The Best Gadget Gifts for Geeks

The Best Gadget Gifts for Geeks in 2016

If you’re looking for some unique gifts for the people on your holiday gift list, you might consider purchasing some new tech gadgets. There are plenty of different items available with varying price tags and functionality. Here are some gadget gifts to consider for any tech geeks on your gift list.

Gadget Gifts for Geeks in 2016

Pocket VR

The Bests Gadget Gifts for Geeks in 2016 - Pocket VR

For those who want to experience VR without the high price tag, the Pocket-VR from Speck gives you the opportunity to do just that with your own smart phone. The product comes with a phone case and VR lenses that connect to give you the VR experience from your pocket. The product comes in different models for iPhone 6/6S and Samsung S7 phones and retails for about $70.

Amazon Echo

The Bests Gadget Gifts for Geeks in 2016 - Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a product that can potentially appeal to a variety of different recipients. The device can stream music from different sources including Amazon Music, Spotify and Pandora. It also features voice controls so it can answer questions, provide sports scores, order pizza and even control other compatible devices in your home. Retail price is $179.99.

Makerbot Replicator Mini

The Bests Gadget Gifts for Geeks in 2016 - Makerbot Replicator Mini

If you have anyone on your list who might be interested in 3D printing, the Makerbot Replicator Mini is a small but powerful option. The device can print small options from the Makerbot mobile app or a digital file. But it’s not a cheap option, starting at around $999.

Cobra JumPack

The Bests Gadget Gifts for Geeks in 2016 - Cobra JumPack

For any travelers or outdoor enthusiasts on your list, the Cobra JumPack is a handy little device that can help you charge anything from your phone to your vehicle while you’re on the go. The portable power pack includes a USB port to charge mobile devices, and has enough power to jump start most cars multiple times on a single charge. It also includes a LED flashlight and easily fits in a purse or bag, retailing for $149.95.

Aerix Vidius VR HD

The Bests Gadget Gifts for Geeks in 2016 - Aerix Vidius VR HD

The Aerix Vidius HD is the world’s smallest live streaming HD video drone. So you can send up the tiny flying device and then stream live video directly to the VR headset. So for anyone on your list who loves exploring or just playing with fun little gadgets, this could be a decent option at just $75.

Anker Classic Bluetooth Speaker

The Bests Gadget Gifts for Geeks in 2016 - Anker Classic Bluetooth Speaker

For any music or audio enthusiasts on your list, a Bluetooth speaker can make for a great gift. This classic model from Anker retails for around $33.99 and has a built-in mic, 20 hour battery life and other useful features.

Fitbit Charge 2

The Bests Gadget Gifts for Geeks in 2016 - Fitbit Charge 2

Fitness wearables are becoming more and more popular. And the Fitbit Charge 2 is the latest in Fitbit’s line of wearables that offers heart rate monitoring, multi-sport tracking, call and text alerts and more. The wristband comes in a variety of different colors and starts at $149.95.

Misfit Flash

The Bests Gadget Gifts for Geeks in 2016 - Misfit Flash

At just $29.99 currently, the Misfit Flash is another health and fitness wearable device that can make for a more budget friendly gift option. The device offers features like step tracking, smartphone compatibility and even sleep tracking.

Google Chromecast 2nd Generation

The Bests Gadget Gifts for Geeks in 2016 - Google Chromecast 2nd Generation

Google’s Chromecast is a small device that lets you stream basically any video content, music and even games from your favorite devices onto your HDTV. The device, now in its second generation, works with many popular apps and mobile devices and is available for $35.

WeMo Switch Smart Plug

The Bests Gadget Gifts for Geeks in 2016 - WeMo Switch Smart Plug

From Belkin, this smart plug device lets you turn basically any electronic device in your home into a smart device. You can turn the plug on and off from your smartphone. So if anyone on your list likes being able to control their home appliances or other electronics even when they’re on the go, the WeMo Switch can be an easy way to do so. Pricing starts at $34.99.

ecobee3 lite

The Bests Gadget Gifts for Geeks in 2016 - ecobee3 lite

Or if you have anyone on your list who is more into smart home features, a smart thermostat could make for a great gift. The ecobee3 lite starts at $169 and connects to WiFi so you can control your home temperature from anywhere.

