 with a very slim form factor device.

At first glance the Lap Dock looks like a regular laptop, but it is far from that. It is solely designed to extend the capability of the x3, and essentially has no guts. That means no processor, hard drive, RAM, etc.

When you open the device, you get a nearly borderless 12.5-inch diagonal LED-backlit Full HD (1920 x 1080) display, a backlit spill-resistant keyboard with drain and a large touchpad. It delivers the audio with integrated Bang & Olufsen stereo speakers, noise canceling microphones and stereo headphone jack.

The HP Elite x3 Lap Dock is a new offering from HP that turns your mobile phone into a laptop with many of the same capabilities.

The ports and connectors include micro HDMI, 1 USB Type-C for data and charging, 2 USB Type-C for data and power in/out. The whole thing is powered by a 4-cell 46W/hr battery that is powerful enough to charge the x3 when you run out of juice.

Pairing the x3 and Lap Dock is made possible with Miracast and WiGig technologies. All you have to do is place the phablet next to the dock, and you are ready to go. Continuum and HP Workspace take care of everything else.

The Lap Dock will be available November 14, 2016 for $599. So, with the HP Elite x3 starting at $799, price will clearly be the biggest barrier for budget conscious small businesses.

Image: HP


LeapPad Inventor Wants to Turn Your Eyes Into a Mouse

LeapPad Inventor Wants to Turn Your Eyes Into a Mouse


  • Eye-based technology is key to improving and popularizing VR technology
  • System designed to help alleviate the nausea experienced by some VR users
  • Eyefluence is currently hammering out licensing deals with headset makers

First came the computer mouse. Then the touchscreen. Now the tech industry is looking for a new human-machine interface-this time, one that will make virtual-reality headsets as mainstream as personal computers and smartphones.

The man who invented the LeapPad tablet for kids is betting the killer app is right in front of your face: the eyes.

Jim Marggraff’s startup, Eyefluence, has developed technology that knows where people are looking and lets them manipulate objects the way we do now by clicking a mouse or tapping an icon. Besides fostering a more natural and immersive experience, the system is designed to help alleviate the nausea experienced by some VR users and enhance security with iris scans.

Marggraff says most of the big headset makers have expressed interest in licensing the technology from his Milpitas, California, company. Motorola Solutions, a leading investor, is testing the technology for emergency responders and sees possibilities in mining and medicine. “You’re able to basically interact in the virtual world simply by looking at what you want to interact with,” says X Prize Foundation founder Peter Diamandis, who advises Eyefluence and has seen the technology.

Most VR headsets use some sort of handheld device (like a game controller) or head movements to navigate. These techniques are far from ideal because they require a lot of moving around that gets tiring, and industry heavyweights including Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg agree that some form of eye-based technology is key to improving and popularizing VR technology. Gaming enthusiasts also say eye-tracking would significantly improve the playing experience by making it easier to follow objects and interact with characters.

Already, a host of companies with names like SensoMotoric Instruments, Tobii and The Eye Tribe are working on eye-tracking devices that could plug into a range of headsets. Another company called Fove says it will soon have the first headset featuring a version of the technology. But most of these are limited to scanning the iris for security purposes and recognizing where the user is looking-pointing but not clicking.

Eyefluence takes it one step further, not only using the eyes as a cursor, but letting them select, zoom, pan-things now accomplished by clicking and double-clicking a mouse or tapping and pinching a touchscreen.

The eyes are the fastest moving organ, capable of shifting 900 degrees per second, which means Eyefluence’s interface software makes it much faster to tell the computer what to do. The technology makes a two- or even three-step thought process into one: say, from look at object, move hand to it and tap or click to simply look. “It almost feels magical, like the system knows what you want before you tell it,” Diamandis says. “It’s almost like it’s reading your mind.”

When Marggraff announced plans to turn the human eye into a computer mouse, skeptics said it couldn’t be done. “People told me, ‘Don’t bother: you consume information with your eyes, but if you try to simultaneously use your eyes to control things, there will be a collision between controlling and directing and consuming,” he recalls.

But Marggraff has a deserved reputation for knowing a good idea when he sees one. He came up with the LeapPad even before the iPod existed. Released in 1999, the device helped kids learn how to read, was for a time the most popular toy in the US and generated more than $1 billion (roughly Rs. 6,717 crores) in revenue within five years.

