Cell Phone Comparison Review: Samsung, HTC, Nokia and iPhone


No-contract cell phone plans are common, but not widely talked about among business owners. Most of the time, you hear about the major carrier brands because they provide an “all you can eat” unlimited type plan and that appeals to the busy owner. However, those plans come with a hitch – you get a lower cost of entry, but overall higher cost.

In this cell phone comparison review, I take a fast look at six smartphones: Three from Boost Mobile, two from new kid on the block, Aio Wireless (owned by not-so-new-kid, AT&T) and one from Ting.

[From left to right: Samsung S4 from Ting; Samsung S3, HTC One, LG Optimus 7 from Boost Mobile; Nokia 720 Windows Phone and iPhone 5 from Aio Wireless.]

Four of the phones included in this cell phone comparison review are Android-based smartphones. Although they are running nearly the same operating system (OS), they are far from the same. Manufacturers decide to build their hardware for a specific version, let’s say Android 3.0, and then create an interface or skin that is unique to that particular device. The look and feel is mostly the same, but not entirely.

What May Not Be Obvious

In the no-contract cell phone world, you purchase your phone for cash. There is no subsidy from a major carrier here. There’s no long term contract (as the name implies) and usually no penalties if you decide to move to another plan or provider, depending on the phone. You pay on a month-to-month basis, and sometimes prepaying several months to a year ahead gets you a greater discount. Some of the no-contract providers have special offers, on a certain phone, that helps reduce the cost.

On the surface, all smartphones are relatively the same. Each of them is a powerful little computer that can do some or all of the tasks you might do on a laptop. In fact, I have used a Bluetooth keyboard with several of these to type out a document in Evernote as well as on the mobile version of Microsoft Word. I have built simple spreadsheets and recorded presentations.

As you can see in the image below, I have put the HTC One SV on a tablet stand along with a Kensington Bluetooth keyboard. The tablet stand is called the iSlider from Rain Design. I use it with a variety of mobile devices and find it works well and travels well. Some days, this is all I have in my bag. Sure, the screen is small, but it backs up to the cloud and I pull it up on my laptop when I’m back on my main machine.

cell phone comparison review

Now, to the cell phone and service reviews.

Cell Phone Comparison Review

Samsung S4

I wrote a review of Ting with the S3 and the company also sent me the S4 to review. Hands-down, this is the fastest, most powerful smartphone I have used and you can even hook your S4 and view it on a television.  I love their “Savings Calculator” to help consumers and business owners pick the options that work best.

I currently pay about $15/month for my base plan which includes 100 minutes, 100 Mb of data, and 100 texts ($3 for each option, then $6 for phone/line cost). Hard to beat. Loads of phones to choose from, including used ones and the ability to bring your own, if your existing phone works on Sprint.

Boost Mobile sent me test devices for the next three phones (pictured: white, red and black, in order). While the devices are awesome, it is the plan that really stands out. They offer what they call “shrinking payments” which allows you to reduce your bill by paying on time. You can get your bill down to $40/month for a pretty good unlimited plan.

Samsung S3

While this loaner is not mine, I have and use the S3 daily. I use the voice recorder constantly for dictating posts, but also love the powerful speaker capability on this phone. There’s a little sound “boost” option while in speakerphone mode that helps in noisy situations.

The S3 is not much different than the S4. Since I use both nearly every day (my wife owns an S4 that I mess with regularly), I only see small differences. As above, the S4 is faster. If I were purchasing another today, I would opt for the S3 because you get most of the goodness in a lower cost phone.


A sweet, little phone that fits really nice in your hand. It has a slight velvet feel that gives it some grip. It is an Android-powered phone, but HTC has its own skin or theme that makes using it vary a bit from other Android phones and takes only a few minutes to get used to.

LG Optimus F7

Elegant and fast, I found this phone to offer the strongest and fastest data connection with better than average performance downloading files. That could be Sprint, but my Ting phone is on Sprint as well and the F7 was much faster.

Without getting too technical, I think LG has some advantages under the hood that Samsung hasn’t cracked yet on the data access part.

Nokia Lumia 620 Windows Phone

Okay, full disclaimer: You have to love Windows 8 to love this phone. If you have been using another operating system, it will take a bit of learning to adapt to this interface. However, it did have some neat features that neither Android nor Apple had.

You can point your phone at a nearby street or neighborhood and it will display all the area businesses at a glance. You can then click through to see more about that business. The overall interface is slick, but it just takes a bit of getting used to. Other than that, it works like any other smartphone.

Apple iPhone 5

One of the downsides to some of the no-contract cell phone plan providers is they don’t get the newest phones first – those go to the major carriers with more subsidy dollars to spend. However, hats off to Aio for coming out of the gate with great new phones.

At the time they sent me the media loaner, the iPhone 5 was the newest phone from Apple. Of course, this is a powerful iPhone and you’re either a fan or you’re not. But you really cannot go wrong with an Apple product.

Aio Wireless phones are very affordable and the smartphone plans start at $55/month. They have a ‘bring your own phone’ option too, if you have an eligible existing phone that will work with one of their SIM cards.