Sony MDR-1000X Headphones

The Bests Gadget Gifts for Geeks in 2016 - Sony MDR-1000X Headphones

For anyone who wants a really high quality pair of wireless headphones, the Sony MDR-1000X headphones can be a good option. They feature high-resolution audio, noise-canceling features and Bluetooth compatibility. Pricing starts at $399.99.

Fossil Q Wander Smartwatch

The Bests Gadget Gifts for Geeks in 2016 - Fossil Q Wander Smartwatch

There are more options than ever in the smartwatch market. This holiday season, if you want to buy a smartwatch with practical features that’s also stylish and comes in a variety of different colors and styles, there’s the Fossil Q Wander smartwatch. The device comes in six different colors and starts at $295.

Fujifilm Instax SP-2

The Bests Gadget Gifts for Geeks in 2016 - Fujifilm Instax SP-2

You no longer need an actual instant camera to print out instant photos. In fact, since many people use their smartphones as their primary way of taking photos, a smartphone printer like the Fujifilm Instax SP-2can be a great option. The device connects to smartphones via WiFi and even works with popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram to print photos. Pricing starts at $194.99.

PlayStation VR

The Bests Gadget Gifts for Geeks in 2016 - PlayStation VR

For the gamers on your holiday gift list, the PlayStation VR headset can potentially take their gaming to the next level. The basic headset starts at around $400. And the recipient must also have a PlayStation console and other equipment to get started. So you should make sure they have the necessary equipment or spend more on the launch bundle.

Tile Mate

The Bests Gadget Gifts for Geeks in 2016 - Tile Mate

With all the tech options available today, there’s no point in constantly dealing with lost keys or other household items. The Tile Mate is a small device that can easily attach to keys, luggage, remotes or other items. Then it connects to a mobile app so you can easily find what you’re looking for.


The Bests Gadget Gifts for Geeks in 2016 - Petcube

For any pet owners on your holiday gift list, the Petcube camera system offers a way to keep an eye on pets while you’re away. The device starts at $149 and comes with a wide angle lense that can stream video content to your phone through the Petcube mobile app.

Pronto Smart Remote

The Bests Gadget Gifts for Geeks in 2016 - Pronto Smart Remote

Instead of needing to use different remotes for every TV in your home, the Pronto smart remote lets users turn mobile devices into remotes for various TVs or other devices. So if you have any entertainment enthusiasts on your list, this product retails for around $32.99.

iGrill Mini

The Bests Gadget Gifts for Geeks in 2016 - iGrill Mini

For any chefs or grilling enthusiasts on your list, the iGrill Mini provides a high-tech way to cook food outdoors. The device has a LED indicator that shows the progression of the meat temperature from start to done. The product retails for $39.99.

360fly 4K

The Bests Gadget Gifts for Geeks in 2016 - 360fly 4K

If you have someone on your list who is more interested in creating their own VR content instead of watching it, you could opt for a 360-degree camera like the 360fly 4K. The device has a powerful image sensor and other innovative smart camera features. But at $499.99, it’s a rather expensive gift option.

VR Goggles Photo via Shutterstock


Best Gadget Gifts for Geeks, Top Picks for 2015

Best Gadget Gifts for Geeks 2

Tech gadgets can make great gifts for business partners, clients, and tech savvy team members. And with plenty of new innovations being released each year, there are lots of new gadgets to choose from for the people on your 2015 holiday gift list.

For the really tech savvy geeks on your holiday shopping list, check out the list of gadget gifts below for some unique gift ideas.

Gadget Gifts for 2015

Bluesmart Suitcase

Best Gadget Gifts for Geeks

Business travel can be a pain. But this smart suitcase offers a number of features to make it easier, like a battery charger, digital lock, location tracking and a built-in scale.

Currently available for preorder, the Bluesmart suitcase sells for $399. So it’s likely not something you’d pick up for your entire team. But for your business partner or jetsetting top client, Bluesmart offers a unique gift option.

IZON 2.0 WiFi Video Monitor

Best Gadget Gifts for Geeks

The latest version of IZON’s video monitoring system comes with several useful features to help people monitor their home or business. The camera works with both iOS and Android systems to allow you to access footage from your smartphone.

