This Startup is Using Salt to Create an Alternative to Nuclear Energy


Creating alternative energy sources is certainly an important task. But it’s not necessarily one that’s going to be popular with investors, given the experimental nature and length of time such a project is likely to take.

Transatomic Power is one company that’s working to create cleaner sources of energy. Co-founders Dr. Leslie Dewan and Mark Massie have designed a technology that uses a hot salt mixture to dissolve uranium.

This process could potentially eliminate the toxic waste that is created with the nuclear power we use today. It could also eliminate much of the risk for steam explosions.

The potential for this new technology is great. But it couldn’t be fully realized without some funding behind it. So, the company has spent the past year raising $6 million in funding for the project.

Much of the money came from Peter Thiel’s Founder’s Fund, which was a perfect fit since the organization has the ability to be patient with its investments. And Transatomic Power’s technology is likely at least 10 years away from being able to show any sort of return on investment. Dewan told Fast Company:

“They were one of the early investors in SpaceX, so when we talked with them about our time line, they said, ‘Oh that’s kind of in line with how much time it took to get the Falcon 9 off the ground.’”

The investment should enable the team at Transatomic Power to get their technology past the experimental stage and to the point where it can actually be put into action.

Currently, about 19 percent of the electricity in the U.S. is generated using nuclear power. So this cleaner version has the potential to make a huge impact. It just takes some forward thinking scientists and investors who believe in their mission.

Dewan said:

 “Basically, we’re all working together in opposition to fossil fuels. That’s the real fight.”

Image: Transatomic Power


Ringly Raises $5.1 Million to Create More Gadget Jewelry

012615 ringly

With ideas like the Smarty Ring winning support in crowdfunding campaigns, the market for mart jewelry has already been established.

But a company called Ringly, also known for a ring that lights up to signal incoming notifications, plans to push that market to the next level.

Now, after a successful $5.1 million round of Series A funding, Ringly is ready to develop even more wearables beyond its current offerings.

The influx of investment at Ringly comes primarily from Andreessen Horowitz, according to the company.

Other new investors in the company include High Line Venture Partners, Silas Capital, PCH, and more.

Ringly also received follow-on investments from First Round Capital, Mesa+, Social+Capital, and Brooklyn Bridge Ventures.

Since releasing its first wearable products, Ringly has grown from a group of three co-founders to a company of 12 people, its blog notes.

On the official Ringly blog, founder and CEO Christina Mercando writes:

“I didn’t set out to start a wearable technology company. In fact, when I first had the idea for Ringly, the term ‘wearables’ hadn’t even hit mainstream. I was simply tired of worrying where my phone was — at dinner, meetings, parties, drives, picnics, hikes, everywhere — for fear I’d miss something important.”

Ringly launched with a line of four wearable rings. These rings look the equivalent of some vintage costume jewelry. They have a simple setting with an 18k gold finish and a rather large stone, either a precious or semi-precious gem.

Remember, Ringly founder Mercando said that the company was founded with a fashion-first initiative.

In her blog post, Mercando adds:

“I’m not against the term wearables; it’s an important, growing category and perhaps that is where we fit in the world of tech. But we’re also a piece of jewelry that stands on its own?—it’s a mistake to only think of Ringly as a wearable.”

There’s a discreet light on the side of the ring that notifies users of incoming calls, texts, or any other types of alerts. A mobile app that corresponds with the Ringly ring can be set to alert users for any type of notification.

Ringly can also send a slight vibration to the finger that’s wearing the device when a notification has arrived.

The initial line of four rings was followed by a limited edition ring, too. All five are in the same style. All the rings are meant to be worn by women.

With the infusion of capital, Ringly hopes to expand its line to include more wearable devices.

In her post, Mercando mentions “a shirt that tracks your heart rate while you’re at the gym” and “a bathing suit that monitors sun exposure at the beach.” But she gave no further specifics about what products the company might unveil next.

