Apple MacBook Event: What to Expect From the October 27 Showcase

Apple MacBook Event: What to Expect From the October 27 Showcase

Apple MacBook Event: What to Expect From the October 27 Showcase


  • The new MacBook Pro will come with the Magic Toolbar panel
  • 11-inch MacBook Air will be killed off
  • The event to begin at 10.30pm IST

Last month, Apple hosted an event to unveil the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and Apple Watch Series 2 devices. Now, the company is hosting another event at its California Campus on Thursday. At this Apple event, the Cupertino giant is expected to refresh the MacBook Pro lineup, and unveil what may be the new 13-inch MacBook or the new MacBook Air. Other, reports indicate the company may introduce a standalone 5K Thunderbolt display, and even unveil the new iMac.

The Apple MacBook event is scheduled to begin at 10.30pm IST, and Apple is live streaming it on its website. Users with the Safari browser on Mac and iOS, and Microsoft Edge browser running on Windows 10 will be able to live stream the event. Furthermore, Apple TV (Gen 4) users can watch the event live through the Apple Events app available in the App Store. Apple TV (Gen 2 and 3) will get the Apple Events Channel automatically, where the event will be broadcast live. We have collated all that is expected from the event, and here’s everything that Apple may launch tonight.

(Also see:How to Watch Apple’s MacBook Event Live)MacBook Pro
The brand new MacBook Pro is expected to be unveiled in 13-inch and 15-inch variants. The new and improved MacBook Pro will have a faster processor, and be lighter and thinner than the predecessor. There is also a new Oled display panel on the keyboard, and is dubbed to be called the ‘Magic Toolbar’. The panel will perform key functions depending on what the user is browsing onscreen. For example, if you’re listening to music, the panel will let you skip tracks, manage volume etc.

Right beside the OLED panel is pegged to be the Touch ID sensor. The fingerprint reader will be used for unlocking the laptop, as well as authenticating payments via Apple Pay. Apple is also expected to introduce USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports on the MacBook Pro as well. Analyst Ming Chi Kuo expects that a 2TB SSD option will be made available, and he also expects the quality of the Retina display to be improved (however, the display resolution will remain the same). Kuo suggests that the MacBook Pro will come with “MagSafe-like adapter” which will be rolled out by Apple or a third-party supplier. The new MacBook Pro lineup is also expected to run on the Intel’s sixth-generation ‘Skylake’ Core SoCs, and bring the option of a discrete AMD GPU, apart from integrated Intel Iris GPUs. No Kaby Lake processors are expected to be used.

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MacBook and MacBook Air
Kuo believes that the long-rumoured 13-inch MacBook will make appearance at the Thursday event and will come with various improvements compared to the current 12-inch MacBook. He doesn’t mention the MacBook Air in his note to investors. Separately, Apple is rumoured to unveil a 13-inch MacBook Air with minor upgrades. The USB 3.0 port will be replaced by a USB Type-C one. Apart from this, there are reports that the 11-inch MacBook Air will also be discontinued, and Apple is only planning to unveil the 13-inch variant at the event.

iMac and 5K Cinema Display
While Kuo thinks that the refreshing of the iMac and standalone 5K Thunderbolt Cinema Display will happen sometime in 2017, several reports suggest that Apple will introduce them at the MacBook event. The analyst further claims that even if the new Macs are unveiled, they won’t be shipped before 2017. The new iMac won’t have much of an upgrade apart from the USB Type-C port. Apple is also expected to include an option for AMD graphic chip integration.

As for the 5K Cinema Display, it is expected to come with integrated GPU and a screen resolution of 5120×2880 pixels. Rumours claims that Apple has decided to integrate a GPU into the display to make it future ready. The integrated GPU will help the new Thunderbolt Display maintain compatibility with future Macs, and will also reduce the need of high resolution displays to be powered by high-performance computers featuring top-end GPUs.

