Nintendo NX Price, Features, and Specs Leaked?

Nintendo NX Price, Features, and Specs Leaked?Nintendo NX Price, Features, and Specs Leaked?
The Nintendo NX may cost you $299.99 upwards
It could launch with four games
It may have 4K streaming along with gaming at 1080p and 60fps
A week doesn’t seem to go by without another rumour for Nintendo’s yet to be announced NX console. Earlier we saw Ubisoft talk up the console and that the next Beyond Good and Evil game may be exclusive to it. Now it appears that information related to the NX’s price, features, and specifications have been leaked.

This week’s news around the NX comes via the NX subreddit. According to sources vetted by its moderators, here’s what you can expect.

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For one, the games will be on cartridges. No surprise considering several sources have already confirmed this. 4K streaming for Netflix along with 1080p and 60fps for gaming have been talked about.

“4k streaming has been mentioned. – What this likely means is playback of content such as Netflix, etc. Not gameplay,” the post reads. “1080p and 60fps are being used by the marketing teams in relation to gameplay on to the console portion. I’ve heard unconfirmed rumblings of 900p for the infamous hybrid part of the device.”
Furthermore, the post claims that price points of $299.99 (around Rs. 20,000) and $399.99 (roughly Rs. 27,000) will be present. The base price being the former and a bundle price being the latter. What comes in the bundle is at this point of time unknown.

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It seems that the console will launch with four games, and a strong co-branding effort with a Mario launch title. Further alluding to the possibility of it being a handheld console (as if we didn’t need yet another confirmation) is the phrase “Interact with your game on the go” being seen on marketing materials.

Although some of this would be in line with what’s been leaked in the past, we’d still recommend you take this with a grain of salt. Reason being, while the moderators on the NX subreddit have taken utmost care in confirming the source’s identity and veracity of information, in an age where elaborate 3D-printed controller hoaxes are rife, it’s always best to temper expectations.

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10 Features of Apple’s iOS 10 Small Businesses Need to Know About

10 iOS 10 Features for Business That Small Businesses Need to Know About

The new iOS 10 by Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been described by the company as its biggest release yet, and as an operating system with more personal, powerful and playful features. The good thing for small business owners is that the new features would seem to drastically enhance the way you can run your business on your iPhone or iPad.

Whether you are using the new iPhone 7 or many of the previous versions also supported by iOS 10, there are some new features that will make you more productive, the company says.

Here are 10 features small business owners can start experimenting with right away with iOS 10.

iOS 10 Features for Business

Comprehensive Privacy and Advanced Security

With smartphones and tablets now inexorably linked to the way we do business, and the threat of digital security also an inevitable part of this ecosystem, it is extremely important to have a comprehensive privacy and advance security solution in place.

The privacy features in iOS 10 now requires your permission if an app in Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, Photos or others want your location information or personal data. This features extends with even more control to the way in which HealthKit and HomeKit access your data.

Your conversations in iMessages and FaceTime are encrypted, so hackers waiting in the middle of a conversation won’t be able to see, hear or read what you are communicating. And when you are on Safari surfing the web, you can browse privately, block cookies, and prevent websites from tracking you.

The security, according to Apple, is the most advanced security of any mobile operating system. The new features help secure your personal protection with hardware and firmware that have been designed to protect against malware and viruses throughout the entire system. The device is protected with Touch ID and the apps have high-grade encryption, app transport security, and more.

Maximized Graphic Performance

When you are on a smartphone or tablet the last thing you want is lackluster performance from your device. Since iOS has been engineered specifically for the iPhone and iPad with a framework the company calls Metal, it is able to maximize graphic performance whether you are videoconferencing, accessing applications from the cloud, viewing a PowerPoint presentation, moving from app to app or playing the most complex 3D video game after a hard day of work.

Enchanced Machine Intelligence

The new OS has been designed to take advantage of the progress that has taken place in software intelligence. This includes Apple-developed machine-learning technology, which has also been incorporated into Siri.

The result is a more intuitive system that makes everything you do with your device easier and faster.  Proactive suggestion, and predictive typing have been combined with Siri for a personal assistant that will answer many of your questions and take your requests by speaking naturally. Siri now works with your favorite apps, so you can request a ride, send payments using Square Cash, book a reservation through OpenTable, and more.

