Want to Be Kind of a Big Deal? These Social Media Tactics Could Move the Needle

Want to Be Some Kind of Big Deal? Consider These Social Media Advertising Examples

Perception is everything. In the business world, people are naturally attracted to the biggest names, whether you call them influencers, experts, or [insert industry here] rock stars.

But what if you aren’t a big name yet? What if you’re just starting out and looking to make a name for yourself? How can you get on the radar of people you want to do business with in the future?

Social media advertising makes it super easy to appear superbad. You can bias the way people think about you and make yourself (or your company) appear bigger than you are.

Here are six crazy ideas that will help you look like a really big deal using social media ads.

Social Media Advertising Examples

1. Target Ads at Specific Company Employees

Is there a company you want to partner with? Before you even get to that first meeting, you want to make sure some important people who work there have heard of you.

How do you accomplish this? Start bombarding employees who work at that company with Facebook Ads.

Social Media Advertising Examples - Target Ads at Specific Company Employees

Because Facebook Ads have super specific targeting, all you have to do is target people who work at the company with certain job titles. You don’t want to target every employee at a company, especially really large ones. You just need to make sure the right people see your ads (e.g., people with “marketing” job titles).

The goal of these Facebook ads is simply to build brand awareness for you and/or your company. You’ll want to start this process about 90 days ahead of time.

You’ll know if you’ve achieved your goal when you finally talk to them and you hear the magical words: “I’ve heard of you guys.”

2. Promote Your Guest Posts

One way to gain some exposure with a new audience is to do a guest post for a large, established industry publication. When you finally get this opportunity, you need to make the most of it.

Spend no more than $50 for a promoted post on Facebook and a promoted tweet on Twitter. Send some targeted traffic to your inaugural guest post.

Social Media Advertising Examples - Promote Your Guest Posts

Why spend money promoting your guest post and driving traffic to someone else’s website? Because the editors will notice how your article performed. If your first post goes nowhere, you might not get a second chance.

So amplify your post to help it become a unicorn! Help juice the numbers so the odds are in your favor. You want the editors to be thinking, “Holy crap, this guy’s post got thousands of views, we need to do more with him!”

Social Media Advertising Examples - Promote Your Guest Posts

Most publishers live and die by page views. Unless they’re crazy, the editors will try to lock you up and make you a regular contributor in the hopes you’ll keep sending them thousands of page views every month.

3. Do an Engagement Campaign

Want to really make someone take notice of you on social media and appear more influential than you are? Tag someone in a Facebook post or tweet and then pay to promote it.

For example, let’s say you’re trying to get the attention of an editor at a publication where you want to become a contributor. You could tweet: “Great post by [insert Twitter handle here]” also making sure to include the headline and link to the story.

That might catch their attention when they get the notification from Twitter – for a couple seconds. But once you start promoting it, you’ll REALLY grab that person’s attention as it starts getting retweeted and liked hundreds or maybe even thousands of times.

“Wow, this guy is kind of a big deal,” they’ll think. They’ll want to work with you. And you’ll be like:

Social Media Advertising Examples - Do an Engagement Campaign

4. Spike Your Medium Posts

Are you publishing on Medium yet? You should be. It’s a great way to grow your audience and expose your best content to more people.

To get really big on Medium, you need recommendations. If you can get 200 people to click on the Medium heart on your post within 24 hours, it’s extremely likely that your story will be one of the top posts for the day and featured prominently, both on Medium and in the Medium Daily Digest they send out to users via email.

Social Media Advertising Examples - Spike Your Medium Posts

How do you get that many hearts in 24 hours? By spending no more than $50 on social media ads.

Facebook and Twitter ads that are targeted to people who have a Medium account will help send some great traffic to your posts. Hopefully this will be enough of a catalyst to turn your post into a unicorn that gets lots of hearts and reads.

5. Get on the Front Page of Reddit

Of all the ideas in this post, getting on the front page of Reddit is the most difficult. But when you do manage to get there, you’ll get tons of traffic.

Basically, if you do nothing proactive, the odds that a redditor will discover and submit your post are about 1 in a-very-large-number-with-a-lot-of-zeroes-on-the-end. Also it’s not easy to identify redditors on other social media sites because they have random aliases.

What you can do is try to get on the radar of Reddit power users. Results aren’t guaranteed, but here’s how you do it.