Marggraff, 58, also created the Livescribe, one of the better-known smart pens that record audio and sync it to written notes. Eyefluence co-founder Dave Stiehr, 57, helped build several medical-device companies, including one that sold automatic external defibrillators-gadgets that diagnose and correct uneven heartbeats and are now standard equipment in many movie theaters, airplanes and offices.

In 2012, Marggraff bought all the assets of Eye-Com, a research company led by neurologist William Torch and funded by the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Transportation and the Department of Defense. Torch researched everything from fatigue to blinking and had accumulated more than a decade’s worth of data on eyes as well as built technology to track and analyze the organ. Marggraff and his team used that foundation to create an interactive system that uses looks to direct a computer.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. Eyefluence’s team had to design a way that feels natural for the eyes to communicate a person’s intentions to the machine. Looking at an object for a set amount of time to “click” it, for instance, wouldn’t work: it’s too taxing on the eyes, and it would take too much active thinking to remember to stare for a certain amount of time or not stare for too long for fear of accidentally selecting it. A successful eye-interaction method would have to be just as intuitive as moving a mouse or tapping an app.

In the end, Marggraff solved the problem by embracing aspects of how the human eye works that he’d originally seen as a limitation. Even though it feels like our eyes are providing a constant stream of visual information, there are actually interruptions to the feed when we move our eyes to look at or examine something else.

In those moments, we are essentially blind and the brain fills in the missing images. Using these kinds of movements as a foundation, Eyefluence built an eye-machine interface that acts on intentional looks and ignores incidental ones. The company declined to explain further how the software works, citing concerns about maintaining a competitive edge.

Eyefluence is currently hammering out licensing deals with various headset makers to include its hardware and software in their devices, though the company declined to discuss specifics, citing non-disclosure agreements. Marggraff did say that the company is working with the “major players” and has been “overloaded with the strong amount of business partnerships and interest.”

Motorola Solutions, which led Eyefluence’s most recent fundraising round of $14 million, has been trying out the technology for more practical applications. The company, which sells equipment to first responders and other public safety and government agencies, sees Eyefluence as essential to providing police and firefighters with information via headset in a hands-free way that won’t interfere with their jobs.

“The more stress you’re under, the less cognitive ability you have to devote to menial tasks, so when you need the tech the most, that’s when you have the least capacity you have to extract what you need,” says Chief Technology Officer Paul Steinberg. “By using the very simple and quick interactions, we can lessen cognitive requirements to use the technology.”

Steinberg also foresees using Eyefluence’s technology in headsets for industries such as mining where drones will probably become ubiquitous. To test the eye-tracking and interface, Motorola Solutions has built and tested a virtual command center for emergency responders using Facebook’s Oculus Riftheadset, where users can see camera feeds from field operatives and control what they’re looking at and zoom in and out using their eyes. The next iteration could use Eyefluence technology to develop gaze-matching, where a person in the command center will be able to not only follow where the field operatives are looking, but direct them to check out other things.

The learning curve was almost nonexistent, which surprised Steinberg because he’d assumed using looks to manipulate things would present a challenge. And he says users generally retained their knowledge. However, Motorola Solutions probably won’t have a product ready next year, largely because headsets need to improve first.

Diamandis predicts Eyefluence technology will popularize VR the way the mouse once did the personal computer: “Everyone who’s seen it has completely gotten the power.”

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Chase Jumps Into online Small business Loans, with OnDeck

