If Google Has a Mobile First Strategy, So Should You

If Google Has a Mobile First Strategy, So Should You

There is a tendency within the digital sphere to uphold a future-oriented mindset. From social media to SEO, from algorithms to user experience, our approach and practices maintain a forecasting nature. Trends and methods are always observed and developed with the next step in mind and the future in sight, the end goal being to evolve with complexity and instinct matching that of users. How is search behavior changing? What will users respond to? How can we improve the digital practices that already exist? In what direction is search moving, and how can we stay ahead of the curve? The ability to effectively find solutions for these questions requires a marathon-like endurance, and, more than any other search engine, Google sets the pace.

Shifts in Search Behavior

For years we’ve anticipated a shift to mobile-first users, expecting and monitoring search behavior as smartphones continue to become more and more capable. That shift has arrived, and the necessity of adapting to a mobile-first world has become unavoidable. Of the ever increasing number of searches run on Google every day, more than half are made from a mobile device.

Mobile First Strategy - Shifts in Search Behavior

Smartphones, more than just a means of communication, have become a personal item for practically every member of society. Smartphones are a personal assistant, a planner, a map, and a genie that can answer any question by way of a simple search. So ingrained into modern culture is the smartphone/tablet/device that it’s now become the best, most effective place to reach consumers. The opportunity to reach consumers on a level as personal as the device in their pocket or purse holds significant potential for growth of any brand or business, but the tools to make that happen have to adapt to the ebb and flow of user behavior.

Mobile First Strategy - High Mobile Use

Get to Know Your Searchers

The importance of getting to know your searchers and/or clientele can’t be understated. In order to effectively market to new search patterns and habits, you have to be able to put yourself into the shoes of consumers-specifically the shoes of your consumers. As a general practice, I recommend spending time among the consumers you’re trying to target through your digital marketing campaigns. For example, if you’re trying to develop a PPC campaign for gourmet coffee, poke around the coffee culture forums on Reddit and take note of what consumers are looking for, respond to, what kind of language they use to talk about coffee, etc. Making observations about consumer preferences will keep you in the loop and allow you to understand your consumers best.

Google Sets the Pace in Mobile First Strategy

True to its trail-blazing performance, Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has unveiled the first of what will likely be many adaptions of e-commerce tools. To meet consumers and users where they spend the most time and run the most searches, Google AdWords has been revamped. Its re-imagined design pointedly addresses the mobile-first trends that have arrived, and puts an old but sharpened tool back into the hands of advertisers and developers. The AdWords makeover is optimized for screen sizes of popular smartphones and mobile devices, putting user experience at the forefront of campaign management and therein cashing in on the ‘new’ behavior of searchers. What sounds like more work is actually less, because these upgrades offer responsive ads auto-designed by Google, bid adjustments for each device type, and local optimization-all streamlined into an a simple, contained format.

Why It’s Time to Shift Your Mindset

To spell it out in case it wasn’t already obvious: mobile users are having a moment. We now live in a mobile-first word; Google is adapting to it, and you should, too. The AdWords update and its modified controls are great, but this innovation is likely to be one of many. The emphasis on optimizing the mobile experience and, perhaps more importantly, finding ways to capitalize on it is why Google, the pace setter, is rolling out things like the Google Keyboard or even bothering with an AdWords redesign. More than an exciting and fresh way to meet consumers where it counts, it’s a move indicative of the overall shift towards mobile browsing and search. This assertion of permanence in regards to mobile browsing can’t be ignored and will undoubtedly prompt producers of all industries to rethink their strategy. While the shift to a mobile-first society by no means calls for the total abandonment of other marketing avenues, it does urge the recognition of quickly maturing user habits and a rethinking of how to naturally insert your brand or advertisement into the digital realm where users are doing the most. Clicking, shopping, browsing, local searches-all of the data Google has collected points to mobile, and that direction is where your future-oriented, digital mindset should be pointing, too.

Shifting Your Mindset: What You Can Do

Aside from getting to know your searchers, there are a handful of ways you can embrace this shift and participate in a mobile-first world.

  • Make your website mobile-friendly. The way your website looks on a desktop isn’t how it’ll convert on a mobile device. Ensuring that your site is mobile-friendly will keep users on your site and provide useful information for the on-to-go consumer. Also along the lines of having a mobile-friendly site, if you have any forms that a user would need to fill out for your business, try and keep them short. Remember: convenience is key in a mobile-first world.