Let’s say you work for a company that sells home and gardening products. You’ll want to create social media ads that target people who are interested in the home and gardening category and Reddit.

Chances are good that someone who is authoritative on Reddit will follow Reddit on other social platforms. They’re always looking around for interesting things to submit.

Although it may seem like you’re still sort of blindly hoping a high-profile redditor will submit your post, this technique has actually been surprisingly successful. Basically this will narrow your odds from 1 in a gazillion to something more like 1 in 10.

Before trying this out, my posts had never made it to the front page of Reddit. Since using this tactic, I’ve managed to successfully get to the front page about 10 percent of the time.

Social Media Advertising Examples - Get On the Front Page of Reddit

6. Become a Trending Story on LinkedIn Pulse

The biggest factors in the LinkedIn Pulse algorithm are traffic and engagement. Pulse will highlight posts have gotten the most views, likes, shares, and comments in the past few minutes.

There are two things you can do to help your LinkedIn posts start trending.

Become Associated With A Channel

LinkedIn Pulse has more than 100 channels for topics including entrepreneurship, leadership and management, productivity, and marketing and advertising. No matter what you write about, you’ll find a channel that’s right for you.

If you want to help your LinkedIn article become a unicorn, more people need to see it and engage with it. Your personal network is limited, but some of these channels have millions or hundreds of thousands of followers.

So in addition to doing some basic optimization as you write (using the right keywords to help Pulse as it analyzes and categorizes your article), you’ll want to tweet to @LinkedinPulse and ask them to feature your post in a specific channel.

Use Social Media Ads

Being featured on a Pulse channel isn’t enough to start trending. You also need a catalyst to drive lots of traffic and engagement to your post.

This is where Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn promoted posts come in. You can use these ads to quickly drive lots of traffic to your LinkedIn article.

Social Media Advertising Examples

Again, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on these ads. You can even target your ads so they only show in countries you normally don’t care about to make it even cheaper – all LinkedIn cares about is traffic, not where that traffic is coming from.

You just need to spend a few bucks until the ads provide enough of a surge to push your post to the top. Once your post starts trending, it will be self-sustaining as people visit the channel and read the day’s top stories. Yours!


If you’re lacking in influence or name recognition and want to appear bigger than you currently are, try out these ad ideas. For a small investment, social media ads will help you get noticed and viewed as a serious force in your industry so you can grow your audience, influence, and business.

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Foxconn Gets Green Light From China’s Antitrust Regulator for Sharp Deal

Foxconn Gets Green Light From China's Antitrust Regulator for Sharp Deal

Taiwanese tech giant Hon Hai said antitrust authorities in China had approved its takeover of ailing Japanese electronics maker Sharp, clearing the last obstacle to the drawn-out deal.

The purchase, which was supposed to close last month, has reportedly been held up by China – one of the countries that was reviewing the deal over concerns that it could lead to a monopoly on LCD screens.

Hon Hai gains Sharp’s cutting-edge LCD panel technologywith the $3.5-billion buyout, giving it a 66 percent controlling stake.

“Our application for antitrust review in various regions is completed,” the company said in a statement to the Taiwan stock exchange late Thursday.

“Both sides will carry out the handover procedures as soon as possible according to the contract,” it said.

The announcement fulfills an ambition of Hon Hai founder Terry Gou, whose firm first pursued Sharpfour years ago.

Gou’s company – also known as Foxconn – is the world’s biggest electronics supplier, with Apple a key customer for smartphone components.

But the smartphone giant is squeezing its suppliers as sales of its iPhones slow, dropping 15 percent last quarter year-on-year.

Hon Hai shares slumped in Taipei Friday on weaker-than-expected quarterly earnings.

“From the results, we can see that Apple is pressuring its supply chain on prices,” Fubon analysts led by Arthur Liao said in a note.

Hon Hai said Thursday that its net profit dropped 31 percent to TWD 17.7 billion ($565 million) in the April-June period, the third straight quarterly decline.

It missed the TWD 24.6 billion estimate by analysts polled by Bloomberg News.

Shares slumped 3.69 percent Friday. underperforming the benchmark index.

Analysts are expecting better performance in the third quarter, when Apple’s new iPhone 7 series is rumoured to be launched.