Continuity Across All Devices

Even if your business is mobile first, there are multiple computing devices that are part of the total technological solutions in place in your company. This generally means laptops and desktops both at the office and at home. In order to ensure continuity across all devices, iCloud and iOS automatically connect many of Apple’s products.

You can start a task on the iPad and finish it on your Mac and stream video from your iPhone or iPad to your television through Apple TV. Everything gets synced automatically, so any time you add a new document, image or video the latest version will appear on all your devices.

AirDrop for Large File Sharing

You now work outside of the office just as much as you do inside, and this means sharing large files that far exceed the limitations of email servers. AirDrop is a feature that lets you send large files wirelessly no matter where you are, so you won’t have to go back to the office when you are on location.

Handoff Email and Messaging Across Devices and Solutions

The continuity feature extends to an application called Handoff which lets you write an email and hand it off to Mail, Safari, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Maps, Messages, Reminders, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Podcasts, Clock, and News.

When you are ready to text you can send messages from any of your devices, receive it on your iPhone and reply on your iPad or Mac. You can choose a number from Safari, Contacts or Calendar to quickly send a text message.

Multilingual Typing

We live in a very connected world, and even the smallest of businesses now interacts with people in many countries around the world. This means multiple languages, and the multilingual typing feature lets you type in two languages at the same time without having to switch keyboards.

The OS recognizes English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish pairs, as well as Chinese.


As a small business owner on  the go, you can sometimes use your car as your second office. CarPlay makes it possible to safely and easily use your iPhone to make calls, send and receive messages, get directions and more so you can focus on your driving. It puts the functions you want to use on the built-in display of the vehicle so you can control them with your voice, touch or the knobs and controls of the car. Currently CarPlay is available on more than 100 automobile models, with more on the way.

Unsecured WiFi Network Warning

Free WiFi is so tempting but if you are not 100 percent sure it is secure, you can easily fall victim to an attack. Unsecured WiFi Network Warning makes recommendations when you connect your iOS device to an unsecured network.

New Notifications with 3D Touch

The new rich Notifications feature lets you quickly view videos, photos and reply. All it takes is tapping on the notification to launch the app or force press with the new feature rich 3D Touch to popup a preview. It also lets you clear the notification and delete emails from the expanded notification.

New APIs for Developers

Although Apple is notorious for protecting its intellectual property, the company has been coming around after witnessing the great benefits of what APIs have accomplished for other companies.  The Apple iOS 10 SDK has new APIs and services that now contain its more popular applications, including Messages, Siri, and Maps. Developers will now be able to create innovative functionalities using Apple’s platform creating more business models for small developers.

Greater Compatibility with Other Apple — and Android — Devices

The new iOS 10 is compatible with: iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 6, 6 Plus; iPhone SE; iPhone 5s, 5c, 5; iPad Pro 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch; iPad Air 2; iPad Air; iPad 4th generation; iPad mini 4; iPad mini 3; iPad mini 2; and iPod touch 6th generation.

Apple has also made it much easier to move to iOS on your Android device. You can download the Move to iOS app on your Android device from any Android app store, and it supports all phones and tablets running Android 4.0 and later. You can get more information from Apple here.


Xiaomi MIUI 8 Global Stable ROM Is Here: Top 10 New Features

Xiaomi MIUI 8 Global Stable ROM Is Here: Top 10 New Features


  • The Mi Cloud Photo Sync feature keeps original files on cloud
  • It also allows two WhatsApp accounts to run simultaneously
  • It also brings the ability to take long screenshots.

Xiaomi first unveiled MIUI 8 in May, and launched the Global ROM in June at an event in New Delhi. After releasing developer previews, the Chinese manufacturer has now started rolling out MIUI 8 Global Stable ROM build for all eligible devices.

The Xiaomi Redmi 1S, Redmi 2, Redmi 2 Prime, Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm, Redmi Note 3 Special Edition, Redmi Note 3G, Redmi Note 4G, Redmi Note 2, Redmi Note Prime,Redmi 3, Redmi 3S, Redmi 3S Prime, Mi 2, Mi 2S, Mi 3, Mi 4,Mi 4i, Mi 5, Mi Note, and Mi Max (32GB variant) are all worthy of an MIUI 8 update.