Though she did hint on a next phase of growth for the company and suggested the next step in the industry would involve diversification of offerings.

TechCrunch reports Ringly may have set its sites on a diversified selection of rings, and perhaps bracelets next.

Image: Ringly

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How to Create a Facebook Page for Your New Business

How to Create a Facebook Business Page for Your New Business

With so many potential customers on Facebook, and more likely on the way, it’s almost a must for businesses to have a presence there. If you want to know how to create a Facebook business page, but aren’t sure where to start, here’s a simple step-by-step guide to help you get the most out of your new page.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page

Choose a Category

How to Create a Facebook Business Page -  Choose a Category

When you first select to create a new page on Facebook, you need to choose the category that your business best fits into. The options are:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

From there, you can narrow it down even further by specifying exactly what type of business you have within those categories. For example, you could specify that you run a food service business, real estate office or event planning business. Then just enter your business’s name to continue.

Describe Your Business

How to Create a Facebook Business Page -  Describe Your Business

Then it’s time to actually add information to your Facebook page. There’s a section that lets you add a few paragraphs — up to 155 characters, — to tell people what your page is all about. There’s also a section where you can add your website and even enter a custom URL for your Facebook page so that you can easily share your page with others.

Add a Photo

How to Create a Facebook Business Page -  Add a Photo

A profile photo can help you make your page stand out and fit with your company’s branding. After you add your basic business info, you’ll be directed to a page where you can add a profile photo to your page. This can be your logo, a photo of yourself or your team, or even a promotional image.

Determine Your Target Audience

How to Create a Facebook Business Page -  Determine Your Target Audience

From there, you can add the page to your favorites so that it will be easily accessible on the sidebar of your Facebook homepage. But you can also specify the target audience for your page so that it’s more likely to get in front of the right people. You can outline your audience by location, age, gender, languages and even interests. You can search for specific interests or browse general categories like entertainment and hobbies and then see some more specific niches within those categories.

Add Key Details

How to Create a Facebook Business Page -  Add Key Details

Even though you may have already added a short description and website, there are some other details that might be helpful to your customers if included on your page. Once you have the basics set up, you can visit your page and add things like your address, phone number, business hours and price range within your page’s About section.

Upload Media

How to Create a Facebook Business Page -  Upload Media

Your profile picture is just one small way to add some visual interest to your page. You’ll also likely want to add a cover photo, which will appear at the top of your page. And you can also add other photos or albums of photos. Facebook even lets you upload videos or record live videos, which can also be saved on your page for visitors to watch later. Need ideas? Click here for seven ways to find inspiration for social media content.

Invite Your Friends

How to Create a Facebook Business Page -  Invite Your Friends

You also have the ability to invite your Facebook friends to like your page. This doesn’t mean you need to send a blanked invitation to everyone you know. But if you have some Facebook connections that you think might enjoy what your page has to offer, send an invitation and see if they accept. If they like what they see, they might even invite some of their other connections.

Click here to learn about a more advanced, and very effective, way of getting more Facebook likes.

Manage Your Tabs

How to Create a Facebook Business Page -  Manage Your Tabs

When people visit your page, they’ll see your feed of activity. But they can also choose to see specific things like your photos, videos, events or likes. And they can find all of that different info by selecting a tab on your sidebar. So once your page is set up, you can add different tabs or manage the ones that appear there. For example, if you really want to promote events held at your business, you might move that tab up to the top of the list.

Add a Shop Section

How to Create a Facebook Business Page -  Add a Shop Section

You can also add tabs other than the ones that automatically appear. One of the most popular sections among businesses is a shop section. By agreeing to Facebook’s terms, adding a payment method, adding a way for people to contact you with customer service issues, and adding products, you can let people shop for your products without actually leaving Facebook.

