This Startup is Using Salt to Create an Alternative to Nuclear Energy

Creating alternative energy sources is certainly an important task. But it’s not necessarily one that’s going to be popular with investors, given the experimental nature and length of time such a project is likely to take. Transatomic Power is one company that’s working to create cleaner sources of energy. Co-founders Dr. Leslie Dewan and Mark […]

How to Save on Energy Costs in Your Office

Saving energy is good business, because it cuts expenses. It’s also environmentally wise and responsible. There are any number of things you can do to save on energy costs in your office. They range from simple things each of us can do (like turning off lights) to ambitious upgrades. Let’s go through 12 ways to […]

It Might Be Time for Your Business to Consider Using Solar Energy

The use of solar energy is increasing. So if you haven’t already, it could be the perfect time for your business to consider taking advantage of solar panels. You probably already know that using solar energy is helpful for the environment. But did you know that those environmental benefits can actually help you grow your […]

Droid turbo 2 assessment: What it lacks in fashion, it makes up for in energy

Verizon’s line of Droid telephones just celebrated its sixth birthday, and what better way to rejoice than by using releasing the quality device to ever endure the Droid identify? I jokingly referred to as Motorola’s Droid faster 2 “a Moto X pure on steroids,” however there is no denying it packs even extra energy than […]