Almost Half of Small Businesses Marketing Products on Social Media (INFOGRAPHIC)

According to this infographic that reveals how small businesses are using social media, About half are marketing their products.

Small businesses are waking up to the potential for using social media to market their products, a new study has found.

How Small Businesses Are Using Social Media

According to the report by SCORE, a nonprofit association for small businesses, 45 percent of these small companies use social media marketing to promote a specific product or service.

Apart from product promotion, small businesses use social media marketing for the following purposes:

  • To share information about sales and discounts (38 percent).
  • To gain likes and fans (38 percent).
  • To solicit/respond to customer feedback (34 percent).

Other purposes include providing videos to highlight products or services (29 percent), sharing a company blog post (20 percent) and establishing their personal expertise (23 percent).

Facebook: Top Choice of Small Businesses

Unsurprisingly, Facebook is the most preferred social networking site for a majority of small businesses (70 percent). Twitter (38 percent) and LinkedIn (37 percent) are a distant second and third choice.

Facebook’s unparalleled popularity among small businesses can be attributed to its massive user base, which allows businesses to connect with more customers. On top of that, the social networking giant has made its platform more business-friendly to help smaller firms leverage it for marketing purposes.

From time to time, Facebook introduces new tools and features to support small businesses’ marketing initiatives. Take the recently launched Lookalike Audience tool, for instance. Designed to help small businesses reach a global audience, the tool makes it easier for firms to expand their customer base.

“What I hear from small businesses around the world is their time and their money is precious, and we want to be the best minute and the best dollar that they spend every day,” Facebook’s VP of global SMB Dan Levy told Forbes. “We want to be number one growth driver for their business.”

Social media is all about creating that personal bond with your audience. Therefore, to make the most of it requires adopting a more personalized tone of voice. Humor works really well and any information presented in a simple to understand language gets maximum audience attention.

How can you make it simple for your audience to understand what you’re talking about? That’s the question you must always answer when you develop your content strategy for social media marketing.

Check out the infographic below for more information.

According to this infographic that reveals how small businesses are using social media, About half are marketing their products. 5

Image: Score


Nearly Half of Smartphone Gamers Are Women: Facebook Study

Nearly Half of Smartphone Gamers Are Women: Facebook Study

Smartphones are the most used gaming device for people globally – and across 12 countries, 47 percent of all smartphone players are now women, a Facebook study has revealed, adding that gaming on mobile devices is increasingly becoming popular among women.

Facebook’s data analysis and storytelling team FacebookIQ commissioned market research company TNS to survey people ages 18-plus spanning 12 countries representing North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle-East and Asia on their use of mobile as a gaming device.

The survey found that on average, smartphones are the top gaming device for users – at 71 percent – followed by computers at 64 percent, tablets at 34 percent and video game consoles at 26 percent, reported on Tuesday.

The survey also analysed the habits of mobile game spenders – users who play games on mobile and pay for games on at least a monthly basis – and found that these spending players were 2.7 times more likely to stay in-game for a “sense of community and belonging” than mobile non-spenders.

These spenders were also found to be 2.3 times more likely to stop playing games than non-spenders if community members stop playing.

“On average across the 12 markets, 68 percent of mobile game spenders said they discover games via social networking platforms. Other popular discovery sources were photo and video services at 57 percent and chat apps at 54 percent,” the report said.

Thirty-four percent of mobile game spenders said they discover games by word of mouth.

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Reasonably-priced Computer Sport Key Reseller G2A in Half of 1,000,000 Dollar Row with Developer Tinybuild

Cheap PC Game Key Reseller G2A in Half a Million Dollar Row with Developer Tinybuild

Tinybuild claims G2A has offered its games fraudulently.
That is due to a high variety of price backs on the developer’s web page.
Which turned into followed by the same games on sale on G2A right away.
One of the motives for the resurgence of Pc gaming is the abundance of Reasonably-priced games anddeals galore. However low pricing is also drawback for Sport makers, even more so while you take into account that there’s little to no charge manipulate for Laptop Recreation keys mainly with thirdpartyshops consisting of G2A and G2Play.

And it seems that the former has fallen out of favour with indie developer and writer Tinybuild. It publishedthe Indian-developed Adorable Planet among others which includes Punch Club and birthday celebration Hard. The employer installation its own shop which saw hundreds of rate backs. At theequal time it states that key reseller G2A was suddenly full of Cheap Tinybuild video games. It claims that G2A bought near Half 1,000,000 dollars worth of keys for a touch under $2 hundred,000 with out acompensation to Tinybuild.

(Also see: Steam Is not the Cheapest Area to shop for Steam games Anymore)

“For some months we supported our personal little shop on tinyBuild.Com – in order that we are able togive a few discounts to our fanatics, and do creative giveaways that’d consist of scavenging for codes,” Tinybuild’s CEO Alex Nichiporchik wrote at the enterprise‘s internet site. It is down in the meanwhile, even though you can view the entire image of his publish here. “The store collapsed whilst we began to get hitby chargebacks. I’d begin seeing heaps of transactions, and our charge provider would close us downinside days. Moments later you’ll see G2A being populated through Cheap keys of games we had justoffered on our save.”

Nichiporchik were given in contact with G2A to discover wherein the keys originated from and if thecorporation might be compensated for them, simplest to be served the following reaction:

“So the difficulty you’ve got pointed to is related to keys you have already bought. They’re yourcompanions that have offered the keys on G2A, which they purchased directly from you. If somethingthis have to give you an idea at the attain that G2A has, instead of your partners selling here you maytry this at once.

I will inform you that no compensation might be given. In case you suspect that those codes in which all chargebacks aka fraud/stolen credit score card purchases I might be satisfied to inspect that However I’m able to say this calls for tinyBuild to want to paintings with G2A. Each in that you need to revoke the keysyou may be claiming as stolen from the players who now personal them and supply myself with the codesyou watched being a part of this. We can test to look if this is the case however I doubt that codes with such large numbers could be that way.

Sincerely I think you will be amazed in that it isn’t always fraud, however your resale companions doing what they do first-rate, selling keys. They just occur to be promoting them on G2A. It is also well worthstating that we do not take a percentage of these prices, our element comes from the kickback our pricevendors.”

It appears that G2A is trying to sturdy arm Tinybuild into working with it via stating that accreditedresellers are those accountable and that no assistance may be viable unless Tinybuild skip on an entirelisting of Recreation codes to G2A, basically leaving the corporation with 0 manage and the whole thingin G2A’s arms.

This consequences in Tinybuild being unable to locate the source of its unauthorised keys and it may notreap any money from the 26,000 copies bought. What’s worse is that it is not possible to deactivate the keys that G2A have bought and still have for sale as that might require the precise key itself. The onlydifferent alternative is to dam batches of of keys that would hamper valid consumers.

All of this basically consequences in a Freedom 251 situation for customers. If It’s too top to be true, itpossibly is. You might get your reproduction of a Laptop Recreation Reasonably-priced, however a person inside the deliver chain basically loses out. In this case, it seems to be the game‘s creators.

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