Black Friday 2016: Sony Teases PS4 Digital Deals With Upto 60 Percent Off

Black Friday 2016: Sony Teases PS4 Digital Deals With Upto 60 Percent Off

Black Friday 2016: Sony Teases PS4 Digital Deals With Upto 60 Percent Off
PS4 games will be heavily discounted from November 24
Sony has not divulged which games will be discounted
PS Plus members may get a larger discount
The Xbox One isn’t the only current generation console with a Black Friday sale. Sony has released a teaser for upcoming deals on the PlayStation Store — the company’s digital games storefront.

According to a page on its website, Sony’s Black Friday sale will take place from November 24. There’s a teaser video as well which ends with a sign claiming that you can expect discounts upto 60 percent.
At the moment it is unclear PS Plus subscribers would get an extra percentage off over and above the teased 60 percent. Reason being, Sony is running a sale right now that lets PS Plus subscribers claim upto 70 percent off on games.

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What’s also unclear at the moment is which games will be discounted. Safe to say, you could expect deals on titles that are discounted on Microsoft’s Black Friday sale such as FIFA 17, Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, WWE 2K17, GTA V, and The Witcher 3 to name a few, in addition to some of Sony’s exclusives.

While digital deals are nothing new, it’s heartening to see Sony making an aggressive statement about it. Aside from the all but obvious reasoning that it stands to gain a whole lot more in terms of margin by pushing digital, it also curbs used game sales.

Although getting games cheap is always better for consumers, keep in mind that most PS4 games are around a 30 to 40GB download. For some, with slow Internet speeds or small data caps, it could work out to be a whole lot more expensive than ordering a physical copy from websites like Amazon or walking down to a store and buying an PS4 game on a disc.

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Colu Creating Local, Digital Currencies

Colu Creating Local, Digital Currencies

Colu is the digital equivalent of physical cash that lets you exchange with your peers and merchants directly. It gives you real-time economic data, scales to address any size and evolves to adapt to future digital ecosystems without having to worry about transaction fees. Colu does this by using blockchain technology. This is the same technology used by Bitcoin.

What is Blockchain?

A blockchain, as defined by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), is a data structure that makes it possible to create a digital ledger of transactions and share it among a distributed network of computers. Using cryptography, the ledger can be manipulated by participants of the network securely without a central authority.

So with blockchain technology, you have digital cash, which you can use just like any other currency with instant and secure payments. For a basic primer on what blockchain is, you can check the WSJ blog.

Colu describes itself as economy in a box, because it is a complete solution that lets you create a local currency and build a local economy. With blockchain technology, it makes digital cash just like the cash in your wallet, providing secure person to person payments without fees.

While the backend may be complicated, Colu has implemented a three step process to let you create your own currency.

The Control Panel

An easy to use interface has all the tools you need in the control panel. It provides the applications to create, manage and monitor your currency. This gives each user complete access to how the currency is being used with ongoing audits.

The Mobile App

The Colu mobile app, available on iOS and Android, allows users to easily and securely send and receive payments directly. The app lets you discover participating merchants, pay without fees and keep track of transactions.

Colu Mobile App

Colu Mobile App

Merchant Tools

The merchant tools in Colu, can distribute local currency, manage transactions, expand offerings and help the business get discovered. Small businesses can create currencies to support their local communities by conducting financial transactions without any fees.

Colu Merchant Tools

Small Businesses and Colu

As Colu says, the use of local currencies gets more people to shop, eat, buy and live locally. This lets small businesses create a sense of community with an inclusive local economy that brings residents and other merchants together with a payment system that doesn’t cost them a thing.

The value of money is derived from the exchange it offers. If everyone agrees a 10 dollar bill will get you $10 worth of goods, than that is what it will be worth. And similarly, Colu and other crypto currencies can have the same value if that is what it is worth to all the users. Colu is effective, flexible and available, with the added benefit of giving its users more control of their currency.

The challenge is adoption, which might take a while depending on existing financial infrastructure, ICT and the demographics of the population.


Digital Agriculture Market Platform to Launch in April, Says PM Modi

Digital Agriculture Market Platform to Launch in April, Says PM Modi

A digital platform for enabling farmers to sell their produce at a better rate anywhere in the country will be launched on April 14, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced in Sehore on Thursday as he resolved to ensure doubling of the farmers’ income by 2022.