Starting at $79.95 on their website, IZON offers options that work for both home and business. And they have monitors made for keeping an eye on babies and pets as well.

Wocket Smart Wallet

Best Gadget Gifts for Geeks

Carrying around a leather wallet with multiple credit and gift cards is so 2014. The Wocket smart walletallows users to input information from multiple credit, debit, loyalty and gift cards onto one Wocket Card, with added security features like voicematch technology and password storage.

At $179 the Wocket wallet is a unique new option. And the company plans to begin offering different wallet accessories in the near future as well.

Helios Smart Solpro Charger

Best Gadget Gifts for Geeks

This solar powered smart charger allows you to keep all of your different mobile devices charged and ready while you’re out and about. It has a 5,000mAh battery, three high-efficiency solar panels, two USB output ports and one USB input port.

Helios Smart chargers start at $119 and come in a few different colors. With so many people carrying multiple mobile devices with them at all times, this is a safe bet for pretty much any tech savvy person on your list.

ZUtA Portable Pocket Printer

Best Gadget Gifts for Geeks

Mobile devices make it easy to do business from anywhere. But printing out actual documents hasn’t always been so easy, until now. The ZUtA portable pocket printer is a small device that connects to your smartphone or computer and prints on any size paper.

With a pre-order price of $199, the printer’s second batch is already sold out. But the company is accepting orders for a January 2016 batch. So if you’re willing to wait until then, this could make a useful gift for the techies on your list.

Nyrius ARIES Home+ Wireless HDMI Transmitter

Best Gadget Gifts for Geeks

This device allows you to wirelessly stream HD video and audio from your cable box, Blu-ray player, computer or gaming console to other devices within your home.

For the tech geeks with busy families or with a strong interest in TV and movies, this could be a great solution for those times when multiple family members are fighting over one TV. Prices start at $200 for a transmitter with two HDMI inputs.

TrackR Bravo

Best Gadget Gifts for Geeks

Everyone has that friend or family member who’s always misplacing their keys or wallet. This coin-sized device can go on keychains, dog collars, or other items and connects to your smartphone to transmit a noise when you’re looking for your belongings.

One device costs just $29.99, so it’s a low-cost option for the people on your list. Or you can even order multiple devices at a discounted rate.

Gifts Image via Shutterstock

Check out our Business Gift Giving Guide for more tips about holiday trends.

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Mark Zuckerberg Meets the Pope; Gifts Him a Drone Model

Mark Zuckerberg Meets the Pope; Gifts Him a Drone Model

Mark Zuckerberg Meets the Pope; Gifts Him a Drone Model
Zuckerberg gifts model of solar-powered drone Aquila to Pope Francis
Zuckerberg discusses Internet connectivity with Pope Francis
Facebook completed first successful test of Aquila last month
What would you possibly expect from a meeting between the Pope Francis and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg? The idea of a meeting between the modern tech innovator and the leader of the Catholic Church itself is intriguing enough to a point that you would love to know every word of their entire conversation. Zuckerberg didn’t fail to embrace the bizarreness of the situation where two opposite worlds met each other, offering a model of a drone to the Pope.

Mark Zuckerberg offered a miniature model of his solar-powered drone Aquila, which is supposed to beam Internet connectivity to places without it, to Pope Francis. In a post on his social networking website, he said, “We (Mark and wife Priscilla) told him (Pope Francis) how much we admire his message of mercy and tenderness, and how he’s found new ways to communicate with people of every faith around the world.”

The Facebook CEO further said that he and wife Priscilla talked with the Pope about Internet connectivity and its requirement in various parts of the world.
Interestingly, Pope Francis already uses Twitter and Instagram in order to reach the younger audiences and profess his religious teachings to them. If more people get Internet connectivity, more people will be able to hear what the Pope has to say about various global issues and effectively serve his purpose as well.

Last month, Facebook announced that it completed its first successful test of its solar-powered drone Aquila, which has been developed to deliver Internet service to remote areas of the world.

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14 Cause Related, Green and Company Charitable Gifts

environmentally friendly giftsEDIT

Gifts for clients, customers and employees need not be mere gestures to maintain a business relationship. You can add meaning to these gifts and build a reputation as a company that cares.

