How Mumbai woman Lives existence on own terms After dropping a Leg in coincidence

How Mumbai Woman Lives Life on Own Terms After Losing a Leg in Accident

In posts at the humans of Bombay web page, the lady, talks approximately the freak accident in whichshe misplaced her leg, and how existence changed.
life has been the entirety I selected to make it,” says the 24-yearold
Her tale turned into shared on the people of Bombay facebook page
In 3 posts she talks about how life changed after her twist of fate
Six years in the past, she became strolling on the street out of doors her domestic in Mumbai while adepartment fell from a tree and completely overwhelmed her leg.

She has on the grounds that gained a driving force‘s license, a process and love. She has traveled the world or even long gone on a solo trip to Europe.

life has been the whole lot I selected to make it,” says the 24-yrold in an inspirational submit at thepeople of Bombay fb page.

Her story, shared in three separate posts on Wednesday, has received more than 34,000 ‘likes’ and nearly1,500 shares collectively.

in the posts, the girl, call no longer revealed, talks about the freak twist of fate in which she misplacedher leg, and the way life changed.

She stocks what she calls an unpleasant current enjoy at an airport. “They made me go to a ‘non-public‘ room which changed into a shop room, put off my denims and take off my leg which they then threw it into the scanner together with cellular phones, shoes and belts. How could I provide an explanation for to them, how terrible that made me experience? – that leg is part of my frame. i used to be hopping aroundon one leg for 45 mins and ultimately when I ought to board I simply burst into tears.”

She confronts comparable challenges daily but as she says: “My life has undergone such drasticexchange those beyond few years, however ultimately no person can hurt me except I let them.”

This lady‘s story is surely inspirational, mainly for those of us who permit little excuses govern our lives.

How Typography Can keep Your existence

After a long time of silently shouting on the pinnacle of its lungs, the country wide climate providercurrently introduced that it’s going to stop publishing its forecasts and climate warnings in ALL CAPS.starting may additionally 11, for the first time ever, we’ll start seeing combined-case letters.

The weather provider’s caps-lock addiction didn’t occur totally through preference. old equipment left over from early weather carrier days of the past due 1800s could only deal with capital letters.regrettably, human beings have given that found out to apprehend those capital letters AS YELLING. It’s taken a long term for the climate provider (and its customers) to replace all their hardware and software program, but now they’re eventually prepared to go into the 20 th Century.

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beginning ON may 11, @NOAA’S countrywide weather carrier FORECASTS WILL forestall YELLING AT YOU. wideclimateprovider-will-forestallusing-all-caps-its-forecasts …
1:58 AM – 12 Apr 2016
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For kind nerds anywhere, this is a positive typographic victory the likes of which we haven’t visible due to the fact that Massimo Vignelli re-designed the big apple metropolis subway signal machine. ok, maybethat’s a stretch, but type picks are a big deal — and may, in fact, have life or dying outcomes.

within the case of the weather service’s all-caps type, it’s the font version of the boy who cried wolf. the usage of ALL CAPS for the entirety — from extreme hurricanes to a slight chance of showers — meansthat the whole thing seems THE identical AND the entirety looks crucial. as soon as people realizethat most of the time it’s now not, they’ll come to be desensitized to warnings. when nothing stands proud, people are in all likelihood to miss actual emergencies.

Now that the weather service can use ALL CAPS sparingly — as a device to highlight actual hazardthe general public is much more likely to pay attention.

“We realized we should nonetheless use ALL CAPS inside products to feature emphasis, along withtwister caution. TAKE cowl NOW!’” stated art Thomas, the weather provider meteorologist in rate of themission. “we hope that using all caps for emphasis will get people’s interest when it subjects andinspire people to take action to guard their safety.”

Samples of each ALL CAPS and combined case vicinity forecasts from the climate carrier. source: NOAA
A light contact at the caps-lock key is not just an amazing strategy for emphasizing the proper matters,however also simply commonly for making textual content less difficult to study. due to the fact we seewords as shapes, massive rectangular blocks of all caps take us a whole lot longer to procedure. In an emergency, that greater time to decipher an pressing message may come at a cost.

text set in ALL CAPS is plenty harder to read than blended-case.
Of path, in case you’re looking to make something difficult to read, then all caps is the idealpreference. groups that set protection warnings in all caps may also, intentionally or no longer, veilcritical facts from customers.

here’s a model of the surgeon standard’s warning that looks in Edward Tufte’s masterpiece visualmotives. The warning seems on a cigarette billboard and has been artfully concocted in ALL CAPS, underlined, and surrounded by means of a darkish black border.

