Five Ways to Shift Your Social Media Marketing Up One Gear

Five Social Media Marketing Tips that Will Shift Your Social Media Marketing Up One Gear

Social media is a great place to market your business, especially if you’re a small business. It doesn’t limit your traffic or reach, and allows you to connect directly with buyers without having to invest large amounts of money. By optimizing your approach to social media marketing, you can indefinitely increase everything from brand recall to lead generation, and actual sales and revenue.

If you’re unable to scale your current efforts at social media marketing, this write-up will tell you exactly how you can do it to achieve your desired results.

Social Media Marketing Tips

1. More Frequent and Intentional Posting

Be it over the internet or on social media platforms, your activity is your pulse. Unless you’re consistently active, you’re as good as dead on social media. After all, nobody hangs out on your social page. They have to be seduced to take a look and the only arms that you can extend are your pieces of content.

Conduct this experiment. Increase your social media activity and you’ll see your followers grow. Decide on a schedule. For instance, three times a day on Twitter, two on Facebook and only once on LinkedIn. UseGoogle’s keyword planner to see what your audience is looking for and source that content using a news aggregator like FlipBoard, a content curation app like DrumUp or a recommendation app like Pocket  (set-up keywords).

Relevant shares are more likely to get engagement from exclusively your target audience. Edit your descriptions to something extra-specific so you attract the right audience.

Social Media Marketing Tips - More Frequent and Intentional Posting

From your content recommendations, schedule the decided amount of content every day or a week in advance. You could even store content on a content library in a content curation app to make scheduling everyday easier.

2. Creating Content Based on Predicted Performance

It takes hours to create high-quality content, as you may well know, and that effort is best applied to content that you know will get shares, increase you reach and make an impact. How do you know?

Google trends, audience interests/insights available on social media platforms and engagement stats pulled by social media analytics tools.

Social Media Marketing Tips - Creating Content Based on Predicted Performance

You don’t have to monitor these platforms on a daily basis. Once a week would do. Simply observe which of your blog posts got the most shares on social media (SumoMe has a free count plug-in that integrates with your blog). Study Google Analytics to see which blog landing pages are driving traffic to your website. Keep a tab of topics trending in search. Decide on your topic title based on these indicators and share your posts on social media.

3. Interacting with Social Users on Communities

Communities are where the most valuable conversations happen on social media (from the perspective of businesses). Social communities are created for people with similar interests to meet and discuss the latest happenings, issues and ideas on how to solve them. You may not recognize them as such, but it is easy to recognize those opportunities once you’re a part of the right communities.

On each social media platform that you’re on, join groups that discuss your niche. The idea is to become a part of that community. Do not promote your product as soon as you join the community. You’ll lose your credibility and any opportunity that you might have in the future. Spend five minutes a day participating and introduce your product only when it answers someone’s question.

There are two straight-out benefits of participating in communities: the relationships you build with your high-target audience and constantly being at the top of their minds. (They’ll think of you when they want to buy. Some great communities to be a part of are sub-reddits discussing your industry, Quora and communities on Google Plus.

4. Including Compelling Visuals on Every Post

Everyone’s aware of how visuals add value to written content. But what value do your visuals actually add? The same rule that applies to written content applies to other forms of content. What point is your visual making on the post?

Begin by conceptualizing your visual. What do you want it to convey? Think emotion, process or summary describing the title of your post. Once you’ve decided on the concept, browse for options. There are severalfree visual resources that stock wide ranges of photographs that you’ll be surprised to see fit your posts.

Social Media Marketing Tips - Including Compelling Visuals on Every Post

If you intend to create your visual, that isn’t very hard either. Google for inspiration, source your background from an image resource and use an image editor like PicMonkey to put together your visual. To create an infographic, you could use Piktochart.

5. Encouraging Employees, Partners and Friends to Share Content

There’s no better way to cut through the noise on social media than making advocates of your personal and professional network. You could use this employee advocacy guide to understand how such a program is developed and managed. Studies have shown that advocacy on social media increases the credibility of the message broadcast. Another obvious advantage is the instant, increased reach.

You simply begin by explaining why you need your advocate’s help. Show them exactly how they’ll impact your business and show your appreciation towards their efforts by rewarding them. Spend extra time devising the messages you intend to circulate via your network of advocates because it has potential to go viral. Other studies show that messages shared via advocates are shared many times as compared to those shared via company pages on social media.

To be assured of success on social media, you have to survey the latest studies and case studies and learn what works to apply the insights to your business. This write-up is insights derived from experience and brands that have succeeded on social media. All that’s left to see is how you apply it to your business.

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Oculus Boosts Rift VR Gear Availability

Oculus Boosts Rift VR Gear Availability


  • Oculus Connect developers conference starts from October 5 this year
  • Oculus began shipping its VR headsets in March this year
  • A single Oculus Rift VR headset costs $599

Oculus on Tuesday announced it is ramping up availability of its Rift virtual reality gear and planning a major conference in October for developers making software for it.