A few devices will receive the update over-the-air (OTA) gradually over the coming week, while some are set to receive it in the ‘near future.’ In any case, all eligible devices can install MIUI 8 right now, byfollowing the steps here.


MIUI 8 was unveiled alongside the Xiaomi Mi Max in India, and the company had then promised for the stable build to release in August. Keeping its promise, the MIUI 8 with all of its new features is rolling out, and here is everything new that is arriving with the MIUI 8 Global Stable ROM.

1) Photos
The MIUI 8 brings in a host of new improvements to the Gallery like the introduction of Mi Cloud Photo sync. It keeps low resolution images locally, and uploads the original full size image to the cloud. Xiaomi also tweaked the way panorama shots are seen on the smartphone, and instead of the cropped square version, MIUI 8 displays them horizontally across the screen. It has also introduced a new video editing option where users can trim videos easily and add video effects. MIUI 8 brings quick sharing to the Gallery app, where the user can share a picture on different platforms by just swiping up.

(Also see: Xiaomi India on the Redmi 3s, MIUI 8, and Mi VR India Launch)

2) Quick Ball
The Quick Ball is nothing but a hovering button that stays on the display screen at all times. Users can customise five shortcuts into the ball, and it reminds you very much of Apple’s Assistive Touch. The Quick Ball button also shows up on the lock screen, enabling users to use to shortcuts even on a locked smartphone.

3) Dual apps
Dual apps is a very nifty feature as it brings the ability to have two instances of any app running on the smartphone – such as two instances of WhatsApp. This essentially means you can run two separate WhatsApp accounts on one smartphone.

miui8_dualapps.jpg4) Second Space
The Second Space feature lets you do the work of two smartphones on one. It lets you have two Google accounts that you can switch whenever you please. By switching on the Second Space feature, and setting up a new account, users can keep their business and personal accounts separate, but on one smartphone. It allows users to switch between accounts through a Switch app, that shows up once the Second Space feature is enabled.

5) Scrolling screenshots
This should come in really handy for all the screenshot lovers out there. A screenshot is typically restricted to capture what is visible on the screen at that particular time, cropping out all the other content on a webpage. With MIUI 8, an entire webpage, no matter the length can be taken as a screenshot. To use this feature, press the Volume down and the power key at the same time. An animated icon pops up on the top right for five seconds. Click it immediately, and options to expand, edit or share show up. Click on expand, scroll up the space you want to screenshot, and press stop when you’re done.

miui8_screenshots.jpg(Also see: How to Manually Download and Install MIUI 8 Right Now)

6) Caller ID and Dialler
With MIUI 8, Xiaomi has integrated caller ID into the system, thereby eliminating the need for third-party apps to perform the function. The dialler now lets you type in T9 Hindi directly from the dial pad, and it even enables T9 Business Search. This feature shows contact information of popular businesses around the area, irrespective if the number is stored or not.

7) Calculator
The Calculator app also sees a major redesign. Apart from doing the math, the app now will even convert weight, currency, and temperature.

miui8_calculator.jpg8) Messages
The caller ID integration expands into text messaging as well. MIUI 8 will detect a message, and if a text arrives from your bank (for example), it will show the name of the bank with a profile photo to make it look prettier. For example, HDFC Bank’s SMS won’t show up as VM-HDFC, but will instead show up automatically as just HDFC complete with a contact photo icon. The Messages app also introduced third-party integration, which means it will prompt users to do various functions depending on the message. A movie ticket confirmation from BookMyShow will allow users to add a reminder, and a low data alert from a carrier should prompt the user to recharge using one of the installed recharge apps. For this to work, Xiaomi has currently partnered with MobiKwik in India.

9) Notes app
The new Notes app in MIUI 8 sees a slight change in design, and can be seen in a grid format. It has a new Memo template feature that gives you a better design to work with, and even allows you to share on micro-blogging sites as is. It also allows users to set a password, or fingerprint access to a note for better privacy.

miui8_notesapp.jpg10) Ringtones and Themes
Xiaomi has partnered with Hungama to introduce latest soundtracks as ringtones for users. The ringtones will be made available free of cost. The company has also partnered with many other companies to provide many new wallpaper options, and because of its Theme Contest held in India, MIUI 8 will also see many new themes as well.