Mac mini and Mac Pro
With no recent reports indicating a launch on this front, it’s safe to assume Apple won’t be unveiling new Mac mini and Mac Pro hardware at the event. If it does, like the iMac, the desktops will probably only be launched at a later date.

TV Guide App
As reported earlier this week, Apple is also tipped to reveal a new TV Guide app for Apple TV to enable easy discovery of entertainment content. The app will collate content from different apps and streaming services. However, it is reported that Netflix will not be included on this list.

No iPads?
From what we know so far, Apple is going to be hawk-eye focused on its Mac products. Apart from the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, all the other models are a year old. New iPad hardware is tipped for early spring next year, so don’t expect anything new on that front from Thursday’s event.

AirPods release date
Just a day ahead of its October 27 event, Apple revealed that the wireless AirPods earphones it had unveiled alongside the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have been delayed, and will not be available to buy in late October as it had previous promised. The company did not provide a clear reason as to the delay, or when the earphones would launch. It may be possible that Apple may provide some clarity on this front at Thursday’s event. Though of course with an announcement just before the event, it is also possible that Apple makes no mention of the delayed wireless earphones at the event.

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As the tradition goes, Apple will most likely brag about the sales numbers of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and the Apple Watch Series 2. It is also expected to announce availability of the AirPods. As mentioned, the Apple event time is 10.30pm IST, and we will be reporting everything from ground zero, giving you all the details and announcements in real-time. Stay tuned.

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Apple MacBook Event: Highlights From Apple’s October 27 Event

Apple MacBook Event: Highlights From Apple's October 27 Event


  • Apple unveiled the new MacBook Pro lineup
  • The company also showcased the new TV app
  • Availability of the Apple Watch Nike+ was also revealed
Oct 27, 2016
23:54 (IST)
Stay tuned for news, features, and even podcasts about the Apple event. Good night.
23:53 (IST)
He thanked everyone. That means the event is now over. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed the live blog.
23:52 (IST)
Tim Cook is now on stage recapping Apple’s product launches in 2016.
23:52 (IST)
The MacBook Pro 13″ with function keys starts shipping today, and the other two start shipping in 2-3 weeks.
23:50 (IST)
MacBook Pro 13″ with function keys – $1,499
MacBook Pro 13″ with Touch Bar – $1,799
MacBook Pro 15″ with Touch Bar – $2,399
23:49 (IST)
All laptops have sixth-generation Intel Core processors, at least 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD.
23:48 (IST)
The 13″ MacBook Pro is actually smaller than the 13″ MacBook Air.
23:47 (IST)
A model of the 13″ MacBook Pro with traditional function keys, and two Thunderbolt ports will also be available. The new MacBook Pro is 12% thinner than the MacBook Air.
23:46 (IST)
The new MacBook Pro is 6.8 million times faster than the PowerBook. A full year of compute time on the PowerBook can be accomplished in less than five seconds on the new MacBook Pro, Schiller says.
23:45 (IST)
Schiller just showed a comparison shot of the PowerBook and the latest MacBook Pro. The difference is… stark.
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Apple’s MacBook event is very likely to be all about updating its lineup of desktop and laptop computers. The company hasn’t updated its range of desktop and laptop computers in a while and it’s about time the lineup got a much-needed refresh. Gadgets 360 is at the launch venue in Cupertino, California and we’ll be bringing you live updates. Wondering what the Apple event start time is? The Apple event of October 2016 begins at 10:30pm IST.

If you’re wondering how to watch the Apple event, we’ve got you covered. But if you are stuck somewhere and can’t tune in, this live blog and our Twitter feed should be more than adequate. We’ll bring you to-the-second updates from the Apple MacBook event of October 2016, along with pictures so you feel like you’re as much a part of the event as us.

(Also see: MacBook Pro With USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 Ports Tipped to Launch This Month)Apple is expected to launch several new Macs at the October 2016 event, not least of which will be new MacBook Pros and iMacs. The Mac Pro is also likely to get an update, and some are even hoping for an update to the Mac Mini. We’ll have confirmation on all of that and more during the event.