A much less than clean-to-read safety warning. source: visible motives
considering that 1984 all cigarette programs have been required to include one in all four precisefitness warnings, with the “health care professional wellknown’S cautionphrase set in capital letters. In 2009, President Obama signed a new law that would require larger labels with vibrant snap shots,however the tobacco industry put up a criminal combat, and the brand new labels were in limbo eversince.

corporations can (and do) claim that they’re looking to “emphasize” the critical stuff by way of setting it in all caps. this is actually the cause so many criminal documents and contracts have sections that seemto be shouting. you could blame U.S. law for this one (specially, the Uniform industrial Code) which calls for that certain sections of a contract be “conspicuous.”

typically the ones suggestions observe to the parts of the agreement that sound something like: “organization X DOES not guarantee THAT WE’LL maintain ANY OF OUR promises AND the entirety IS AT YOUR very own risk.” Makes experience that those sections have to be hard to miss.

except that during this example, making textual content “conspicuous,” additionally makes it tougher tostudy. And that’s because of a ancient quirk. Technically the regulation defines conspicuous as:

“(A) a heading in capitals identical to or greater in size than the surrounding textual content, or in contrasting kind, font, or coloration to the encircling textual content of the equal or lesser size; and

(B) language in the body of a report or display in larger kind than the encircling textual content, or in contrasting type, font, or colour to the encompassing textual content of the equal length, or prompt from surrounding text of the equal length via symbols or different marks that call interest to the language.”

So why will we use all caps in place of ambitious or italic or even highlighted? because lower back whilelegal professionals used typewriters, the only easy manner to emphasise something was to apply ALL CAPS. And at the same time as these days our fancy put up-typewriter machines ought to certainly render the textual content in different “conspicuous” approaches, way of life is difficult to interrupt. simply ask the weather carrier.

appearance familiar? Blame typewriters and stubborn legal professionals. supply: iTunes terms andsituations
however allow’s look beyond all caps, to possibly the most well-known area wherein typeface choiceswould possibly keep lives: on the street.

U.S. street signs had been set in a typeface referred to as highway Gothic since the 1950’s, and it wasthe dominant typeface in use till the early 2000’s. but it had problems. whether or not human beingsnoticed it or not, it changed into hard to read in wet climate, from a distance, and at night. while light hit the words, they appeared to blend collectively in a sparkling, blurry mess, some thing referred to ashalation. this may be disturbing to an average character, however in case you’re an aged man or woman riding at 70 miles an hour with horrific vision, it may be lethal.

So dual carriageway engineers struggled to discover a answer. They concept perhaps making the letters 20 percent larger might solve it, however bigger letters would require bigger signs and symptoms andbecome costing billions of greenbacks. in order that they grew to become to 2 designers: an environmental photo clothier and a kind clothier. those designers created Clearview, a new typeface thatbecame designed to take up the same space as dual carriageway Gothic but be a good deal less difficult to study.

dual carriageway Gothic (left) compared to the brand new alternative typeface, Clearview. supply: Terminal design, Inc.
one of the maximum vital adjustments changed into widening the tiny shapes internal letters known ascounter areas (just like the hollow inside the O or P). but the designers also adjusted the height of the ascenders in characters like b, d, f, h, as well as spacing between letters. And a majority of theseadjustments, taken together, appeared to work! After a gaggle of assessments in awful climate anddifferent situations, Clearview became observed to improve drivers’ studying accuracy, reaction time, and reputation distance. soon, highways throughout the united states of america started out toundertake Clearview.

Early area testing of Clearview within the wild. supply: Terminal layout, Inc.
however, they received’t for a great deal longer. The Federal motorway administration introduced thisyear that it’s no longer going to require new symptoms to be in Clearview, because ofvast confusion and inconsistency in toll road sign design, fabrication procedures, and application.” The management alsocites a few proof that Clearview doesn’t improve midnight legibility that a lot. And so it’s throwing in thetowel on font innovation, pronouncing it “does no longer intend to pursue similarly consideration,development, or guide of an alternative letter style.”

however someplace else, lifestyles-saving typefaces are nevertheless making great appearances on the road — this time in the car. In 2012 researchers at MIT partnered up with the typeface organizationMonotype to address the trouble of driver distraction. They idea that if they might layout easy-to-readdisplays and presentations for internal a automobile, drivers would spend less time trying to decipherwords — and greater time with their eyes on the street. To make the ones monitors less complicated toread, they tried tweaking the typeface.