Mobile First Strategy - Mobile Website

  • Make phones numbers and addresses visible and clickable. If your business has a physical location, having the contact information readily available can significantly boost foot traffic.
  • Evaluate your mobile page load speed. Fun fact via Kissmetrics: 40 prcent of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Page load speed most directly affects your revenue when it comes to mobile. Every second counts, so make should your load speed is up to snuff by testing it.
  • Update your mobile ads. Titles, displays-everything. Treat the re-imagined AdWords as your newest teammate, and use the new features to tweak your mobile ads for optimum performance. Are your ads responsive? Are you utilizing the longer headlines and description lines? Are your URL paths customized? By working through these things like a checklist, you can painlessly accommodate users from every device and participate in the mobile-first world.


Millennials Want Work-Life Balance, Even if it Means Relocation

millenial working

Everyone talks about work-life balance, but will Millennials be the ones to really make it happen?

A new EY study finds that Millennials – particularly Millennial parents – are so serious about finding work-life balance, they’re willing to relocate if it means finding a job that offers it.

Millennials are an influential generation, perhaps as influential in their time as the Baby Boomers were in theirs. And just as the Baby Boomers changed the face of the workplace a generation ago, Millennials may do the same in the coming years.

But what does this mean for your small business?

First, here’s a closer look at what EY found. Millennials want work-life balance, especially Millennial parents, and say finding work-life balance has gotten harder in the last five years. About half say this is due to increasing work responsibilities – ages 25 to 29 are when most U.S. employees move into management roles, so Millennials are taking on more duties at work.

However, ages 25 to 29 are also the age when most Americans become parents, so Millennials are facing a double-whammy.

In fact, some 44 percent of Millennials in the survey say work-life balance has gotten harder to achieve in the last five years due to more responsibilities at home. Not making things any easier, 78 percent of Millennials have a spouse or partner who also works full time, compared to 73 percent of Gen X and just 47 percent of Baby Boomers.

Ever since the one-wage-earner family of the 1950s became increasingly a thing of the past, each generation has gotten sandwiched between the demands of work and family. But Millennials are making a stink about it, and that means they’re more likely than other generations to get results.

Here’s how much Millennials want work-life balance: More than one-third (38 percent) are willing to move to another country if it means they will get better parental leave benefits.

Millennials in the survey are also more willing than other generations to pass up a promotion, change jobs, take a pay cut, or even change careers in order to achieve more flexibility.

Of course, you could say this is simply because they’re younger and more flexible — but even Millennial parents are willing to make these changes. And surprisingly, Millennial men are more likely than women to say they would do all of these things to attain work-life balance.

It seems the vision of the Millennial as the perfect employee who’s willing to work 7 days a week because he or she has no family ties is shifting as the Millennials settle down and start families (or think about doing so). So, how can you attract these employees and retain them at your business?

First, the study has some good news: Millennial employees are pretty easily satisfied. The survey reports that flexible work hours and the option to telecommute one or two days a week would be enough to keep most of them happy.

However, the key is to really walk the walk, not just talk the talk, when it comes to flexibility.

One-sixth of Millennials say they’ve experienced a stigma when they’ve actually taken advantage of family-friendly policies. For example, they may be passed over for a promotion or not get an expected raise.

Three-fourths (74 percent) say they want to be able to work flexibly, but still be on track for promotions and feel that their boss and managers support them.

EY offers four suggestions for making your company’s culture more hospitable to Millennials (and all workers):

  1. Consider your compensation and benefits holistically to ensure they support employees’ work and life needs.
  2. Actively work to prevent stigmas that may be associated with parental leave and flexibility.
  3. Focus on and reward results, not ‘clock punching’ or “face time.”
  4. For each activity, ask yourself if it’s a preference, tradition or requirement. For example, is being physically present at a weekly meeting a real requirement, or simply “the way we’ve always done it”? If the latter, perhaps a virtual meeting could get the same results.

It’s up to us to help Millennial employees get what they need from work and life — or risk losing them to competitors who do.

Millennial Photo via Shutterstock

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Watchers Wonder if Apple Has Lost Its Magic

Watchers Wonder if Apple Has Lost Its Magic

Is Apple going through a rare, easy pause in boom in a tough international economic system or has itMisplaced its magic for dreaming up need to-have new devices just like the iPhone?

The question turned into the front-of-thoughts Wednesday on Wall Road, where shares inside theCalifornia-based enterprise fell greater than six percentage to $97.eighty two through the reputable nearof trading at the Nasdaq exchange.

The drop erased the equivalent of $forty billion (more or less Rs. 2,65,856 crores) in marketplacecapitalization and came after Apple Tuesday mentioned its first yr-over-year quarterly sales drop in 13 years.

Apple additionally forecast that the current area would be hard.

sales changed into down for the duration of the first 3 months of this yr because of the first drop in iPhone income since the launch of the worldchanging handsets in 2007.

sales of iPhones have been the engine for Apple earnings for a while.