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Sonos Cuts Deal to Bring Amazon Alexa Voice Controls to Its Speakers

Sonos Cuts Deal to Bring Amazon Alexa Voice Controls to Its Speakers

Sonos Cuts Deal to Bring Amazon Alexa Voice Controls to Its Speakers
Matt Welch began hacking his Sonos Internet-connected stereo system about two years ago, to make it easier for his wife to listen to the radio. One of his favorite creations was a software program that used the microphone on the family’s Echo, Amazon’s talking speaker, as a voice-control input for the Sonos. “Now she could walk into the room and say, ‘Sonos, play NPR,'” said Welch, a computer programmer living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Building the program took him about a week.

Welch wasn’t the only Sonos fan spending time trying to connect Amazon’s and Sonos’s speakers. Guides for hacks began appearing online soon after the Echo debuted in late 2014. It wasn’t that hard to do for tinkerers who could comprehend sentences like this one: “Setup your server to auto-start or daemonize the node-sonos-http-api server.” Everyone else was out of luck.

That will change soon. At an event in Manhattan on Tuesday, Sonos unveiled a system developed with Amazon that will let users ask the Echo to play music on their Sonos speakers. Once the two systems are linked, it basically replaces the Echo’s speakers with Sonos’s own devices for any music applications. A test version will be available to some later this year, with a full-scale release planned for 2017. Antoine Leblond, vice president of software at Sonos, described the deal as a “long-term strategic partnership.”

Sonos has been grappling with the idea of voice controls at least as long as the Amazon Echo has been on the market, according to interviews with a half-dozen current and former Sonos employees. The fitful discussions came during a particularly challenging period in the company’s 14-year history, after a less-than-stellar holiday period for Sonos and a realization that consumers-many Sonos customers among them-really loved the Echo.
Besides partnering with Amazon, Sonos will also let customers of Spotify, and a handful of home-automation makers including Lutron, Crestron, and Control4, to control their Sonos speakers through apps. Taken together, this marks a major pivot for Sonos, which has proudly introduced new products at a glacial pace and maintained the tightest possible control over the software its listeners use to control their speakers.

Sonos, founded in 2002, makes a line of speakers that connect to the internet and one another through their own dedicated Wi-Fi networks. The speakers look good, sound great, and allow for satisfying tricks like playing Spotify in the kitchen, Soundcloud in the bedroom and Pandora everywhere else in the house-all from a single smartphone application. The company’s fans tend to exhibit enthusiasm bordering on cultishness.

When Amazon began selling the Echo in late 2014, executives at Sonos didn’t see it as a threat. Other voice-controlled platforms like Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Kinect controller for the Xbox had experienced only mixed success. Also, Amazon’s track record on hardware was spotty, and the brass at Sonos doubted a device with such inferior sound quality would tempt their core users. By last year, the idea of voice-controlled speakers had been relegated to its list of projects to get around to at some point in the misty future.

Sonos’s finicky perfectionism had been a point of pride within the company. But while being picky played well with the audio snobs that make up its fanbase, the company’s critics felt it wasn’t keeping pace with the hyperkinetic tech industry. According to four employees who left Sonos this year, the company has always suffered from a default setting of inaction. That’s not to say there aren’t ideas bouncing around its Santa Barbara headquarters. For over a year, Sonos worked on a portable speaker, code-named Hopscotch, according to two former employees. But progress stalled over the inability to decide whether it would be primarily an outdoor speaker that would also work indoors, or vice versa. The project was shelved earlier this year, according to the company.

Patrick Spence, Sonos’s president, says the company often errs on the side of conservatism because it doesn’t want to release products that don’t meet its standards. “Our first value as a company is ‘experience first’. Our second is ‘relentless progressive.'” he said. “I think there’s a natural tension between those two things.” Spence said the company is working to fine-tune that balance.

By late 2014, Sonos thought it was nearing a breakout period. In fact, things were about to get tough. Executives told employees and the public it would cross $1 billion in revenue for the first time the following year. But Sonos had a disappointing holiday season in 2014, and then again a year later. Meanwhile, the Echo was the hit of the 2015 holidays, creating a feeling of urgency bordering on panic within Sonos’s leadership, according to people who were at the company. Sonos felt like it had to do something, and fast.

In March of 2016, the company’s chief executive, John MacFarlane, announced a round of firings and said the company was focused on enabling voice control and catering to customers who pay for music subscription services.

Sonos’s engineers said it wasn’t feasible to add voice control directly to its own hardware any time soon, so the company began aggressively pursuing discussions with Amazon. “We really started to see that holiday in a truly meaningful way,” Spence said. “We’re moving at a faster pace because the market has sped up.”