They settled on a “humanist” fashion typeface for the activity, which has greater area between characters and effortlessly distinguishable letterforms. studies suggests that humanist styles are greater legible than the extensively used geometric and squareshaped typefaces frequently used by car manufacturers.right here’s a picture from the MIT/Monotype observe that demonstrates the distinction in counter shapes and different components that have an effect on legibility:

A rectangularformed typeface (Eurostile) on top as compared to the humanist typeface (Frutiger) on the lowest. source: Monotype Imaging.
the brand new humanist typeface regarded to work: general glance time, or how a great deal time amotive force spent searching far from the street, went down via half of a 2nd for the male drivers within the study (though there has been no distinction for the woman members). That’s a difference of about12 percent. It won’t sound like an awful lot, however half a second translates into about 50 toes for theaverage vehicle driving at the toll road. automobile lengths could make the difference amongexistence and demise.

Even NASA without a doubt understands the importance of typography — they’ve a whole fileapproximately it. It’s calledon the Typography of Flight-Deck Documentation.” In it, NASA scientist Asaf Degani notes, “although flight-deck documentation are an critical (and every now and then essential)shape of show in the current cockpit, there’s a dearth of statistics on a way to effectively layout thoseshows.”

effectively designing the ones displays can indeed be crucial. The file describes an incident on may 26, 1987, whilst Air New Orleans Flight 962 took off for Florida. before the plane could reach even a fewhundred toes, the captain needed to make an emergency touchdown — and inside the method controlledto roll onto a close-by toll road and crash into several vehicles.

It became out that the aircrew had forgotten to advance the engine levers, which the country wideTransportation safety Board stated indicated “a loss of tick list discipline.” but additionally probableguilty? The horrific design of that tick list. here’s what the safety board had to mention:

The typeface on the Air New Orleans’ checklist is fifty seven percent smaller than that encouraged by means of human engineering standards. This smaller typeface reduces the legibility of print even beneathhighest quality situations. although there was no proof that checklist legibility changed into a elementon this accident, the safety Board believes that below different operational instances, this deficiency may want to compromise the intended reason of this device. consequently, the protection Board believes the FAA must take motion to affirm that plane checklists are designed to conform with commonplace human engineering criteria.

The Air New Orleans’ checklist became extremely hard to study, set at fifty seven% smaller type sizethan recommended. supply: NASA
whilst NASA maximum probably has plenty of other safety issues to worry about, Degani underscores the significance of typography in preserving pilots and passengers secure: “The efficiency and accuracy ofanalyzing checklists, maps, airport charts, flight plans, fuel slips, manifests, and so on., relies upon inelement on typographical and graphical factors. moreover, for the duration of emergency or strangeconditions, the flight group performance in getting access to, studying, comprehending, and executingmethods has a full-size effect on flight safety.”

via the stop of the report, he’s long past thru tips on the whole lot from line duration to colorationcoding to serif vs sans-serif (and sure, he is also opposed to all caps, see #four). right here’s the entirelisting:

NASA’s list of layout guidelines

Sans-serif fonts are usually more legible than fonts with serifs.
keep away from the use of a font that has characters that are too just like each other, as this couldlessen the legibility of the print.
keep away from the use of dot matrix print for critical flight-deck documentation.
lengthy chunks of text ought to be set in decrease case.
If higher case is required, the primary letter of the word need to be made larger so as to decorate the legibility of the phrase.
while specifying font peak, or getting access to graphs to decide the size of a decrease-case man or woman, the difference between “x” top and common length should be made.
As a widespread advice, the “x” height of a font used for critical flight-deck documentation ought to not bebeneath zero.10 inch.
The endorsed peak-to-width ratio of a font that is regarded in the front of the observer is 5:three.
The vertical spacing among lines must no longer be smaller than 25–33% of the overall length of the font.
The horizontal spacing between characters must be 25% of the general size and now not much less than one stroke width.
keep away from the use of long strings of text set in italics.
Use by and large one or typefaces for emphasis.
Use black characters over a white background for maximum cockpit documentation.
keep away from the usage of white characters over a black history in normal line operations. but, if that isfavored:
Use minimal amount of textual content.
Use particularly big typesize.
Use sans-serif to decrease the loss of legibility.
Black over white or yellow are encouraged for cockpit documentation.
avoid using black over darkish pink, inexperienced, and blue.
Use anti-glare plastic to laminate documents.
ensure that the exceptional of the print and the paper is properly above normal standards. negative first-rate of the print will effect legibility and clarity.
The dressmaker need to investigate the age companies of the pilots that will be the usage of the documentation, and take a completely conservative technique in assessing statistics acquired from graphs and statistics books.
There are, of course, infinite examples of terrible typography. luckily, only a few of them ever come nearcontributing to accidents or confusion in times of emergency. but in those cases, even tiny tweaks to a letterform or diffused differences in typeface style come to be a truly large deal. So keep that inthoughts the next time you hit caps lock.

understand of any more life-saving font examples? electronic mail me at [email protected]

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Typography Can shop Your existence

The country wide climate provider publishes its forecasts in all caps regardless of what the weather. It is probably frequently SUNNY, WITH A excessive close to 75, or it may be HAIL AND adverse WINDS, WITH excessive THUNDERSTORMS, but in either case it’ll be shouted in an all-caps warning, like aresidence is on fireplace. but earlier this month, the weather carrier took a typographic sedative andformally commenced the use of blended caps in its climate forecasts.

That form of news would frequently be relegated to a press launch, or much more likely a joke on aoverduenight time tv display, however ProPublica journalist Lena Groeger used the peg to dive down the rabbit hole of typography. The Huffington put up talked to Groeger approximately how she converted this small news item into a charming essay about type choices and the way they could have existence-or-dying outcomes.

the idea of this story, or alternatively the information peg, is based off a press launch: The country wideweather service is giving up ALL CAPS. What stimulated you to dive deep into typography?

I’ve constantly loved typography. It’s what got me into image design in the first place. after I saw thecountrywide climate service declaration, more than one other examples in typography modifications got here to thoughts. the first became how the font on highway signage has been changed to Clearview fromdual carriageway Gothic to make it easier for drivers to study. I additionally idea of Edward Tufte’s ebookvisible factors. He talks approximately how the use of too many alerts, like any caps, bold, italics, all of sudden could make some thing important tougher to examine. The healthcare professionalfashionable’s caution that appears on a cigarette billboard in ALL CAPS, underlined and surrounded by means of a black border, is a extraordinary example of that.

you have got so many extremely good examples of terrible typography. How did you find them?

I didn’t have to do an excessive amount of studies as there was loads obtainable. I came throughoutan MIT take a look at on car shows quite quick. Then as i was writing approximately ALL CAPS Iquestioned why terms and situations are usually that way. I had no concept it was because of aregulation on how the lettering desires to be conspicuous.

What amazed you for your reporting?

That NASA had a record on typography! however when you find out that’s the case, you believe you studied, “Of direction NASA is on top of that.” i was usually struck by using what number of exceptionalpractices in design are left out in numerous fields in most cases because of legacy structures. Typewriters are nevertheless defining what phrases look like these days.

allow’s communicate about fonts. Do you have a fave?

I’ve constantly preferred Garamond. It’s sophisticated and clear, and it doesn’t call an excessive amount of interest to itself. In its italic model there’s this first-rate ampersand that seems like a chunk of artwork.but for general use, my new favourite font is Atlas Grotesk. It’s a clean sans serif font like Franklin Gothic. It’s proper for little labels in charts and pics. It’s smooth to study and receives the message across.

After your piece posted, did anybody write or tweet different examples of typography long past awry?

No, however I were given this great e mail from Glenn Fleishman, who additionally had writtenapproximately ALL CAPS this week. He wanted to pass alongside his essay on the records of the use ofall caps to signify shouting. He even discovered an example from the nineteenth century.

need to examine greater approximately how a SHOUTY typeface is not most effective worrying,however additionally risky? examine Groeger’s piece.