Share a screenshot and win Samsung smartphones worth Rs. 90,000 by participating in the #BrowseFaster contest.

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Samsung Galaxy Note7’s First Official TV Ad Gives a Sneak Peek at Its Features

Samsung Galaxy Note7's First Official TV Ad Gives a Sneak Peek at Its Features


  • The new advertisement teases Iris scanner and phone’s name
  • The commercial almost confirms phone’s waterproof feature
  • The phone most likely to named Samsung Note7

Samsung Galaxy Note7, the upcoming smartphone in Samsung’s Note series, has now been spotted in its first official TV advertisement, which teases almost all the features that have been leaked regarding the phone. The advertisement touches upon features of the Note7 by giving hints regarding each.

First and foremost, there is little to no doubt now that the phone will indeed be called Samsung Note7 as the commercial shows a numerical order that goes from 1 to 5 then shows a question mark and zooms out to a ‘No’, which is clear indication of the skip that Samsung is widely expected to make. Samsung had tipped this name in the invitations sent out as well.

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The advertisement starts with a close-up view of a thumb print and the shot is followed up by unlocking patterns used by several Android phones to unlock devices. The shots of these methods used to unlock smartphones looks like a hint to the Iris scanner that the phone is expected to feature, giving the Samsung Galaxy Note7 a new way of unlocking the device.

The shot of classic telephones under the water in the advertisement are more than enough to indicate to the smartphone’s waterproof feature.

The commercial also features a girl who is using an electric bulb to click a selfie. This might be an indication of better low light performance of the Galaxy Note7’s camera, but it could easily have something to do with phone’s LED flash as well.

Presence of Dual Pixels, as in the case of Galaxy S7 and S7 edge has also been suggested on the phone. There has also been talk of dual rear cameras on the phone.

The phone is scheduled to be released on August 2.

There are other hints given in the advertisement as well but they are actually pretty hard to crack at this point in time. Do check the video of the advertisement by Samsung Mobile Korea below and let us know what features you think the Galaxy Note7 will come with.

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Xiaomi Mi Max: Pinnacle five Features of Xiaomi’s Biggest Phone

Xiaomi Mi Max: Top 5 Features of Xiaomi's Largest Smartphone

We take a look at the Top Capabilities of Xiaomi’s Largest Cellphone.
Xiaomi says the large screen is good for looking films on the move.
The Mi Max also Features a massive 4850mAh battery.
Xiaomi released its Biggest show Telephone on Tuesday, the Mi Max. Presenting a 6.44-inch display, theCellphone is available in 3 versions, starting from a 3GB of RAM and 32GB of garage model as much asa 4GB of RAM and 128GB of garage model.

China and its big adoption of largedisplay screen smartphones, or phablets as they may be known as,became unmarried-handedly liable for making Apple reverse its choice on Telephone show sizes beingrestrained to four inches. It is on this phablet-obsessed marketplace that Xiaomi has released its LargestSmartphone till date.

(additionally see: Xiaomi Mi Max Full Specifications)

The company says the “supersized displayon the Xiaomi Mi Max makes it ideal for watching films and Tvindicates at the pass. We test the brand new Telephone from the Chinese producer, and try and singleout its Top Functions.

huge show
Of course, without query, the Pinnacle function of the Mi Max is its huge show. The 6.44-inch displayCapabilities a Complete-HD resolution of 1080×1920 pixels, and springs with a Daylight show mode that complements legibility even underneath harsh Daylight. The organisation is also touting a night readingmode, apart from the “dynamic global pixel adjustment”.

large battery
Of route, with one of these large display, a massive battery might also be required. The Xiaomi Mi Max bears a 4850mAh battery, the highest potential battery on any of the business enterprise‘s smartphones.Even as Xiaomi has no longer furnished targeted battery lifestyles figures, it says the battery can aid upto fourteen hours of streaming video (thru c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a) on a unmarried rate.

Excessive-res camera
The Xiaomi Mi Max Functions a 16-megapixel rear camera with a 5-lens setup and a large f/ aperture.It’s miles accompanied by way of a dual-tone flash, and helps section detection autofocus (PDAF) apart from HDR. The frontgoing through camera alternatively sports activities a five-megapixel sensor, and isobserved by using the identical big f/2.0 aperture apart from an 85diploma extensiveperspective lens.