J.P. MorganEdit

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., the biggest bank within the U.S., is the contemporary to companion with analternative lender, placing a deal with OnDeck Capital Inc. to deliver loans to its small commercial enterprise customers.
“We’re working with OnDeck to construct a brand new Chase lending product to be able to be launching in 2016 for small-dollar loans to our small-business customers,” Jennifer Piepszak, J.P. Morgan’s head ofbusiness banking informed Bloomberg. “via combining Chase’s relationships and lending experience with OnDeck’s generation platform, we’ll be able to provide nearly actual-time approvals and equal– orsubsequent-day investment.”
opportunity lenders have been developing fast as they use a wide amount of non-traditional records todetermine whether or not a person is a “correct credit score or no longer,” says J.P. Morgan chiefexecutive Officer Jamie Dimon. they have got consequently been able to quickly underwrite smaller loans — $250,000 and under — that banks have hassle doing.
when you consider that its founding in 2007, OnDeck has lent out greater than $3 billion to smallcommercial enterprise owners the usage of its proprietary evaluation to determine the borrower’s credit score worthiness. while their better than traditional financial institution lending fees have earned themquite a few complaint, their net proprietary assessment has enabled would-be customers to get a “sure” or “No” answer on their mortgage applications quick, and this has been a key selling factor.
The recent partnership follows J.P. Morgan’s strategy of growing its revenue by using growing its smallenterprise unit. Piepszak became chief govt of Chase enterprise Banking in January with the mandate of leveraging opportunities to passsell small enterprise banking, charge and credit score card processingofferings to generate extra sales.
the brand new product will surely allow small business proprietors to experience the best of bothworlds. The carrier can be to be had over the net to a number of J.P. Morgan’s small business clientsstarting January 2016.

For David Bowie, the skinny White Duke, inspiration changed into Black

David Bowie

slender AND pale, DAVID BOWIE COUNTED THE DOUR thin WHITE DUKE among HIS MANY INCARNATIONS. but HIS first love changed into AFRICAN-AMERICAN tune AND HIS views ON RACE, LIKE HIS music, have been often beforehand in their TIME. AFTER THE BRITISH ROCK LEGEND’Sshock loss of life FROM cancer, A VIDEO WENT VIRAL online OF DAVID BOWIE IN 1983 ACCUSING MTV OF IGNORING AFRICAN-individuals
slim and light, David Bowie counted the dour skinny White Duke amongst his many incarnations. but hisfirst love turned into African-American tune and his views on race, like his tune, have been often ahead of their time. (also examine: How David Bowie modified Wall road)

After the British rock legend’s shock loss of life from cancer on Sunday at age 69, a video went viral on-lineof a dapper David Bowie in 1983 accusing then-nascent MTV of ignoring African-people, a trend “rampantthrough American media.”

Bowie endured with politeness as MTV host Mark Goodman insisted that the network had to ‘play thesong that we assume a whole country is going to like‘ and appear meaningful to ‘a 17-yrantiqueoutdoor massive US cities.

“I tell you what perhaps the Isley Brothers or Marvin Gaye means to a black 17-yearantique. sincerelyhe’s part of the us as nicely,” Bowie stated, regarding classic African-American acts.

Bowie, a professional actor who become an MTV preferred within the Eighties, become hardly everrisking his career thru the interview and, soon afterward, Michael Jackson broke via the community‘sshade barrier.

however the episode was simply one that showed Bowie to be a frontrunner on racial issues, at the same time as his fan base was largely white.

Early in his profession as he done inside the American South, which became simply finishingrespectable discrimination codes, Bowie insisted on playing with African-American musicians and mightwhisk the band out of metropolis at once after concert events to keep away from hassle.

In 1975, as he exited his early glam-rock section, Bowie have become one of the first white performers on “Soul train,” the television show that become a ought tolook ahead to many African-americans.

Bowie executed two songs that could be amongst his most well-knownfame and young americans. The songs regarded on his young people album, recorded at Sigma Sound Studios, the legendary middleof soul song in Philadelphia.

From soul to Hitler

The soul phase changed into now not a sudden fad for Bowie, raised in a modest family inside theLondon location.

the one thing that definitely grew to become me directly to looking to be a musician, looking to write down, become black music – American black track – Little Richard and John Coltrane in the Nineteen Fifties,” Bowie told record Collector in a 1993 interview.

Bowie stated he changed into 8 years antique while he first heard Little Richard, the pioneering R&B and funk artist.

i discovered it all very excitingthe sensation of aggression that came through the preparations. Itbecome like breaking up the sky — his voice broke out of the skies – an extraordinary voice,” Bowie said.

In one of the maximum seen symptoms of his comfort on race, Bowie in 1992 married Somali-bornsupermodel Iman, a relationship that lasted till his loss of life.