The result is Amazon’s most significant hardware integration for its voice-control platform, Alexa. Being the only voice-control system to be integrated into the preferred speakers of the nerd set is a nice, but modest, affirmation for Amazon, which continues to enjoy a surprising advantage over competing platforms from the tech industry’s other behemoths.

It’s much bigger news for Sonos, which could benefit from the massive reach of Amazon’s website as it tries to land new customers. While Sonos has succeeded for more than a decade largely on the strength of its own speakers and software, it has become increasingly clear that growing larger involves a more open approach to partnerships.

Up to this point, Sonos users have had to use the company’s own mobile application to play music on the speakers. This meant that new features for music services like Spotify didn’t make it to Sonos users for months. The speaker company’s rigidity has frustrated partners and customers for years. “We’ve worked together for a long time, but we’ve both felt we haven’t been able to bring the best experience,” said Gustav Soderstrom, Spotify’s chief product officer. He says the changes announced Tuesday, which will be available in a test period starting in October, should permanently fix those shortcomings. Sonos plans to build similar integrations for all music services, although it hasn’t publicized a timeline for doing so.

If Sonos is going to remain relevant in such a fast-moving market, it felt it needed to better leverage the advances being made by other companies, said Brian Blau, an analyst at Gartner. The deal with Amazon doesn’t necessarily remove the need for Sonos to integrate voice control into future versions of its own hardware, but it does buy the company more time to figure it out. “It’s more of a full partnership between today and the day when they have the full-featured solution,” he said.

Last year in North Carolina, Welch continued to spend his evenings and weekends tinkering with his Sonos system. Eventually, friends introduced him to engineers at the company. By September, he had accepted a job at Sonos Welch says he played a tangential role in the official Echo integration, and continues to work on other projects for the company, although he’s still using his home-brewed version in his house and likes to try out new Sonos features on his family.

One of Welch’s more recent hacks was to create a series of cards that resemble baseball cards that emit radio signals. Each card is programmed to ask Sonos to play a specific children’s song, so when his young son lays one on a receiever, it plays the song pictured on the card. “That was all in the line of my exploration of new ways to control Sonos,” Welch said. But don’t expect this idea to become an official Sonos product-or even a lasting part of Welch’s household. His son quickly realized he could continuously tap the card for the Octonauts, a British children’s show, against the receiver, and keep the house buzzing with its theme song. His kid loved it. “My wife wasn’t quite as enthused,” Welch said.

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Tencent Nears Deal to buy Majority Stake in Supercell: Record

Tencent Nears Deal to Buy Majority Stake in Supercell: Report

Tencent plans to shop for the stake in Supercell from SoftBank.
An settlement can be disclosed as early as subsequent week.
SoftBank declined to remark.
Tencent Holdings Ltd is nearing a deal to buy a majority stake in Finnish video games maker Supercell Oy, a person acquainted with the problem said, marking the state-of-the-art push by way of China’s largestsocial network and on-line enjoyment organization into the moneymaking gaming industry.

Tencent plans to buy the stake in Supercell from Japanese media and telecoms agency SoftBankInstitution Corp, valuing the maker of the famous cellular gameClash of Clans’ at greater than $ninebillion, the man or woman said, declining to be identified due to the fact the matter turned into personal.

Recognized for making an investment in game developers via partnerships and minority stakes, Tencent owns ‘League of Legends’ developer Rebellion games and has a stake in Activision Snow fall, theproprietor of the ‘Call of Duty‘ franchise.

Final yr, it sold a fifteen percent stake in cellular game developer Glu cell Inc, which evolved the ‘Deer Hunter’ and ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’ games, for $126 million in a move to enlarge inside the US gamingmarket.

on-line gaming has long been Tencent’s primary coins cow. The business enterprise pronounced a 43percentage revenue rise inside the first region, aided by means of boom in its gaming and advertisingorganizations.

Tencent, that’s in overduestage talks with SoftBank, is in discussions with numerous monetary traders,inclusive of Hillhouse Capital Group, to enroll in in the purchase as co-traders, the Wall Street Magazinesaid on Wednesday, mentioning people familiar with the matter.

An settlement will be disclosed as early as next week, the Report stated.

Tencent and SoftBank declined to comment, whilst officials at Supercell have been no longer right awayavailable to remark.