(Also see: Apple’s MacBook Event: About Time the Mac Got Some Much-Needed Love)

The MacBook Pro is likely to be faster, thinner, and lighter, or at least that’s what the Apple we know would do. It could also have an Oled display panel on the keyboard and get rid of the Esc key. Support for Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor technology is also expected to be unveiled.

In other news, Apple may announce a TV guide app for the Apple TV, to make it easier to manage all of your subscriptions across content providers. This could be a great move for Apple TV users, but we’re not yet sure how much it’ll affect those who use it in India.

(Also see: Apple Says It Needs More Time Before AirPods Are Ready)

While you’re waiting for the event to begin, you can always listen to Orbital: The Gadgets 360 Podcast to hear us voice our expectations from Apple’s October event. You can subscribe on iTunes or RSS or just hit the play button below.


Apple MacBook Pro Event: Everything You Need to Know


  • Apple launched new MacBook Pros on Thursday
  • TouchBar and TouchID are both innovative new features
  • Apple TV is getting the TV app which will bring all your videos together

On Thursday, Apple unveiled its new MacBook Pro lineup in a launch event in Cupertino, California. Aside from revealing its new laptops, Apple also made a number of announcements about Apple TV. Here are all the key details about the Apple MacBook event that you need to know.

1) Smaller, lighter MacBook Pro
As was expected, Apple announced a new MacBook Pro and brought in some much-needed innovation. As expected, the new MacBook Pro comes with an OLED Touch Bar panel and a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, the former replacing the function keys on top of your keyboard. Touch Bar will provide context sensitive functions for different apps.

The new MacBook Pro will be available in 13-inch and 15-inch models, starting at $1,799 and $2,399. The pricing in India was revealed to be Rs. 1,55,900 while the 15-inch model will start at Rs. 2,05,900 respectively. The 13-inch MacBook Pro without Touch Bar is priced starting at $1,499 (or Rs. 1,29,900 in India).

2) Touch Bar and Touch ID
The Touch Bar and Touch ID are definitely the highlight features of the new MacBook Pro, which also features important updates to its internals. The new features could make a real impact on how the laptops are used. Touch Bar is a touchscreen display that runs as a thin strip above your keyboard. The bar displays different options depending on the context of the app you’re in – for example, when you’re in the Photos app, you’ll see image editing tools so you can use the bar to resize the image, or apply filters. Touch Bar can also show you emoji when you’re typing, and you can press the Fn key on the keyboard to show system functions.

Touch ID on the other hand is Apple’s fingerprint authentication system, and its inclusion in the MacBook Pro opens up a number of possibilities. It could be used for quick logins for multiple users on the same machine; it was also shown in use for Apple Pay.

3) TV app for Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone
The new TV app provides a unified hub for all your TV content, which comes from various sources, as expected. Instead of having to go into one app after another to find the videos you want, Apple will now let you search all your sources from a single place.

The new app – which will be free – is coming to users later this year, and will allow you to keep all your different subscription services in one place.

You can use Siri to launch into a video just by its name, or by the name of a channel or service, or even by the name of a sports team. A queue called Up Next will show what you’ve been watching recently, and will automatically sync across devices. Recommendations curated by human agents will also be visible.

4) Minecraft is coming to Apple TV
At the MacBook event, Apple CEO Tim Cook also confirmed that Minecraft will be coming to the platform, by the end of this year. It’s likely that you’ll need a third-party controller to play, since the game was really designed to work with a standard game-controller.

This is a another version of Minecraft and not just the Pocket Edition that is currently available on phones and tablets. That said, Minecraft: Apple TV Edition is not going to be very different from the other editions, obviously.

5) The MacBook Air got sidelined
Apple gave a lot of focus to the MacBook Pro, but didn’t show a new MacBook Air model. The Air lacks the Touch Bar and Touch ID, and it also is actually thicker than the new MacBook Pro, so it doesn’t look like a good option in Apple’s lineup any more. Could Apple be moving past the Air line altogether?