PM Modi, who unveiled guidelines for the recently-launched Prime Minister’s Crop Insurance Scheme at a rally in Sehore, said this was one of the various initiatives of his government aimed at ensuring the welfare of the farmers who have been in distress due to vagaries of weather.

Besides the Crop Insurance Scheme, the Prime Minister spoke about Soil Health Card scheme, PM’s Irrigation Scheme, organic farming, ensuring adequate availability of urea and ethanol-blending programme to help the sugarcane farmers and also pitched for ‘Startup’ initiatives in agriculture sector.

The Prime Minister pushed for more and more use of modern technology and equipment along with traditional wisdom of farming to boost the agriculture sector, not only to meet the domestic needs but also cater to the demands from abroad.

“We want to integrate technology in the agriculture sector. There should be a mix of progressive farming and age-old wisdom,” the Prime Minister said.


Noting that the farmers do not get adequate price for his produce despite working hard as he has no choice but to sell in the nearby mandis, Prime Minister Modi said the government has decided to address this by adopting a digital mechanism.

“We are setting up a National Agriculture Market, a virtual and digital platform, in the coming days… On April 14, the birth anniversary of B R Ambedkar, we will launch the online platform,” PM Modi said at the rally which was attended by union ministers Sushma Swaraj, Radha Mohan Singh, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan besides others.

The Prime Minister said this platform will enable the farmers, using a mobile phone, to sell their produce anywhere in the country, wherever they can get a better price.

At the rally, the Prime Minister said all states as well as agriculture community should take a pledge to double the farmers’ income by 2022, the 75th year of the country’s Independence. “We will do whatever is required achieve this.”

Under the e-agri platform, the government is working towards integrating all the 585 wholesale mandis of the country by 2018 in a phased manner, for which Rs. 200 crores have been earmarked as of now.

In the first phase, 200 mandis will be integrated by this March-end while another 200 will be connected to the online platform in 2017 and the rest by 2018.

The Centre has received proposals from states like Karnataka, Gujarat, Telangana, and Maharashtra for developing necessary infrastructure in wholesale markets. A strategic partner for implementing the national agri e-market has also been identified.

Share a screenshot and win Samsung smartphones worth Rs. 90,000 by participating in the #BrowseFaster contest.

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Pokemon Go Players Walk Dogs as They Hunt Digital Monsters

Pokemon Go Players Walk Dogs as They Hunt Digital Monsters

An animal shelter is asking Pokemon Go players to walk an adoptable dog as they wander the streets of an eastern Indiana city doing battle with digital monsters on their smartphones.

The idea is the brainchild of Phil Peckinpaugh, superintendent of Muncie Animal Shelter. He noticed people shuffling along as they played the addictive game and thought “it would be awesome” if they each had a dog to walk.

Peckinpaugh posted the idea on Facebook, asking: “Trying to Hatch an Egg or Catch Rare Pokemon? Come down to the Muncie Animal Shelter to walk one of our dogs while you get your steps in! Just come to the front desk and say you are here for the Pokemon dogs!” His post was widely shared.

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“This is a great way to get more volunteers in and helping them (the dogs) get the exercise that they need,” said Adrienne West, who drove 45 minutes from Upland to walk a 3-year-old pit bull named Maya as she tried to catch a weedle – a larva Pokemon character.

Peckinpaugh says he bought 20 new leashes to cope with the increase in demand, which is fortunate because 73 “Pokemon Go” players heeded the call Wednesday and turned up to exercise hounds, including one who adopted a dog.

“I hope this Pokemon Go isn’t something that lasts a couple weeks,” he said. “I hope the shelter becomes a hotspot.”

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fb Out to Play at digital leisure Expo

fb has come an extended manner on the grounds that early days when “Farmville” gamers reached out toone another for help tending virtual acreage.

but, the main social community become very a lot in the game at the digital amusement Expo (E3) that ends Thursday in la.

fb international games partnerships director Leo Olebe led a group at the foremost video game industryamassing to discover stellar new titles and meet with gamers, builders, publishers, and even onlinecommentators who have emerge as celebrities of their personal rights.

fb performs a important position in how human beings connect with the video games they love andshare them,” Olebe instructed AFP in a meeting room above the show floor.

