FIFA Mobile 2017 Edition Released, Aims to Bring Football to Everyone

FIFA Mobile 2017 Edition Released, Aims to Bring Football to Everyone

FIFA Mobile 2017 Edition Released, Aims to Bring Football to Everyone
Download size is less than 100MB
Available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone
New features include Attack Mode, Leagues, and Plans
Two weeks after the release of FIFA 17, EA Sports has delivered a new update for its mobile counterpart in FIFA Mobile. As always, the game is free with in-app purchases to boot, and is available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The game is called different things on the three platforms – on the App Store, it’s called FIFA Mobile Football, on Google Play, FIFA Mobile Soccer, and on Windows Store it becomes FIFA 17 Mobile.

EA Sports says that the game is built for the “mobile gamer”, and hence it has shrunk the download size to under 100MB, so as to reach smartphone owners across the globe, except China – the game isn’t launching in the country. FIFA Mobile contains 30 leagues, with 650 clubs and over 16,000 footballers.

“When developing FIFA Mobile, we focused on giving players the most exciting parts of football in quick and fun bursts while prioritising gameplay and engaging, new ways to play FIFA on-the-go,” senior producer Todd Batty said in a statement. “This meant building a game that was optimised for the mobile player resulting in a fun and social game that loads quickly, runs smoothly on a wider range of devices, and has a small download size relative to the depth of features and content in the game.”

There are three new features, all exclusive to the mobile version. Attack Mode is a new turn-based, asynchronous multiplayer mode which is all about, well, attacking. You’ll be given a bunch of scenarios in which to score from, and ultimately out-score the opponent. The more you score, the more you get in-game “fans” which lets you climb divisions.
Another new feature is Leagues, which allows you to create or join a league with up to 32 players. You will be able to complete “cooperative league achievements, compete for bragging rights in inter-league championships, and challenge other Leagues in FIFA Mobile tournaments”.

Completing the round-up of new features is Plans, which is about making the most of unwanted items to get better ones through in-game rewards.

Ultimate Team mode is getting an overhaul of sorts, too. EA Sports is dropping contracts, training items and other consumables in favour of simple squad building. You can have a total of 27 players in multiple formations and tactics, and switch between those as you like.

The game will be continuously updated with new content that reflects events happening in the real world of football, EA Sports said. Early response to the latest update seems to be heavily negative, according to reviews on Google Play.

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girls’s football ‘Lesbianism’ Row reflects Homophobia in Nigeria: Activists

Nigeria Women football

Nigeria are the maximum successful group in Africa in relation to women‘s football.

Nigerian legit stated were reluctant to lower back girls‘s soccer
It changed into due to fear of lesbianism that sponsors shied away, he said
Nigerian gay rights activists have criticised the declaration
Dakar: Nigerian homosexual rights activists have condemned a senior football respectable after he saidsponsors were reluctant to returned girls‘s soccer in the country due to a false impression that femalefootballers are “synonymous with lesbianism”.
Seyi Akinwunmi, the Nigeria soccer Federation (NFF) vice-president, blamed lesbians final weekend for thelatest decline of the countrywide women‘s group, according to Nigerian media.
called the notable Falcons, the Nigerian ladies‘s group are the maximum successful African nation inwomen‘s soccer, but failed to qualify for this year‘s Olympic games in Brazil.
Akinwunmi said “lesbianism kills teams” at a assembly of sports activities writers in Ibadan metropolis,consistent with the Punch newspaper.
“Many capacity sponsors have shied faraway from supporting the girls‘s sport because of the false impression that it is synonymous with lesbianism,” he stated in a statement on Tuesday to clarify hisremarks on the meeting in Nigeria’s southwestern Oyo country.
Nigeria criminalised identicalintercourse relationships in 2014, making them punishable with the aid of upto fourteen years in prison in a country wherein anti-gay sentiment and persecution of homosexuals is rife.
Nigerian lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) activist Bisi Alimi said Akinwunmi’s announcementmay want to incite more hatred towards a network that suffered fear and stigma.
“This assertion is extremely disgusting and blatantly homophobic,” Alimi advised the Thomson Reutersbasis.
these are younger girls in a totally macho, masculine society who’re seeking to make a living, but are being underpaid or now not paid on time,” he said, adding that there were different cases of controversyconcerning soccer and sexuality in latest years.
soccer‘s governing frame FIFA in 2011 criticised the then Nigeria women‘s teach Eucharia Uche for calling homosexuality ‘dirty‘ and admitting that she forced lesbians out of her team.
3 years ago, FIFA wrote to the NFF over reviews that lesbians have been banned from gambling soccer in the us of a.
“If groups are surely scared of sponsoring the group because they think it is a few type of breeding floorfor lesbians, it shows the quantity of the homophobia fuelled with the aid of the 2014 regulation,” saidPamela Adie of the LGBT rights organization All Out.
“This law does now not most effective impact sport, however the improvement of Nigeria in trendy,” the Nigerian activist introduced.
Akinwunmi become no longer at once available for in addition remark.
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