In a 1993 interview with Arsenio corridor, Bowie said the couple’s celebrity popularity shielded them from bigotry however voiced dismay that interracial couples had been extra common in Europe than the us on the time.

however Bowie’s report on racial equality turned into marred by using a flirtation with a philosophy that could rarely be in addition removed — Nazism.

just a 12 months after acting on “Soul teach,” Bowie changed into detained on the border of the Soviet Union and Poland for a collection of Nazi memorabilia.

His terrific White Duke persona became grim and consciously Aryan and Bowie defined Hitler as an early rock famous person.

Bowie later took pains to distance himself, announcing he become out of his mind on tablets.

He stated he by no means embraced anti-Semitism however evolved a erroneous fascination with the Nazis over their look for the legendary Holy Grail in Glastonbury, England.

My little China girl

Bowie virtually declared himself off fascism after transformative years inside the overdue Seventies in West Berlin.

during the duration Bowie wrote with Iggy Pop the track whose legacy has been the various maximumcontested – China female.

The original lyrics – i’m a large number with out my little China femalewere often concept to be metaphorical, using avenue slang for heroin.

however Bowie’s 1983 model made no mistake that it become approximately white male fetishization of Asian women.

With a chinesestimulated guitar riff by way of Nile Rodgers of chic fame, Bowie seemed in the video dancing in Sydney’s Chinatown, seeking to woo an Asian lady through slanting his eyes along with hishands.

Bowie defined the video as an over-the-top parody of racial stereotypes and an indictment of ‘invasion and exploitation.’

however no longer all were convinced. In a extensively study 1993 essay, educational Ellie Hisamarecounted that Bowie meant irony but stated the video still contemplated Asian stereotypes throughdepriving the girl of any voice.

The actress herself — Geeling Ng, now a restauranteur in Auckland — informed the brand new Zealandusher in after Bowie’s loss of life she remained ‘totally proud to be China woman.’

praise for Bowie has also come from outstanding African-American artists together with rapper Kanye West, who referred to as him “certainly one of my most crucial inspirations.”

“So fearless, so creative, he gave us magic for a lifetime,” Kanye West tweeted.

Munir El Haddadi scores twice as FC Barcelona Cruise Into Copa del Rey Quarters

Munir El Haddadi Lionel Messi

Munir El Haddadi celebrates with FC Barcelona captain Lionel Messi.
© AP
Barcelona: Barcelona ended a threegame series of awful-tempered derbies against Espanyol on top bysealing their vicinity inside the Copa del Rey region-finals 6-1 on mixture courtesy of a 2-0 win at Cornella-El Prat on Wednesday.
sparkling from choosing up his record fifth Ballon d’Or, Lionel Messi became all over again Barca’sthought as he brilliantly picked out Munir El Haddadi to open the scoring earlier than the teenager tappedhome his second of the night overdue on.
there has been much less aggression on the field than inside the preceding conferences between the perimeters in the past 10 days, however Espanyol may be punished for offensive banners closer toColombian popstar Shakira – the partner of Barca defender Gerard Pique – and Luis Suarez. (Barca toenchantment Suarez Suspension)
Athletic Bilbao, Celta Vigo and Las Palmas also booked their place within the remaining 8 to join Sevilla and Mirandes, who certified on Tuesday, for friday‘s regionfinal draw.
l. a. Liga leaders Atletico Madrid host Rayo Vallecano on Thursday tied at 1-1, while Gary Neville’s Valencia have one foot within the quarters as they lead Granada four0.
nowadays everything became plenty calmer, partly because of the result,” stated Barca boss Luis Enrique.
“The only sport that got out of hand was the primary, but i am now not the one to examine it. the second had what a derby should have and in the third it turned into tougher for them to press us.
when one side plays to an accelerated stage it subsequently wears them down.”
Suarez changed into banned for confronting Espanyol gamers within the tunnel after closing week’s first-leg in which the visitors had men despatched-off.
Enrique also handed Neymar, Pique, Sergio Busquets and Andres Iniesta a rest, but Messi captained theaspect just days after regaining his title of global participant of the year. (Neymar Ordered to appear incourtroom Over transfer From Santos)
Francesco Bardi produced a brilliant shop to prevent the Argentine beginning the scoring with a fierce volley on 11 minutes.
however, the Espanyol ‘keeper become left helpless while El Haddadi galloped onto Messi’s inch-best viaball to spherical Bardi before slotting into an empty internet.
Alvaro Gonzalez unceremoniously chopped down Messi and Felipe Caicedo charged into Marc-Andre ter Stegen as the sport threatened to boil over.
but, Ter Stegen had his revenge as he stood up properly to show Caicedo’s chipped effort over moments later.
With the tie actually headed in Barca’s favour, the second one1/2 was in large part a non-event, but theecu champions did upload a 2nd two minutes from time when Aleix Vidal squared for El Haddadi to tapdomestic.
Athletic Bilbao, Celta Vigo win
remaining season’s finalists Athletic Bilbao finished a four-2 aggregate victory over Villarreal thanks toInaki Williams’s neat turn and end to assert a 1-zero win on the night time at El Madrigal.
Celta Vigo shrugged off their negative la Liga shape of past due to stop Cadiz’s Cup reprieve after theyadvanced to the finalsixteen because of real Madrid’s expulsion from the opposition for fielding an ineligible player.
John Guidetti’s 1/3 purpose of the tie and Dejan Drazic’s late strike sealed a 2-zero win to progress 50 onaggregate.
And Las Palmas edged a goalfest in opposition to Eibar 6-4 on aggregate way to their second three-2 win of the tie.
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This 12-12 months-old Has Been general into 2 schools Already. should grow to be a physician by way of 18.