Consider these cause related, green and company charitable gifts and ideas for the ecologic and altruistic business owner. And communicate with colleagues and clients not only your appreciation for their business – but your values as a business.

1. Choose Eco-Friendly Coffee Cup Alternatives

Of course, any travel mug is potentially environmentally friendly if it stops you from carrying around disposable coffee cups at the office or on your morning commute. But some alternatives take things to the next level, actually duplicating the experience of a light and easy to handle disposable cup without the environmental issues.

Take “I Am Not a Paper Cup” from DCI Gift Inc. The porcelain cup with silicon lid has the look of a disposable cup (as opposed to a bulky plastic travel mug). Yet you can wash it when done and presto, it is ready for your next hot or cold beverage. And it’s also microwave safe.

2. Give Girl Scout or Boy Scout Products

Not only will your purchase go to supporting local Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops. It will also bring a smile to anyone who receives it. Unfortunately these productscan be tricky to find. Ask around to see if any children of friends or co-workers are selling cookies or popcorn, and avoid common allergens like peanuts, just in case.

3. Run a Drive for a Local Shelter or Community Non-Profit

company charitable gifts

Bringing people together to help others is a gift in itself, and planning a holiday drive or collection for a local shelter or other community non-profit is the perfect way to do just that. Get everyone into the spirit of giving by collecting donations of canned goods for food kitchens, supplies for pet shelters, or clothes and blankets for local homeless shelters. Everyone can take part in order to give back to their community.

4. Give Women’s Bean Gift Baskets

Since 1989, the Women’s Bean Project has been striving to empower unemployed and impoverished women. It is hoped with support these women will “develop the work and interpersonal skills needed to function independently in the workplace and community.” The organization offers fun gift baskets (with your own company logo, if you wish) and gift sets for nearly any occasion as well as jewelry, gourmet food, and beverages, through their online service.

5. Create a Memorable Experience

Instead of buying something that might end up in someone’s basement or guest room by the end of the week, giving the gift of an experience provides a unique alternative. Oh Happy Day has a list of 10 ideas for experience gifts, from hot air balloon rides to lecture tickets. And there are apps like Vayable that offer unique secrets to inside experiences in big cities.

6. Make Something by Hand

Whether it be a card, cookies, or a hand knit scarf, making something by hand provides a more personal alternative to a store bought holiday gift anyone else could have given. Sites like Pinterest are stuffed to the gills with home-made gift ideas. And you can customize your search with a few key words in the search bar to find just the right project.

7. Highlight Locally Made Wines

company charitable gifts 3

Find a local vineyard and create a wine gift basket. This not only helps support other local businesses, but a bottle of wine is a quick and easily found gift idea when you need to grab something on the fly. Tie a bow around the neck and you’ve got a beautiful presentation. If you have the time, consider adding some home or local made goodies as well.

8. Offer Charity Gift Cards

Rather than simply donating money to a charity in someone’s name, consider a charity gift card instead, and let the recipient experience the rewards of donating to a charity of their choice. Offered by Tisbest, these work almost like regular gift cards. The difference is that instead of the recipient buying something for themselves with the card, they can use that money to donate to a cause through the Tisbest website. The cards themselves are 100% recycled plastic, and can be customized with your own photo and logo. A paperless email option is also available, or you can print the customized cards at home for a last minute gift fix.

9. Check Out These Organic Candles

company charitable gifts

These 100 percent beeswax candles from BsaB are about as eco-friendly as you can get. They feature biodegradable plastic, chemical-free pure cotton wicks, and more. The candles are long lasting, all natural, and even offer aromatherapy options. You can also get a refillable bamboo essential oil infuser or a glass candle packaged entirely from 100 percent plant materials.

10. Give the Gift of Recycled Golf Balls

Dixon offers many varieties of eco-friendly balls which are comprised of rock salt, rather than heavy metals. Four styles are featured: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Spirit. The latter is a pale pink color for the female golfer. The site also sells non-chemically treated bamboo and cotton blend clothing and accessories.

11. Give Green with Solar-Powered Battery Chargers

Companies like ReVIVE market solar powered batteries for phones and other electronic devices. They are unique and functional gifts and are surprisingly affordable. Available on the cheap for a wide variety of tech, they make a great gift for employees, colleagues, and clients alike.

