How Does Closing 300 Stores Help Office Depot Grow? (Watch)

Image result for How Does Closing 300 Stores Help Office Depot Grow? (Watch)Office Depot is closing 300 retail stores in an attempt to save its overall business. The closing of those retail locations shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, since the whole retail office supply industry has been struggling to keep up with online retailers like Amazon for years.

But while closing hundreds of stores might not seem like the sign of a business moving forward, in this case Office Depot is actually using this opportunity to build a better shopping experience for modern consumers. Instead of using all of its resources trying to maintain retail locations, the company is reallocating those resources onto things like mobile apps and online stores, while maintaining a smaller brick and mortar retail presence.

The industry is still in a state of flux, like many other markets that have been impacted by the changing online business landscape. But these store closures could potentially lead to a better outlook for Office Depot, if the company is able to cut costs enough to compete with Amazon and similar retailers.

Do You Run an Agile Organization?

Running any sort of business means needing to adapt from time to time, even when those changes don’t seem ideal. But for those who try to hang onto outdated models and practices, it could be too late to make changes when you realize they’ve become necessary.


This 12-12 months-old Has Been general into 2 schools Already. should grow to be a physician by way of 18.


software engineer Bijou Abraham and veterinarian Taji Abraham need to be proud dad and mom these days. at the same time as maximum adults battle to get their levels, scuffling with unrealistic deadlines, a never ending ‘to-do’ listing and an ever-increasing studyinglisting, their son has breezed via gettingnot one, not but a total of 3 ranges!

at the soft age of 12, Tanishq Abraham already has three network college ranges to his call.

The Indian-American student from Sacramento has also been widely wide-spread into two colleges in thecollege of California, UC Davis and UC Santa Cruz, but is but to decide on one.


photo supply: fb

Tanishq plans to study biomedical engineering: “I think I’ll be 18 when i am getting my MD,” he instructedCBS thirteen Sunday. He hopes to in the future work as a health practitioner and clinical researcher.

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at the age of 4, Tanishq became a member of Mensa, the prestigious international society whose qualification for club is a score of ninety eight or extra on a standardised IQ take a look at. Tanishq scorean excellent ninety nine.nine.

As a five 12 months antique, Tanishq enrolled himself within the math instructions supplied via Stanforduniversity’s schooling software for gifted youngsters (EPGY). He finished the whole direction in anastounding 6 months.

by means of six, Tanishq had taken several high faculty and college stage training on-line and had enrolled himself within the American River network university by means of seven. He exceeded the Geology and Astonomy guides with flying colors.

He additionally has the precise difference of being the youngest person to talk and gift a paper at one ofNASA’s meetings.

Tanishq says that child geniuses are often seen as unusual, reviews NDTV. “whilst you think about a genius, you observed of a mad scientist sort of aspect,” he says. “but I just assume gaining knowledge of is a laugh.”

And to assume that he’s just getting started out!