Facebook-owned Oculus said that all pre-ordered Rift headsets have been sent to buyers, and promised that new orders made online at will ship within four business days.

“We want to apologize for the delays in getting Rifts to doorsteps,” the Oculus team said in a blog post.

Oculus began selling its Rift virtual reality headsets earlier this year for $599, a price which does not include the cost of a computer that can handle the processing and graphics demands of the technology.

Oculus is also increasing inventory at US shops, saying that people should be able to get their hands on Rift at select Microsoft stores and demo the headsets at hundreds of Best Buy retail outlet locations.


The company announced it will hold a three-day annual Oculus Connect developers conference in the Silicon Valley city of San Jose beginning on October 5.

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Fan Discovers level Editor in steel gear solid 5: The Phantom pain

Fan Discovers Level Editor in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

metal gear strong V: The Phantom ache‘s code well-knownshows a degree editor.
in the beyond collection creator Hideo Kojima hinted at this sort of function.
however it did now not make it into the sport and possibly in no way will.
steel gear stable V: The Phantom pain may also have marked the end of collection creator Hideo Kojima’sdating with writer Konami, that hasn’t stopped hardcore lovers from uncovering what could have been. And no, this is in no way related to the open-global stealth recreation‘s missing chapters. alternatively, aperson by way of the name of Saladin on has discovered a level editor hidden in the game‘s code.

in line with a detailed post, the functions of this formerly undiscovered editor is quite robust.

“It even adjustments the sport phrase‘s boundaries and memory relying at the current state of the editor mode. If it is enabled, the Editor mode sets it to high. If it isn’t always, it resets it to everyday,” Saladin claims. “It would not load a region, but it sets up one. most probably an empty world.”

It then goes on to show off numerous strains of code that deliver to mild a task editor, tactical movementsystem, and path system to call some. This was a function Kojima hinted at inside the beyond howeverdid now not come to fruition.

All in all, a rather locate for an expansion of reasons. metal gear strong V: The Phantom pain showedthat Kojima had what it takes to carry the collection into the open-world with superlative layout sensibilities and it seems that he changed into on the 5bf1289bdb38b4a57d54c435c7e4aa1c of trends along withconsumer-generated content.

simply to make clear, this mode became not supposed for the person, but rather the developers. this isevident by way of the massive boundaries of reminiscence and global size editor mode allocates,” Saladin feedback in any other put up.

Pity that we can probably not see this feature activated in the sport for cease users what with Kojima’s departure from Konami as well as maximum of the team answerable for it.

In a time whilst Forge and SnapMap are welcome additions to Halo five and Doom respectively, a stageeditor in metal equipment strong V: The Phantom pain could have given fanatics a reason to keepcoming lower back.

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Oculus Expands virtual truth Arsenal, Highlights 1 Million gear VR customers


approximately 1 million human beings used equipment VR final month for 25 minutes consistent withday.
Google is predicted to unveil digitalreality device next week at its I/O.
gear simplest wishes a hard and fast of headphones and considered one of some Samsung smartphones.
virtual fact expert Oculus is attempting to dazzle clients by means of adding extra enjoyment and academic options to the Samsung tools headset in hopes of reworking the technological curiosity right into a cultural phenomenon.

the new picks announced Wednesday include “Nomads,” a three-dimensional video collection from Felix & Paul Studios that examines wayfaring lifestyles in remote elements of the sector. there may beadditionally an upcoming online game called “Tactera” that calls for players to devise a battlefieldmethod on a holographic tabletop, and every other 360-degree video called “6X9” supplying a grimappearance of what it is like to be caught in a jail‘s solitary confinement mobile.

They be part of a menu of more than 250 apps designed for the gear VR on the grounds that its clientmodel turned into released nearly six months ago. it is a meager amount in comparison to the tens of millions of apps available for the iPhone and devices going for walks at the Android operating device.

devices that construct an arsenal of compelling apps generally are simpler to promote to clients. Programmers, even though, placed a lower priority on designing apps for gadgets till they’ve accrued abig audience.

(additionally see: VR is confusing, separating, and rather fun)

That hasn’t occurred yet with the equipment, even though Oculus says it’s miles triumphing overfanatics quicker than it predicted whilst the headset hit the marketplace just earlier than remainingyear‘s excursion shopping season. about 1 million human beings used the gear VR final month for an average of 25 mins in keeping with day, in keeping with Oculus. about eighty percentage of that pointbecame spent looking video.

Samsung designed the gear for its most latest smartphones with the assist of Oculus, a touchrecognisedstartup till on-line social networking leader fb bought it for $2 billion years ago to help introduce virtualreality to the masses.

“Oculus can assist people enjoy some thing, anywhere,” boasted Max Cohen, the agency‘s head ofcellular. “We suppose this (era) can definitely alternate people‘s lives.”