12. Support Community with Local Foods

If you have a favorite bakery, why not pick up a few extra orders of cookies next time you stop by? Local food shops provide great last-minute gift ideas, from cookies to deli platters to locally made spirits. Or consider taking your employees out for lunch, dinner, or drinks at a local restaurant or bar this holiday. Websites like Independent We Stand can help you find restaurants and other businesses in your area. Or just use Google to search local eateries.

13. Give an Animal to a Family in Need

give a heifer

Heifer International has spent the last 70 years assisting those in need. Through their site, you can buy gifts for people who need them most. Animals like water buffalo, sheep, goats and heifers can be donated to families, small businesses can be launched, and clean water provided all with a few clicks. These donations benefit not only the individuals receiving them, but the entire community as more and more people are helped to self-sufficiency. Price ranges vary; donations can be made entirely by one contributor or shared among several.

14. Give the Gift of Trees

What’s better than a gift certificate to your employee’s, partner’s or client’s favorite restaurant? How about a certificate given for planting some trees to help save the planet? Groups like CarbonFund give you a unique opportunity to give a gift that also fights climate change. For example, donate $25 to plant 25 trees and CarbonFund will give you an eGift card from, redeemable at any participating eatery in the same amount. You can also donate $50 or $100 to plant more trees if you so choose.


Back to School: 8 Great Gifts for College Students

Back to School: 8 Great Gifts for College Students


  • The academic session is about to get underway
  • Great tech gifts can range from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 20,000
  • Some options include a wireless speaker, a Kindle, and a battery pack

The start of the academic season is around the corner, which means someone in your family or someone you know is (probably) preparing to join a university in the next couple of months. If you’ve been looking to get them something that simplifies or makes their life better tech-wise, here’s a guide that could help.

Note: Prices are accurate as of July 6, at the time of writing.

1. A wireless speaker

For occasions when people are having a few friends over, or for their personal entertainment in the shower, you can’t go wrong with the UE Roll. It’s waterproof, fits even in a small bag and has good sound quality to match. It can also be paired with another UE Roll for stereo sound. You can pick one up at Rs. 8,495 in India, or import it from the US starting at $84.98.

back_to_school_gifts_ue_roll.jpg(Also see: Logitech UE Roll Review)

If your budget is substantially higher, consider the Bose Soundlink Mini II – at Rs. 18,000 / $179 – or theUE Boom 2 – at Rs. 15,990 / $179.72. They are both louder, which makes them better suited for a dance party or a backyard barbecue. Plus, the Boom 2 now supports Siri and Google Now, which the Roll cannot as it doesn’t have a mic.

2. A portable battery back-up

With our personal electronic devices having more and more value in daily life (and also getting thinner), you can never go wrong with a battery pack. It’s important to find the right one that suits the kind, and number of devices to be charged. One option is the EasyAcc 6000mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank, which has a built-in micro-USB cable along with a second output and a flashlight to boot. It’s available for Rs. 3,051 in India and $19.99 in the US.

back_to_school_gifts_limefuel_blast.jpgIf you need something beefier, the Limefuel USB External Battery Pack Aluminum 20,000mAh is a great choice. It’s got excellent standby times so you won’t find it drained even if you get it out of the bottom drawer after weeks. And its massive capacity means there’s juice for everyone in the house. You can pick one up at the official website for $49.99 (approx. Rs. 3,375) with worldwide shipping. If you’re looking for one with similar capacity that has a USB Type-C port and supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0, consider the slightly more expensive RAVPower 20100mAh Power Bank. It costs Rs. 4,735 /$55.99.

3. An ebook reader

There are still quite a few options in this category, but the Kindle remains the best pick. The companyrecently announced a new version as well, which means it’s now available in both black and white colour options. It’s also 11 percent thinner and 16 percent lighter, though we doubt that’s going to be noticeable to most people. Plus the battery can last for multiple weeks, because the device has no backlight. Though, since it has no backlight, you should probably include a clip-on light to accompany the Kindle as well. It’s not just useful for reading books either – the Kindle can actually find use in day to day work by helping stay on top or articles and reading material.

back_to_school_gifts_kindle.jpg(Also see: How to Use Your Kindle as a Read It Later Device)

The new Kindle will cost you Rs. 5,999 in India, and $79.99 in the US. If you’re looking to splurge a little more, choose from the Paperwhite (Rs. 8,999), Voyage (Rs. 16,499) or Oasis (Rs. 23,999) – all part of the Kindle family. To help you decide, here’s our review of the Kindle Paperwhite, Voyage and the Oasis.