Slender construct
Whilst now not mainly Slim for a phablet – in any case, as the scale of the Smartphone increases, It’s farless difficult to space out additives to maintain thickness in take a look at – the Xiaomi Mi Max is just7.5mm thick. This was touted with the aid of CEO Jun Lei beforehand of the launch as well, and shouldbe beneficial in slipping the big smartphone away right into a pocket.

Wirelessngerprint sensor, infrared emitter
Once more, At the same time as the fingerprint scanner is never an splendid addition in the Smartphonesegment, the inclusion of the sensor on the Mi Max could be useful for users, from authorising on-linepayments to unlocking the Telephone. The Mi Max additionally comes with an infrared emitter, which can be used as a familiar far off controller – a reachable characteristic.

Honourable mentions
Other standout Functions of the Xiaomi Mi Max that did not make the list encompass the presence of 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage inside the Top version, the potential to extend storage through a microSD card, in addition to VoLTE connectivity.

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Xiaomi Mi Max Xiaomi Mi Max
KEY Specifications
Overall performance
Battery life
Price for cash
Captivating aesthetics and construct high-quality
Bright show
Suitable Overall performance
Strong battery life
4K video aid
Low-mild digicam quality is common
Hybrid SIM slot
Read specific Xiaomi Mi Max Evaluate
additionally See
Xiaomi Mi 4i (White, 16GB)
Rs. 11,999
Xiaomi Mi four (sixteen GB) White
Rs. 14,999
Xiaomi Mi 5 (White, 32GB)
Rs. 24,999
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iOS 10 features: 10 huge Ones Unveiled at WWDC 2016


iOS 10 brings massive new features to several middle apps.
Apple promises that non-public information isn’t used to generate profiles of customers.
numerous apps have also acquired redesigns that cause them to easier to apply.
Apple’s hardware is now automatically leaked months before it may be launched, but its software is allfinished in-house and so most of what become introduced at WWDC 2016 got here as a pleasantwonder. The organization unveiled good sized upgrades to the layout and functionality of its fourfundamental systems, iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS, in a -hour-long keynote marking the start of its annual developersconvention in San Francisco.

iOS 10 has been released in the form of a developer preview, at the same time as the first public beta may be released in July, and the overall launch can be expected this fall. whilst more information willcertainly emerge over the following few days, here are our 10 favorite iOS 10 capabilities from the presentation.

1) iMessage as a platform
iMessage is not the first chat app to integrate stickers and reactions, however taken as an entire, the newfeatures seem like a whole lot of fun. users can ship heartbeats and haptic signals, textual content orpix scribbled by hand, and of path stickers. Emojis are large and less difficult to insert. Apps will let you dosuch things as gather institution orders and post them to a restaurant, or maybe send cash thru thirdcelebration transaction services.

URLs are rich, with inline previews. you could also embed Apple track hyperlinks and movies, which your recipient can play right inside the Messages app. text bubbles can be lively to convey the tone of your message as well as its content material. There are on the spot reactions and completedisplay screenanimations to add even more effect to messages.

Rumored plans that Apple planned to make iMessage go-platform didn’t come to skip, but that might have made a variety of feel thinking about these new capabilities, which might be best surely useful if thehuman beings you are speaking to can take part.

2) Siri
Siri has been beefed up with APIs that eventually allow it to govern thirdbirthday celebration apps. you can use it to ship WhatsApp messages, e book Uber rides, make Skype calls, or whatever else. Siri’s intelligence additionally powers keyboard textual content predictions, making an allowance for highermultilingual experiences and greater useful autocomplete tips together with your cutting-edge region.

three) snap shots
the brand new pics app uses deep mastering to identify and classify human beings and objects in snap shots. images and films can as a consequence be taken care of into Moments based in your sports andarea, or even became highlight reels with an audio track and consequences that depend on the moodyou select. For those concerned about privateness, Apple confident the WWDC target market that every one processing is achieved at the telephone, not anything is amassed as a part of a user profile, and nothing that could in my opinion identify each person is transmitted to Apple.