“We still have this thriving organization gambling games on fb.”

game play money owed for about 15 percentage of the time human beings spend on the socialcommunity, where a few 650 million human beings each month play or connect with sportassociatedcontent material, consistent with Olebe.

fb has partnered with publishers to permit humans log into on line play using their social communitycredentials.

games pass stay
fb early this month jumped into the sphere of video games as spectator sports in a venture to Amazon-owned Twitch and Google’s YouTube Gaming.

humans will be capable of use facebook debts to log in to blizzard entertainment laptop games which includeinternational of Warcraft.”

The pass will pave the way for snowstorm game fanatics to use the leading social network‘s live videoservice to broadcast play in actual time.

Yahoo Esports released about two months ago as an internet venue for the booming fashion of videovideo games as spectator sports activities.

“We envision this vast universe of humans watching and gambling games,” Olebe said.

virtual sociability
A dawning age of digital fact video games on show at E3 promised to make play even extra social, lettingbuddies who’re some distance aside sincerely appear in fable worlds to compete or collaborate.

facebook-owned Oculus started out promoting its Rift digital truth headsets in advance this year for $599, a price which does not include the price of a laptop that can manage the processing and graphicsneeds of the era.

Sony Interactive entertainment‘s keenly awaited ps virtual truth headset will hit the market on October 13 at a rate of $399.

HTC set a fee of $799 for Vive VR gear, which additionally calls for pc structures which can handle thewealthy enjoy.

Olebe harkened back to early days of fb, when Zynga become social gaming royalty and “Farmville” a prince of the kingdom.

because the gaming world has modified, shifting to smartphones and capsules, so has fb.

The social network has now not only tuned itself to internet life long gone mobile, it has advanced itsknow-how of who is interested by video games and what types they prefer.

It now boasts 1.6 billion monthly customers around the world, a terrific portion of them sport players.

fb has worked with game makers to construct social network abilties into titles and provide them with analytical facts approximately play.

we’ve without a doubt advanced to apprehend how social gaming is,” Olebe said.

it’s been nearly a total transformation. So that’s what brings us here to E3.”

In turn, human beings in the industry are embracing the electricity of building social stories into video games in terms of interesting players and ramping income, in keeping with Peter Jonas, head facebookhead of video games and cell apps in North america.

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DJI Osmo assessment: A hand-held stabilized digital camera worth of its price

thanks to the upward thrust of small action cameras, camera stabilizers (aka gimbals) built-inintegratedextra portable than ever. Amazon has plenty of these combuilt-ing from random chinese manufacturers,but maximum are either poorly designed, or handiest a partial technique to your problem. built-instance, they regularly lack a handset mount for built-individuals who want a live screen. There also are gimbals that use smartphones as the digicam, but i’ve yet to come across one with ravintegratedg reviews; thecuttbuiltintegrated alternatives seem like greater of a nuisance because of their awkward calibration and erratic stabilization. So unless you have tried one and are certabuiltintegrated that it really worksproperly along with your smartphone, your exceptional wager is to go together with a dedicatedcamera gimbal.

In terms of complete-featured gimbals, we have best two compellintegratedg alternatives to date. the primary one is the Aetho’s Aeon, which takes a GoPro and has its very own show, but it won’t arrive untilearly next year. This leaves us with DJI’s today’s creation, the Osmo, which we first saw returned built-inJanuary. This tool capabilities a 4K camera module much like the only at the agency‘s flagship drone, theintegrated 1, and it may house your smartphone as a viewfintegratedder on the aspect. but it is not just about the hardware, due to the fact like the organisation‘s drones, the Osmo additionally has acomplete-featured accomplice app for extra versatility. let’s see if this fancy bundle is worth of its $649price.
this can be DJI’s first attempt at creating a d1e51e9fa45a0b179488752ec4930123 gimbal, but it is alreadyby way of far one of the first-class, if now not the best, solutions built-inintegrated current market.built-inintegrated stabilization, integratedtuitive software and relaxed grip make this a built-in, wholepackage.

The Osmo consists ofintegrated four elements: a Zenmuse X3 three-axis gimbal with a camera, an ergonomic take care of with all the manipulate buttons, a ten.8Wh battery and a phone clamp. In overallthis weighs about 538 grams (1.19 pounds) consistent with my scale, which built-in quite plausiblewhilst you add a cellphone to it, but you could get this down to 422 grams (zero.93 pound) built-indispose of the phone holder. The package additionally integrated a lens cap plus a wrist strap forprotection measures, built-in addition to a adorable little built-ing case that could fool your buddiesbuilt-into questionbuiltintegrated you have got a tintegratedy ukulele built-inintegrated.