These were some of the highlights from Apple’s MacBook event that took place on Thursday – what caught your eye from all of this? Tell us via the comments.

We discussed everything you need to know about the new MacBook Pro on Orbital: The Gadgets 360 Podcast. You can either subscribe via iTunes or RSS or just hit the play button below.


Microsoft Surface AIO Expected to Be Launched at October 26 Windows 10 Event

Microsoft Surface AIO Expected to Be Launched at October 26 Windows 10 Event


  • Microsoft’s October 26 event will focus on Windows 10
  • The event will be live streamed
  • All new Surface branded AIO expected at October 26 event

Microsoft has announced an event on October 26 in New York City where the company says it will reveal “what’s next for Windows 10.” This is being thought to be the new Surface desktop that was tipped earlier. The event will kick off on October 26 at 10am EDT (or 7:30pm IST) and will be live streamed.

Ahead of the fall event, Microsoft has indicated that it will be all about the next chapter in the Windows 10. As we mentioned, apart from software-related announcements and incremental updates to certain features in Windows 10, Microsoft is expected to showcase an all-in-one (AIO) PC under its Surface brand. The Surface all-in-one device was rumoured in July.

The upcoming AIO under Surface branding is codenamed “Cardinal”, as per the earlier report. It is expected to be showcased in three screen sizes – 21-inches, 24-inches, and 27-inches. Rumours claim that the Redmond giant may unveil all three at the event or at least one will be showcased. Unfortunately, the specifications of the alleged AIO PC have been successfully kept under wraps and speculations will likely begin as we approach closer to the event.

Microsoft is said to be launching the Surface AIO PC as a consolation of sorts as the unveiling of the second-generation Surface Book was reportedly shifted from the second half of 2016 to first half 2017 due to delay in CPU shipments by Intel. Previous reports have already suggested that Microsoft is working on a Surface Phone which is said to debut in early 2017.

ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley also speculates that Microsoft may highlight a bunch of OEM partners at the October 26 event.

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Google Pixel, Pixel XL Leaked on Verizon Ahead of October 4 Event; Google Magic and Blue Colour Variant Revealed

Google Pixel, Pixel XL Leaked on Verizon Ahead of October 4 Event; Google Magic and Blue Colour Variant Revealed


  • Site suggests the Google Pixel and Pixel XL will be offered in Blue
  • Verizon also mentions ‘Google Magic’ as one of the highlights
  • The phones will be offered in 32GB and 128GB storage options

We’re just a few hours away from the launch of Google’s Pixel smartphones and the leaks continue to pour in. After pretty much revealing all there is to know about the devices on UK retailer Carphone Warehouse, we now have a little more from Verizon. The listing on Verizon’s site unofficially confirms a Blue model along with Black and White options that was previously leaked by Canadian carriers Bell and Telus.

(Also see: Everything You Can Expect From the Google Pixel Event Today)

The listing, spotted by Gizmodo, also shows some highlights about the devices, which includes what Verizon is calling ‘Google Magic’, which could just be the site’s own marketing ploy, but could also refer to a new, unknown feature. The site further reveals that the Google Pixel and Pixel XL will be offered in 32GB and 128GB storage options. Lastly and unsurprisingly, the devices come with 4G LTE support.

A separate reveal by TheTrademarkNinja shows an EU trademark application filed by the company with an official logo that reads “G Pixel Phone by Google”, which confirms that the devices are in fact going to be ‘Pixel’ smartphones.

Based on the Carphone Warehouse leak, the Google Pixel is said to feature a 5-inch full-HD (1080 x 1920 pixels) Amoled display with a pixel density of 441ppi and Gorilla Glass 4 on top. The device is powered by a 2.15GHz quad-core Snapdragon 821 processor with 4GB of RAM.

