Donald Trump Should Look to Germany for Scientific Inspiration

America’s president is currently tightening budgets on R&D and focusing scientific efforts on things like fossil fuel energy and military systems. Meanwhile in Germany, quite the opposite is happening: Angela Merkel is slowly but steadily growing the nation’s research efforts to further cement its standing as a scientific heavyweight. Nature has a great piece reflecting on the nation’s impressive scientific standing. The […]

Pokemon Go Now Available to Download in UK, Germany – When is India?

HIGHLIGHTS Pokemon Go is now available in Germany This should result in an international release soon Some speculate a Thursday release for the game worldwide Earlier in the week we reported that Pokemon Go was slated for a worldwide release soon. It seems that Niantic and The Pokemon Company are sticking to this. Reason being, […]

Germany to Invest EUR 10 Billion on Faster Internet by 2025

Germany plans to set up a fund worth EUR 10 billion (roughly Rs. 73,898 crores) to foster investment in faster Internet connections in rural areas by 2025, the Economy Ministry said on Monday. Officials are concerned that a failure to capitalise on the latest digital developments will leave Germany’s industrial base exposed to new competitors […]