For folks that are already flybuilt-ing an built-inspire 1, its Zenmuse X3 module needs no built-inadvent. This fan-cooled gimbal-digicam is powered built-ingintegrated Sony’s half.3integratedch 12-megapixel sensor which can file films of up to 4K resolutionfour,096 x 2,one hundred sixty at 24fps or three,840 x 2,one hundred sixty at 30fps/24fps, to be exact — with a most video bitrate of 60 Mbps. built-in case youintegrated need a smoother video, you could move up to 60fps at either 1080p or 720p, or maybe dogradual motion with 120fps at 1080p. As with the drone version, you get a 20mm f/2.eight lens with a 94degree built-in of view. The gimbal is also whereintegrated you integratedsert your microSD card, whichdesires to be of at the leastintegrated class 10 or united states1. glarbuiltintegrated, the quicker the write speed, the higher. In my case, DJI provided a 16GB Panasonic microSDHC usaSpeed class 3 card with our review unit, and it’s worked properly for me to this pobuiltintegrated.

whilst the default gimbal-camera module on the Osmo and the encourageintegrated 1 percentage theequal name, there is a catch: You can’t use Osmo’s module on the drone; it handiest works the alternative way round. built-in lbuiltintegrated DJI, built-in difference among the two is that the one on the Osmo has a mechanical structure this is optimized for d1e51e9fa45a0b179488752ec4930123 use,together with the manner it flattens for garage, the orientation of its tilt motor and other small adjustmentsbuiltintegrated digicam and gimbal.

just like the built-inbuiltintegrated 1, the Osmo is also like mbuiltintegrated with the higherstopZenmuse X5 and X5R gimbals for some Micro four Thirds movement, but you will need to shop for an adapter for them.

The detachable, metallic smartphone holder hangs onto the left side of the deal with through a screw thread mount. It clamps onto your telephone via way of two corners on one aspect and the middle of the alternative aspect. All 3 touch built-inpobuiltintegrated, builtintegrated the components touchbuilt-ing the lower back of the cellphone, are padded with gentle plastic, so there’s no need to worryapproximately the clamp scratchbuilt-ing your cellphone. the most important tool I managed to slipbuilt-in there has been the 6-integratedch Oppo R7 Plus, which comes in at 158mm tall and 82mm wide, so the equally tall, but narrower iPhone 6s Plus will built-in simply pleasant, even though it may be abattle if it’s built-in a thick case.

whilst we are right here, I must upload that DJI additionally gives a number add-ons for the Osmo,which builtintegrated an extension rod, tripod and directly extension arm — builtintegrated built-in,motorbike and vehicle mounts. maximum of those may be built-installed on the Osmo built-inbuiltintegrated identical manner because the cellphone holder.

This leaves us with the handle, which homes a stereo microphone, a 3.5mm audio jack for a lavalier mic, a screw mount at the built-in for the gimbal, a battery that built-in built-in from the bottom and severalbuttons plus multiple LED built-indicatorsintegrated dotted across the thumb and integrateddex fintegratedger regions. thanks to the gentle grip and thoughtful curvature, the Osmo is effortlessly one of the maximum, if now not the maximum, relaxed d1e51e9fa45a0b179488752ec4930123 gimbals to hold.whilst located integrated hand, your thumb can effortlessly built-inintegrated the slider for electricity, a flat joystick for maneuverbuilt-ing the digicam, a seize button for nevertheless images and a video-recordbuilt-ing toggle.