Meanwhile, the Google Pixel XL is listed with a 5.5-inch Quad HD (1440×2560 pixels) display sporting a pixel density of 534ppi and Gorilla Glass 4 on top. Other than the size and resolution of the display, the rest of the features are similar to the smaller Pixel. Both the devices also feature a 12-megapixel rear camera and 8-megapixel front.

The Pixel and Pixel XL will run on Android 7.1 Nougat with Pixel Launcher. The listings also mention both 32GB and 128GB inbuilt storage variants. Storage expansion via microSD card is also listed, but this seems unlikely considering Google’s entire previous Nexus lineup. The Pixel is listed to sport a 2770mAh battery, and the Pixel XL is listed with a bigger 3450mAh battery, both with fast charging capability.

On the software front, the Pixels is likely to come with Google’s latest Allo and Duo applications preloaded. Carphone Warehouse also revealed the two devices will offer unlimited storage for photos and videos at full resolution with Google Photos.

Along with the unveiling of the Pixel smartphones, the event on Tuesday is also expected to see the launch of the Google Home smart speaker, alongside other rumoured products like the Google Chromecast Ultra, and Google Wi-Fi smart router. The Daydream VR headset unveiled at at Google I/O this year is also expected to make an appearance.

Google’s event is set to start at 9:00am PT (9:30pm IST) on Tuesday, and Gadgets 360 will be covering the event live from San Francisco – so stay tuned.

We discuss what you can expect from Google’s October 4 event, featuring Pixel smartphones, Andromeda, and more on Orbital: The Gadgets 360 Podcast. You can either subscribe to via iTunes or RSS or just hit the play button below.



Apple Launches 2TB iCloud Storage Plan Ahead of iPhone 7 Event

Apple Launches 2TB iCloud Storage Plan Ahead of iPhone 7 Event
It costs $19.99 in the US
50GB, 200GB, 1TB iCloud storage options still available
The iPhone 7 is set to launch on September 7
Apple has introduced a new tier in its iCloud storage plans. Alongside the 1TB plan, the Cupertino giant has now introduced a 2TB plan for $19.99 per month as well. For Indian users, the new plan costs Rs. 1,300 per month.

This move comes just a week before the iPhone 7 launch event on September 7. Apple is heavily rumoured to unveil the new 256GB storage variant, and upping the iCloud storage plan seems certainly seems to be an associated strategic move.

Expanding to 2TB would follow the current iCloud storage pattern, as 9to5Mac notes. The former largest tier, 1TB, was roughly eight times as large as the top storage model – 128GB. With the bump up to 2TB of iCloud storage available to users, Apple appears to want to maintain the same ratio for the anticipated 256GB storage variant.

For users who are unaware, when you first sign up for iCloud storage, the first 5GB is free. After that, Apple offers plans for 50GB, 200GB, 1TB, and now 2TB as well. In the US, these plans cost $0.99, $2.99, $9.99, and $19.99 per month respectively. In India, these plans cost Rs. 65, Rs. 190, Rs. 650, and Rs. 1,300 per month respectively. For other countries, check the price list here.
In any case, Apple is going to unveil the iPhone 7 with its new storage options next week. This year, Apple is sticking with minor changes and looks to break its tick-tock cycle. The camera on the 4.7-inch variant is pegged to get OIS, while the 5.5-inch variant is said to sport a new dual camera module. The company is ditching the 16GB base storage variant, in favour of 32GB. There’s also a Space Black variant that is expected to be introduced.

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Huawei Hints at 2 Phone Launches at Thursday Event; Won’t Be Part of Mate Series

Huawei Hints at 2 Phone Launches at Thursday Event; Won't Be Part of Mate Series


  • Huawei’s Richard Yu teased two smartphone launches at the IFA event
  • Company’s executive clarifies new smartphones are not from Mate series
  • Evan Blass says Huawei to launch smartphones Nova and Nova Plus

Huawei’s Device CEO Richard Yu has reportedly posted teasers regarding two smartphone launches at its event on Thursday, just ahead of the start of IFA 2016 on Friday. However, the company executive has also clarified that these smartphones will not be Mate S2 and Mate 9 as suggested in some earlier leaks.