(also see: Apple Upbeat on iPhone SE Demand but Some Asian Retailers, Providers Less Cheery)

Cruising on a flagship?
FBN Securities stated in a word to analysts that it changed intoinvolved” that since taking on as leadergovt in 2011, Tim Prepare dinner has now not delivered “any actual transformative products.”

An Apple Watch that made its debut last yr turned into seen as the business enterprise‘s first foray into a brand new product class below Cook. Apple has now not found out sales figures for its smartwatch,however Prepare dinner stated on an profits call that they “met expectationsat some point of the area.

(also see: As iPhone income Hunch, Apple Bets on Services From Apps to Song)

Given the absence of reliable sales figures, observers are left to take a position how Apple Watch is doinginside the market. The truth that Apple Watch synchs to iPhones has raised doubts it can be a stand-alonehit in place of an accessory.

Apple Pay, the provider that shall we iPhones act as digital wallets, is viewed thru a in addition basedlens.

Apple has lengthy been a ripe target for rumors, with current hypothesis inclusive of communicate that the corporation is working on self-using motors and virtual reality.

The automobile entry could be years away and it’d under no circumstances be clean if Apple wouldprevailmainly considering Tesla’s recent achievement with its Model three,” FBN said in its word.

Tesla has been swamped with orders even though release of The auto is a year away.

In search of a brand new Steve Jobs
“The tempo of innovation has completely bogged down at Apple,” said international Equities analystJourney Chowdhry.

“The tasks that Tim Cook is speakme about are taking a lot time… by the time they’re geared up they arealready obsolete.”

Chowdhry depicted Apple as a enterprise that was in nice shape besides for a bedeviling loss ofimaginative and prescient and ardour on the pinnacle, pointing a finger at Prepare dinner, chiefeconomic officer Luca Maestri, and senior vp of retail and on line stores Angela Ahrendts.

Get rid of those 3 human beings, and Apple will come back to its beyond glory,” the analyst said.

Apple has so far added at the imaginative and prescient of Steve Jobs, and a new visionary who is at the least as passionate as the enduring parent is needed to restore the business enterprise, Chowdhry reasoned. He encouraged former Apple govt Jon Rubinstein for the job.

Former Apple manager Man Kawasaki, who helped launch the Macintosh pc in the Eighties said in a CNBCtv interview that the agency wishes to get lower back to making products people “lust” for.

(additionally see: Some thing Is Rotten inside the State of Apple)

Kawasaki gave the instance of iPhones that boast improvements from prior generations however don’tstand other than predecessors in huge ways.

“We want a product that leaps to the subsequent curve,” Kawasaki stated.

“I do not suppose this is certainly making the iPhone smaller or the iPad bigger.”

He stated that Jobs and his famousfact distortion subjectmay want to dazzle human beings with product enhancements, but without him such adjustments have no longer encounter as modern.

Meanwhile, many analysts have taken to counseling investors to be affected person.

Just wait until 2017, when comparisons could be less complicated,” cautioned FBN, noting thatearnings will then be up towards the ones pronounced this yr rather than a 12 months in which a hotpromoting iPhone 6 debuted.

The coming iPhone 7 could be a “sport changer” according to RBC Capital Markets. Analysts additionallypointed out that with greater than one thousand million Apple devices being used round the world, Apple is located to rake in cash selling content, products and services to customers.

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we are able to Win Majority Of 21 Seats If Bypolls Held In Delhi: Ajay Maken

We Will Win Majority Of 21 Seats If Bypolls Held In Delhi: Ajay Maken

Ajay Maken additionally accused the Aam Aadmi celebration of deceptive the humans at the chiefParliamentary Secretary (CPS) difficulty. (report photograph)
NEW DELHI: Delhi Congress chief Ajay Maken today asserted that his birthday party will win the general public of the 21 seats if by way of-elections are held after the disqualification of AAP legislators who’vebeen appointed as chief Parliamentary Secretaries.

maximum of those assembly seats belong to Congress stalwarts like Mahabal Mishra, Arvinder Singhadorable and AK Walia. we are assured that we can win majority of these 21 seats if through-elections are held,” stated Mr Maken, at the same time as addressing a press convention on the birthday celebrationheadquarters in New Delhi.

He brought that Congress may also become the most important party in these elections and the post ofleader of competition within the Delhi Legislative assembly might also fall into their kitty.

Mr Maken additionally accused the Aam Aadmi party (AAP) of misleading the people at the chiefParliamentary Secretary (CPS) problem.

a prime Parliamentary Secretary as a minimum gets an office space, a car and driver if no longer any remuneration. Then how this isn’t always an workplace of profit,” asked Mr Maken who changed into a CPS to Sheila Dikshit in her first tenure as leader minister of Delhi.

while Sheila Dikshit had added a bill for my appointment, it changed into brought in meeting as a cashinvoice. again in 2007, when an change become added in, it remained a cash invoice,” Mr Maken saidwhile he become requested to describe the legislative component of the bill.

