Need High End Photography for Business? Details of Panasonic’s Lumix GH5 Emerge

Image capturing technology has evolved so much, near professional grade solutions are readily available on smartphones. But no matter how good the technology is on a mobile device, standalone cameras are still the way to go if you really want full professional grade features. The announcement of Panasonic’s Lumix GH5 camera is greatly anticipated because […]

Wildfires within the US have end up larger, extra frequent and longer

Dramatic pictures of out-of-manage wildfires in western North American forests have seemed on ourtelevision and pc displays with increasing regularity in current a long time, whilst expenses of fireplacesuppression have soared. In 2015, federal spending on suppression exceeded $2 billion, simply 15 years after first exceeding $1 billion. some thing has been changing our fireplace […]

Google to Bring Password-Free Logins to Android by 2016 End

HIGHLIGHTS Google introduced ‘Project Abacus’ at I/O 2015. The system learns user patterns and builds its trust score for unlocks. Google will test the ‘Project Abacus’ with banks as well. Google at its annual developer conference last year revealed plans to get rid of passwords in favour of a new system dubbed ‘Project Abacus’ that […]

Apple to unveil new iPhone today, aims to capture lower end of market

Since Apple introduced the first iPhone in 2007, mobile handsets have only gotten bigger. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook will buck that trend today when he presents a smaller iPhone, seeking to entice holdouts to upgrade to a new smartphone even if they don’t want a larger device. The ambitions for the new phone may […]

Microsoft to End PC Gaming as We Know It: Gears of War Developer

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is a programming application for Windows 10 developers that lets them create a single version of software to run across all Windows devices including PCs, smartphones, tablets, and the Xbox One. The company is slated to unveil more UWP details at its Build event this month. However UWP has also gained […]