The teasers posted on Chinese social networking website Weibo were spotted by Android Pure, and don’t reveal much about the upcoming smartphones but do suggest that one of them will be sporting a square camera panel at the back while the other will be sporting a circular rear camera setup.

On Monday, popular tipster Evan Blass suggested that Huawei will be launching two smartphones under its Nova series, named Nova and Nova Plus, along with MediaPad M3 tablet at IFA.

The Nova series by the company will reportedly be aimed at its female users.

One of company’s executives has also confirmed that the smartphones that will be launched ahead of IFA will not be from Huawei’s ‘Mate’ series and said that they will be from an entirely new series of smartphones, as reported by Android Headlines. According to the report, new smartphones from Mate series will be launched in two months and the company will also introduce a new version of their Android-based Emotion UI.


It will be interesting to see what the upcoming smartphones from Huawei have to offer but for any confirmation regarding their features, we will have to wait for official announcement by the company on Thursday.

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Apple Sends Invites for iPhone 7 Launch Event on September 7

Apple Sends Invites for iPhone 7 Launch Event on September 7


Apple has sent out media invitations for a special event in San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium on Wednesday, September 7. Apple is widely expected to unveil the next generation iPhone and Apple Watch models at the event.

As with all Apple launches, there have been innumerable leaks in the months leading up the event. Surprisingly, the most debated detail is the name. While almost all leaks agree that Apple will not be making major upgrades to lineup this year, some reports indicate Apple won’t call it the iPhone 7 as per its regular tick-tock cycle nomenclature.

Instead, to emphasise the minimal upgrades in this year’s offering, Apple is rumoured to call the next iPhone the iPhone 6SE, though the prominent placement of ‘7th’ on the invite should put the rumours to bed. Apple has traditionally employed a single iPhone version number across two years, adding an ‘s’ to mark an iterative improvement in the second, such as the iPhone 6s with respect to the iPhone 6. The company with the iPhone 6 in 2014 also started introducing two models a generation, with one catering to small screen aficionados, and the other ‘Plus’ variant providing a phablet-style large display. It is expected to do so this year as well.

Apart from the confusion surrounding the name, most other rumours are rather plausible. The next iPhone is expected to feature camera improvements in both models, with the smaller 4.7-inch offering tipped to get optical image stabilisation, and the larger 5.5-inch offering tipped to sport a dual camera setup. The Cupertino giant is expected to use a new Apple A10 SoC to power both devices, with the company also rumoured to bump up the memory alongside to 3GB of RAM.


Apple is also anticipated to bump up the base storage variant from 16GB to 32GB. Alongside the upgraded base storage rumour, the company is expected to boost the storage capacity of the top-end variant from 128GB to 256GB. The 64GB variant is also anticipated to be replaced by the 128GB variant – thus, we can expect Apple to release its next-generation iPhone models in 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB storage variants.

Another rumour that is seeing fewer and fewer contradictory reports as time passes, is the removal of the 3.5mm audio jack on the next iPhone models. Apple is speculated to have made the decision to do away with the current standard for audio connectivity for three reasons – to ensure the next model is very slim; to ensure the next model is waterproof (thus has minimal, easy-to-protect ports); and to give users better audio quality through the Lightning port instead. The Lightning port can also power active noise cancellation in headphones that offer it. The company is variously also rumoured to include aLightning-to-3.5mm adapter in the box, or Lightning-power EarPods instead. The removal of the jack may see the addition of dual-speaker grilles as well.

Apple is also rumoured to boost the display resolution of its next iPhone models. The current iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus sport resolutions of 750×1334 pixels and 1080×1920 pixels currently, while the corresponding iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are expected to sport resolutions of 1080×1920 pixels and 1440×2560 pixels respectively. Apple is also tipped to include a Space Black variant this time around, though a Space Blue variant was also rumoured alongside the removal of the Space Grey colour option.

