Internet Spreads Hate Speech Like Wildfire, Says UN chief

United Nations: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned that hatred speech has been spreading like wildfire through the Internet, saying attention should be given to “physical aggressions” as the recent attacks against the Jewish, Christian or Muslim centres. “This situation requires a huge investment, an investment in social cohesion and investment in diversity to make people […]

Top 5 SEO Strategies For People Who Hate SEO

Many people think SEO is all about technical, behind-the-scenes tasks that help your site rank in Google. While there is definitely a technical aspect to SEO, there are also some extremely simple strategies anyone can use to improve their rankings. When it really comes down to it, Google wants your website to provide the best […]

fb, Twitter, YouTube, Microsoft again ecu Hate Speech rules

internet giants fb, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft signed up Tuesday to a brand new ecu code of behavioragainst hate speech, the ecu fee said. america–based firms have agreed to speed up their reactions when unlawful material is flagged up, with the aim of searching in any respect suspicious material within 24 hours. “The latest terror […]

enthusiasts Hate the decision of responsibility: countless Trailer

call of duty: endless struggle was formally announced this week. And its fanatics seem to be downvoting its trailer on YouTube in droves. at the time of scripting this, it has 7,844,848 perspectives with over 309,505 downvotes and 178,009 upvotes. Granted each name of duty sport has its honest proportion of haters as we’ve got […]