4) Apple song
Apple song has been redesigned absolutely, with new navigation and capabilities designed to make iteasier to find music you want. New song and files stored regionally on your smartphone arediagnosed greater without a doubt, and there are now lyrics on the Now gambling display. There are curated playlists in addition to Discovery Mixes which take cues from track you have already got.

five) Apple Maps
Apple Maps, once the butt of all jokes, has been improving steadily considering that its shaky launch. The app has additionally obtained an overhaul and may now display pointers primarily based at thebehavior it learns and elements like site visitors. it could show factors of hobby on your direction. Mapsadditionally now receives 0.33party integrations so that you can ebook rides and check in on social networks with out leaving the app.

6) HomeKit
HomeKit has been operating inside the history seeing that its release, however now customers get asimple app the usage of which they are able to manage HomeKit compliant gadgets. Profiles can help you perform a group of movements with a unmarried tap, including placing lighting fixtures, curtains, airconditioning and safety while you go away the residence or come domestic. the home app willpaintings remotely the usage of an Apple television as a comfortable get right of entry to factor in your property. there’s even a panel for HomeKit inside the iOS control Centre now, so that you can quick getto your gadgets.

7) phone calls
in spite of the whole thing else it is able to do, the iPhone is likewise a telephone. Apple showed off transcribed voicemail, a characteristic that isn’t always very relevant to Indian customers howeverexciting despite the fact that. visual Voicemail was one of the first actual capabilities that thecorporation proclaimed to be modern approximately the very first iPhone almost 10 years ago, so thisbecame a pleasing contact.

In a nod to the present day, iOS will now cope with VoIP calls in 0.33birthday celebration apps a great deal the identical manner as normal cell voice calls, because of this WhatsApp and Skype will becomelots more useful.

eight) Continuity
Apple has additionally beefed up its Continuity capabilities which permit users move between iOSgadgets and Macs. you could now use your iPhone (or Apple Watch) to confirm your identity and authorise an Apple Pay fee through Safari on the computing device. there’s additionally a coherent clipboard whichlets you copy and paste snippets of information between systems.

9) three-D contact
the subsequent era of iPhones as well as the contemporary 6s and 6s Plus fashions could be able toharness greater 3D contact features. beginning on the lock screen, redesigned notifications will permitusers to look greater facts and ship responses with out even establishing the respective app. you cancall up widgets for apps to look short bits of statistics while not having to surely open the app.

10) Apple information
This current addition to Apple’s strong of pre-installed apps acquired a complete makeover, with sections that make it less complicated to discover and examine content you’re interested in. there is a brand new consciousness on typography, and you can get breaking information indicators as notifications.

iOS 10 has already been released as a developer preview and may be available more broadly as a public beta next month. The very last release will come later this 12 months, most probable while Apple unveils its subsequentera iPhones.

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Android N Developer Preview 2 Now Available; Brings Bug Fixes and New Features

Android N Developer Preview 2 Now Available; Brings Bug Fixes and New Features

Google last month released the first Developer Preview of Android N for developers introducing a host of new features including multi-window support, notification enhancements, background optimisations, number-blocking, and other new features. The company on Wednesday released the second Developer Preview of Android N in the form of factory images for eligible devices, and, OTA updates for devices enrolled in the Android Beta Program. The latest Developer Preview brings new features including Launcher shortcuts, Emoji Unicode 9 support, and more.

As before, the Android N Developer Preview will be available to eligible devices including the Nexus 6,Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, and Pixel C devices. Google has also added the General Mobile 4GAndroid One smartphone to receive the N Developer Preview 2. In a post, Dave Burke, VP of Engineering, revealed that the Nexus Player users will have to wait a bit to receive the latest Developer Preview 2 which can be expected to follow in next few days.