He asserted that if AAP had added this invoice via a proper channel, the President could have given his assent to it.

The President’s refusal to signal this bill may also result in the disqualification of 21 AAP legislators.

“AAP had appointed these CPS on March thirteen, nearly 30 days after Arvind Kejriwal changed into sworn in as chief Minister. And in the course of the identical length Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan have been thrown out of the party,” Mr Maken said insisting that AAP disbursed those posts to hold thosehuman beings with them.

otherwise, they would have long gone with Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan,” he introduced.

Mr Maken had led a delegation of Congress leaders to the Election commission asking for disqualification of those 21 AAP legislators.

You’ll Soon Be Alerted If Your USB Type-C Cable Is Safe to Use

You'll Soon Be Alerted If Your USB Type-C Cable Is Safe to Use

Previously we have seen few reports stating how a third-party non-compatible USB Type-C cable can fry your smartphone. However, USB Implementers Forum or the USB-IF now plans to prevent such situations with the announcement of an authentication specification.

USB-IF during the Intel Developer Forum in Shenzhen, China announced a new set of software rules in the form of USB Type-C Authentication Specification. When you club any power adapter, cable, or accessory that supports these specifications with a host device such as a laptop or a smartphone, the host device will be able to verify if the connected accessory is compatible or not and if it has been certified by USB-IF.

This authentication information is transmitted using 128-bit encryption even before the accessory starts charging the device or transferring data. The specifications will also work if the charger and cable are being used only for charging the host device.

USB-IF added that the authentication specification not only lets you know if the third-party accessory is compatible or not, but also combats malware that use USB to affect other devices. It added that the authentication specification should be easy to implement in accessories as it “references existing internationally-accepted cryptographic methods for certificate format, digital signing, hash and random number generation.” As for the host devices, these specifications can be implemented in the form of a combination of software and firmware updates. However, this will depend on the OEMs.

Although the accessories that are already in the market cannot be updated with the authentication specifications, manufacturers can in future start making new ones that support the standard.

“USB is well-established as the favoured choice for connecting and charging devices,” said Brad Saunders, USB 3.0 Promoter Group Chairman during the event. “In support of the growing USB Type-C ecosystem, we anticipated the need for a solution extending the integrity of the USB interface. The new USB Type-C Authentication protocol equips product OEMs with the proper tools to defend against ‘bad’ USB cables, devices and non-compliant USB Chargers.”

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Samsung Gear VR: Reality if you have the right phone

Samsung Gear VR: Reality if you have the right phoneI’ve always wondered what it felt like to be Iron Man. Now, not only was I able to experience his suit boot up, I also got to meet JARVIS and play around with a few of Tony Stark’s toys. I wasn’t dreaming. This was reality, of the virtual kind – also called VR. Yes sir, I did all this sitting on my couch, using Samsung’s Gear VR headset, attached to a Galaxy Note 5.

At the time of writing, the Gear VR supported only four phones from Samsung – the Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5.

My first attempt with the Gear VR presented me with blurry images, which I corrected using the focusing ring at the top of the headset. I don’t wear glasses and while the manual says one should use contacts if needed, I think the eye cups are big enough to accommodate medium-sized spectacles. Navigating is fairly easy; one needs to look at a certain item to point the pointer and then tap the select switch on the touchpad.

My first port of call was the videos already on offer – where I got to surf in Tahiti and visit the PGA Tour. There was some pixilation in the second video, but I blame it on the resolution of the screen; here was an instance where a 4K screen on a phone might make sense. Next, I downloaded Netflix in phone, not VR, mode. But I had to log into it in VR mode. I had a torrid time pirouetting my neck to type in my user name and password using the onscreen keyboard. Nothing matches the sheer pleasure of watching in a personal theatre, and the headphones add to the immersive experience. I decided to watch Gravity. But it was not to be; the built-in gyroscope ensured I was looking at the ceiling of the theatre after I lay down.

Samsung Gear VR: Reality if you have the right phone

Next morning, with a fully charged phone, I decided to tackle an important aspect of the VR headset: gaming. I ended up playing Temple Run VR. It was fun playing it, but if one looked back, the monsters looked downright scary!

Samsung recommends a break after every 30 minutes of usage, especially if one feels discomfort. The phone heating up ensured I couldn’t continue for more than 45 minutes. And two hours of tinkering with the Gear VR depleted the Note 5’s fully charged battery down to 20 per cent – as the headset is powered by the phone.

The Samsung Gear VR, at Rs 8,200, takes multimedia and gaming experience to a whole new level but the phone heats up and the battery gets exhausted. It is possibly the best consumer VR headset one can buy in India at this price point, provided one has a compatible Samsung phone.