software engineer Bijou Abraham and veterinarian Taji Abraham need to be proud dad and mom these days. at the same time as maximum adults battle to get their levels, scuffling with unrealistic deadlines, a never ending ‘to-do’ listing and an ever-increasing studyinglisting, their son has breezed via gettingnot one, not but a total of 3 ranges!

at the soft age of 12, Tanishq Abraham already has three network college ranges to his call.

The Indian-American student from Sacramento has also been widely wide-spread into two colleges in thecollege of California, UC Davis and UC Santa Cruz, but is but to decide on one.


photo supply: fb

Tanishq plans to study biomedical engineering: “I think I’ll be 18 when i am getting my MD,” he instructedCBS thirteen Sunday. He hopes to in the future work as a health practitioner and clinical researcher.

additionally examine: 10 things you should recognise about Tanishq Abraham: The eleven yr vintageIndian American high college graduate

at the age of 4, Tanishq became a member of Mensa, the prestigious international society whose qualification for club is a score of ninety eight or extra on a standardised IQ take a look at. Tanishq scorean excellent ninety nine.nine.

As a five 12 months antique, Tanishq enrolled himself within the math instructions supplied via Stanforduniversity’s schooling software for gifted youngsters (EPGY). He finished the whole direction in anastounding 6 months.

by means of six, Tanishq had taken several high faculty and college stage training on-line and had enrolled himself within the American River network university by means of seven. He exceeded the Geology and Astonomy guides with flying colors.

He additionally has the precise difference of being the youngest person to talk and gift a paper at one ofNASA’s meetings.

Tanishq says that child geniuses are often seen as unusual, reviews NDTV. “whilst you think about a genius, you observed of a mad scientist sort of aspect,” he says. “but I just assume gaining knowledge of is a laugh.”

And to assume that he’s just getting started out!

Apple Extends Push Into corporations With SAP Tie-up

Apple Extends Push Into Businesses With SAP Tie-up

Apple Inc is taking every other step into the corporate computing world by partnering with SAP to broadenapps that run the German enterprise‘s extensively used business software program on smartphones andtablets, the two groups said on Thursday.

The patron electronics massive, which traditionally has remained aloof from the unglamorous but probablybeneficial market for employer software, has inside the past two years set partnerships with IBM , Ciscostructures and now SAP that allow Apple products to attain a growing target market of commercial enterprise specialists.

SAP, whose enterprise software program runs interior 87 percent of the arena‘s 2,000 largestbusinesses, said it would work with Apple to increase cell business apps for iPhones and iPads that run on its HANA database software program.

HANA software represents SAP’s largest new platform in two many years. SAP is seeking to lure itsenormous base of multinational corporate clients to convert their classic packaged software programfor dealing with economic planning, human assets, production and external deliver chains with the aid of transferring to cloud-primarily based software program run over the internet and its HANA database.