Add a Button

How to Create a Facebook Business Page -  Add a Button

You can also add a specific call to action button toward the top of your page. Facebook offers several different options you might consider, depending on your goals for your page. For example, you can add a button that lets people contact you. You can set up one that directs them to a mobile app. You can have them book an appointment. Or you can choose from several other options.

* * *Whether you’re selling hand bags or handkerchiefs, promoting a new book or a new place to eat around the corner, Facebook offers an ever increasing range of options for promoting your business to an ever larger community.With jut a little know-how, you can break off a little hunk of Facebook’s huge global community to become your newest clients or customers.


China eyes steel merger to create rival to ArcelorMittal

Steel slabs sit on flatcars after being manufactured at the ArcelorMittal steel mill complex in Cleveland, Ohio. Photo: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg

metallic slabs sit on flatcars after being synthetic at the ArcelorMittal metal mill complex in Cleveland, Ohio. photograph: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg
Beijing: China’s second– and sixthlargest steelmakers by using output have entered restructuring talks, which analysts say could presage a merger that could create the country’s biggest mill, and a employerwith the scale to rival the likes of ArcelorMittal SA.

trading become suspended inside the listed units of kingdom-run Shanghai Baosteel institution Corp. and Wuhan Iron & steel organization Corp. as their dad and mom talk “strategic restructuring,” theorganizations stated in statements on Sunday, without elaborating. the two companies had a blendedmarket price of $sixteen.3 billion as of Friday’s near, and potential of greater than 70 million tonnes. Analysts including the ones at Citigroup Inc. and Mysteel studies referred to the information as heralding a potential merger of the businesses.

The talks spotlight China’s efforts to overhaul its inefficient country-run region and bolster an economic system headed for its slowest increase in decades. A deal among the two might be the biggest in China’s metals sector for the reason that December, whilst China Minmetals Corp., its largest dealer, agreed to shop for a central authority-owned engineering and mining group, because the state seeks to reduceovercapacity at the same time as creating globally competitive firms.

“The merger of Baosteel and Wuhan steel suits with the authorities method of enhancing efficiency andreducing competition and overcapacity,” stated Xu Xiangchun, chief analyst at consultancy Mysteelresearch. “With these leading the effort there might be greater mergers in advance.”

on the same day that the talks had been introduced, the chairman of China’s pinnacle financial planner, the national development and Reform fee, stated the nation will cut steel capability through 45 million tonnes this year. It had already pledged to reduce potential through as tons as a hundred and fifty million tonnes thru 2020.

even though China’s metal output has peaked, the home marketplace stays saturated, Chen Derong,general supervisor at Baosteel, informed an enterprise convention remaining month. because thekingdom seeks to clean its surplus, its exports are running at document degrees, creating a global glut of the metal and drawing fire from competitors from Japan to the us China’s crude metallicproducingcapability reached a document 1.2 billion tonnes on the cease of ultimate year, consistent with the China Iron & metallic affiliation.

As such, any merger is unlikely to have much effect at the united states’s exports, stated Wu Wenzhang,chief analyst for Shanghai Steelhome data generation Co. “Exports are a matter of worldwide exchange,distant places demand and chinese merchandise’ competitiveness, which have little to do with a country’s manufacturing ability,” he stated.

China’s internet metallic exports may additionally continue to be above a hundred million tonnes thisyear, Wu brought, with domestic metal intake falling through 20 million tonnes to approximately 680 million tonnes as investment slows and the state turns to intake-led boom rather than spending on infrastructure.

information of the restructuring talks gave a considerable raise to metallic charges. Reinforcement bar futures in Shanghai rose as plenty as 6.four%, the maximum in six years, on expectancies that a mergermight lessen overcapacity, said Wu Zhili, an analyst at Shenhua Futures.

A mixed employer would leapfrog domestic rival Hesteel institution in phrases of production andpositioned it simply in the back of ArcelorMittal in the international ratings. both firms hire extra than100,000, consistent with a record by way of Citigroup on Monday, which stated it expects more mergers of China’s nation-owned organizations on the heels of any Baosteel-Wuhan restructuring.