Finally, Apple is expected to make the next iPhone available in its stores in the US from September 16, with carrier availability tipped for September 23.

Are you excited about Apple’s next iPhone? Let us know via the comments section below.

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Sony to Host IFA Event on September 1, May Launch Xperia XR

Sony to Host IFA Event on September 1, May Launch Xperia XR


  • Sony expected to launch Xperia XR
  • It is pegged to feature a 5.1-inch display
  • IFA to begin from September 2 this year

Sony has now confirmed that it is going to be a part of IFA 2016. The company will be attending the consumer electronics fair at Berlin this year, and will even do a press briefing on September 1.

Exactly what Sony intends to launch at IFA remains unknown. It is tipped that Sony may launch the Sony Xperia XR that has been subject of a lot of rumours lately. The leaks have not only provided a full-blown glimpse of the smartphone, but have also revealed some key specifications details as well.

The Sony Xperia XR aka Sony Xperia F8331is expected to feature a 5.1-inch display, and be powered by a Snapdragon 820 processor. With this smartphone, Sony is also expected to make the switch to USB Type-C ports. So far, Sony’s entire smartphone portfolio sports a Micro-USB ports. The Sony Xperia XR is also expected to support 4K recording with the front and back cameras.

IFA is set to begin on September 2 and go on till September 7 this year. Apart from the Sony press event, IFA will also see some tech companies showing off their accomplishments at the fair. Samsung is expected to unveil its next Gear S smartwatch, and its VR offering at the fair. Motorola may show the next version of Moto 360 at Berlin this year. However, all of this is based on mere speculation and should be taken as such.

Coming back to Sony, it recently launched the Xperia XA Ultra in India at Rs. 29,990. The Sony Xperia XA Ultra features a 6-inch full HD display, Helio P10 processor, 3GB RAM, 16GB inbuilt storage, 21.5-megapixel camera, 16-megapixel front camera, and a 2700mAh battery.

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Microsoft’s E3 2016 event to Have final fantasy XV, The department, ReCore, and Battlefield 1: document

Microsoft's E3 2016 Event to Have Final Fantasy XV, The Division, ReCore, and Battlefield 1: Report

final myth XV could be demoed at Microsoft’s E3 2016 conference.
The department Underground can be exclusive to the Xbox One for a month.
ReCore can be out on September 30.
After the Xbox One S, Halo Wars 2, and Forza Horizon three have been discovered to headline Microsoft’s E3 2016 convention, plainly very last myth XV, The division, ReCore, and Battlefield 1 may also be a part of it.

As in line with NerdLeaks, you can anticipate a gameplay trailer for ReCore with a September 13 releasedate. this can be accompanied through square Enix’s Hajime Tabata and Mathew Kishimoto offering afinal delusion XV demo.

they may display live gameplay demo on Xbox One in a fight with a massive boss,” NerdLeaks states. The date for this hotly anticipated positionplaying recreation is September 30. some thing that becomeknown months ago.

(also see: EA’s E3 2016 showcase: Battlefield 1, FIFA 17, Titanfall 2, and more)

After this, will be a trailer for The department Underground – quite likely a variety percent for Thedepartment it really is predicted on June 28 for the Xbox One first. Rounding things up will be a Battlefield 1 trailer. possibly the identical one we saw at EA’s occasion.

final fantasy XV at a Microsoft convention may want to possibly mean a advertising and marketing tie-up between publisher rectangular Enix and Microsoft. quite of an oddity given how very last fantasy hascontinually been perceived as a Sony franchise, despite games being to be had at the Xbox 360, Xbox One or even computer via Steam.

(additionally see: Bethesda at E3 2016: Dishonored 2, Quake Champions, Skyrim HD, and greater)

nonetheless, with almost every essential assertion for Microsoft’s E3 2016 conference finding itsmanner to the general public area, we wonder what is the point of the corporation even hosting it at thisstage. hopefully, there is something nevertheless left to surprise us with.

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