Burke listed some of the fixes that the latest preview of Android N brings including fixes for not being able to connect to hidden Wi-Fi networks, fix to multi-window pauses, and direct reply closing an open activity, to name a few. The company says that the users enrolled under Beta Program as well as developers who are testing the Android N Developer Preview can continue to send feedback as well as report issues in the N Developer Preview issue tracker or in the N preview community.

new_emoji_support_developer_preview_2.jpgSome of the new features that are being rolled out with the latest Developer Preview include Vulkan, a new 3D rendering API which is aimed at providing a significant boost in performance for heavy apps. Burke adds that Vulkan is now a part of the platform with Android N. Another new addition is the Launcher shortcuts, which will allow apps to define shortcuts for users to quickly launch an app. The Launcher shortcuts will show up in a new style. The Developer Preview 2 also brings support for Emoji Unicode 9 which means that the OS will get support for new emojis including new emoji design for people emoji and support for skin tone variations. The latest Preview also adds Unicode 9 emoji support, including the bacon, selfie, and face palm. Some of the minor additions that the Developer Preview 2 adds is a new Calculator Quick setting tile and a new ‘Clear All’ button that appears on the recent apps list.

Home screen folders also received a slight redesign, with the folder icon showing the first four apps in the folder. A new initial setup screen was also observed, called ‘Anything else’, asking users what else they would like to do before using their freshly formatted phone for the first time – from adding an additional email account to control lock screen notification. Finally, the Emergency Information feature first seen in Android N Developer Preview 1 has been redesigned, including the setup screen, where users can now also add emergency contacts.

“This update includes API changes as we continue to refine features such as multi-window support (you can now specify a separate minimum height and minimum width for an activity), notifications, and others,” explained Burke. With the latest Preview, Google has also released new factory images which are now available to download on Google’s developer site.

As before, the easiest way to get the latest Developer Preview is by enrolling into the device in the Android Beta Program (

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Facebook’s Oculus Unveils New Social, Video Features for Samsung Gear VR

Facebook's Oculus Unveils New Social, Video Features for Samsung Gear VR

Facebook-owned Oculus VR is bringing new social and video capabilities to the world of virtual reality. The company announced an update to its software that will enable Samsung Gear VR users to create a social profile while also leveraging several other features. The update will go live on Thursday. Oculus added that it also plans to introduce a feature to allow users to connect their Gear VR account with their Facebook account. The rollout of this feature, however, is planned for next week.

Oculus announced on Wednesday that its new set of features for Samsung Gear VR, which runs its software, will allow a user to look for friends, make a profile, and also rate different apps on the Oculus Store. The feature is similar to Xbox Live, Microsoft’s gaming network for Xbox One that allows users to interact and play with their friends.

The company has also added the ability to create rooms with friends in Oculus Social. This will enable friends to watch video streams on Twitch or Vimeo. On the sidelines, Oculus also announced Social Trivia, a game that lets users play with up to four friends to test their knowledge. A multiplayer adventure game called Herobound allows users to band together and fight for a common mission.

As previously promised, Facebook is also bringing some video capabilities to Samsung Gear VR. Dubbed Facebook Videos, the feature allows users to connect their Facebook account with Oculus Video. This will enable them to see personalised 360-degree videos to their taste based on the pages and people they follow. Oculus also noted that users will soon be able to like, share, and react to such videos from Samsung Gear VR headset.

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YouTube Gaming for Android Gets New Features

YouTube Gaming for Android Gets New Features

YouTube Gaming is getting a host of new features. The gaming-focused video streaming service has gotten rid of the sidebars on its homepage to make navigation easier – with new pages to manage games and channels – as well as to boost discovery of new content. There’s a new “Live” tab on the homepage that brings top streams, games, and videos from subscribed channels. In addition to this, there’s an Android live stream player – a feature that was limited to iOS and browsers (via HTML5). It will support quality switching, 60fps viewing, and DVR mode.

Also new is a pop-out player on Android. This will allow users to pop out the YouTube Gaming player, allowing it to be visible above other apps on your device.

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There’s more to it – the YouTube Gaming mobile app for Android and iOS will be made available to a few more countries.

“Now we’re inviting more players to the game. Starting today, the YouTube Gaming mobile app will be available on iOS and Android in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland, homes to top gaming creators like jacksepticeye, Vanoss, and TypicalGamer,” wrote YouTube Gaming Product Manager Alan Joyce. After which he hinted that “many more countries are coming soon”.

It’ll be interesting to see if India makes the cut anytime soon. Reason being, the company just took interest in gaming content out of India, hosting the country’s first workshop on gaming. With video streaming consumption being decidedly mainstream, we wonder if there are enough gaming content creators (and the requisite volume of gaming viewers) to justify a local release.

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