A aggregate could be “high quality for Baosteel within the lengthyterm as the 2 companies at the same time manage over 60% of autosheet and over eighty% of the silicon metallic marketplace in China,” in step with Citi. both agencies are directly underneath the state-owned property Supervision andadministration fee of the nation Council, China’s cabinet. Bloomberg

Valve Releases New device to help Create virtual destinations

Valve Releases New Tool to Help Create Virtual Destinations

Valve is liberating the gear it makes use of internally to create VR scenes.
The equipment permit users to feature interactive elements and sounds.
Examples shown consist of Martian landscapes and sci-fi designs.
quickly, you might be capable of build a digital getaway that others can visit the use of their virtual factheadsets – Valve is liberating a brand new tool that could permit designers to make and distribute VRlocations the usage of Steam. The software program can be released on Steam on Thursday, and couldwork with both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift headsets, and the VR destinations will consist ofinteractive factors and audio in order that humans will sense like they’re truely being transported.

in keeping with the description on Steam, the app – referred to as locations Workshop tools – is thesame one which Valve makes use of internally, and the download consists of sample destinationscreated using photogrammetry – a method in which real life pix are used as the idea for the virtualdestination, stitched together to will let you go searching in 3 dimensions.

The locations additionally assist both motion tracked controllers and different controllers so conceivablyyou will be capable of have interaction certainly with gadgets regardless of which VR platform yousponsored.

photographs of destinations at the Steam web page include a large tabletop with a bowl of popcorn, the Martian panorama, a graveyard, and a few manifestly science-fiction stimulated designs. it is quite cleanthat you ought to be capable of use these tools to create any sort of getaway you want. And seemingly, Valve expects the community of users to make valuable content the use of those gear:

we’ve got seen all of the top notch things the network can do with user-generated content, no longeronly in our personal video games, but also in the 400 plus different games utilising the Steam Workshop,” stated Valve programmer Tom Bui in an email interview with Polygon. “So it appeared a herbalextension to allow creators to make cool new VR studies that they might proportion with others.”
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Valve Releases New tool to help Create virtual locations

Valve Releases New Tool to Help Create Virtual Destinations

Valve is freeing the equipment it makes use of internally to create VR scenes.
The equipment permit customers to add interactive elements and sounds.
Examples shown include Martian landscapes and sci-fi designs.
soon, you is probably able to construct a digital getaway that others can visit the usage of their digitalreality headsets – Valve is freeing a brand new tool that would allow designers to make and distribute VRdestinations the usage of Steam. The software program may be launched on Steam on Thursday, and could work with both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift headsets, and the VR destinations will includeinteractive factors and audio so that human beings will experience like they may be sincerely being transported.

in line with the description on Steam, the app – referred to as destinations Workshop equipment – is thesame one which Valve makes use of internally, and the down load consists of pattern locations createdthe usage of photogrammetry – a technique wherein real lifestyles photos are used as the idea for thedigital vacation spot, stitched together to can help you look around in 3 dimensions.

The destinations additionally help each movement tracked controllers and other controllers so conceivablyyou will be able to engage evidently with objects irrespective of which VR platform you backed.

images of locations at the Steam page consist of a giant tabletop with a bowl of popcorn, the Martianlandscape, a graveyard, and a few manifestly science-fiction inspired designs. it is quite clear which you must be capable of use these equipment to create any form of getaway you need. And seemingly, Valve expects the network of users to make treasured content material the use of these tools:

we have seen all the awesome matters the community can do with person-generated content, no longer simplest in our own video games, but also within the four hundred plus different games making use of the Steam Workshop,” stated Valve programmer Tom Bui in an e-mail interview with Polygon. “So itappeared a herbal extension to permit creators to make cool new VR experiences that they mayproportion with others.”
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