Tech global Eyes virtual existence beyond the smartphone

Tech World Eyes Digital Life Beyond the Smartphone

The telephone revolutionized how humans stay and paintings, however the era international is nowsuffering to look what comes next.

As telephone sales have peaked in maximum predominant markets, Apple, Samsung and others are beingcompelled to reconsider their business fashions to maintain growing and connecting with consumers.

The fashion in smartphones seems to follow similar peaks in tablet income and private computers, saidBob O’Donnell, chief analyst at Technalysis research.

we’re truely entering a new generation wherein growth of conventional devices has ended and you need to suppose differently,” O’Donnell said.

it’s no longer clear what is going to be the “subsequent big issue” in era or even if there’s one, and that is troubling for an industry that has been living off increase from smartphones and their ecosystems of Android and Apple iOS packages.

John Curran, managing director of Accenture’s communications, media, and technology organization, saidthat in a maturing smartphone market, clients aren’t hesitating about new purchases.

customers are basically glad with their contemporary gadgets,” said Curran.

Curran said the internet of factors appears to be a promising market however that no single device has proved compelling to date.

we are seeing a huge variety of gadgets, smartwatches, home automation, drones and the like,” Curranstated.

but those are not starting up (because) human beings don’t see the personal cost in their lives yet.”

An Accenture survey released in January, primarily based on polls in 28 international locations, observeddeclines in purchase motive for new smartphones and other hugeprice tag electronics devices.

most effective a relative small variety of clients expressed hobby in new internet of factors gadgetswhich includes smartwatches or drones – expressing worries over fee, protection and complexity of use.

Curran stated the smartphone have become wildly famous because it addressed a key trouble of communications for humans at the pass, but that the next big component isn’t clean.

purchasers are seeking out things that solve practical, tangible troubles,” he said.

“They need to peer matters that make their lives simpler, that pleasure and amaze them.”

looking for integration
Ramon Llamas, analyst on the studies company IDC, stated purchasers need to look how all their newgadgets and services may be interconnected.

“The telephone will nevertheless have a privileged vicinity in our lives, however it desires to hook up withall our different gadgets,” he stated.

“You need your telephone to talk to your own home security system and your wearable device.”

global phone sales within the first sector showed their slowest increase on report of 0.2 percentage,according to IDC. A separate report by means of Juniper studies become even more gloomy,announcing worldwide income fell almost six percentage.

The marketplace for devices consisting of smartwatches, fitness bands and smart home era is growing,however in a more disjointed style, with a number of competing operating systems which could regularlyconfuse clients.

“In all of those environments, you’ll want some stage of computing or connectivity, so the companieswhich can deliver the ones varieties of matters could be better positioned,” O’Donnell stated.

with no unmarried essential tool dominating, O’Donnell stated the future tech landscape will see gamersemerge that may integrate hardware, software, digital truth and synthetic intelligence. that might open the door to vital roles for facebook, Amazon, Intel and different gamers.

devices ‘fade away’
some appearance to a panorama where generation and synthetic intelligence permeate all aspects ofexistence, in which the “toolmay additionally come to be nearly inappropriate.

looking to the future, the following big step might be for the very idea of the ‘toolto fade away,” says Sundar Pichai, chief executive of Alphabet unit Google, in a latest weblog put up.

through the years, the pc itself – whatever its form thingmight be an clever assistant supporting youthru your day. we will circulate from mobile first to an AI (synthetic intelligence) first global.”

Samsung, the world‘s biggest smartphone maker, said it too is looking at a distinct future of relatedmatters.

we’re already imagining the following step past the phone,” Samsung Electronics mobile communicationsenterprise president Dongjin Koh informed the enterprise‘s developer conference in California.

Samsung wants to integrate software program and services the usage of its Tizen platform within theperception that “everywhere you cross, there will be opportunities to carry devices and those together,” Koh stated.

Intel, the enterprise acknowledged for laptop chips and failing to apprehend the shift to cellular gadgets,last month unveiled a main restructuring, that allows you to the “internet of factors.” some reports statedIntel’s new structure abandons the cellphone in prefer of rising gadgets and offerings.

the most important opportunity inside the internet of factors is that it encompasses just abouteverything in our lives nowadays,” stated Intel CEO Brian Krzanich in a weblog post.

“From our shoes and garments to our homes and cars — the internet of factors is transformingeverything and each experience.”

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