A deal with Tencent will also mark the 0.33 major asset reshuffle via SoftBank in less than a month.

The japanese media and telecoms business enterprise announced a plan earlier this month to sell $10 billion worth of shares in Chinese language-e-commerce massive Alibaba Institution Holding Ltd to cutdebt, as well as a selection to sell its stake in GungHo on line enjoyment Inc lower back to the mobilesport maker for JPY 73 billion ($691 million).

SoftBank expects to e book a income of JPY 200 billion to JPY 250 billion ($1.89 billion-$2.36 billion) thiseconomic year from the Alibaba proportion sale, with a purpose to lessen its stake in the Chinesecompany to around 27 percentage from 32.2 percent.

SoftBank stated Remaining yr it had expanded its controlling stake in Supercell to seventy three.2 percent,without disclosing monetary details. Collectively with GungHo it had offered a majority stake within themobile video games maker in 2013 for about $1.five billion.

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Tencent Nears Deal to Buy Majority Stake in Supercell: Report

Tencent Nears Deal to Buy Majority Stake in Supercell: Report

Tencent plans to shop for the stake in Supercell from SoftBank.
An settlement may be disclosed as early as subsequent week.
SoftBank declined to comment.
Tencent Holdings Ltd is nearing a deal to shop for a majority stake in Finnish video games maker Supercell Oy, a person familiar with the problem stated, marking the today’s push by China’s largest socialcommunity and on line amusement business enterprise into the profitable gaming enterprise.

Tencent plans to shop for the stake in Supercell from japanese media and telecoms enterprise SoftBankorganization Corp, valuing the maker of the famous mobile gameclash of Clans’ at extra than $9 billion, the character said, declining to be recognized due to the fact the matter become confidential.

known for making an investment in game builders via partnerships and minority stakes, Tencent owns ‘League of Legends’ developer rebel video games and has a stake in Activision snowstorm, the proprietorof the ‘call of responsibility‘ franchise.

last 12 months, it bought a 15 percent stake in cellular game developer Glu cell Inc, which evolved the ‘Deer Hunter’ and ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’ video games, for $126 million in a move to expand in the US gaming marketplace.

on-line gaming has lengthy been Tencent’s most important coins cow. The employer reported a 43percent revenue upward thrust inside the first sector, aided with the aid of boom in its gaming andadvertising and marketing corporations.

Tencent, which is in latedegree talks with SoftBank, is in discussions with several economic buyers,along with Hillhouse Capital institution, to join in the purchase as co-traders, the Wall street magazinestated on Wednesday, mentioning people familiar with the matter.

An settlement might be disclosed as early as subsequent week, the document said.

Tencent and SoftBank declined to remark, whilst officers at Supercell have been no longer right now to be had to comment.

A cope with Tencent may even mark the 0.33 fundamental asset reshuffle with the aid of SoftBank inmuch less than a month.

the japanese media and telecoms business enterprise announced a plan earlier this month to promote$10 billion worth of stocks in chinese-e-commerce giant Alibaba institution keeping Ltd to reduce debt,in addition to a choice to sell its stake in GungHo on line amusement Inc returned to the cell gamemaker for JPY seventy three billion ($691 million).

SoftBank expects to e book a profit of JPY two hundred billion to JPY 250 billion ($1.89 billion-$2.36 billion) this economic yr from the Alibaba percentage sale, as a way to lessen its stake inside the chinese language firm to around 27 percentage from 32.2 percent.

SoftBank stated closing yr it had increased its controlling stake in Supercell to 73.2 percent, with outdisclosing financial info. collectively with GungHo it had bought a majority stake inside the cell gamesmaker in 2013 for about $1.five billion.

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Eros Now symptoms Deal to supply content material on Apple tv

Eros Now Signs Deal to Deliver Content on Apple TV

online amusement platform Eros Now Wednesday stated it has signed an agreement with Apple televisionfor showcasing its repository of Bollywood and nearby language movies and track videos throughout 80international locations.

Eros Now app is available throughout most clever tv platforms along with Android tv, Samsung, Chromecast and Amazon’s fire television, the agency said in a announcement.

“With the achievement of our iOS utility on iPhone and iPad, we’re strengthening our connection to our subscribers who’re the usage of Apple’s products normal by way of now bringing a compelling array of Bollywood and regional language content to their living room,” Eros digital chief government Officer Rishika Lulla Singh stated.