No contract plans are not for everyone, but for those who don’t mind paying upfront for their phone, it is a great option. You can save a bundle on the monthly costs and justify moving from most major carrier contract plans.

What provider/plan are you currently using?


Yahoo Revamps Flickr throughout computer, cell, and internet


Yahoo on Thursday driven out a main update to its Flickr apps on cell and computer systems, as well asthe internet provider, absolutely overhauling the UI. The up to date apps for Android, iOS, Mac, andwindows are actually to be had. The design modifications help users better organise theirphotographs along with smooth finding and sharing of snap shots and motion pictures.

The organisation says the principal UI design revamp of Flickr will let customers take advantage of the 1TB of loose storage to be had to them. that amount of garage ought to pose a venture for positivecustomers in relation to checking out the larger quantity of pics and videos they upload to the service.

“At Flickr, we have dreamed of creating a area where you could keep and manipulate an entire life‘sreally worth of recollectionsbelieve having half a million pics in a single location! we haveredesigned Flickr and now you may easily and efficiently add, view, prepare, edit and proportion yourlifetime of photos and videos across computer and mobile. nowadays, we are introducing a number ofexciting equipment, as well as a whole refresh to our cell apps, that will help you take advantage of the 1,000 GB of loose space we gave you in 2013,” said Tim A. Miller, Head of Engineering, Flickr at thebusiness enterprise weblog put up.

The company has brought a function referred to asdigital camera Roll’. The feature shall we usersscroll through several snap shots and videos in a timeline view that is additionally powered with the aid of the advanced photo recognition technology. extensively, the firm has been checking out this feature for numerous months. Sharing content material to other social media websites like fb and Instagram, and date-wise downloading of content in zip documents, has additionally been made simpler

Yahoo has additionally added the Magic View characteristic that mechanically organises the photosunder greater than 60 classes along with landscapes, animals, black & white, and portraits. Albums on Flickr can be without problems created and grouped with big and small images to package deal andproportion with out developing a brand new album through the Swipe selection functionality.

the brand new Unified search will let users utilise not unusual phrases to look for pix. customers can also search based totally on places, holidays, date, and even with the aid of depth of discipline. Yahoo has also delivered the Uploadr function for home windows and Mac, and car-Uploadr for mobiledevices. As part of the brand new feature, all documents uploaded are marked as private, and duplicates are deleted mechanically. Batch importing and batch deleting have additionally been blanketed.

For image modifying an up to date suite of modifying gear and filters has been introduced as part of the Flickr update. Flickr will now don’t forget the edit settings of an photograph as soon as the person edits an photograph inside the device. White stability, Photoshop-style edits and exposure controls are some of the few.

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Netflix Now helps you to adjust Video wi-first-class Settings to save cell records


Netflix has elevated its provider to almost every usa on the earth.
A placing in Netflix app will circulation about 3 hours of shows, wi-filmswireless in keeping with GB
Streaming Netflix indicates the usage of c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a hotspots might not beaffected by it.
Netflix on Thursday launched a new device to assist humans viewing streamed television shows onmobile gadgets keep away from luxurious payments for excessive information use.

The move comes shortly after Netflix elevated its provider to nearly every united states of america on this planet, wooing capability subscribers in considerable array of places wherein smartphones arefavored gadgets for connecting to the internet.

“As we’ve released Netflix around the sector, we’ve seen large differences in how much people are streaming on smartphones and what styles of cellular information plans they’ve,” Netflix director of product innovation Eddy Wu said in a weblog post.

today, we’re supplying a new device to help you higher manage how a great deal facts you use whilestreaming on cell networks.”

A default setting in Netflix packages will permit human beings circulate approximately 3 hours of showsor wiwireless in step with gigabyte of information, aiming to deliver correct video wi-fiwireless within thetechnique.

“Our testing discovered that, on mobile networks, this setting balances top video wiwireless withdecrease data utilization to assist avoid exceeding facts caps and incurring overage expenses,” Wustated.

folks who do not ought to fear about data caps can regulate the Netflix setting to flow indicates orwiwireless at higher charges.

“Our aim is to offer you extra manipulate and extra preference in handling your facts utilization whetheryou are on wi-fi mobile plan or one this is more restrictive,” Wu said.

Streaming Netflix indicates the use of c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a hotspots could now not be effected by way of the putting.

Netflix memberships grew a document excessive 6.seventy four million within the wirelessrst threemonths of this year, hitting 81.wi-fi million global, with some 42 percent of those outdoor the united states, the employer suggested.

The streaming tv pioneer in January wi-ficantly elevated its global footprint to a hundred ninety nations, making its internet tv carrier to be had in 130 new markets together with India – however no longer China.

Netflix, which commenced as a mail-order DVD carrier but is now generating award-winning uniquecontent alongside its imparting of older indicates and wiwireless, launched in 2007.

Netflix co-founder and leader govt Reed Hastings known as it the delivery of a “global internet televisionnetwork.”

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