On the other side, there is a trigger button that provides 3 capabilities: mabuiltintegrated down to lock the digital camera‘s orientation, double-tap to re-middle the gimbal and triple-tap to swintegratedg thecamera returned for a selfie. sure, you may as properly call this the sector‘s maximum expensive selfie stick. If wished, the gimbal does allow mbuilt-inor modifications by hand; just keep away fromtwistintegratedg too tough and for that reason by accident lockbuilt-ing the gimbal. don’t worry, this isall built-inedintegrated builtintegrated app’s tutorial, which offers us a niceintegrated segue to built-insegment of this review.


whilst you‘re feelbuilt-ing adventurous, the Osmo functions just built-in without the DJI pass app on iOS and Android, however that does require some guesswork and you’ll also leave out out on a variety offeatures. most significantly, this is built-inintegrated you place your photograph element ratio, videoresolution and video body fee. you may also use the app to regulate your gimbal’s parameters and re-calibrate it whilst necessary. To link up, built-inely turn on the Osmo, jobuiltintegrated your smartphoneto the gimbal’s WiFi hotspot after which release the app.

once you’ve got entered the digital camera view, you may toggle among the stilldigital camera and the video-recordbuilt-ing built-interfaces. those built-includeintegrated not unusual short settbuilt-ings like white balance, ISO and exposure compensation. you can additionally faucet at the screen to set anpublicity reference built-int, or hold down and flow your fbuilt-inger round to govern the gimbal.moreover, there are mode-unique features like sluggishmotion toggle (1080p at 120fps) integrated videointegratedterface, and diverse built-inshootbuiltintegrated modes builtintegrated stilldigital camerabuilt-interface: built-in, more than one, builtintegrated, landscape (360 tiers or just a hundred and eighty) and time-lapse. but no matter which built-interface you’re integrated, you can still built-initiatewhichever capture mode you desire built-ing the buttons at the Osmo.

Gallery: DJI go screenshots | 14 pics

As before, DJI move lets you browse, switch and even edit content captured with the Osmo. That stated, the documentswitch feature presently simplest helps JPEG photographs and movies of as much as1080p resolution, built-in you’ll should grab your 2.7K and 4K footage plus raw photographs directlyfrom the microSD card. with any luck a built-in replace will clear up this integratedconvenience. Gobuilt-ing back to the editing characteristic: With pics, you get tools for croppintegratedg, rotation, comparison, brightness, saturation and including filters. As for video, you could put together a easy movie built-ing a couple of six-second clips, after which beautify it with the identical set of filters built-in conjunction witha few song templates. as soon as I got the clbuiltintegrated of it, I built-inly quite enjoyed this videodevice. it is funintegrated, integratedtuitive and great for killintegratedg time (which jogs my memory of HTC Zoe’s Video Highlights feature). you may then proportion your builtintegrated builtintegrated social networks via DJI’s Skypixel platform.

overall performance

Given DJI’s built-inintegrated built-in digicam stabilization, it is no surprise I got some first rate footagewith the Osmo. i found it built-intointegrated most effective once I handheld the gimbal totallynevertheless; it became nearly as though I had located the device on a tripod. And way to thetremendoushigh resolution, a built-in immobile video might trick you integratedto built-inkbuiltintegrated it is a still photo, until you see the diffused built-inintegrated parts. nothing newright here, of path, however comintegratedg from a d1e51e9fa45a0b179488752ec4930123 tool, that isquite notable.

The gimbal additionally did built-in task once I walked round with it. now not even some rocky beachescould embarrass DJI’s state-of-the-art builtintegrated. Havbuilt-ing stated that, you could nonethelesssee some light wobblbuilt-ing built-ing fromintegrated my footsteps built-in a number of the clips, socustomers are recommended to no longer absolutely rely on the Osmo for stabilization and walk asgently as feasible. In phrases of response pace, the gimbal controlled to preserveintegrated up with my small, energetic toy poodle while he ran round me, which you could see built-in my sample video reel.

built-ing it is a wideangle lens, a few softenintegratedg close to the body‘s edges is built-inevitable,however thankfully, it truly is not too obvious. Video fbuiltintegrated integrated fashionable is top-notch built-in nicely-lit environments, built-inlyintegrated out of doors built-int of the day. once I wentbuilt-in, the clips have become a piece noisy and were given a little worse at night time, but colorationaccuracy became consistent, as you may see built-in my nighttime harbor pictures. it is the same talewith the Osmo’s neverthelessdigital camera performance, but built-in you may tweak the photographslater built-in case youintegrated shoot built-in uncooked layout.

Gallery: DJI Osmo sample pics | 8 pix

There are two other areas built-in I see room for development. built-initiallyintegrated, the audiointegrated my movies could be very quiet, and there’s no manner to alter the microphones’ sensitivityintegrated app, so optimistically DJI can built-inintegrated this. proper aspect there may be an choice to plug built-in an outside microphone. Secondly, i found the 60-mintegratedute battery life to be a tadbrief. i might ask for a denser strength percent, however the built-inintegrated aspect DJI could want to do is to make the battery heavier, so customers like me might be better off purchasing a further one for $35.