The collaboration with Apple makes HANA to be had not simply to iPad-toting executives but also to “areapeople on the field,” stated Kevin Ichhpurani, govt vice chairman for strategic enterprise development at SAP. more moderen competitors like ServiceNow and already are focused on fieldemployees with a few merchandise that run on smartphones.

A 2014 take a look at through business software program maker VMware showed that Apple’sreputation as some thing however a businesspc provider is obsolete. It discovered that two-thirds ofcorporate enterprises now permit personnel to apply Apple computer systems as well as conventionalMicrosoft windows products.

In September closing 12 months, Apple chief govt Tim cook dinner boasted that Apple’s enterprisebusiness had generated $25 billion (kind of Rs. 1,66,448 crores), or more or less 14 percentage of theorganisation‘s revenue, inside the past yr.

The full-size majority of its sales maintains to come back from phones, computers and related servicesaimed toward customers.

Apple runs its deliver chain for dealing with its global production and logistics operations on SAP software,in step with marketplace studies firm Gartner.

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Reliance entertainment to put money into 20 Indian Gaming Startups

Reliance Entertainment to Invest in 20 Indian Gaming Startups

With cell gaming gaining robust traction inside the usa, Reliance amusement has introduced its attentionback on the Indian marketplace and is trying to spend money on 20 gaming startups this yr.

Reliance games, a part of Reliance entertainment, has additionally introduced investments worth over $50,000 (more or less Rs. 33 lakhs) in marketing and technology to guide some Indian startups as part ofits ‘PG Connects’ occasion.

Reliance entertainment is a completely-owned subsidiary of Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group.

the following 18-24 months gift a huge possibility as India is ready to come to be the second biggestphone marketplace within the world. The marketplace is at a inflection factor and it’s miles a greenfieldopportunity for recreation developers as domestic mobile recreation marketplace grows extensively,” Reliance leisure virtual CEO Amit Khanduja instructed PTI.

some years in the past, there were about 40 gaming startups and now there are more than 250 startups, hedelivered.

“So, despite the fact that India is still an emerging game development hub – the skills and startupenvironment is developing exponentially and in the subsequent 3four years, we are hoping to look theenterprise grow to house as much as 50,000 professionals working in this area,” he stated.

Khanduja delivered that while the organisation has not defined an investment fund, it plans to “submitwith 20 Indie startups this yr“.

we are extra eager on strategic partnerships with startups than a particular quantum of monetaryinvestment wherein we are able to assist the partner take their recreation to the next stage for a launch.those partnerships encompass significant greenback investments in technology, marketing, analyticsand people resources from Reliance video games,” he said.

according to a FICCI-KPMG report, Indian gaming industry has grown from Rs. 1,000 crores in 2010 to Rs. 2,650 crores in 2015. this is projected to develop to Rs. 3,080 crores by using 2016-give up and in addition to Rs. 5,070 crores through the give up of December 2020.

The employer Tuesday introduced the partnership with Indian most fulfilling League’s cricket group, Gujarat Lions, and has turn out to be the authentic gaming partner of the Rajkot-based totally crew.

The games will allow players to customise their crew, have interaction with their favorite T20 stars – Suresh Raina, Brendon McCullum, Aaron Finch and different cricketers inside the Gujarat crew by means of gambling with their favored superstars in the game.

Khanduja stated the Indian market is “ripe for investments however it needs extra than economicinvestments”.

presently, indie-developers need massive hand keeping in layout, monetisation, advertising and marketing and technology, we see strategic tie usa the street to achievement than pure-play fund investments,” he brought.

The interest will see a massive pick out up, as soon as those talented startups develop in phrases ofparticipant engagement and monetisation, he added.

also, adoption of gaming past the metros and large cities into tier-II and III towns might offer a first-rateincrease.

“With the cellphone growth and 4G adoption, cell game marketplace is experiencing a hockey stick boomas games can offer focused advertising and sponsorships, in-app purchases via subscription and app savespends for hundreds of thousands of gamers here,” he stated.

Khanduja brought that value for cash gaming will thrive in India and branded advertisement and non-intrusive rewarded movies included into design of the game is the precise approach for engaging game enthusiasts.

Reliance video games works with Hollywood Studios like Dreamworks, Sony pix, Paramount photos, Columbia photographs and Warner Bros.

With over 200 million downloads globally, Reliance games operates across 5 nations global.

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