Eros Now had final month partnered with chinese language net offerings firm LeEco for its LeEco club,imparting content on the top class subscription for customers of pick LeEco smartphones.

The distributor will carry over 2,000 movies on demand, new blockbusters, and movies throughout 10 languages to the Le Vidi app, that is part of the LeEco club subscription. it will also provide one-of-a-kindEros Now content material.

Eros Now content material is also to be had at the lately launched Amkette EvoTV 2 media streamingbox, which turned into launched in India in April at Rs. 6,999.

Written with inputs from PTI

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France’s Finance Ministry guidelines Out Google Tax Deal

France's Finance Ministry Rules Out Google Tax Deal

France will “pass all of the manner” to ensure that multinationals operating on its soil pay their taxes andgreater cases could observe after Google and McDonald’s were centered by means of tax raids, Finance Minister Michel Sapin stated.

Sapin, speaking in an interview with Reuters and three european newspapers, dominated out negotiating any cope with Google on back taxes, as Britain did in January.

Dozens of French police raided Google’s Paris headquarters on Tuesday, escalating an research on suspicions of tax evasion. Investigators searched McDonald’s French headquarters on might also 18 in any other tax probe.

we’ll cross all the manner. There will be other cases,” Sapin said.

Raids this month by police and justice investigators construct at the paintings started through taxgovernment 3 or four years ago, once they transferred tax records to judicial government that check outany feasible crook perspective, Sapin stated.

Google, McDonald’s and different multinational firms such as Starbucks are below growing stress in Europe from public opinion and governments irritated at the manner corporations make the most their presence round the sector to minimise the tax they pay.

Google says it is completely complying with French regulation and McDonald’s declined to comment onthe hunt, referring back to beyond feedback that it’s far proud to be one of the biggest tax payers in France.

Sapin said he could not speak what sums have been at stake because of the confidentiality of tax topics.

A source in his ministry had stated in February that French tax authorities were searching for a few EUR 1.6 billion ($1.seventy eight billion or more or less Rs. eleven,964 crores) in again taxes from Google.

No deal
requested if tax authorities should strike a deal with the tech massive, he said: “We do not do offers like Britain, we observe the regulation.”

Google agreed in January to pay GBP one hundred thirty million ($190 million) in again taxes to Britain, prompting grievance from competition lawmakers and campaigners that the sum turned into too low.

“There won’t be negotiations,” Sapin said, adding that there has been constantly the opportunity of a fewmarginal modificationshowever it truly is no longer the common sense we’re in.”

Google, now part of Alphabet Inc, can pay little tax in most eu nations as it reports nearly all income inireland. that is feasible way to a loophole in global tax regulation however it hinges on team of workersin Dublin concluding all income contracts.

This week’s police raid is a part of a separate judicial research into annoyed tax fraud and the organised laundering of the proceeds of tax fraud.

ought to or not it’s discovered guilty of that, Google faces both as much as EUR 10 million ($elevenmillion) in fines or a fine of half of of the cost of the laundered quantity concerned.

A preliminary inquiry into McDonald’s become opened early this 12 months after former investigatingJustice of the Peace and baby-kisser Eva Joly filed a lawsuit in December on behalf of an workercommittee, a judicial source said.

French commercial enterprise mag L’enlargement said final month that authorities had despatchedMcDonald’s France a three hundred million euro invoice for unpaid taxes on profits believed to had beenfunneled via Luxembourg and Switzerland.

It said tax officers had accused the massive US burger chain of the use of a Luxembourg-primarily basedentity, McD Europe Franchising, to shift income to decrease-tax jurisdictions via billing the French divisionexcessively to be used of the employer logo and different offerings.

The judicial supply confirmed the investigation became searching into this.

The government stated this week that it had raked in three.3 billion euros in lower back taxes andpenalties from simply 5 multinationals in 2015.

not anything prevents big companies from coming to us and asserting their taxes,” Sapin said.

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Apple CEO Tim cook dinner Visits Beijing After China Woes, Didi Deal

Apple CEO Tim Cook Visits Beijing After China Woes, Didi Deal

Apple Inc leader government Tim cook dinner visited Beijing on Monday, days after saying a $1 billionaddress trip-hailing app Didi Chuxing, and as the united states firm attempts to reinvigorate income in China, its 2dlargest marketplace after america.