4. A pair of headphones

Students can’t always play music loudly, especially if they are going to be living with someone. That’s where a pair of on or over-ear headphones come in to help. The wireless Jabra Move is a sound pick, and comes with a mic so they can make calls as well. It’s got wonderful sound reproduction and is light on the bass, for those who prefer it that way. The Move costs Rs. 4,987 in India, and $68.50 in the US.

back_to_school_gifts_jabra_move.jpgA good upgrade pick is Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7BK, over-ear and wired, mind you. It come with three different cables, two standard 1.2m and 3m ones, and one 1.2m cable with in-line controls and microphone. Costs Rs. 12,599 / $244. If you’re looking to gift noise-cancelling headphones, Sony’s MDR-100ABN h.ear on – coming in at Rs. 19,790 / $348 – is what you should go with. It’s even got support for Hi-Res Audio and NFC, in addition to the usual Bluetooth.

5. A smartwatch

While most college-goers already have a smartphone, not many of them will have a smartwatch. There are genuine reasons for that, primarily owing to their price and a proven lack of use-case. But if they have expressed an interest towards the growing platform, the Pebble Watch is a great starting point.

back_to_school_gifts_pebble_watch.jpgIt supports both Android and iOS devices, and while it may not provide as much functionality as Android Wear devices or the Apple Watch, it counters that argument by starting at just Rs. 5,999 /$72.95. If you’re looking to gift something that’s fashionable at the same time, consider the Pebble Time – at Rs. 9,999 / $99.99 – or the Pebble Time Steel – at Rs. 15,999 / $203.71. It also rocks a silent alarm, so that’s like two devices in one, really.

6. An Apple Music or Spotify membership

What can be greater than giving someone the gift of all the world’s music (except Prince and a few others)? Apple Music and Spotify are two of the leading music streaming services, and both cost the same where they are available – $9.99 per month in the US. India only has Apple Music for now, and you can gift a subscription with iTunes Gifts – either through iTunes or by using an iOS device via the App Store. For an annual subscription, you’d need a gift card value of Rs. 1,200.

back_to_school_gifts_apple_music.jpgSpotify gift cards are available via, Best Buy and other partner stores.

(Also see: Apple Music, Wynk, Gaana, Saavn, Rdio, Guvera, or Hungama: Which Is the Best Music Streaming Service in India?)

7. A smart notebook

College means a fair share of note-taking, but why have your notes only available on paper? That’s where Moleskine’s Smart Writing Set comes in. The notebook is made up of the quality paper the company is known for, but with the added benefit of some special technology that works with the companion smart pen to recognise where each pen stroke is being made. Plus, the app can transfer your notes and illustrations to your device in real time, according to Moleskine.

back_to_school_gifts_moleskine_smart_writing.jpgYou can pick up the product from Moleskine’s official website for $199 in the US, roughly Rs. 13,509. They don’t ship to India yet, so refer to our international shipping guide to get it here.

8. A USB wall charger

While the smart devices we use have tended to increase over the years – phone, watch, speaker, fitness tracker and more – wall plugs have stayed the same, offering a traditional socket when what you really want is a USB one. Replacing those with USB plugs doesn’t really make sense, when you can get a multi-port USB wall charger, like the Anker 40W PowerPort 4.

back_to_school_gifts_anker_powerport.jpgIt offers four slots, provides 2.4A per port, sports a compact design, and an 18-month warranty. It costsRs. 1,765 in India and $25.99 in the US. If you are looking for something that’s a little bigger, consider the iClever BoostCube 50W 6-Port USB charger. It’s available for Rs. 3,413 in India and at $22.99 in the US.

If you’re looking for one that supports Qualcomm’s QuickCharge tech, consider the Anker 42W PowerPort+ 3 (Rs. 1,945 / $25.99).

Have any other ideas? Leave them in the comments below.

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