The idea of digital fact, a era that immerses human beings in an synthetic international, has been roundfor years, however has in no way taken off.

fb CEO Mark Zuckerberg is satisfied it’s far destined to become technology‘s subsequent large leap forward, and different influential trendsetters Google and Apple are actually scrambling to trap up in thenonetheless-nascent subject. Google is broadly expected to unveil a digitalreality device next week at its annual builders conference in the subsequent step beyond its rudimentary product called “Cardboard” that works with smartphones.

The equipment become a forerunner to a extra advanced digitaltruth headset referred to as the Rift thatcosts $600 and requires a connection to a high-powered pc. The Rift commenced shipping nearly twomonths in the past, even though many customers still haven’t obtained the headset but because ofdelays that Oculus has blamed on components shortages.

In contrast, users of the tools simplest need a hard and fast of headphones and this sort of Samsungtelephones: the Galaxy S6, S6 aspect, S6 side Plus or observe five. As part of its try to make it easier todiscover stuff to watch and play at the equipment, Oculus plans to release a new version of its app for thedevice subsequent month.

The tools VR is becoming an meeting line of apps for the Rift. greater than 20 of the video gamesoriginally designed for the gear are also like minded with the Rift.

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Samsung Gear VR: Reality if you have the right phone

Samsung Gear VR: Reality if you have the right phoneI’ve always wondered what it felt like to be Iron Man. Now, not only was I able to experience his suit boot up, I also got to meet JARVIS and play around with a few of Tony Stark’s toys. I wasn’t dreaming. This was reality, of the virtual kind – also called VR. Yes sir, I did all this sitting on my couch, using Samsung’s Gear VR headset, attached to a Galaxy Note 5.

At the time of writing, the Gear VR supported only four phones from Samsung – the Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5.

My first attempt with the Gear VR presented me with blurry images, which I corrected using the focusing ring at the top of the headset. I don’t wear glasses and while the manual says one should use contacts if needed, I think the eye cups are big enough to accommodate medium-sized spectacles. Navigating is fairly easy; one needs to look at a certain item to point the pointer and then tap the select switch on the touchpad.

My first port of call was the videos already on offer – where I got to surf in Tahiti and visit the PGA Tour. There was some pixilation in the second video, but I blame it on the resolution of the screen; here was an instance where a 4K screen on a phone might make sense. Next, I downloaded Netflix in phone, not VR, mode. But I had to log into it in VR mode. I had a torrid time pirouetting my neck to type in my user name and password using the onscreen keyboard. Nothing matches the sheer pleasure of watching in a personal theatre, and the headphones add to the immersive experience. I decided to watch Gravity. But it was not to be; the built-in gyroscope ensured I was looking at the ceiling of the theatre after I lay down.

Samsung Gear VR: Reality if you have the right phone

Next morning, with a fully charged phone, I decided to tackle an important aspect of the VR headset: gaming. I ended up playing Temple Run VR. It was fun playing it, but if one looked back, the monsters looked downright scary!

Samsung recommends a break after every 30 minutes of usage, especially if one feels discomfort. The phone heating up ensured I couldn’t continue for more than 45 minutes. And two hours of tinkering with the Gear VR depleted the Note 5’s fully charged battery down to 20 per cent – as the headset is powered by the phone.

The Samsung Gear VR, at Rs 8,200, takes multimedia and gaming experience to a whole new level but the phone heats up and the battery gets exhausted. It is possibly the best consumer VR headset one can buy in India at this price point, provided one has a compatible Samsung phone.


Facebook’s Oculus Unveils New Social, Video Features for Samsung Gear VR

Facebook's Oculus Unveils New Social, Video Features for Samsung Gear VR

Facebook-owned Oculus VR is bringing new social and video capabilities to the world of virtual reality. The company announced an update to its software that will enable Samsung Gear VR users to create a social profile while also leveraging several other features. The update will go live on Thursday. Oculus added that it also plans to introduce a feature to allow users to connect their Gear VR account with their Facebook account. The rollout of this feature, however, is planned for next week.

Oculus announced on Wednesday that its new set of features for Samsung Gear VR, which runs its software, will allow a user to look for friends, make a profile, and also rate different apps on the Oculus Store. The feature is similar to Xbox Live, Microsoft’s gaming network for Xbox One that allows users to interact and play with their friends.

The company has also added the ability to create rooms with friends in Oculus Social. This will enable friends to watch video streams on Twitch or Vimeo. On the sidelines, Oculus also announced Social Trivia, a game that lets users play with up to four friends to test their knowledge. A multiplayer adventure game called Herobound allows users to band together and fight for a common mission.

As previously promised, Facebook is also bringing some video capabilities to Samsung Gear VR. Dubbed Facebook Videos, the feature allows users to connect their Facebook account with Oculus Video. This will enable them to see personalised 360-degree videos to their taste based on the pages and people they follow. Oculus also noted that users will soon be able to like, share, and react to such videos from Samsung Gear VR headset.

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