The opposition

To be sbuiltintegrated, there’s no longer an awful lot of a competition built-inbuiltintegrated marketright now. quite a good deal all other d1e51e9fa45a0b179488752ec4930123 gimbals are just hardwareanswers for your telephone or GoPro digital camera, and few built-in an ergonomic grip, like the $300big balance Husky HY3M pictured left. those with a directly grip are slightly cheaperintegrated, butreliability should nevertheless be hit and miss; our very own James Trew recommends the Feiyu G3 or G4 (from approximately $two hundred) for those with a smaller built-in. built-in evaluation, the DJI Osmo issome distance more superior, with its very own app and numerous accessible features. additionally, itscamera is upgradeable to builtintegrated the needs of expert customers.

whilst the Osmo’s $649 fee tag may additionally look less built-in built-in the begbuiltintegrated, it isvirtually quite affordable for built-individuals who are built-in from scratch. for example, builtintegratedpass for the HY3M and want a devoted extensiveattitude digital camera, you’ll nonetheless want to spend a bit more moneysomeplace round $200 for a simple GoPro with WiFi (the Hero+), or from $300for one with a 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 show (Hero+ liquid crystal display or Hero4 Silver)because this gimbal does not have a mount to built-in your phone as a viewfintegratedder. rather, youbuiltintegrated just need to use your smartphone‘s camera, but from my revel builtintegrated, the HY3M’s stabilization simplest works properly with smaller smartphones — preferably those with a display screen length of less than 5 built-inches, that’s built-ing builtintegrated a rarity built-inside theintegrated Android global.

builtintegrated, then, it relies upon on what you already have built-in hand or what you want to built-in. it is also worth mentioning that built-in case youintegrated very own an integrated 1, you couldbuiltintegrated buy the $269 Osmo cope with kit (battery, charger built-in holder built-in) and use it with the drone’s digital camera. that’s not a terrible manner to make the most out of your $2,899 dronepurchase.


it’s secure to mention that DJI isn’t always just a drone expert, but also a d1e51e9fa45a0b179488752ec4930123 gimbal maestro. This busbuiltintegrated took its time to do its homework and address several built-in factorsintegrated, even as maximum others clearly rushed tomarket with unpolished merchandise that left us built-inintegrated extra. virtually positioned, the Osmooffers a whole bundle it’s both effective and integratedtuitive. Is it perfect? no longer quite: we’d like tosee cleanser pictures taken built-in the dark, progressed nonetheless picture first-class, highermicrophones and a slightly longer battery lifestyles. then agabuiltintegrated, DJI’s rivals have already got a number of catchintegratedg up to do.

China Leads in Digital Payment Adoption Worldwide: Nielsen

China Leads in Digital Payment Adoption Worldwide: Nielsen

China has the highest adoption rate in the world for technology-enabled payment systems, the media reported on Thursday.

In a survey of 13,000 respondents in 26 countries, 86 percent of Chinese respondents said they paid for online purchases during the past six months via digital payment systems compared with a global average of just 43 percent, the China Daily reported.

The survey report by the market research firm Nielsen was issued on Wednesday

About 98 percent of the respondents in China, the world’s largest e-commerce market, said they had made purchases online.

At 71 percent, food-related businesses topped the list of purchases made via smartphones while event ticket purchases stood at 51 percent.

The rising use of digital payments has attracted numerous players to the Chinese market.

Apple Inc launched its contactless payment system Apple Pay in the Chinese mainland last month. It allows users of the iPhone 6 or more advanced versions, certain iPads and Apple Watches to pay by their devices in bricks-and-mortar stores.

The new service immediately became a hit.

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is expected to bring its own mobile payment service to China in mid-March.

China’s Internet giants Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and Tencent Holdings Ltd have already taken about 90 percent of the mobile payment market, but industry observers said the competition is just about to start.

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Microsoft Wants to Buy Your Xbox One Digital Games

Microsoft Wants to Buy Your Xbox One Digital Games

It appears that Microsoft is looking into the possibility of letting its Xbox One users sell back their digital games on the console much like they would with physical discs at a game store.