From weakening smartphone income to the lack of an iPhone trademark dispute and the suspension ofsome of its online leisure offerings, Apple has been facing a flurry of problems in current weeks in China.

cook has deliberate to satisfy excessivestage authorities officials, a supply familiar with the problemsaid earlier this month.

At an Apple save in critical Beijing on Monday, prepare dinner met with Didi Chuxing President Jean Liu,according to the trip-hailing corporation on Monday. cook dinner has stated the investment might helpApple higher recognize the essential chinese market.

Didi is operating closer to an IPO in the united states of america that could probably take region in 2018, a person with know-how of the plan stated on Monday.

also present on the Apple shop assembly had been executives from other app groups, consisting ofMeituan-Dianping, a group shopping for and order-in service firm.

Apple did not without delay reply to a request for remark.

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Microsoft to deal with UN on ‘virtual Terror’

Microsoft to Address UN on 'Digital Terror'

Microsoft has universal an invite from the UN protection Council to address a unique debate subsequentweek on counter-terrorism and confronting “virtual terror”, UN diplomats said.

The ministerial-stage debate on Wednesday is organized via Egypt, which holds this month’s presidency of the 15-member council.

it is going to be the primary time that a technology organisation will address the safety Council, which has been an increasing number of worried by using the usage of the internet and social media to unfoldviolent extremism.

A spokesman for Microsoft showed that a consultant of the software program massive will participate in the unique session, but declined to offer details.

A UN panel of professionals in June known as for internet and social media businesses to respond to the use of their offerings by Islamic kingdom recruiters and other extremists.

The specialists had encouraged to the safety Council that invites be sent to internet businesses toaddress the body on the measures they may be taking to prevent such misuse.

In a file to the council, the panel raised alarm over the “increase of excessive-definition digital terror: the use of propaganda, in general with the aid of Islamic state and its sympathizers, to spread fear andpromote their distorted ideology.”

IS recruiters have made savvy use of the internet and social media to accumulate the organization‘s pool offoreign opponents.

approximately 30,000 overseas fighters have flocked to Syria, Iraq and other international locations to join the ranks of jihadists.

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Amazon Steps Up Air recreation With New cargo Deal

Amazon Steps Up Air Game With New Cargo Dealon-line retail colossus Amazon on Thursday boosted its fledgling air shipment service because itmovements to advantage greater independence from freight companies for shipping of online purchases.

Atlas Air worldwide Holdings will provide air cargo offerings to Amazon, which also received analternative to buy a stake within the big applebased employer, the groups said in a joint launch.

we are excited to begin a strategic longterm dating with Amazon to aid the persevering with growth of its e-commerce business and to decorate its customer transport talents,” stated Atlas Air leadergovernment William Flynn.

The agreement will consist of Atlas Air running of 20 B767-three hundred transformed freighters for Amazon. Operations had been to begin in the 2nd half of of this 12 months and ramp to full carrier via2018.

we’re excited to welcome a superb provider, Atlas Air, to aid bundle delivery to the unexpectedlydeveloping range of top contributors who love extremelyspeedy shipping, tremendous fees and greatselection from Amazon,” said Amazon senior vice chairman of global operations Dave Clark.

The deal included Amazon getting warrants permitting it to collect as a lot as 20 percentage of Atlas Aircommonplace stock stocks at a charge of $37.50 over a five12 months duration, in keeping with theagencies.

“The natural step for Amazon is controlling greater of its personal transportation and logistics, which include additional air cargo and other transportation operations, as those are nearly a need to keep thefast expansion of prime and high Now,” Baird fairness research stated in a observe to investors.

Amazon last month started up its very own air cargo carrier, laying down a project to companies like Fedex and UPS, which supply a great deal of its goods.

aircraft leasing firm Air transport offerings group stated Amazon’s success services unit will hire 20 Boeing 767 freighters, to be operated by using ATSG, to serve Amazon customers in the usa.

The pass became to “make sure air shipment ability to support one and two-day transport for clients,”according to Clark.

it could increase Amazon’s standing with customers, in particular at some point of the heavy buying of the give up-of-the-12 months Christmas length.

over the past years each united statesand Fedex struggled with the high volume of products ordered on line to satisfy delivery commitments.

“We hold to trust that Amazon is within the early levels of building out larger-scale transportation and logistics operations to feature capacity beyond existing providers, to decrease logistics fees, andultimately, to provide specialized services to 0.33 parties,” Baird stated.

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