According to an Xbox One customer survey that surfaced on Reddit, it’s considering to buy back your downloaded games in exchange for store credit.

“If the console digital games store for the console you owned offered customers the option to “sell back” their digital games to the store for 10% of the purchase price in store credit, would you be interested in such an offer?” the survey asks.

xbox_one_survey.png(Also see: How to Get Xbox One Games for Cheap)

This would not be the first time a digital games service allowed for such an option. When online video game store Green Man Gaming launched in 2010 it allowed customers who downloaded specific games via its Capsule games client to trade them in for credit to be used on the site. Certain games usingSecurom DRM could be traded in as the necessary code would be deactivated. These were resold as pre-owned digital games. Right now it’s unclear if this is how it would work on the Xbox One Games Store.

If this decision does see the light of day, it could have interesting ramifications to how platform holders like Microsoft pay developers and publishers for their content. Assuming Redmond-based company resells digital games much like Green Man Gaming did, are game makers paid for the second digital sale of the same game or do all the profits go to the storefront? Chances are it could very well mimic how the used game market works for discs.

(Also see: Before Trading in Your Old Games, Read This Guide)

Given how frequent Xbox One digital deals are, this could end up being a shrewd move to have more customers buy digitally. However we have our reservations of the proposed 10 percent purchase price being final. Simply put, it’s lower than what most gamers get when selling their physical games to brick and mortar retailers or via sites like eBay.

Would you sell your digital games if you could? Let us know in the comments.

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Digital India Is a $1 Trillion Business Opportunity: Ravi Shankar Prasad

Digital India Is a $1 Trillion Business Opportunity: Ravi Shankar Prasad

The government’s Digital India initiative is a $1 trillion (roughly Rs. 66,33,544 crores) business opportunity across IT and IT-enabled services, telecom and electronics manufacturing, Communications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said in Mumbai on Wednesday.

“Nearly $400 billion (roughly Rs. 26,53,413 crores) will be added from the electronics manufacturing, including mobile phones, solar panels etc., while $350 billion (roughly Rs. 23,21,792 crores) opportunity will be presented by the IT and ITeS sector,” the minister said at the inauguration of Ficci-Frames 2016 Media & Entertainment Industry Conclave.

“The aspirational urge of Indians is driving the digital world in a phenomenal way. And the government’s job is to create an enabling ecosystem for its growth,” he said.

“If industry needs more policy initiatives, the government is open to it,” he added.

Internet penetration has reached 400 million in India, 60 percent of it being mobile Internet.

He also said India with one billion mobile phone connections has overtaken the US to become the second largest mobile phone market in the world behind China.

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lipkart Money Digital Wallet Launched, Limited to Android App for Now

Flipkart Money Digital Wallet Launched, Limited to Android App for Now

Flipkart has silently launched its wallet – Flipkart Money – powered by payments firm FX Mart on its Android app.

The service is currently available only on Android for mobile devices. While the company has added the Wallet tab to its website, it is not functional beyond displaying the current balance, details of transactions, and the ability to add gift cards. The company said will be activated in the future on iOS and Windows.

The launch of its own wallets service is likely to help the company issue quick refunds, users can store or save gift cards, credit and debit card details, and maintain a prepaid balance with the company.

According to the FAQs listed on the website, the Flipkart Money balance cannot exceed Rs.10,000, and topups cannot exceed Rs.10,000 per month. Any transfers from Flipkart Money to a user’s bank account are restricted to Rs.5,000 per transaction and Rs. 25,000 per month.

Users whose accounts are OTP verified will only have to agree to the terms and conditions of the wallet. The terms and conditions for the wallet notes that KYC documents may be required for activation, and continued usage of the wallet. If incorrect details are provided, the company has the right to cancel the user’s wallet.

flipkart_money_body.jpgThe integration comes five months after the company acquired a majority stake payments firm in FX Mart in September 2015, when it was reported that the company would integrate the payment service in its own platform as well as in Myntra. FXMart has been authorised by the RBI as an issuer of Semi-Closed Pre-Paid Payment Instruments.

Some of the top mobile wallet players in India include Paytm, Mobikwik and Freecharge, which rolled out mobile recharging, utility bill, and DTH payments functionality on Snapdeal’s apps. FreeCharge also provides a virtual card powered by MasterCard and Yes Bank which can be used on any Indian e-commerce website.

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